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  1. Then around late 2001 or early 2002, some of those TMC's went to 103rd, 77th and 74th
  2. Anything for the Rock Island besides #7483 and #7493?
  3. And #4114 is on the #26
  4. Not to get off topic or anything, but I think 1202's destination sign changed slightly.
  5. Check the Red Line, you most likely may see them there
  6. Yesterday, I saw #4381 on the #26
  7. Looks like another 77th fill in on a 103rd route, this time it's #1350 on the #108 Halsted/95th. I think 103rd is short of buses
  8. I think 77th was filling in on 103rd's #26, because I notice that #1227 is on the route
  9. Those look really impressive
  10. I remember when the 7100's were retired, the last two (7143 and 7167) finished their service days at 103rd Garage when the NABI's came in
  11. Here's what I think might happen, the CTA might split the 4 between 77th and 103rd, 103rd could handle the 115th runs and 77th could handle the 95th/St Lawrence (CSU) runs
  12. The bus stop that has the 26 to Stony/103rd sign where the picture was taken by TaylorTank1229, is on Michigan/Randolph
  13. I noticed the #26 says "South to 103rd/Stony Island" when Southbound buses usually terminates at 106th/Mackinaw Has CTA extended the #26 to Stony/103rd or was that inadvertent?
  14. Prediction: Extra (aka Fill In run)
  15. Maybe you can ride Metra, how about that?