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  1. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Well if 77th was loaning to 103rd for a morning piece you gotta remember 77th is more likely to have spare equipment in the morning as a PM heavy garage. Thats partially why they ended up taking the Metra Shuttles. That’s how I’ve always seen loans happen since high school. 103rd has always borrowed from 77th mainly durijg mornings cause their AM requirements are a bit higher than the PM. If anything there used to be a 3 way dependency, 74th was involved in frequent loaning to 7 and 03 (also had to help out with 108 in the mornings) but that ended when decrowding put an end to the wild interli
  2. They were fine in person. Saw them passing over 18th street
  3. Way finding especially in areas with the same origin but different destinations (in this case a lot of stuff starts at Loyola but can either need the 155, 36, 147 or 151) or places like 95th, midway, downtown on michigan and loop link. Easier to see a big letter above the bus stop instead of having to walk to it especially when the more routes are the stop, the smaller the font.
  4. Ditto on wacker and lasalle. Not as many catering runs in the 10:30am-noon rush for me on the doordash side
  5. What got me was the flxibles in the renderings 😂😂
  6. When you have old equipment you move heaven and hell to only use it when you HAVE to nuff said lmao. Those same 8-9 novas might be the most problem free and the ones at other garages are basically most likely emergency use only. Especially with parts taking super long to arrrive with covid issues
  7. And as you noted wrightwood is far enough west to be more of the metra alternative if people were to seek metra as a better option. Even the ME would probably see a better pick up considering it’s further from the red line and also reaches much of downtown but I’ll avoid becoming Mike Payne not am I advocating for killing the LSD express as a trade off for it 😂
  8. I’ve actually lived by Gresham a lot. What happens is Gresham gets a lot of people driving to the station and parking on nearby streets (which caused Permit parking requirements for the people that live there). Also maybe someone pressed for time might eat the extra cost and hop on to save time at least I’d do that. most trains that stop there were Beverly Locals ending at Blue Island/Vermont alternating with Mainline expresses that skipped on the way to Joliet (though 1 or 2 did an odd flag stop but also would skip 103rd or 95th) so auburn would likely follow the same. As far as ridership it’
  9. A combo of old bus parts already being hard to find and a pandemic making it even harder to get the part in a timely fashion when finally found. My repairs went from 20-30 min/a day tops to having a month waitlist just to get a tune up
  10. Right you would’ve thought Rahm was cta president the way he was quick to put his face on everything
  11. I’ve seen them at Washington by Ogden as well. The beach still seems odd cause at least other locations are right by the police
  12. Teens downtown messing stuff up. Just hasn’t been on the news cause they don’t wanna scare the tourist
  13. Now gone head change your name to NephewMCI 😂
  14. BUT I work AMs in the loop all week so I’ll check for myself if they stay on #301
  15. Hmm I’ll look in person because some pics show the sign flawlessly others either the camera messes with the sign or causes the sign to show up in a different color when viewing on video. I can barely make out the pink when viewing the recently posted video because of lines appearing for example 👍🏾
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