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  1. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Seattle is a case similar to Chicago In which they assumed a bigger bus automatically handles crowds instead of more aggressive schedule keeping
  2. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    It's not specifically D60LFRs counted as surplus it's anything over the 208 artics we had prior to 2013.
  3. Non since 10 is bidirectional and has an even schedule throughout the day vs the 192/j14 setup which is using 192 to make the cost of rush hour extras cheaper
  4. Yeah did they adjust the required numbers for this? Or at least have some type of waiver due to the situation? 🧐
  5. How many times do we gotta say merging 103/106 is out of the question till a red line extension 🥴
  6. Didn't realize we had 2 Western ave.'s 🥴🥴
  7. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Thanks cause I definitely forgot to say something about it being on the #26 earlier 🥴
  8. When it comes to X routes their purpose is to help move the MAJORITY of riders within that corridor, not just ONE specific area or stop. That's what locals are for. 58th is not far from 59th and adding extra stops for relatively few riders defeats the purpose of an X route to begin with. So no adding an extra stop when MAJORITY of the market the x route serves can just walk that one extra block (which is also a side effect of what an X route encourages to take the stress off the locals and reduce dwell time on side streets) is not an important factor for a return of the X4 nor will it do much
  9. They have no choice since doing away with school trips would cause a rescheduling to occur but can't happen with picks canceled
  10. 79 to Pulaski and 81st is a Bogan High school trip
  11. Yeah once you make the move across the tracks one has to yield for you to complete it. Of course it's the trains that have ROW but Id imagine the on south shore or any place with a similar set up the same rules are there just cause well, a vehicle stuck on tracks with an approaching train is just not pretty
  12. Can't have people getting stuck in the tracks
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