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  1. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Do we have a model for the Proterras, BTW(e.g: New Flyer is D40LF, Nova Bus is LFS)? I don't know if there's a definite series number for them, yet.
  2. More Bus Moves

    Not always true about Ashland....
  3. The Breakdown Thread

    4336 is broke down by Lane Tech EB with service van behind it.
  4. More Bus Moves

    Probably frees up some 1000-Series and 7900-Series buses at FG to run Addison along with the 4000-Series and 4300 and 4333-Series assigned there from NP.
  5. More Bus Moves

    I explained why once.... but I'll use a musical number for why today, same reason as before....
  6. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Are they just pulling buses off the dead line now? I haven't had 6783 on the active list nor looked for it on a daily basis. It's been labeled "Retired".
  7. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Here's my updates thus far as of today(still can fluctuate from day to day).... On Long-Term Hold due to being inactive for over 30 days now 6466,6468,6470,6473,6474,6477,6488,6553,6554,6558,6562,6564,6574,6576,6577,6579,6581,6585,6674,6694,6696,6697,6842 Gone for over 20 days without sighting on tracker or visually 6875 Gone for over 10 days without sighting on tracker or visually 6675,6679,6734,6794,6820,6836,6861,6869 I haven't seen 6472, though I haven't looked for it @andrethebusman. Is it active on roster, or just on roster but inactive? My roster went from 6470 to 6473-6474(6471 and 6472 I had as "Retired")
  8. More Bus Moves

    Might be temporary loans for the Cubs home opening week coming up starting tomorrow.
  9. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Doubtful it is fixed... it would need to be in the shop for a bit to diagnose and repair the problem causing that blue exhaust emitting from the pipe in my image(if it is even repairable, being a 17 year old bus with somewhere between 500,000 and 750,000 miles on it). Bus was probably shut down prior to this image, so you wouldn't see the exhaust coming out of that tailpipe. When it was idling at the red light, it was coming out pretty good.
  10. The Breakdown Thread

    I was actually thinking this might be #6708, if any 6700's(that bus was putting out this amount of blue exhaust as it chugged south on Route 85, which was the last time I seen it in service). Is there a list of the Workbuses somewhere so I can get these up-to-date? I know back when the TMC's were here, they had WB-13. How many Workbuses does the CTA have for the Ironworkers?
  11. The Breakdown Thread

    Ran across an interesting find heading west on Irving Park just a little while ago.... WB-1(last check was ex-6438). It's not doing too well, as the exhaust would indicate. It's either not firing on all cylinders or it's burning oil now. Probably won't last through 2019 without some major engine work.
  12. More Bus Moves

    So there might have been some minor tweaks over the weekend with Chicago, 74th and 77th. Chicago giving 74th 8224 and 74th giving 1366 and 1367 to 77th. Seems a bit lopsided, perhaps 8223 moved also(but it's not showing on tracker at time of this post).
  13. More Bus Moves

    Well........ I wouldn't constitute one bus as a reassignment. Might just be a repair shop assignment, as they sometimes grab whatever is available down there temporarily. We'll have to see in the coming days if there's more moves.
  14. Random CTA

    I wouldn't doubt they have a few, BusHunter. If the bus is unable to be towed by a wrecker they need to have a way to transport the vehicle to a repair location.
  15. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Are some buses coming back from the retired line? This one hasn't been on the list for a long time(I rode it yesterday and it's out again tonight)...