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  1. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Of course, one would have to wonder if ordering such a large number of electric buses would be prudent. Yes, I say large because nearly 50 buses may be an issue if.... if the cause of this was a Li-Ion battery explosion and fire. Of course we won't know the cause of this fire unless someone at CTA would release the cause(which they never do to the public).
  2. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    10/11/17 12:29p Rail Line(s) Affected: Blue Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Forest Park-bound trains are standing at Clinton due to an injured customer.
  3. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    To wait over a year to vote on approving 25 40' buses is completely stupid. That would be like CTA ordered 6400-6859 and decided to get 6860-6883 in late 2003 for 2004 instead of 2002. Personally, I hope it's dropped. If it was 100 buses, it would be prudent, otherwise it's a waste of taxpayer money.
  4. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    I thought of that, but I was waiting at the Lincoln/Ravenswood stop. The bus just passed EB at Lincoln and continued EB. Where could it have turned around in around 9 minutes time? There are no turnarounds, and the bus still had passengers.
  5. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    This may seem odd, but has to be asked. I was waiting for the next wb 152 due at 3:35p today, and the tracker shows 1022 and 1379 as the next ones. However, I see 1022 pass Lincoln eb at 3:25p, so he shouldn't be coming back wb in 9 minutes. Well, the next bus that comes wb is 1022!!! Is it possible CTA has two 1022's, as silly as that sounds? It would take a lot longer for 1022 to get to lake shore and return wb than 9 minutes at Lincoln ave. I know there isn't a turnaround point east near Lincoln.
  6. The Breakdown Thread

    Looks like possibly a fire in one of those Lithium batteries. Probably swelled up and popped, sparking a fire. That's the downside to the electric buses, and why they are in their infancy still.... reliability and safety years past their batteries' useful life. These buses are 3 years old and a Lithium batteries' lifespan is 2-3 years. My battery on my S4 was running great before I retired it(phone wasn't making calls, kept dropping them). I pulled the battery and found it rather swollen.
  7. 1000-1004 are back in Forest Glen Garage 

  8. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Possibly a sign that eventually 8200-8249 will get cloth inserts in the future... we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Random CTA

    !!!*Breaking News*!!! Reports coming in about a CTA Bus evacuated due to a person throwing a backpack into a closing door, yelling something(reports say Arabic) and leaving. Bus is evacuated and everyone moved away. Level 1 Hazmat called in with Bomb & Arson. Everyone moved away from scene... Update: Suspect had escaped in a white sedan driven by a female from the scene. Gym bag was thrown onto the bus containing water, causing utter panic. Hopefully, this sick individual is found and jailed! Bus #1630 Link(ABC7) Link(WGN-TV)
  10. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    8/18/17 8:39p Rail Line(s) Affected: Green, Pink Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Harlem-bound Green and 54th/Cermak-bound Pink Line trains are operating with residual delays after an earlier sick passenger at Morgan.
  11. Metra Ride Along

    Hi-Ho, Everyone! I have been a bit absent on here as I've been undertaking a new hobby which I found in early July.... Virtual Railfanning, where I can watch streaming video of trains(Amtrak and Freight) 24/7. Anyhow, during my time on there, some other videos caught my eye.... videos of Metra trains recorded by Metra themselves that allow you to see what the Engineer sees for many of their lines(similar to CTA's Ride The Rails video library on CTA Connections). They have several up, with possibly more to come... Southwest Service: Inbound Southwest Service: Outbound Milwaukee District West: Outbound Rock Island District: Outbound Metra Electric District: Inbound Milwaukee District West: Inbound Milwaukee District North: Inbound Rock Island District: Inbound BNSF Railway: Outbound
  12. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    8/18/17 5:25p Rail Line(s) Affected: Brown, Purple Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Loop-bound Brown and Purple Line Express trains are operating with residual delays after an earlier sick passenger at Chicago.
  13. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    8/18/17 12:41p Rail Line(s) Affected: Pink Level Of Service Interruption: Major Delays Information: Service on the Pink Line is experiencing delays. Trains in both directions are operating on the same track between Pulaski and 54th/Cermak stations due to an obstruction. Board all trains on the 54th/Cermak side of the platform at Pulaski station. Alternate Service: Passengers should consider using the #21 Cermak buses through the affected area(s). Shuttle buses are available to provide connecting service from Pulaski and 54th/Cermak.
  14. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Biggest mistake was pulling it like they did. The former riders migrated elsewhere, like everyone said. Getting the numbers CTA is wanting of 1,500/day, especially with only a 10a-8p run time between Fullerton and Western, is near impossible. That was the nail in the coffin to #11.
  15. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    8/7/17 12:13p Rail Line(s) Affected: Red Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Howard-bound trains are operating with residual delays after an earlier mechanical problem at 95th.