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  1. Thanks all for the replies to my question. 😀
  2. From time to time I will see a CTA bus parked on the 6700 block of Stony Island on the east side of the street. The sign may something about being a cooling bus(?). It hasn't hot enough to necessitate that for some time. Anyone have ideas what this is about?
  3. What about Complete Coach Works conversions? Check out the 'Electric Bus Conversion - Jay Leno's Garage'
  4. When I sit next to the rear side windows of the 8325 spec I have a clear view out. With other buses the bottom of the hopper is in the way. 😒
  5. I hope I can ask this question without derailing this thread. I just searched for the wheelbase of the 40ft Novabus LFS and it was 244in. The 40ft New Flyer DLF has a wheelbase of 293in. To the operators on this site - are those differences good, bad, or indifferent?
  6. Will the forthcoming Nova's have rear windows or not?
  7. This afternoon close to 4:30pm I think I saw 700 working #79 westbound at Cheltenham MED station.
  8. I visited Minneapolis in 2009 and rode some Gilligs there. I thought they were great. I like the BRT fronts.
  9. I'm curious - when the door is functioning properly and the operator unlocks it and the light is green, how long should it take the door to open after I "touch here"? It seems to take longer than if the rider is exiting from the rear of CTA's present 40ft bus. For my $0.02 please open the rear door "the same as the front". Thanks!!!
  10. I think CTA could reduce the dwell time of its artic buses if it did one of the following: 1. have the driver open the rear doors vs unlocking them and the passenger pushing the door 2. change the rear doors to doors 4 panels not 2. [think of exit doors on bus number 8499 with touch bars]. The slide and glide door is too heavy if the passenger must push it to activate it.
  11. Hi All; Does anyone know when the UPN Ravenswood station is scheduled to be completed? Trains have been running right handed at Rogers Park because of the inbound platform work.
  12. Thanks! I forgot about that one.
  13. Has CTA ever used wraps designed to get expressway drivers out of their cars and onto the 'L' ?
  14. Thanks for the info! If I ever visit Philly again I must check that out.😀
  15. My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
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