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  1. Random CTA

    That's all that's needed.... just the link, not the whole "search and find" rapport. I've been away on a live feed for quite some time, hence my long period of absence. And I've learned on that feed that working with the Moderators and various people who stop to chat that working together and helping when someone asks a question or is unsure makes a happier, more productive chat(or in this case, forum). We would post links and direct them to the links that were available when needed rather than just say "find it yourself". Being helpful to the follow chatter(or in this case, poster) goes a long way. Let's work together and help each other!
  2. Random CTA

    There is.... here's the link, helps to put it in the reply to find it faster(good forum members help each other out ).
  3. 2600-series - Service Dates

    That would be 3457-3458.
  4. The Breakdown Thread

    #1874 broke down on #152 EB @ Addison and Elston. Apparent loss of air pressure in the braking system or an air ride suspension went out. Bus was driven by techs north on Kedzie after they did some high idling on the bus with accelerator held down.
  5. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    I would be skittish of the "lowest-bidder" bus. Especially after the fiasco following our "low-bid" bus purchase in 2003-2004, in the NABI 60-LFW.
  6. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    I wonder how long #6843 will be in service. Bus had the "death squeal" going when hitting 2nd and/or 3rd gear as it accelerated.
  7. 5000-series - Updates

    That's the Union Pacific OCS(Office Car Special). They ferry around Corporate personnel from the company. I've seen the CSX one and the NS one as well.
  8. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Well #6713 was supposed to be on Addison a few days ago, but was sitting at Lake Shore marked "Delayed" and then disappeared off the tracker. The driver of the next bus #1013, said the bus broke down at Lake Shore. It was his leader bus.
  9. More Bus Moves

    Well, you have to remember there is a lot of summer activity on the north side though(Cubs baseball, beachgoers, Air & Water Show, other misc. events).
  10. Yeah, @Kevin I get the same error message @Pace831 is mentioning above when uploading pictures. Must be something to do with the new server. I will test a change to a post to make sure that will work ok... Update: seems like editing posts are problem-free. I will monitor and inform if further issues occur.
  11. The Breakdown Thread

    I think so, I don't recall any other fires with New Flyers like that.
  12. garmon757

    Are you trying for a Engineer position at BNSF? Maybe I'll see you online(there are railfanning streams I watch online). Congratulations, @garmon757! Maybe I'll see you on the Brown Line one day!
  13. The Breakdown Thread

    Most likely true. The Operator didn't seem against me offering to help. I think he was lost as to how to fix the issue, himself. He tried pulling the doors closed only to have them open again, and even pulled the red cherry in the back. But I was on a bus that got hung up on that planter before, and it was resolved by turning off the doors and closing and turning them back on. I don't remember if it was a newer Nova or a New Flyer though. I just felt if the problem could be solved there, why have the Operator sit in a not broke down bus just to wait probably an hour or more for CTA Emergency Service to show up. Driver tried a shutdown and restart, but the doors remained stuck open. Many times when the rear doors on a New Flyer malfunction, the driver asks a passenger if he/she can flip the little switch to reset them, and we're on our way. That probably would've done the trick here, too. All that would've been needed was the location of said switch.
  14. The Breakdown Thread

    Most likely headed to the scrapper. I don't think #1342 will be returning to service after that. I think you mean Route #22, BTW.
  15. The Breakdown Thread

    Sometimes being nice doesn't matter. I was attempting to help this operator of #8239 who was hung up with the rear doors stuck on a planter under the Addison Brown Line, but couldn't find the reset switch like I can on the New Flyers. I called Forest Glen to ask the manager and she rudely told me that the operator must call control and hung up. This has happened before and the switch trick usually resolves this.