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    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Right? Thought ISIS got a hold of him 🤣🤣
  2. Eh I wasn’t trying to attack moreso keep a medium. To be honest a lot of this stuff could be consolidated anyway it’s not jsut a him thing. Heck general transit discussion is pretty much a nationwide “random cta/pace/Metra thread” lol
  3. No ones being insensitive considering this forum has been spread out and has a lot of choppy repetitive topics. There’s a quote feature that can move these replies to a more modern and still relevant “random cta/pace/Metra thread or the general discussion threads so veterans aren’t waking up to a line of long dead topics showing up as new and having to sort through them to get to the ongoing active discussions.
  4. As part of these forum guidelines please refrain from constantly replying and bringing up old topics without good reason. It’s causing unnecessary alerts
  5. PM peak is higher. Check the 4-5 pm hours
  6. As far as sorting I didn’t mean on the tracks moreso on schedule. The SSM doesn’t need the 3-5 min frequency of the peak purple line in the PM peak n top of the green so you’d be having to figure how to short turn purples in the loop on top of still figuring out how many purples to send through Alternating between the green line without over serving. You’d be better off doing what you suggested and send the purples to both branches and cut green line service to just Harlem-Loop. If it were up to me instead of running to 63rd through downtown on the elevated I would run the purple via red line tracks south of Belmont Into the subway, beef up the AM peak frequency to 3-7 min just like in the PM, alternate with the red line which would cut a few runs to accommodate the extra purple service thus ending the imbalance on the Dan Ryan. The purple would then exit via 13th streeet incline continuing to 63rd terminals. Then on the south end I’d reduce service on the 3 and 4. Introduce an 3A/4A south cottage grove/king drive respectively to add and feed service south of 63rd onto the increased service now provided by the purple reducing the need for so many buses downtown.
  7. Having branches is what’s keeping the green line at a reasonable balance to while not over serving a particular area. Lake holds the highest ridership of that line. The branches keep that side balanced with the lake so as to not waste too many trains in areas not needed
  8. Too much imbalance. Purple line has a point in rush when some trains come 3-5 min apart which would be too much to sort schedule wise. You’d still have to turn every other train to avoid the same issue as too many trains out south on the red that should be north side short turns
  9. Well since you’re seeing it on 79th and the the other buses are getting closer to revenue service they might be testing on the heaviest line to make sure they can stand up. If it can survive 77th (79th at that) it should hold anywhere else lol
  10. I’ll pass. My bike is $450 1985 vintage from japan I’ll tear the whole yard apart looking for it if I forgot to go back to the bike card and grab it lmao
  11. Seems like Cta wasn’t as heavy on short turns and pull-ins/pull-outs targeting the crowds back then so that makes sense. Trains have no choice but to go the full route due to use having lack of places to turn around early
  12. Base fillets? Now I got a taste for some steak or some fish thanks lmao but I get it lmao
  13. Ahh so sounds like block runs provide the backbone of the all day base service while everything else targets the heavy times 🧐
  14. I hear that I do split shifts doing doordash and uber cause it’s huff in the week lol.
  15. Yeah there will be temporary platforms at 2 stations to allow continued bidirectional service that otherwise wouldn’t happen if not constructed due to the fact that all trains will be forced to one half of the structure in the area meaning red lines are gonna end up on the outside track for various phases necessitiating the need for an outside platform to accommodate. Now as far as exact details you’ll have to wait till I’m off work to see so I can look it up but other wise it’s super deep in the documents on the RPM site on transitchicago cause I’ll also probably forget to check 🥴
  16. Ouch so a block run pretty much stays on the same route the whole day? Highway hypnosis much?
  17. Question about block runs. Are those usually just stuck on the same route for all 10 hours? Or are those too interlined like full time and part time?
  18. Yeah for now 30 min would be ok with the red line but once bars open up those late night crowds are INSANE so they should at least be ready to restore Arnold lease back to 20 min when that part goes back to normal
  19. I doubt you can extend the blue line further into the airport without an major disruptive realignment but I’m happy to shut up if wrong. Like I even considered “what if they did the realignment before the tunnel might take some flyover and bridge to wrap around cause it look a like it follows I-190 to the end and after I-190 ends and wraps through the airport is where the tunnel leading to ohare station starts
  20. 79th just has that dollar general Tupac that asks everybody from a beer and claims everyday is his birthday to get a crazy cowboy
  21. Aht aht dont compare us to outwest. They’ll prolly steal your bus 😐
  22. We get that part what’s not adding up is why is a recent schedule posted advertising 3-4 min frequency on paper but on the road rolling at every 10. Is this a cover up or are that many runs not getting filled. At least the Lasalle schedule shows the reduction from every 2-3 min to every 20 🧐🧐
  23. Bringing this to a more relevant topic either CTA is using the schedule to cover up potential complaints or it’s like another poster said in that drivers aren’t showing up. I’ve had a #4 driver end a 79th that was supposed to be a 115th trip because of lack relief I think
  24. Not gonna count you off as complete false either cause it’s always the least expected people who end up right lol
  25. Blue is still every 3-5 in rush hour.
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