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  1. you know you are just so wrong for that i mean just drive to the location since you go everywhere and how dare you put me out like that im really going to tlk about you alright
  2. yea keep thinking that if you dont believe me then go to archer garage and take a good look through the garage windows and take the 28 stony island bus going north from the garge and look at the back of the garage from the bishop ford expreeway and tell me what you see ha.
  3. and plus 77th got 4 flixibles and 2 tmc buses in the back and don't even say scrap the flxibles at archer that had scrap on it is now wipe off and clean now so its a sign and 74th flyers and novas had there sickers took off of some of there buses including 77th buses and some of 103rd buses.
  4. no i wen t by archer garage the other day and saw the maintence man fixing some of the flxibles buses and had the tires change back into the original tires and 103rd got some in the back lot
  5. could 77th garage get a few of flxibles to trade in for the higher 1200s at 77th and 103rd get the same flxibles back with some novas and some new flyers in there roster
  6. north park garage needs a lot of novas least about the same amount as the tmc 4400s they had before least i would say about that many of the buses
  7. the flxibles 6000s are coming back this year least some of the buses at least around this winter

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