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  1. Did the lights flicker like that to your eyes or was that a function of your camera?
  2. Please pardon me for not having pics but today [10/7/2020] a little after 12:00pm I saw a 4 car train of 2400s (work motors?) southbound approaching Cermak. I noticed (from 21st Street by the tracks) that it had 4 Skokie Swift signs (on the operator's side of the train). Any significance?
  3. Another thing I thought about yesterday, in the fall of 1972 I was a freshman at IIT and I remember the 27th street crash.
  4. Hi All; Some of you may have boarded or alighted MED at a flag stop but today my experience was different [for me at least]. I boarded the MED train at the South Chicago terminal which departed at 10:50am Tuesday. I thought the website indicated that McCormick Place was a regular stop but I was mistaken (per the conductor announcement). I noticed we ran on the outside tracks on the mainline. I indicated to the trainman that I wished to get off at McCormick Place [single island platform station]. Passing 27th Street Michael Reese and still on the outside tracks I wondered what was up. We came to a stop at the McCormick Place station and the doors were even with the wooden crossing. The trainman and conductor opened the door [I was in the lead car] and then opened the "trap". I crossed the inside track on the wooden walkway and then the trainman unlocked the gate at the top of the stairs at the end of the platform and I walked up to the platform. I thanked them kindly and with the sound of the bell the train was off. That was certainly different. 😁
  5. I just rode an 83xx eastbound on route 95 between the 95th Red Line terminal and Jeffery. I regret not getting the full bus number because it was the bumpiest ride I have had on this route. I know streets on this route can be bad [BTW, route 95 goes under 6 underpasses] but this was terrible. 😟
  6. I passed by a northbound J14 on Jeffery near 89th street (a 4K artic) between 7:30pm and 8:00pm tonight. It had the same sign. The bus was not full, in fact I don't think there were 5 passengers on it. 😳
  7. Thanks for the update! Good on you CTA 👌
  8. I was eastbound on the Blue Line at 11:35am and sat at the 'B' end of car 3406. I noticed the glass was missing from the end window [on the NON controller side]. I took two pictures but I am having trouble loading them.
  9. Have the A/C units on the 1000s always made as much noise as they seem to now? I did not notice the sound until somewhat recently.
  10. Sometime between 2017 and 2019 a northbound King Dr bus crashed into a cab at Mc Cormick Place. I should have contributed to this thread because I was on the bus 😳. No one was hurt [EMTs were not called] and the passengers boarded the next bus. I can't remember exactly when this happened though. This probably didn't make the news.
  11. This reminds me of when a Yellow Line operator got 'branched'. I think that incident occurred in or near that part of the route. Maybe the trees and shrubbery need to be better manicured.
  12. The concept of bus slow zones [please see the 7000 thread] prompted me to ask the following: Is there a negative effect on CTA bus route performance where bike lanes exist?
  13. This is likely my fault. I clicked on the link in rl12383's post and saw the term mentioned on the document. I will ask a follow up question in the Random CTA thread.
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