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  1. Yeah. That's pretty much what I was thinking.
  2. I've been noticing the comments and discussions about the "shuffling" around of New Flyer artics due to the pandemic. Since I'm no longer living in Chicago, the only way I have even a remote idea of what's going on there with respect to bus series assignments is by periodically looking at activity via CTA Bus Tracker and of course through the comments on this site. Having said that, I do wonder from time to time how much of an impact this reassignment and juggling of equipment (due to the pandemic) will have on the kind of buses CTA will purchase in this latest order. What I mean is, will the order lean more toward a purchase of 60 foot articulates with less emphasis on the 40 footers? Or will the order consist of mostly 40 footers with only a comparative handful of 60 footers being included in the mix?
  3. Yeah, I remember very well the days when getting on the "new look" GMCs after heavy rain you had to watch where you sat because some of the seats would have small puddles in them or would get dripped on. Heck, I remember when the Boeing 2400s went into revenue service there was a defect in the "resilient" wheels on that series. There was at least one incident where to wheel hub slightly separated from the flanged tread and caused a minor derailment. I can't remember the yard that happened in. A motorman explained to me that the "hub" on those wheels were made of a steel that was apparently too soft. Now, how true that was, I don't know. But I do remember the derailment as well as the cause.
  4. Well, for what it's worth, the Nova's "look" nice, although somewhat "dated". But truth be told, ALMOST everything produced in this day and age is made with poor quality; from subway/el cars, to buses, to passenger aircraft, etc, you name it. As a side not and somewhat off the subject, look at NYCTA's newest Bombardier R179 "B" division subway cars. It seems like almost from the time they were entered into revenue service only about a year or so ago, these cars have been nothing but trouble with one major issue after another. And the order isn't close to being completely received as far as I know.
  5. Yeah........60 foot Nova artics will work!
  6. Not living in Chicago any longer, I have only had a few opportunities to ride the Novas (6400s or 7900s) or the newest PACE Eldorados. As for the Proterras, they are all electric, aren't they? And if my memory is correct, didn't CTA use a demonstrator Proterra on a few selected routes a couple of years ago??
  7. Well, I stand corrected on the durability aspect of the Gilligs; the ones that were purchased and received for the metro Phoenix area starting in 2016 have seemingly held up well in the extreme heat of southern Arizona. Tucson's transit operation seems to have done fairly well with them so far. So I have to give them that. But I still think that CTA would be better served by giving the contract to either New Flyer (1st pick), Nova (2nd pick) or Eldorado (3rd pick).
  8. You're right about the destination signs on the New Flyer Xcelsiors in Phoenix. I seen the newest additions to Phoenix Metro routes (40 ft. Xcelsiors) like 41 Indian School, 17 McDowell Road and a few on 44 44th Street/Tatum Rd. Yes, you can most definitely see those "LED White" signs clearly even in bright sunlight. But what ever CTA decides on respecting its purchase of new buses, I truly hope they DO NOT go with Gillig. For some reason, to me Gilligs just don't fit the "big-city image" of the likes of New York City or Chicago. I can't picture seeing a Gillig on the 151 Sheridan Road route or on 62 Archer or on, say 3 King Drive or 4 Cottage Grove, even in CTA livery! And while I'm sure I'm being a bit prejudice here, I don't think they would provide the durability needed for Chicago use, especially given the city's rough winters.
  9. I'd like to know that too. Well, well, well..........The Forest Glenn "Curse" is finally over!!! Ain't that nice! Now, if we can just end the Blue Line "Drought" with some 7000s! Now that FG is getting a taste of new equipment, I'm curious to see what CTA5750s reaction is.
  10. It does seem a little "over the top" so to speak. But on the flip side, we live in such a litigious society that what you or I thought was just an innocent picture upload could land us on the short end of a long lawsuit.
  11. Well, there was no blow up as far as I was concerned. It was an oversight on my part; garmon757 reminded/corrected me on it. Overall, after further elaboration from chicagopcclcar and Busjack, I got the point and have moved on.
  12. Mine or those of the website from which I pulled to photos? Folks, it was not my intent to start a "firestorm" with respect to these photos. I am now aware, more so than before, of the need to avoid copyright infringement (C.I). But now I'm wondering if it's safe to post an image or photo at all (unless you personally produced it yourself) even if you are just innocently copying it off the internet? What I mean is, from what "chicagopcclcar" is saying, you could see a photo of interest on the net (Facebook, Twitter, etc), post it on this site (or any other site for that matter), and unknowingly be guilty of C.I. It kinda makes you feel like your walking in a proverbial "mine field".
  13. O.K.! The link for the first photo is https://chuckmanchicagonostalgia.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/photo-chicago-new-cta-rapid-transit-cars-long-train-1950/. Sorry about that! Talking about "Random CTA", remember that Green Line derailment at 63rd & Calumet a few weeks back? Well I found another derailment at that same spot that was way worse than that one; it happened in 1960. The link I found it on is: http://www.theseamericans.com/press/train-collection-l-train-derails-1960/
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