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  1. I’m not sure about letting the engine lock up but I remember in the 2010 cuts when they were set in stone with no funding relief, flxibles at Archer were drained because the scrap guys require it be done before scrapping for one and two if the cuts were reversed they would have needed the fluids drained and replaced to get all the gunk out and give fresh oils and all that for return to service.
  2. Naw they’re going whereever runs 24/7 so they don’t have to pay for the night
  3. Most likely any nova that craps out is GONE gone unless it’s an EXTREMELY minor repair.
  4. I mean my girlfriend knows a good masseuse 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I think I was 7 years when the NOVAs first came. I was a freshman when new flyers first came to 103rd and popped up by my house on 95E. Things got weird that brief moment 77th have their 4000s to 103rd and excess would pop up on 95E pretty often
  6. Who you telling. I basically grew up with them at this point
  7. Yeah cta needs to get over the dumb decades old habit of segregating Evanston cars from the mainline cars. Apparently 5400s are technically assigned to linden even though a lot end up stored at Howard. Sucks cause you have 100 cars but base service probably only needs 16. If anything since they’re not doing the smart thing which is rotate purple and red cars to even milage maybe the 2600s should end up on purple since they separate them from the other Howard cars
  8. Brown and orange will be all 2600 this year so those 2 are the first to get new ones. Then that buys blue line time to get the infrastructure to support more newer generation cars
  9. I mean anything can happen but cta themselves said it’s highly unlikely lol. And apparently the forest park project being split into phase 1 which rebuilds up to IMD would kinda make what I suggested earlier a possibility. What COULD help keep blue line more modernized would be somehow using both Morgan middle and the new IMD turn back to store a lot more trains. Supposedly all 3200s will end up on the blue this year so as 7000s come in Brown and Orange might get them first. Then Howard might get 7000s which would displace 5000s to the blue who should at least have more power capacity by then. Those 5000s would only run up to IMD will the 3200s do the full route. Turnbacks would be everyday all day to help facilitate that and 3200s can just do the night cars since they’d be the only cars allowed out to desplaines
  10. Depends if it’s worth it. It’s not about just rough streets it’s the sheer amount of service 77th puts out. It Has less routes assigned than 103rd but yet the routes it DOES have are heavy trunk lines which means it’s fleet never gets the rest it needs.
  11. Oh anything that 77th has had its hands on for long periods of time is gonna be the first to go. So maybe a few 1930-1960 range, and others. It’s weird that 1200’s and 1300’s would have so much life left seeing as they’ve been bounced between 77th, Kenzie or even 103rd
  12. You’d rehab the remaining 430 with the lowest miles because 600 buses get retired by the new ones. So the ones with a crap ton of milage should jsut bite it rather than waste time on something that’s already been beat up when there’s stuff less used which means less rehab work needed and wouldn’t be as much a pain in the neck to maintain. These are life extending rehabs to bridge the gap that those buses are probably gonna be around for more than 12 years.
  13. Most likely they’d keep the 1000s with the lowest miles and rehab them while they replace the others in the 600 option
  14. You’re totally right that the issue on forest park is the trackbed. My suggestion was since the power is being done and that also would allow more new cars, why not split the forest park project in 2 phases to get hot to Cicero completely rebuilt while doing modest maintenance west of there. Then when the IKE rebuild happens you do the complete rebuild there. So with the new IMD turnback, you hopefully can effectively turn back more trains and only send 2600s out on the Forest Park trips.
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