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  1. Great discussion and great pictures...just curious if anyone has a picture of the motorman's area and how it compares to the current CTA rail fleet? I noticed on some of the trains on the Brown Line that the "steering wheel" (not sure what it's called) looks more on the surface and has a different handle than say that of the ones on the Blue Line which look more like a drive-gear shifter in a passenger automobile...
  2. ial

    NEW CTA Audio?

    Interesting replies - does anyone have an indication as to when they will be fully updated to reflect various system changes? Maybe when the 5000's come online?
  3. ial

    NEW CTA Audio?

    Hello, I am a near-daily rider of the CTA Blue and Red lines. I recently noticed that certain audio has changed. The content is the same however the pitch and volume is now different. It seems to only affect the automated announcement of: "doors open on [side] at ____." The destination part of the audio is also the same. Are they tinkering with it? Does anyone know if the entire audio will be changed soon, e.g. at Lake on the Red Line, one can also transfer to the Blue Line? Thanks, and great forum!
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