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  1. Work stoppage at MCTS No bus service Wed Thur and Friday.
  2. Archon

    More Bus Moves

    So I asume 4333 is totaled and will not see it again.
  3. Looking to aquire a 1966 or 1967 MCTS GMC New look bus for Restoration.
  4. AS of april 15 2014 4418 is still sitting on Track 1 and KK
  5. New 5500's buses now in service at MCTS saw 5503 on RT 28 tonite
  6. 4418 has been sitting on track 1 for months now the only 4400 at KK it is being partted out it looks like.Don't know why it is not up for sale
  7. looks like the County may take over running MCTS making the drivers County employee's
  8. I still have a VHS Tape of the news braodcast that night it happened.
  9. Some more info.. 5318 no longer has the Hanover sing in it it has been changed to a luminater sign just like the other 5300's have. KK no longer has any 4400's. And now some 4600's are being sent to FDL. The main problem with the 5400's is the interlock system With some buses having to be shut off and restated to get the bus to move after making a pickup. I have Driven 5405 and 5412 and had no problem with the bus I like the 5400's
  10. seems there are no 5400's being assinged to any rt's this weekend
  11. Archon

    Tower 18 viewing

    I will be in Chicago on Wednesday I want to go and watch the trains going thru the Tower 18 area Where is a good place to do this prefer to sit can be on CTA property as I will be on the system that day. I will have my chicago card with me I will not have any camara or recorder with me. So there so be no problem with them getting hyped up on that.
  12. I have been in 5406 we were trained on the new q restrant wheel chair system. The differences on the 5400 are steering wheel is 18 inch not 20 the roof hatches are clear THe destanation signs are still luminator but the key pad is left side above drivers window slanted step in the back all LED head lights Electric raditior fan cooling there are 9 of them still 6 speed allisoin wider front door, Driver sheld. different dash board. kneel's lower 4 single passinger seats on the left side 4 of them for stroller area ISL engine with clean disel exhaust. KK is getting the first batch 5400-5434. Seat color is different They will be in service for summerfest. pardon any spelling mistakes Firedfox spell checker does not work on this posting system I am the worst speller.
  13. They are being made now They will be the same as the 5100.s thru 5300.s which is Cummins ISL and Allision Trasmission. They are done with Voith Amen to that I did not like the Voith ttansmission much very rought shifting
  14. I talked to the Foreman in the garage last night and we are getting the Xcesiors How many KK is getting is unknown
  15. You can driver for CTA and have A Wisconsin CDL and also Can driver in Minneapolis St Paul with a Wisconsin CDL
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