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  1. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Well like I said under non COVID situations it's gonna take for Cermak to run at 2-3 minute intervals and still be slammed before artics run Cermak after this. Jeffery, Clark, Chicago, 79th, Kimball, etc all ran at 2-3 min headways before they saw artics and even now still run frequently
  2. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Yes. Have you not noticed that before COVID, routes that used artics were running in 2-3 min headways with still full buses, which cermak does not?
  3. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    I think we need to separate artic assignment rules during COVID from artic assignment rules without. thing is without COVID the yerkes theory would determine who needs artics which means the route has to be running every 5 min or so at which point they decide, ok let's add artics and keep the same vehicle count vs upping frequency and adding more vehicles. Right now Cermak just makes sense for artics because of COVID,BUT it runs no where near frequent enough to be "artic worthy" and they would up frequency first THEN artics after if the new headways are still jammed
  4. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    So maybe revive the old short turns before artics?
  5. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    I mean they SAID that but I remember they started had a good 44 cars by the time the shutdown happened. They just happened to finish while on the reroute
  6. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Guess that explains all the 40ft on Jeffery
  7. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Eh I think if enough cars come in and the power is upgraded 5000's might end up there due to sheer numbers if the track and road bed isn't fixed. 5000's showed up on the red line before it was rebuilt, the timing was jsut more of a coincidence and it was preferred to not have 5000's en mass on the red until the Dan Ryan was finished but even if there wasn't funding I'm pretty sure red would have got the 5000's still because everything else (power and signal) was redone not too long before
  8. Ammo to look REAAAAALLY foolish at this point but I'mma let you be great 不不不不
  9. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Dan Ryan had gridlock too and the shuttles still used it
  10. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    5000's started testing on the red line and Turner's out fine. Makes sense to add 7000's to red first so the 5000's get a break
  11. I'm not the one that "feels attacked for my opinion". Obviously it's something you've been doing and I don't blame the other operators for jumping down your throat for your recent relatively garbage opinions on how every operator is automatically in the wrong just cause they dont drive like you. 打井 Last I checked you're a retired operator not the investigation team your input on what these operators were doing were pretty out of pocket
  12. 9/10 times if you feel like "everyone's against you" you're obviously doing something wrong 打打
  13. Facts. Until the report comes out we don't know what happened but just because one went without crash doesn't mean assume operators are just being reckless
  14. Sam92

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Let alone the oldest which would make the red line even more unreliable than it is. Do you have justification for 2600s aside from "I just wanna see new equipment at FG and Blue Line"? CTA already has done as much as they can to distribute new equipment where it belongs so unless you can pay for the comed bill to power newer equipment just gotta wait. 仄 When the 7000's come in along with whatever comes in to replace 1000's and the rest of the 6400's the average fleet age will be relatively even across the city with them rotating equipment better
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