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  1. More Bus Moves

    Well, you have to remember there is a lot of summer activity on the north side though(Cubs baseball, beachgoers, Air & Water Show, other misc. events).
  2. Yeah, @Kevin I get the same error message @Pace831 is mentioning above when uploading pictures. Must be something to do with the new server. I will test a change to a post to make sure that will work ok... Update: seems like editing posts are problem-free. I will monitor and inform if further issues occur.
  3. The Breakdown Thread

    I think so, I don't recall any other fires with New Flyers like that.
  4. garmon757

    Are you trying for a Engineer position at BNSF? Maybe I'll see you online(there are railfanning streams I watch online). Congratulations, @garmon757! Maybe I'll see you on the Brown Line one day!
  5. The Breakdown Thread

    Most likely true. The Operator didn't seem against me offering to help. I think he was lost as to how to fix the issue, himself. He tried pulling the doors closed only to have them open again, and even pulled the red cherry in the back. But I was on a bus that got hung up on that planter before, and it was resolved by turning off the doors and closing and turning them back on. I don't remember if it was a newer Nova or a New Flyer though. I just felt if the problem could be solved there, why have the Operator sit in a not broke down bus just to wait probably an hour or more for CTA Emergency Service to show up. Driver tried a shutdown and restart, but the doors remained stuck open. Many times when the rear doors on a New Flyer malfunction, the driver asks a passenger if he/she can flip the little switch to reset them, and we're on our way. That probably would've done the trick here, too. All that would've been needed was the location of said switch.
  6. The Breakdown Thread

    Most likely headed to the scrapper. I don't think #1342 will be returning to service after that. I think you mean Route #22, BTW.
  7. The Breakdown Thread

    Sometimes being nice doesn't matter. I was attempting to help this operator of #8239 who was hung up with the rear doors stuck on a planter under the Addison Brown Line, but couldn't find the reset switch like I can on the New Flyers. I called Forest Glen to ask the manager and she rudely told me that the operator must call control and hung up. This has happened before and the switch trick usually resolves this.
  8. Anyone notice the glitch on the Ventra site? You see your cash total and locations you tapped the card at, but all passes say "There Are No Passes In This Transit Account". Even though there is a pass on the card. It shows passes at the CTA Rail Stations and retailers.
  9. Annual CTA Holiday Train

    Nope. Just enjoy the ride.
  10. Annual CTA Holiday Train

    Got a chance to ride the Jewel-Osco CTA Holiday Train yesterday on the Brown Line. Crowded as always, but nice to do.... however, no "1225" run number or Candy Cane to mark it... thankfully it was slow loading and unloading, or I would've missed it. CTA might want to look into that. @Busjack & @Kevin, no Jojo sightings. I think he'll remain off the train. @garmon757, awesome shots on the Red Line!
  11. 2018 CTA budget

    I think whoever put together this pdf. made a big oopsie... "In FY 2018-2022, funding of $75.4 million is provided for two initiatives: the first is the life extending overhaul of up to 430,1000-Series New Flyer Articulated buses, and the second is the overhaul of up to 100 of the 4300/4333-Series New Flyer Articulated buses." Anyone see the error? Also, on Page 83, it looks like the CTA applied for 1.08 million in funds for the purchases toward the purchase of 3 all-electric buses. The 40 earlier mentioned, like you said @Busjack is for a mix of clean diesel and hybrid buses.
  12. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    Did they start rehabs? #4155 has different seats than when first delivered.
  13. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    11/8/17 2:12a Rail Line(s) Affected: Blue Level Of Service Interruption: Significant Delays Information: Service on the Blue Line is experiencing delays. Trains in both directions are operating on the same track between Cicero and Oak Park stations due to a track condition. Board all trains on the O'Hare-bound side of the platform at Austin. Alternate Service: Shuttle buses are available between Cicero and Forest Park.
  14. The Breakdown Thread

    #1679 is broke down on Kimball just south of Addison.
  15. Random CTA

    I rang the bell a block before my stop. As far as being early, the operator was in the middle of the street waiting for a green light behind some cars. The operator did not have their foot on the brake. The buses now, starting with the Novas(6400's) to present have a sort of safety brake lock where once you get the bus to a complete stop, you can remove your foot from the brake, and the bus will remain in place. When you tap the accelerator, the bus will make a hiss as the brakes are released, followed by a spit of the braking system and the bus will begin to move forward. But a short red light is nowhere to take a power nap, and if the driver was that fatigued, call it a day. That's a safety violation. This could easily happen if the operator dozes while driving... https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20121221/avondale/cta-bus-driver-passes-out-crashes-into-parked-cars#slide-1