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  1. Agreed. Well, at least the Lawrence 81 sign (non-dual) looks both clear and correct. Hopefully, some stickers are on order for the other two, like "East to Bryn Mawr Red Line Station" for the 92 and "West to Jefferson Park Blue Line Station Daily, at all times" for 81 portion of the dual sign. (Edited due to duplicative typo, "the the" irony not intended)
  2. CTA Posted Update for Flyover construction weekends: Bus Substitution Between Addison and Belmont Stations Free shuttle buses replace Red Line rail service between Addison and Belmont. Fri, Jan 8 2021 10:00 PM to Mon, Jan 11 2021 4:00 AM Fri, Jan 15 2021 10:00 PM to Mon, Jan 18 2021 4:00 AM https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/railstatus/?Page=Upcoming
  3. In case anyone else is having trouble getting video in .MOV format, here's the same video in .mp4 (credit to TaylorTank1229) Bryn_Mawr_SB_Temporary_Station_Dec18_2020.mp4
  4. Thanks for the pics. Here are the links for Stage A temporary Southbound stations Bryn Mawr and Argyle: https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/Bryn_Mawr_Temporary_Station_Board_36X24.pdf https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/Argyle_Temporary_Station_Board_36X24.pdf Yes, you are correct. If you look at the .pdf for Bryn Mawr, you can see the empty lot SE of Bryn Mawr and the tracks for a future Stage B temporary Northbound station (Bryn Mawr only) I don't have the link that explained the Stage B stations, but remember reading that in Stage B, only Bryn Mawr gets a te
  5. How about 52 to 152? The walk from Addison might be shorter.
  6. Shocked, but not shocked. No bus or rail service Fullerton to 47th, East of Western:
  7. Many useful links of materials from the open house meetings starting today, including more details on the temporary stations: https://www.transitchicago.com/rpm/whatsnew/
  8. 78 Development article pics with internal and external pics of proposed 15th/Clark Red Line station: https://chicago.curbed.com/2018/12/21/18150211/the-78-cta-red-line-related-midwest
  9. ATS shut down Monday 5am - Saturday 5am from June 4, 2018 through the winter season. It's really going to be bad for a while getting around O'Hare: https://www.flychicago.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/O'Hare/ServicesAmenities/ATS/ATS_June3 Map.pdf Although it says airport transit buses, I remember reading elsewhere (and saw) that CTA buses would be provided while the ATS is shut down. The arctics were staging after Terminal 3 departures in the right lane. When I went by yesterday, the last arctic was parked with the swing-out blocking all but the left most departure exit lane
  10. Agreed. Although not seen in the video, crossing the intersection's painted Stop Line on Yellow with the front bumper of any vehicle does not result in a ticket. It doesn't matter the size of the vehicle, just that the front crosses the stop line after the light has changed to red. State law requires that any vehicle already in the intersection has right of way to clear the intersection first. Also, to not pull into any intersection unless it is already cleared, which it was just immediately before the accident. The SUV driver might have incorrectly thought they had to "clear" the intersection
  11. Here's the map: (the pertinent portion I could crop) From: https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/alert-detail/?AlertId=48053
  12. Bus stop List for 95th South terminal: Bus Route Stop(s) N5 South Shore Night Bus (P) (Q) N9 Ashland (owl service) (U) 29 State (Y) (Z) 34 South Michigan (U) (V) (W) 95 95th eastbound (A1) 95 95th westbound (R) 100 Jeffery Manor Express (A2) 103 West 103rd
  13. From: https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/alert-detail/?AlertId=48053 Service Change Saturday, April 14, 2018 10:00 PM to TBD The new 95th/Dan Ryan station South Terminal, on the south side of 95th Street, will open. Board and exit all buses and trains in the new South Terminal. The original 95th/Dan Ryan station will close at the same time, and no longer be accessible for customer use. Red Line trains will stop on a new platform under the new South Terminal building. Elevator access, in addition to stairs, is provided between the train platform and street-l
  14. FYI: It "WAS" that Uber had/still has their Uber-X, and Lyft had/still has their standard Lyft car service as the lowest cost service. You put 1-4 people in the car and you are only sharing the ride with the driver. "NOW" the lower cost options are UberPool and LyftLine, where you put in your destination and share the car with other pickups and drop offs. You are allowed yourself and optionally one other rider($1 surcharge with LyftLine, included with UberPool), also no changes to destination(except to exit car early) So these days, you can choose a less costly pooling option or not, ie. "you
  15. Lyft (or Uber for that matter) arrives from <1 to 20 minutes after ordering, usually 1 to 5 minutes in more popular areas, or 3 to 10 minutes in less ride-share dense areas. The request doesn't go through if there are no cars within 20 minutes(rare). Solution is to try again later, although the better solution is to keep trying as others are doing the same. Cars can free up anywhere whenever they drop off their previous passenger or are close to doing so - with a message stating that your driver will come to you after dropping off the previous passenger.
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