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  1. It'll come down to one of these two, most likely.
  2. I seen #6066 being towed years ago. What they do is remove the rack to access the towing points. The rack is put in the bus for transport and the bus is towed away once strapped down.
  3. 6700 broke down on Addison near Lincoln WB.
  4. Well, if you want a little trip down memory lane... how about riding #4808 again?
  5. I wonder if the 7000- series railcars will be it with the ongoing trade war. https://abc7chicago.com/business/south-side-cta-car-manufacturers-future-unclear-due-to-china-trade-war/5484188/
  6. Well, we found 2347 at Canal Shores Golf Course.
  7. I guess maybe it went south, then back north to Forest Glen because it's out today.
  8. 6805 broke down Irving Park, Damen & Lincoln EB. Bus turned south onto Lincoln, maybe to 77th or South Shops?
  9. sw4400

    More Bus Moves

    Well, actually the 7900-Series of the order ends with 8324.
  10. 6871 broke down Addison and Leavitt WB.
  11. sw4400

    More Bus Moves

    It would be nice if you could,but CTA will deny you that ability. They usually cut the lines and drain all the fluids and run the bus until it seizes(at least they did with 1606 back in 2002). That was sad, as that Flyer could've probably been saved to be part of IRM perhaps, or even the CTA Heritage Fleet.
  12. I did report it to the Forest Glen Garage Manager after noticing it. @Mr.NewFlyer1051, I am just stating what my observations were, I don't think the "Mr. Know It All" line was called for.
  13. Well, I didn't take a picture, but I remember how it looked which was pretty much like this example here. Should that tire look like this, though?
  14. Noticed 1759 on Irving Park yesterday with an interesting predicament. As the bus passed me heading west, I heard a noticeable thump, thump, thump. The right rear dually tire was getting rather flat, but the operator kept on going(bus was still in service).
  15. sw4400

    More Bus Moves

    The 5300-Series Flxibles had a tailpipe in the rear left, though a bit different than the 6000-Series Flxible. I'll put up comparison photos from chicagobus.org The only noticeable difference in the two tailpipes that I can see is the cover on the 6000-Series Flxibles(the 5300-Series didn't have that cover).
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