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  1. Moderator note: Off-topic posts have been removed.
  2. They do not add to reputation as they are considered "neutral" reactions.
  3. I've enabled a couple additional ones that were available out of the box. Did you have any particular suggestions?
  4. As mentioned in another thread, these one word responses are unnecessary and do not contribute to the forum. The "reactions" feature is better suited for acknowledging a post.
  5. Based on the video, it looks like the buses have at least a 273 mile range. Taking the Chicago Ave route as an example, from Austin to Navy Pier is 8.5 miles one way. So even in a scenario where there's no time to charge you should still have plenty of leeway. Also, I don't know how fast CTA's chargers are, but with most electric fast chargers even just a few minutes of charging can add considerable range.
  6. Nicely done video of the Proterras by YouTuber Luke Starkenburg.
  7. Moderator note: This is a discussion forum, not a messaging platform. For those who wish to send short messages back and forth, please use the Messages feature. Off-topic and one-word posts have been deleted.
  8. Did we ever get confirmation on the model of the buses? Initial speculation was the BE40, although Proterra no longer lists this model on their web site in favor of the ZX5 which looks nearly identical to my eye.
  9. Should be possible. Do you see that option in the "•••" menu?
  10. Those are a nice touch and help give the cars a more modern appearance. I'm very curious how the interior turned out. Each subsequent rendering that was released seemed to inch more and more towards the same old aesthetics.
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