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  1. I noticed the #26 has been pretty full in the extended hours so maybe some of the riders have been opting for that instead. Im guessing 6, J14 and 26 are gonna see a slight increase in riders from this
  2. True. Might be a behind the scene thing though cause they mentioned work on it this year
  3. Maybe they're starting to hit NPs flyers with TSP tech for the X49 so they might be down. 🤔🤔
  4. Eh to be honest those artic sightings have been for like a week or two. #52 has been seeing s random artic or two along with #21 has seen one pop out for some days. Kinda like 103rd with #29 and #28 seeing a few in the week now.
  5. None I've seen so far. Outside of the usual weekday assignments they'll show up on #7, #52, #82 and most recently the run on #21. It always shows up on the run with block ID 21-211 or something
  6. Ive noticed 21 has seen an artic back to back the last few days as well. Always on the same run.
  7. I've found a few interesting once actually. I learned the method used to transition #151 from 1000's to artics in the weekday, the N4 runs start off as late day #3 King Drive runs, spotted an interline between #21 and #60 as well
  8. Just something I happened to run across this morning while messing around on maths22... The two buses used for 31 31st are interlined with late AM rush runs on #2 Hyde Park Express
  9. I mean if this were to be permanent i don't see a reason for them to expand this practice outside of rush hour seeing as the point is to do something with the lay ups that would delay the Dan Ryan branch do to there only being one lead into the yard.
  10. Nope I know what day it is/was. Lmao but a definate improvement from last year 5000s on the blue prank
  11. I think the thing was 5000s to 63rd used yellow-yellow marker lights while the 2600s used yellow-green
  12. I definately remember 5000s being on the red line during the 2013. May not have been 100 percent assign like today but there definately were
  13. Hope they actually catch and fix it unlike this goof up lol
  14. Well at least you have less of a chance of catching one. 103rd has most of them now NP only has like 20 left with that style
  15. Well the Union Station routes got updated schedule for the 24th. 28 still has W trips and 151 still has majority W trips so it looks like nothing changed really except for the routing. So i dont know where the 151's going back north are coming from but then again that looks like the time frame where 151 switches from 40 ft to artics so maybe the 151 back north is mainly interlines from other north park routes from what math22 shows. Btw I remember you wondered where 146 Randolph to Grace came from; from maths22's tracker, looks like they interline with 148's similar to the way 145/148 does.