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  1. Those are a nice touch and help give the cars a more modern appearance. I'm very curious how the interior turned out. Each subsequent rendering that was released seemed to inch more and more towards the same old aesthetics.
  2. "...boxes from Kustom Seating Unlimited of Bellwood wait patiently." Sticking with the vintage models, I assume. Speaking of vintage, their website is a doozy.
  3. (Moved to General Transit Discussion since it seems more appropriate for this topic.)
  4. It's all part of the plan to reduce crowding. Children will see that thing and run away crying.
  5. Kevin

    More Bus Moves

    Busjack is correct. Linking is fine. Re-uploading here is not unless the photo is licensed to allow that.
  6. Can I get it on 100 3.5-inch floppies instead?
  7. Kevin

    More Bus Moves

    Link fixed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TJ8k13tEko
  8. Prepaid boarding pilot coming to Madison/Dearborn.
  9. Note: The "Possible new employee" topic has been merged with "Hiring Process."
  10. Transit App is showing the 31 and 95 as expected, so it depends on the app. Buses are tracked internally when they go off-route, but Bus Tracker and the public API will not show buses in that state.
  11. The "Source" button allows edits to the underlying code, but traditional BBCode has generally been phased out by the software vendor. It's not something I have direct control over.
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