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  1. I'd like to know that too. Well, well, well..........The Forest Glenn "Curse" is finally over!!! Ain't that nice! Now, if we can just end the Blue Line "Drought" with some 7000s! Now that FG is getting a taste of new equipment, I'm curious to see what CTA5750s reaction is.
  2. It does seem a little "over the top" so to speak. But on the flip side, we live in such a litigious society that what you or I thought was just an innocent picture upload could land us on the short end of a long lawsuit.
  3. Well, there was no blow up as far as I was concerned. It was an oversight on my part; garmon757 reminded/corrected me on it. Overall, after further elaboration from chicagopcclcar and Busjack, I got the point and have moved on.
  4. Mine or those of the website from which I pulled to photos? Folks, it was not my intent to start a "firestorm" with respect to these photos. I am now aware, more so than before, of the need to avoid copyright infringement (C.I). But now I'm wondering if it's safe to post an image or photo at all (unless you personally produced it yourself) even if you are just innocently copying it off the internet? What I mean is, from what "chicagopcclcar" is saying, you could see a photo of interest on the net (Facebook, Twitter, etc), post it on this site (or any other site for that matter), and unknowingly be guilty of C.I. It kinda makes you feel like your walking in a proverbial "mine field".
  5. O.K.! The link for the first photo is https://chuckmanchicagonostalgia.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/photo-chicago-new-cta-rapid-transit-cars-long-train-1950/. Sorry about that! Talking about "Random CTA", remember that Green Line derailment at 63rd & Calumet a few weeks back? Well I found another derailment at that same spot that was way worse than that one; it happened in 1960. The link I found it on is: http://www.theseamericans.com/press/train-collection-l-train-derails-1960/
  6. Nostalgia Time For the 6000 fans, here is a color shot of a fairly new train, possibly non-rev, being tested on the old North-South alignment, cerca 1950: The reason I say fairly "new" is because the two cars in the foreground (beginning with the car with the "LOOP" destination sign) appear to be fresh from St. Louis Car Co.; the clean, freshly painted black underframe components, wheels and "brighter" red trolley blocks are pretty much a dead give-away. However, the other four cars appear to have been exposed to a little more use, their underframe components looking a little more "dingy" by comparison. The other four may likely have been the first prototypes to come to the property a number of months earlier. Chicago-L.org used to use a similar photo of this train as the background for it's website a few years ago. Only the angle of that shot was different: Hey folks, I was a bored after a long night at work; just aimlessly surfing the net. That's when I found the shot above. So, I thought I would just post it.
  7. You know, I've been trying my best to get enthused about the Nova 7900 series since they hit the streets of Chicago. When I came back home this past July, I had plenty of opportunities to ride the new Novas. The few times I came back in previous years, I was breakin' my neck to ride the 5000s, as well as the new ME Highliners. But for some reason, I just could not muster up the interest to ride the 7900s. And that ain't like me at all!!! Truthfully, I'm partial to the New Flyer Restyled (like the 60-foot 4300 series articulates). I wonder will these 40-footers ever see CTA colors in the future??
  8. Well, I do see the rail you're talking about, as well as the welded bond cables. I wouldn't think it would have anything to do with ATC. But you never know. Maybe "chicagopcclcar" might have to shed some light on this one.
  9. That "fourth rail" that you mentioned appears to primarily be a guard rail to prevent derailed trucks on a train from deviating too far to the left or too far to the right. In other words since the right-of-way is elevated, the guard rail provides a measure of protection against a derailed car falling off the embankment. On the flip side, that same rail can prevent a derailed car from inadvertently entering into the path of oncoming train movements on the adjacent track thus causing a "sideswipe" or head-on collision. Even though there are "bond" connections on it, generally it carries no power.
  10. Yeah, I remember that "pop" sound, not so much on the "high performance" (2000 - 3200 series) cars, but mostly on the 6000s. especially when the motorman would accelerate out of King Drive station; he would have to "abruptly" cut current to the traction motors to negotiate that sharp curve leading from 63rd to the northbound stretch heading toward the Loop. Matter of fact, I noticed the same thing on the old 1926 IC electric commuter cars and on the 1972 IC/Metra Highliners.
  11. Well, that answers that question. Thanks .
  12. Question from a layman: In the case of CTA, could it be that to purchase new cars with such a compatible control system would "up" the cost per car substantially? Or could it be that because of the nature of "rapid transit", it would be difficult to always arrange mixed consists in such a way that A/C motored cars would always be the "lead cars"? Just wondering.
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