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  1. Yeah that's what I pointed out in my previous post. The volume passenger and trainwise is too vast for them to do anything to expedite this project outside of closing 1-2 tracks. Then add to that the work is most likely bringing the structure up to Addison to look more like what's at belmont 😬
  2. If you read the topic he's obviously answering the question that arose of why people would think metra needs a station on 79th
  3. Because with as heavy volume as the Northside handles it can't do a major disruption or shutdown without affecting a HUGE amount of people nor is there space for fast shuttles in such an area
  4. The ramp itsself will be done by 2021. Its special trackwork and realignment that's taking till 2025
  5. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    12/66 interlines run to kedzie as a 12 then Deadhead up to chicago to start the trips from Troy. Chicago's runs on #12 are tied to 157
  6. Showing this info to the passengers does nothing for what you're asking for. Literally everything you're asking to show on the announcement display is already shown to the driver which is relayed and reported to scheduling and control. What could displaying what is essentially schedule adherence and driver trip info do on the public display if it isn't helping who it was meant to help. The real answer is to take the info your asking for to the scheduling department along with better policies such as running a bus express, telling operators to stop waiting for runners (they can catch the next bus), avoiding sending too many buses through a source of consistent delays (short turning or route splitting)
  7. Welp that screen was never meant to be read by someone that wasn't a driver anyway so... 🤷
  8. Anyone happen to know the new arrangement for #31? Before they pulled off the #2 at the end of rush but now that can't happen. Maybe an interline with the #1?
  9. You'd think the expansion would have accounted for that 🤦🤦
  10. Exactly. What 5750 is refusing to acknowledge is the fact that while FG has their fair share of busy routes, outside of Milwaukee their service being dedicated towards north and northwest service means they put less wear and tear per mile compared to the other garages that all do downtown service which means more costly deadheads especially for routes with peak heavy demand and end up pushing up and down the Kennedy, Dan Ryan and Lake shore constantly. Therefore the current fleet allotments make sense. Same thing for the artic assignments. Kedzie has mainly peak only demand for artics outside of 151 and 12 on weekends and therefore have the oldest artics
  11. Which as a well.taken care of and reliable model is better than the former arrangement
  12. Or you can move somewhere that has them since you're that pressed about it. You're the only one left on here still pushing the issue 🤧
  13. Exactly that's why I said the most he can get is advanced alerts at pick time.
  14. Gotta look in the alerts when pick time comes.
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