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  1. Not going to happen. 155 ridership drops significantly after 8 pm.
  2. The other day at Touhy and Lehigh, it showed 85A next arrival and then 290 Howard CTA Station 10 min. Might have something to do witht the display seen at Forest Park and also Rosemont. Maybe Pace is jumping in to the game now too.
  3. Perhaps Pace is going to revive the old Archer/Stevenson Express, and Melinda Metzger decided an inner-city satelite garage was the best solution to cut deadheading costs.
  4. From Arthur/Clark all the way to Union Station and back. No Belmont/Halsted short liners!
  5. Then and now....the birth and death of Archer Garage.
  6. Forest Glen Garage is going to be losing all it's New Flyer and Optima buses, becoming completely NovaBus sometime before this month is out.
  7. Considering how long the property still sat with the "CTA Archer Garage" sign on the front, indicating doubt it could be sold, the bay 1 doors being open all summer with personnel to "secure" the property, to the CDOT trucks being parked in bay 4....several years later it's finally meeting its demise. One has to ask, if they couldn't get a buyer, then what? Plus, one has to ask just how much was the electrical bill to keep the lights going for several years to light the work areas for ghost bus operators and maintenance personnel?
  8. Bulldozers are currently waiting outside the former Archer Garage and it is scheduled to be torn down next week. All of you bus fans that want those last photos your time is running out. It is truely the end of an era.
  9. Word has come down that the 154 Wrigley Field Express route is being turned over to an outside company starting with this coming season. Trying to find something on paper, but nothing as of yet.
  10. Actually very few 77s pull in from Central during the rush. Most of the AM rush pull in from Kimball, one run actually pulls in from Octavia (was at least, not sure if it still does). As far as the PM goes, only a handful pull in from Central. Most pull in from Octavia (or straight right turn down Harlem without even bothering to go to the terminal) or Cumberland.
  11. The following changes have been announced for the upcomming bus system pick taking place this month: #12 Roosevelt - Assign select AM rush hour trips to Chicago Garage to help relieve AM bus requirement at Kedzie Garage. #37 Sedgwick- Assign entire route to Chicago Garage. This will relieve overcrowding at Kedzie Garage. Relief point will be moved to Chicago/Orleans from Clinton Blue Line Station. #76 Diversey- Assign entire route to Forest Glen Garage. Move relief point to Diversey/Central from Diversey/Pulaski. Forest Glen has enough capacity to fill route operator requireme
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