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  1. Sometime between 2017 and 2019 a northbound King Dr bus crashed into a cab at Mc Cormick Place. I should have contributed to this thread because I was on the bus 😳. No one was hurt [EMTs were not called] and the passengers boarded the next bus. I can't remember exactly when this happened though. This probably didn't make the news.
  2. This reminds me of when a Yellow Line operator got 'branched'. I think that incident occurred in or near that part of the route. Maybe the trees and shrubbery need to be better manicured.
  3. The concept of bus slow zones [please see the 7000 thread] prompted me to ask the following: Is there a negative effect on CTA bus route performance where bike lanes exist?
  4. This is likely my fault. I clicked on the link in rl12383's post and saw the term mentioned on the document. I will ask a follow up question in the Random CTA thread.
  5. I looked at page 27 of the report per your link. Question: What is a bus slow zone? 😳
  6. I imagine CTA won't publish the losing bids but I would like to see who losing bidders were.
  7. In the effort to help maintain social distancing wouldn't it be nice to run some of these artics in revenue service vs just using them to block intersections. I passed this intersection while on the #31 this afternoon going to the Sox/35 Red Line station [after 4pm today]. When I boarded the eastbound #95 it had more than 15 people on it.
  8. I never got to see an STS Grumman bus. My first ride on an Grumman when I visited San Francisco in 1980 (I caught the #14 Mission Limited). I loved the large destination signs. Did the STS Grummans have the red and green livery?
  9. @artthouwill if you look at my post in the Random CTA thread it might explain the Belmont issue. I believe I was on that train [I got off at Wilson and took the Purple though]. The Red Line train I was on initially likely went on from Wilson and subsequently had problems at Belmont.
  10. @NewFlyerMCI and @artthouwill my fingers slipped before I completed my post. I went back and edited it - hopefully it makes sense. 🙂
  11. Hi All; The following alert went out from CTA around 3:06pm today: 95th-bound Red Line trains are standing at Belmont due to a mechanical problem. I left Howard southbound on the Red around 2:30pm today. Before we arrived at Wilson I thought I smelled an electrical fire but didn't see any smoke. The operator got out at Wilson and looked at the car I was in [3rd car]. The first Purple Express of the afternoon arrived at Wilson so I took it to the Loop. I suspect I was on the train referred to in the alert.
  12. When you said new I was expecting something different!
  13. Rant > There was a artic [vehicle number between 4000 and 4150] working the J14 this week. The driver could unlock the rear doors but not open them. Boarding was dependent upon a passenger opening them for you. Bummer! End of rant.
  14. What will the new livery look like?
  15. @NewFlyerMCI I can attest that the #290 has rear door boarding. At least I don't have to pull the doors open like on the CTA 😉.
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