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  1. I just thought about this - what if you are on the #24 and need to use the elevator? I guess you still have to board or alight at Cermak.
  2. Just between you and me I live in Rogers Park and ride UP-N once in a moon. My church is a member of CMME www.modernmetraelectric.org An admitted pipe dream is for ALL of Metra to be electrified, service increased and city fares reduced. 😉
  3. My L-O and I boarded a #29 at 23rd and State northbound on 7/4/19. It was a new Nova and the driver acknowledged they still haven't got the programming fixed yet. I didn't get a pic but the signs did NOT indicate 29 to Navy Pier. 😄
  4. I saw 2 "Nortran wrapped" buses working #290 yesterday (6/26/19). My mom worked for Nortran in the office so I appreciate seeing the livery. I think the "West Towns" wrap looks better, though. Can anyone here P-shop a 40 footer to have a white band above the window, powder blue in the middle and deep blue at the bottom? By this I mean to eliminate the pseudo fishbowl windows.
  5. When I visited DC back in 2000 I used Amtrak to get to BWI. I was in Baltimore during the week and then took MARC to DC. To return home to Chicago I took Amtrak from Union Station because MARC (which would have been cheaper) did NOT run on the weekend. What mode is fastest to BWI from downtown Washington?
  6. Can anyone point me to recent info about straightening the Sheridan curve?
  7. A few weeks ago I saw a 83xx laying over at 87th and Damen (working #95). It appeared the route sign was a 90N. I thought that problem was solved some time ago.
  8. I must be living right. This afternoon (around 3:00pm or so) I was northbound on Canal going under the Orange Line tracks and I saw the car sitting on the the adjacent ROW.
  9. I saw this bus laying over at Howard station recently.
  10. Hi All; This morning around 11:10 or so I was looking out at the CN/MED right of way near the 27th Street MED station and saw a single RDC going north. It appeared to be on the CN tracks (I wasn't close enough to get a good look or a phone pic ). Does anyone have info about this?
  11. I think more people are exiting CTA buses via the front door vs the rear door [whether the bus is a 40footer or an artic]. I also think CTA's rear door arrangement on it's artics slows riders exiting the bus. CTA articulated buses have 2 doorways vs the 3 that some others have [SFMTA for example]. Are any transit agencies operating 3 door artics with the second and 3rd doors being driver operated? If so do those buses maintain schedules well?
  12. I can remember when it said 4 COTTAGE GROVE - 93. That was prior to the creation of the Dan Ryan rapid transit. Also back in that day many buses went to 115th street.
  13. Thursday 3/7/2019 I rode 8337 westbound on route 95 from 95th and Cottage Grove to 95th and Normal. I thought the bus had more passenger signal buttons on the stanchions than 7900 Novas. I also appreciated the one piece windows.
  14. I read the press release and saw they spelled Stony incorrectly [they said Stoney ].
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