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  1. You mean lit map as in red dot we've been had? 🧐
  2. Coming back probably. They come in off an AM piece then either stay for major maintenance if needed while another bus from the same garage pulls out and returns in it's place and does a PM rush piece on the way back. If the bus is fine it just goes back out on the PM rush piece and goes home. That's why these types of moves stay on the routes they do so they can make it the least costly dead milage wise. (28 for 103rd, 126 for kedzie I can't think of what the other garages do off the top of my head. Basically the same type as the SH, SR and SN you see in the rush except instead of storage midday it's maintenance
  3. At this point this is becoming pretty repetitive... As with the other route splits discussed, this is either a hold over from streetcar days that cta determined was better left as is or due to completely different demands between the different route segments that necessitate a whole different schedule that short turning alone wouldn't suffice thus a whole separate route and schedule is needed to prevent over serving the light side or under serving the main trunk. Any further questions about "why aren't these routes combined" will pretty much be always be met with this reason so it's a waste of forum space to ask about every single route that has an A or B extension at this point.
  4. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Lets be real though. Cta HAS been trying to fix mistakes but i takes experiementation. Look at the bus issue we bought 100 artics to increase capacity just to realize artics made scheduling worse so its not favoritism. Just reestablishing resources where they work best
  5. Yeah i remember that much but the 52 extension happened in the 2006 pink line restructuring 52 ended at the Orange line till then which is what I was pointing out
  6. The pink line restructuring found that there was enough demand between 63rd and 49th to get the orange line that a frequency boost was needed at which point it was either short turn the 52A and piss off the outer ends of the route with excessively long wait times (which the 52A already doesnt run too frequently) or overlap to provide service while still keeping enough frequency to keep up on the two separate routes. What Im getting at is routes with splits such as these are either a situation of the extended sections having a demand for service but no where near the demand of the main route so short turning doesnt help OR just to breakdown and already long route into something more manageable for all involved
  7. 52 isnt misnamed as a significant portion is on California. The difference between 52/52a overlap is orange line is the only connection for people on that side compared to pulaski which hits 3 rail stations and is therefore duplicative. The whole reason for route splits is to keep service tailored to the specific local market rather than confuse people with a short turn on everyroute not to mention the longer the route the more the driver gets the $#!t end of the stick so to speak. Not to mention union rules. Think of it this way, the routes with letters are local feeders while the parent routes are trunk lines.
  8. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    I wouldnt be against it since green and pink are light lines. Red would still have 5000s so it wouldnt be all ran down
  9. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    84 for the red line extension, 20 tph after belmont flyover work would be 160 extra although some might come from existing trains on the road already so maybe 60-ish? Blue line may not get a surplus from a frequency increase due to short turns being the source of an increase. Maybe orange if brown for some reason needs a frequency increase which would make midway need more to support the brown line. Everywhere else seems to have their surplus.
  10. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Wouldnt be a waste of money to retire 3200 just cause of a recent rehab. Thats just for life extension. If thats the case cta is looking too early for replacements for the 1000's that just got rehab and rebuilt. Just trying to avoid equipment failures
  11. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Maybe they should see about sendng brown 2600s to green in exchange for their 5000's cause being #3 brown shouldn't be relying so much on 2600's themselves unless enough 3200 remain for base service
  12. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Welp considering the increase in violation of guidelines, garage rumor and lack of moderation occuring here had to get a source that had more reliable members 🤔
  13. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Never mind they rearranged since they first started this. Basically first few picks these were extras similar to the 26 south shore expansion now the schedule incorporates them better
  14. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    First off. #308 and #309 is not a run that does blue line service. All runs are 318-322 second as part time trippers these definitely are dedicated for crowd relief on blue line and go out of service at racine
  15. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Run numbers are chronological based on pull out times Also these runs do to blue line trips and go back to 54th. They dont do pink line runs
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