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  1. Hope they actually catch and fix it unlike this goof up lol
  2. Well at least you have less of a chance of catching one. 103rd has most of them now NP only has like 20 left with that style
  3. Well the Union Station routes got updated schedule for the 24th. 28 still has W trips and 151 still has majority W trips so it looks like nothing changed really except for the routing. So i dont know where the 151's going back north are coming from but then again that looks like the time frame where 151 switches from 40 ft to artics so maybe the 151 back north is mainly interlines from other north park routes from what math22 shows. Btw I remember you wondered where 146 Randolph to Grace came from; from maths22's tracker, looks like they interline with 148's similar to the way 145/148 does.
  4. So you're saying it had the seats of a 4000 but arranged like a 4150? Did it have new lights as well cause 4099 from 103rd has new lights already
  5. I know it's probably not related but what is up with the track over in that section? It's like when they were doing the rebuild and after right there there was a constant problem there for a quick sec now rail work a few years later?
  6. Looks like ridership on the 26 midday is up. I see about 6-7 artics on the route and like 2-3 1000's.
  7. Well I did a quick check on any differences. This morning Chicago still has runs on Roosevelt which of course are now 8100s and 1900s instead of the usual 4000 you would've seen. Kedzie hasn't put any on it's part of Roosevelt. I checked other kedzie routes for anything out of place with the extra artics, 82 has about 5-7 out right now but imma leave that to someone else to determine cause I've never really seen that route enough before this pick to know how it is. 125 has 2 artics out of a total of 3 buses I think that's a new thing though.
  8. I think it was edited later cause at first some of the Ashland runs didn't have a "W"
  9. Nooooo I'm saying Ashland is now a time point on 79th and I'm wondering if 79th is getting help from 74th
  10. On note of 77th.... I noticed Ashland is now a time point on 79th for some starting runs. Also seen an 8000 running down Ashland with a 79 sign on Friday.... Is it possible that 74th is doing a few runs on 79th for some odd reason? Could be part of the reason for 77th losing but not gaining
  11. Add 1194 to Chicago. It's on 20 Madison
  12. 1197-1199 are out on 65, 57 and 66
  13. 4106 is on the 26 and 4107 is on the 6
  14. If we split them between garages with artics then that mean 103rd would still get some by that logic. And only 10-15 more puts them back at Red Line shuttle allocations
  15. I live near the 26 and it definitely never went back to all 1000's in the rush at no point after 103rd grabbed what 77th gave up. Only times 26 is all 1000s is the midday and after 7 and even then after the extension to stony an artic has stayed out a bit later.... So as someone who lives down here imma leave it at that.