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  1. More Bus Moves

    1597, 1602 and 1842 spotted on 103rd's 95 95Th, 103 w 103rd and 29 State. Idk if this is recent or not I just know it's odd considering they mostly had the first 1000's
  2. More Bus Moves

    Could possibly be the case considering outside of 22, 146, 147, 151. NP's artic routes are peak only so it's either over assign and let them sit/run on local service since that's half their fleet or under assign then have to do a lot of sharing (kedzie might be in the same boat with attics showing up on 12 on weekends when likely not necessary but having no choice since they still do a lot of main routes and have to run them with SOMETHING). Yes I know 103rd now has similar ratios but outside of the 29, and their share of express service, have a lot of light service/feeder routes that don't require a lot of buses so vs the other two which still have routes with heavy enough service to where there no choice but to get an artic to fill a few runs unless they wanna borrow on weekends
  3. More Bus Moves

    Only way to make use of the artics would be to reinstate X service cause it's actually the extra dwell times from stop spacing that fouls artic operations on local routes. Either that or just bite the bullet and just deal with them on 79th cause IMO 79th qualifies for artics for the same reason 151 and 22 does. High ridership to the point where 40ft are impossible (79th is higher in the top 10 list than 151 and 22).
  4. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    Well morning to afternoon rush means there would be service in the off peak midday with the X routes. Lets take our the often referred to passenger who has to get to O'Hare from the north side. With the X80 you can travel across to the blue line without having to go downtown. The reintroducing and expanding X routes would solve part of that issue because Im betting with CTA becoming basically commuter focused, most of the uber riders are people who want to get somewhere that isnt downtown. Also another restructuring is due for the LSD routes. Does the 6 really need to go south of 63rd when the 26 can easily replace it the way 14 did on jeffery? Reintroducing the 1981 routing of the #1 could handle the people who wanted to travel between south shore and hyde park. #6 suffers the same stop spacing issues as the northern LSD routes do in some places and that also fouls up the schedule. Any route that uses artics should not have stop spacing of 1/8 mile including the local portions of our express buses as andre pointed out. Part of the issue is CTA doesnt think far enough ahead nor does it assert itself enough in getting some of what it would take to become more efficient in the city.
  5. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    Nah but since i live in south shore again I've came across the bus a few times. Picture a jump bus with lights from the #1000's rehab and you got your answer lol. I didnt get a chance to ride so I can't tell you anything on if the engine is quieter or so on
  6. 2018 CTA budget

    We still not voting for him this time ??
  7. "Look at me" "I'm the moderator of this forum now" lmao
  8. Random CTA

    In other words if I look at the run number box on a new flyer is it gonna start with a C or a 5? CXXX or 5XXX representing the 4 digits in the box
  9. Random CTA

    Wait so are you saying 1000's are now showing Cxxx as a garage code vs 5XXX? I'm definitely gonna check that out later when I stage up downtown
  10. Random CTA

    It's technically both. Chicago inherited 5 from the old 52nd garage similar to 74th carrying over "6" as it's garage code from 69th which it replaced
  11. Random CTA

    Idk I've seen a lot of buses lower the whole right side instead of the front but happens more with artics
  12. Route 71

    You both are actually right in someway. The reroute has service ending at 106th but has nothing to do with the schedule (indicated by the fact the schedule is effective from September and lacks a detour notice), the 104th/Torrence runs are pull outs and pull ins that started last year when 71 sent all buses to 112th/Torrence rather than alternating with the 73rd/Exchange terminal
  13. More Bus Moves

    I don't even think that matters so much anymore between the jump buses both steadily being unwrapped and just being assigned to any artic route instead of staying on runs assigned to or interlined with J14.
  14. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    You know I just thought about it cause I was randomly leafing through those records, what if the precense of artics along route 146 now compared to the first attempt to cut 145 in that area had an affect on customers panicking about only 146 being there? Seems like the second time the complaint was more from residents along wilson
  15. More Bus Moves

    Since we're bringing up weird signs I've seen a 151 to North Ave. It was am rush so idk if that was a run that goes to stage then become a run from Fullerton or not but it seemed odd cause I thought Water Tower was the end point for those runs