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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3-RFeSe5jw thats the youtube video of the train "blowing up" the guy was talking about.
  2. Ive read the little press release CTA put out but its very short and as an employee I would like to know what else has been agreed to. All they really mention is the bus operators and flagmen will be able to choose their work schedule. Anybody know anything else thats included in the deal?
  3. Im a new flagman hire and the other day I saw a 5000 rail car on the brown line track that was "not in service". It had like 6 cta guys in it.
  4. Hey I just a call today for an interview. So some of you guys whove been waiting might hear back too.
  5. Yeah I applied for it the day after it opened for applications. Still waiting on the phone call. I just wish I had a little inside info about whats going on.
  6. I wanted to know if anyone else applied for the flagman job? I noticed they took down the listing so maybe we'll hear something soon. I'd love to get a phone call soon. If there are any cta employees that have details thatd be great too!
  7. I just wanted to know if any CTA employees or I guess anyone else has heard about possible rail operator jobs opening up soon? My friend recently got fired and Im sure there were more like him so I thought maybe theyd start offering up those positions. Any info would be great. Thanks!
  8. I'm not gonna let it go until I know it's over for sure. Gotta keep the hope alive!
  9. I had applied around 2 in the morning on march 4th. I thought I was pretty fast. Too bad my friend didn't tell me on the first. I'm still holding out for a call. I just wish there was a way of knowing if the hiring process is over.
  10. I also applied and wanted to know if anyone has heard back yet. If there is any employees here reading this on boards can you tell us any news regarding the jobs if you can? That'd be great! Thanks.
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