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  1. Don't spread rumors and actually get your information from factual sources. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2020/6/1/21277207/cta-bus-crashes-rogers-park-building-1-injured
  2. Some uber/lyft drivers may boycott driving today until the chaos winds down.
  3. I've been at home since my shift last night, so many people on Cottage Grove going to work last night were upset at the situation as it unfolded, essential workers are going to be trapped tonight due to the shutdown.
  4. I'm relieved because I had an overnight shift tonight. They were looting just a block east of 77th/South/Shops about an hour ago.
  5. All CTA bus operators have been removed from service due to civil unrest, all buses have been pulled from the streets.
  6. #1800 is on Route 9 at the moment
  7. Late response, but i'm just now seeing this. I'm not sure what will happen when the summer pick goes in affect on June 14th. Certain routes and runs will see massive reductions or temporary terminations due to the pandemic but I could be wrong. Since we're only in phase two of reopening I highly doubt we'll reach phase 3 or 4 before the pick goes into effect. So it could be a mixed bag of things going on.
  8. I wonder if #6163 will get used soon again since its outside again, normally if its outside and moved t the back it will get used for special work.
  9. Yeah I had to review the video again and I couldn't make out the interior destination sign but it appears to say 2500 N Kimball or 2500 West XXXX on it so I just assumed it was kimball after listening to the drowned out announcement.
  10. Yeah, bus #1659 was around Kimball so I'm not sure where on Kimball this viaduct may have been but they tried there luck.
  11. Ha that's a good one. I'm pretty sure Kedzie and 74th will share the route similar to how 74th shares western with North Park. So that'll sort itself out real quickly if the top brass goes that route which in my opinion would be the best solution. The only problem with the pilots is the big elephant in the room and that is covid-19 vs ridership for all three.
  12. Trust me no one wants to wait 5 to 10 minutes each time a long freight train leaves one of the intermodal yards north and southwest of that grade crossing. Sometimes trains even stop there and sit waiting for signal clearance which creates a traffic nightmare for anyone going E/W on 71st.
  13. There's already enough chaos at the western terminal so I'd hope they wouldn't do that, they honestly should terminate at 71st and Kedzie.
  14. So with more bus swaps between 103rd,77th,Kedzie and Chicago #1204,#1205,#1213 and #1216 have ended up at 103rd in exchange for what I assume is #4008,#4090 and #4099 going to 77th, #4098 going to Chicago and if my memory is correct Kedzie had swapped #1204,#1205,#1213 and #1216 initially from 77th for #4000's. Everything is so scattered between blocks of buses getting swapped, one bus like #1262 goes to FG while another one like #1218 which was once at at Kedzie I believe ends up going to FG as well.
  15. The search bar on the forums will help you out finding any specific thing you're looking for. Type in #1563 and the answers will pop up.
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