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  1. I doubt you can extend the blue line further into the airport without an major disruptive realignment but I’m happy to shut up if wrong. Like I even considered “what if they did the realignment before the tunnel might take some flyover and bridge to wrap around cause it look a like it follows I-190 to the end and after I-190 ends and wraps through the airport is where the tunnel leading to ohare station starts
  2. 79th just has that dollar general Tupac that asks everybody from a beer and claims everyday is his birthday to get a crazy cowboy
  3. Aht aht dont compare us to outwest. They’ll prolly steal your bus 😐
  4. We get that part what’s not adding up is why is a recent schedule posted advertising 3-4 min frequency on paper but on the road rolling at every 10. Is this a cover up or are that many runs not getting filled. At least the Lasalle schedule shows the reduction from every 2-3 min to every 20 🧐🧐
  5. Bringing this to a more relevant topic either CTA is using the schedule to cover up potential complaints or it’s like another poster said in that drivers aren’t showing up. I’ve had a #4 driver end a 79th that was supposed to be a 115th trip because of lack relief I think
  6. Not gonna count you off as complete false either cause it’s always the least expected people who end up right lol
  7. Blue is still every 3-5 in rush hour.
  8. Blue line you would need to run the 56 and 126 overnights plus an ohare shuttle to help people still get to the airport I don’t see that one really happening
  9. Gonna take a shot in the dark and say it’s an unlock feature. Like when operators walk to a closed train with a key and unlock a door for themselves to walk in and set themselves up
  10. Driver got fed up with the constant call offs and lack of reliefs so started practicing to be a stripper and quit 🤣
  11. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    So are they making that bus wear a face mask now? 🧐
  12. Yeah it’s not to be a dick moreso it’s time for consolation. Look at some of these 100 pages threads lmao 🥴🤣🤣
  13. Facts any questions about a particular bus should Be searched. This thread is for equipment moves
  14. Sam92

    The Breakdown Thread

    My main point was it’s a garage away from a garage so be careful of reporting breakdowns at this location as was implied by OP
  15. Sam92

    The Breakdown Thread

    That could just be them opening the engine between rush hours. That’s a storage spot
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