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  1. Green line run number? Guess they’re training to bring back ravenswood Jackson park service 🤣 the JacksonWood
  2. Second to what art said it all boils down to heavy consolidation and balance (J14 being a replacement for the old 127 to museum/McCormick for reverse peak access) 157 being a remnant of old wacker and Ohio buses being restructured into the former streeterville route. LaSalle to Desplaines is strictly a weekday only area. Madison is the Madison bus so you can’t send that to union, J14 is needed for access to ogilvie and that leaves #60 which is very heavy and might flood Adams when added to the aldread heavy 151 but it does still maintain the connection to union as well
  3. The construction was mainly for the platforms. The lanes jsut take a bit of restriping in off peak travel times. I noemticed the same cause they painted our bike lanes in that same stretch
  4. The older the equipment the more sturdy. That’s why I only do doordash with bikes from the 70’s 😂
  5. It’s lakeview the artics are gonna be slow wherever up there, at least broadway Is a shorter thru route lol and I was thinking nature museum as well.
  6. The idea is since 36 would still run straight downtown, run artics to make up capacity since it has a fairly decent frequency, you increase reliability on Clark by splitting it in 2 so because realistically no one is gonna ride from downtown to Howard on 22, you can possibly make things more efficient by making 22 More of a heavy north side local (remember Clark is a long narrow diagonal street which makes it super slow to begin with) the new #24 would basically do the same job for the #36 that K runs do for 151 while also saving the most used part of 24 and linking it to more generators
  7. I wasn’t cutting 22 north of Belmont I was splitting it to run Howard to Belmont. I know it’s heavy because of all the bar demand and all but if people really needed to get downtown the transfer penalty wouldn’t be too bad or just ride over to the red line or broadway. There would be freed up hours to beef up the East west lines a bit
  8. Since we’re looking at efficiency and possible restructurings, Here’s a wild restructuring that could save the remaining useful part of 24 while acting as a short-turn for SB Clark St service placing empty buses in position around Belmont. 24 basically dies south of 35th so what I was thinking was to kill the remainder of the route south of there and combining it with the 22 south of Belmont creating the #24 Bridgeport/Lakeview. (Belmont Red to Sox-35th). Service every 5 min AM peak with 40ft buses (10 south of Harrison), 8–10min midday (double south of Harrison) and 5 min PM peak(peak pullout
  9. Yeah all of the useful parts are gone. It used to essentially follow the present 6 south of 63rd then cut back to 63rd, Hyde park and now 35th essentially acting as a reverse peak #4 that runs to union station.
  10. Wouldn’t be worth the cost because Union Station would be more of a rush hour type generator. CTA would argue that 3,4 and green provide enough coverage. 1 is probably on its way out the door if ridership doesn’t rebound enough after Covid-19
  11. Those would be the last places I’d expect chargers for a while. The terminals are tight and having to remain in a certain position to charge would make berthing and layovers a pain when those high frequency routes stack 3-4 buses at a time.
  12. When it comes to situations where another line/yard helps supply cars the runs take on the supplemental yards numbers so in this case; All 700’s since the extra capacity is coming from 6 or 7 early AM rush trains from Midway all getting to Kimball in time for the peak of peak and to supply 3-5 min headways on the brown. Same with runs 318, 319, 321 coming from 54th to do those 3 extra trips between Jeff park-UIC runs, or Ravestons having 400’s when purple needed help in the 80’s/90’s, the 500s when the reverse happened and brown needed extra help from purple. The way someone else explained aft
  13. This is new tech anybody is anybody at this point 😂😂 these aren’t the new flyers or novas we’ve always had 🤓
  14. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Was there a police incident that way? Last time I saw 50 as a run number it was from police charters
  15. Seems like a spare ratio issue. 74th has majority trunk service that doesn’t really die down between rush hours compared to other garages so while say 103rd or even 77th have more rush hour targeted pull outs that get to return to Base for midday more of 74th’s fleet stays out once it’s out so maintenance probably isn’t keeping up as much.
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