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  1. CTA 'L' Rosters

    Rosters moved to the "CTA "L" Rosters" thread for easier locating... Red Line:(Updated 12/16/18) 2600-Series Cars(Budd Company/Transit America 1981-1987) No Cars assigned to this Line 3200-Series Cars(Morrison-Knudsen 1991-1994) No Cars assigned to this Line 5000-Series Cars(Bombardier Transit Corporation 2009-2015) (406 Cars Total) 5203-5400 5501-5516 5523-5714 7000-Series Cars(CSR Sifang America JV 2019-2022) Prototype Planned To Be Delivered In 2019 Red Line also borrows Purple Line equipment on occasion Red Line loans out four random 5000-Series cars to the Yellow Line. Photos copyright © Chicago-l.org. Off-site Photos copyrighted to their respective owners.
  2. 5000-series - Updates

    What are you using to take and upload the pics? When you click to view larger, they all appear upside down.
  3. Random CTA

    To ask this question, so I don't go off-topic in another thread, I thought I'd create this one... Today, I boarded CTA Bus #6102 operating the #152. It sounded different than usual. Noiser and more turbo sound on acceleration. Anyone else know if this bus just has a bad exaust system, a turbo system added or turned on in the Detroit Series-50 engine on it, or has it been fitted with a Cummins C8.3 engine? The sound reminded me vaguely of a Cummins C8.3 6300-Series bus(noisy engine + turbo sound during acceleration). You may use this thread to share stories about a ride on the CTA Buses/Trains, but please watch your words(The CTA has many people that anger us, both Operators and Passengers, but we must keep a civil tone here)!!! No personal attacks: Hateful language and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated by Kevin(Taken from Kevin's posting guidelines). I'm sure this means swear words too, so let's try to keep swear words to a minimum!
  4. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    It's ultimately a wait and see.... both theories have meat on the bone, especially since we have about 20 missing Novas from service(updated daily on weekdays only, not weekends or Sunday/Holiday schedule days). Time will tell......
  5. CTA Bus Garage Rosters Version 2.0

    Well, I'm still adjusting the rosters. 6558 hasn't been seen on the tracker thus far. Adjustments are made Monday-Friday, minus Sunday/Holiday schedules as FG uses mostly New Flyer and 7900-Series Novas then.
  6. Forum, Welcome to CTA Bus Garage Rosters Version 2.0. I have decided that going forward, this will be the new page of all roster changes as they occur. All garages will be noted on here as well as all buses in various stages of Out Of Service(e.g: accident, retirement & prep for scrap, etc...). Enjoy!!! -sw4400 Chicago Garage(Updated: 8/1/18) Garage Code: 5 6400-Series NOVA LFS(2000-2002) No Buses Assigned To This Garage 1000-Series New Flyer D40LF(2006-2009) (148 Buses Total) 1368-1369,1371-1372,1374-1386,1804-1820,1822-1838,1933-2029 800-Series New Flyer DE40LF(2006) No Buses Assigned To This Garage 4000-Series New Flyer DE60LF(2008-2009) No Buses Assigned To This Garage 4300-Series New Flyer DE60LFR(2012) No Buses Assigned To This Garage 4333-Series New Flyer D60LFR(2013) No Buses Assigned To This Garage 700-Series New Flyer XE40(2014) No Buses Assigned To This Garage 7900-Series NOVA LFS Smart Bus(2014-2016) (124 Buses Total) 8100-8211,8224-8235 8325-Series NOVA LFS Smart Bus(2018-2019) Delivery Pending... Photos Copyrighted to the following: -Kevin Zolkiewicz, & Chicagobus.org -Corey Ellison -Mel Bernero
  7. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    There is a little bit of clues here, perhaps.... If you check out my Forest Glen Garage Roster page here, you'll notice that there are approximately 17 of the Novas from 2000-2002 that have gone unseen for 5 days or more(I check the roster on weekdays for changes and adjust, so check back). Now 17 isn't 25, but it's pretty close.... and maybe the "borrowed" buses are holdovers until the 8325's come into service. So, while I can't say the 8325-Series Novas are coming to Forest Glen, the possibility is high, given the number of older Novas that have gone missing.
  8. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    While we're waiting on the entry into service of 8325-8349, does anyone know what seats might be in use for them?
  9. The Breakdown Thread

    The broken down Flxible 6000 I saw today inspired me to make this thread.... If you have a broken down bus or train story(whether you were on the vehicle or not), please share it. It can be any bus or train type the CTA or PACE uses or used(Metra stories are OK too). If you happen to remember the bus/train car#, you may share that as well(I guess being the son of a Bus Mechanic makes me like hearing breakdown stories, go figure).:P
  10. More Bus Moves

    Depends.... Garmon has to be careful if it's on private property. Even if he's photographing from the streets, he can get in trouble with CTA personnel. I'm sure there's lots of people roaming down there.
  11. CTA buses to go all electric by 2040?

    Is that timeline able to be met? Maybe, but that's a tall order.... down in TX, Proterras are sitting due to wiring issues and some batteries not taking a charge. Not a good idea until those bugs are figured out, I think. We still haven't heard anything about the Proterras ordered for the CTA. While many bus manufacturers are testing 40' all-electric buses(New Flyer, Nova Bus, Proterra), nobody yet is even really dwelling into a 60' version for testing(might be some small companies, but the well of info has gone dry on those tests). And a 60' electric bus will need a lot more batteries, among other things to maintain life of the bus on route and in general, so extensive tests will need to be done. We're still a long ways away, not to mention about 2026 give or take a few years, I think we might need to procure replacements for the New Flyer D40LF's, so we'll still have Hybrids or Clean Diesels to replace them, I think as 1,030 all-electric buses might be a little much right now.
  12. New Flyer DE40LF 804 Out Of Service

    Well, they were a test order, and many times test orders go early due to lack of funding for a small quantity like these New Flyers here. They were retired at 14 years old, well below normal age retirement of 18-20 years.
  13. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Yeah, I'm checking and adjusting weekdays only(non-holiday weekdays).
  14. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I check the Bustracker daily.... nothing so far.
  15. 5000-series - Updates

    Probably a damaged digital antenna that does playback or something. That car is 8-10 years old now, so some components might need repair/replacement.
  16. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    @Sam92 @CTA5750 @Busjack @BusHunter before this all begins again, let's keep this to the topic at hand please. I would suggest you use the Personal Messenger system located above to continue this back and forth banter so we can keep the topic open and available.
  17. The Breakdown Thread

    I think this was the fire that crippled and ended in early retirement for #4333.
  18. This topic will be started sooner or later... So I figured I'd just lay out the groundwork for when that time comes. No retirements are scheduled yet, but I will put up the lists here and deduct when they start coming in. I'm doing the lists as full(none retired) as I don't know what is out there and what isn't. Reply in PM or response and let me know what to remove.
  19. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    I was about to say "When might we hear something about the Proterras?"..... this makes me wonder though if this procurement might've been not a good one now. We had issues with NABI with the 60-LFW's due to the splitting at the hubner joints. I hope that when we get these, we're not in for a NABI part 2, so-to-speak. This also leads me to my point that all-electric buses are still in their infancy and can't be relied upon for a full fleet yet. Even numbers greater than 50 can be problematic if issues like this arise where 115 are down with wiring issues. I would say for now, stick with Clean Diesel or Diesel-Electric Hybrids. At least these are proven to work.
  20. Random CTA

    1930 starts the "Bowling Alley" style seating.
  21. I'm creating this topic because we currently have 25 Novas set to go into assignment at some point in the near future. This is the only purpose for this topic, do not use it to cast arguments about the past assignments or anything as such. Let's monitor CTA for the assignments of these buses and post them here(and perhaps a pic or two as well on route).
  22. Last TMC RTS

    I rode them a lot back in the day out of Forest Glen on Irving Park and near the end out of North Park on Lincoln and other North Park routes. Some had good giddyup, others were sluggish. #4484 whined while being accelerated from the rear... a sound hard to describe, but not one I've heard on other TMC's then. The wheelchair lifts frequently had issues and wouldn't deploy or retract fully(the latter causing the bus to be disabled and done until a mechanic came out). But ultimately, if I had to rate them on a 10-scale, I'd say they were a 6/10.
  23. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    I'm going to post Minor Delays, Signifigant Delays andService Disruptions Rail Alerts in this topic when I notice them, since they do count as breakdowns in some sense. You can as well if you wish. Here's how alerts will be posted: Sudden Alerts: Alerts that impact rail lines due to mechanical issues, medical issues, weather-related, etc... will be posted immediately once I notice them occuring(if I happen to not notice them for whatever reason, they won't be posted. However, chicagobus.org members are free to post alerts they notice). Construction Alerts: Alerts that impact rail lines due to construction. These could vary from station bypasses, single tracking, etc... these alerts will only be posted for ones that occur during high travel periods on the "L", which is typically between 6a-9:59p. Overnight alerts will not be posted as these are low travel periods on most lines. This isn't just my thread.... this is all of ours. You can post the alerts here too. You can post them using the layout I use or one of your own. I do the layout you see to ID the rail line, and the severity of rail service interruption with Red being most Severe, Orange being Significant and Green being Minor So here's the 1st one... 12/18/10 1:10p: Orange Line Riders: Signifigant Delays at Halsted(single track) due to equipment problems in the area. Board on "Loop" bound side of platform. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alert Template(For Quick Entries): DD/DD/DD TT:TT Rail Line(s) Affected: Level Of Service Interruption: Information: Media Source(s): Service Interruption Update:
  24. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    1000-1929 have ZF Transmissions 1930-2029 have Allison Transmissions 1000-1629 have Cummins ISM Engines 1630-2029 have Cummins ISL Engines
  25. The Breakdown Thread

    Down time of a bus depends on what's wrong.... it might be down for a few hours, or a couple days. Engine cover up doesn't always mean the bus is dead and won't run. They do that to signify the bus is disabled so other operators and supervisors know.