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  1. Routes that need Artics or Increased Service

    The point is how many people transfer at 87th.If there was alot of ridership there I think Pace would add service.Plus,at times 30 minutes on 87.How many people would wait a half hour
  2. Routes that need Artics or Increased Service

    Pace has 383 going there.There is no need for 87 to go to Ford City.
  3. How about Claypool and Emanuel can keep him company cleaning the train cars that are being use for a bathroom.
  4. I like to see Claypool operate any train on any line
  5. If I ran Transit for one day...

    I would lower the fares at O'Hare train station, Create a Western/Ashland train route.Starting at Evergreen Plaza and ending at Howard Station. Going Western to Orange Line,Then going down Ashland to Clark,Then Clark to Howard.
  6. Red-Purple Bypass Project

    If you think about it.Stations had to be redone due to it not being done right the first time.So i think it was a good thing that it wasn't done at that time.
  7. Transit Future Plan

    If the Brown Line went to Jefferson Park.Where is there space for a yard
  8. Blue Line O'Hare Project

    That is a good Question.I don't even think they made a decision on what type of rehab job there going to do on it.
  9. Blue Line O'Hare Project

    In all likely hood.There are probably going to have to be lanes close to bring new rail,spikes,.
  10. Blue Line O'Hare Project

    I would hate to see then try to use any buses..Rush Hour would be a mess .Especially with no shoulder to ride on.I doubt there would be even room for bypass.
  11. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Look at the ridership report for 81 and 81w.You don't need the same frequently..
  12. Bus Route Elimination of Your Choice

    I think the safest and fair way to get a answer is ask the CTA
  13. Bus Route Elimination of Your Choice

    The Dominicks i was talking about was the one they use to have at 3145 pratt.
  14. Bus Route Elimination of Your Choice

    There is a point of when Dominicks was on Pratt.They had to have the trucks go on there.So i Don't buy the arguement of not having bus on Pratt.Plus school buses go on it.
  15. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    I will give a clue.It was on the Northwest side.