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  1. 6131 also returned because I remember seeing it on the 56 back in 2009
  2. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    103's losing their 4000's that they've had since delivery, what's going to take their place?
  3. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    any recent moves to 103 yet?
  4. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    I think 103 is losing some of their1100's
  5. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    Actually it was 4323, 4333 was the one that caught fire
  6. Today, a Pace New Flyer has made it's sunday debut as 20419 is on the 330 today
  7. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    We'll have to see when that happens
  8. Also, 20410 is operating on the 307 today
  9. Question, how many more buses is it gonna take for the NF's to run on weekends?
  10. I thought it debuted in 1987 by starting to repaint the 4000-Series M.A.N. Americana buses, the 1000-Series, 7400-Series, 9000-Series, 9600-Series GM Buses, 7000-Series and 7100-Series buses M.A.N. Articulated buses and the 1600-Series and 9800-Series Flyer buses.
  11. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    We never know how this is gonna turn out when this pandemic ends
  12. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    1204 may have migrated to 103 because I see it's on the 15.
  13. cta5658

    More Bus Moves

    Looks like 03 got some artics from other garages as 4118 (usually from NP) is on the J14 and 4079 and 4075 (Also usually from NP) are on the 6.
  14. Like I've guessed before, my guess is West
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