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  1. MRCTA

    Blue Line Collision

    That's sad! Very Sad! When I woke up this morning, I heard about it on the TV in my mother's room! This is getting national exposure! Pray For The Victims!
  2. I saw a pic of CTA Propane Bus #8457 on ebay from around 1973
  3. I think the 7000-series rail cars might have additional seats! This is from the birthday man who turned 52 in August(August 2nd)
  4. I've seen the 4300s and those buses look great! 21st Century engineering at its best!
  5. Hope they get through with this project! This may take a long, long time! What's your take on this Red Line travesty?
  6. So, When can we see the new CTA Rail cars(7000 version)and will there be 8000 series rail cars to the CTA?
  7. Man, I saw it and it was beautiful! Brings back old memories, doesn't it? And the house music is pumpin up!
  8. MRCTA

    More Bus Moves

    What do you guys think of CTA's Newest Buses From New Flyer? The 4300s, that is! BTW, Happy Belated Xmas(and Holidays)and a safe New Year of 2013! Did everybody have a nice Xmas?
  9. How can CTA's Fare Hikes Affect You?
  10. They'll find a way to balance the budget
  11. I would like to wish everyone out there at ChicagoBus.org and all my friends on this site a Happy Thanksgiving from me and my family!
  12. How much does it cost to get a bus from Pace and why can't you buy an old CTA Bus from the CTA?
  13. What year was this picture taken?
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