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  1. We all know spring 2021 means December 2039 in cta time
  2. I mean I KINDA get them but still cta has a HEAVIER day to day and off peak need. Pace is getting their own grub but ridership wise and service demand wise it seems proportinal. Pace’s TOP route is on par with 35th which is like in the bottom half ridership wise so...
  3. Might be hard to completely pull off artic management in the week. Rush hour pretty much is all hands on deck and in cases of interlines runs I’d imagine some rehooking the paddles might be involved on the spot but I could be wrong I just figured it gets more complicated for a run that’d have to do say 136/147/22 vs a straight block
  4. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    So when it comes to artics being pulled off the road for stuff like this I’m guessing the extra board helps with the transitions to all 40fts to so recent gaps? Do all artic operators just pull in after reaching the terminal and grab a 40ft or just clock out for the day if going over legally allowed hours?
  5. Cta had a contract for 900 artics that flopped and mta took on some of them. Like months to a year after the 4150s came. Basically new flyer proceeded with production before cta officially gave word. It’s a topic on here actually under “up to 900 articulated” or something. Basically cta almost made Seattle’s mistake of thinking artics solve all issues with crowding
  6. The cancelled artics ended up with the silver seats too? Guess it took a while to get the normal ones. Ironically the 4150 seats were more “we need whatever you got to replace the NABIs” situation. CTA didn’t want to wait which is why 4300s go back to the original layout
  7. The shells tend to crack when washed in freezing temps. That’s why all my bikes for doordash are steel
  8. Thats a comfort issue is talking CAPACITY wise they very well have a point. I can tell you from plenty experience when it comes to crush loads on lake shore the 4150s allow better circulation same for the red line during rush compared to having to dip between both people AND the 2x2 seating.
  9. Not to be that guy but longtitutional seating DOES have its purposes on certain routes especially if you’re not on the bus for a long time. It may be on uncomfortable but at least you’re still getting where you need vs on a vehicle without the seats in which you might get skipped for lack of space. I can’t imagine 2600’s on the red line now as crowded as it is lmao. It’s no coincidence that 77th, NP, and C having the highest ridership routes usually end up with any longtitutional seating weather artic or 40ft.
  10. Man. Era of the flyers to era of the novas
  11. Hard to see something as tough as a 1000 giving out. Compared to how the 6400s ended up the 1000s either were built like the gorilla glue holding ol’ girls ponytail or cta’s reality check on deferred maintenance really made them keep these up better. Still ride like they did in My high school days lmao
  12. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    26 service basically runs the same pattern it always has. Inbound only AM outbound only PM. What changed with the expansion is instead of 5-9a inbound and 2-7:30 outbound, it now runs 4:20a-1p inbound, 1:15p-9:30 outbound with the last 4 inbound trips adding themselves to the outbound service. As far as artic interlines there’s the ones I mentioned above plus the couple buses stored on middle Randolph.
  13. Might be waiting to figure optimal placement. I’d imagine berthing and layover at ALL turnarounds involved are gonna see a change especially with mixed fleets
  14. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Outside of special events (for 29) and the one Kenwood school trip on stony, artics on those 2 routes tend to happen when 103rd has a lot of artics and swing between regular and non regular occurrences. The artics that interline with downtown routes come from trips off mainly school trips on 15, 28, 30,34, 95, 106, 112 and I think one off 71st and one off 100 but the 71 might be a 169 interline.
  15. Sam92

    More Bus Moves

    Based off whose trading it has to be milage based cause north park and 74th have 2 different demands to fill. North park is AM heavy and a lot of peak heavy deadheading and with 74th PM heavy and mostly cross south side trunk lines.
  16. Call me crazy but they’re acceleration didn’t get as bad as the 5300 and 6000s did but they might have aged them better. Lol 6000s still had a few healthy engines but they were worn out. All that trunk work at 74th probably lmao
  17. Happens lol. But yeah metra was losing by doing the former $10 weekly unlimited
  18. Is that a rts sold off to another agency?
  19. If it was a 4300 out of north park chances are you had an operator who got used to being able to handle being able to do the lift and tilt quickly to stay on time. Loooooooot of old people so 151, 146 and 22 drivers probably got it down to a science lmao.
  20. Well Your second point while making sense would encounter issues cause to keep the same frequency on say 3, 4, 79 and 87 and use artics means 30 buses each and with artics being 1 1/2 buses thats 45 each across those 4 routes (180 buses for those). So including spare ratio that’s 200/250-300 storage space used for those alone. You add in the other routes now 77th is over loaded With barely room for a spare ratio (meaning more breakdowns and less replacements to keep service flowing)and with all the delays that still end up occurring the artics are essentially taking up extra space with no real
  21. 2000-3029 and 5000-6029 wouldn’t be options due to the numbers being used for rail cars
  22. Dwell times and slower accel. First time artics came about some runs were cut so the same number of people took longer to board at those stops. 79 and 66 gain better capacity through frequency rather longer buses. And with C and 7 having more routes that benefit from high frequency it’s better to have those two garages house 40 ft so they have more room to maintain the sheer amount of buses those two garages require for the heavy amount of trunk service they provide and still keep a spare ratio for maintenance. 103rd, NP and K all have heavier peak based service and provide either feeder or
  23. Metra so far in replacements the same number slot is always open. If the 1000’s were to get all replaced at once it woulda possibly be with another 1000 series since that’s the only thing left with enough free numbers.
  24. That depends on how the post pandemic world views spacing. Before this artics were thought to be the solution to crowding on local routes which is why they were tried briefly at 77th on 3, 4 and 79 and Chicago on 66. Then the discovery was that some routes needed to speed up buses instead of putting artics which actually slowed down those routes. The idea pre pandemic was a bus that was full and packed was making the most money (also the reason why so many operators fallbehind as layover/recovery times were cut to the bare minimum so as to keep the bus moving with passengers) but now that may
  25. I personally see more artics being ordered for the fact that post pandemic measures may encourage keeping space to slow any further diseases that may hit
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