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  1. It's weird seeing an artic operate on the 8 this late at night on a weekday which rarely happens.
  2. Give it about 3-4 weeks.
  3. If that bus would of been taken out of service at that point I would of walked from the dan/ryan over to cottage grove because that was around 8:30 PM last night.The operator had to known about it because the passengers surely wouldn't stop talking about it, for once my mask came in handy because the smell was horrible.😆😆
  4. Strange coincidence to say the least.
  5. It's sad that they're doing that again versus filling runs. Its sucks to because it's taken over an hour for me to get home tonight and to add insult to injury there was a convoy of buses heading eastbound on 79th after nearly 30+ minutes of waiting, I figured I might as well take the red line then since there's no buses running northbound cottage for another 30 minutes so once I get to 63rd I has to wait another 30 minutes for a bus going east. As soon as I get on the bus (#1469) at 63rd & Wentworth almost all the passengers told me not to sit in the back and the reason being someone either threw up back there or took a dump. When I say it was all over the seats in the back it was everywhere. I forget the code but isn't 10-25 code for dirty bus? If so I wonder why this operator didnt call it in.
  6. I would think a back up generator would of been installed during construction for the Austin terminal as well as for Midway as well. Navy Pier it appears will have it and possibly a designated lane for electric buses only.
  7. I think it could easily be worked in as long as it doesn't confuse passnegers.
  8. Figured I'd share a preview of what the XDE40's and Proterras will look like once the charging stations are completed.
  9. That's a shocker to see that bus return.
  10. It was involved in a very bad accident which heavily damaged the front end of the bus.
  11. I'll check it out today after my run this evening, It was a former bus from Kedzie though.
  12. Yeah it's a very fluid situation and I'm just worried that CTA will be real secretive on what they'll do in the next few weeks. As much as I love the runs I have for the summer pick such as Pulaski on Sundays just to name one, I would hope that the part-timers get something because we normally have school runs or modified runs during the school year but with remote learning for CPS and the option to do remote learning for college students we may not have much to choose from that will go in our favor at 77th at least. I can only imagine getting combinations of 4 hour runs during the weekdays on streets like 79th,Cottage grove,87th, King drive to help compensate for the missing runs that may occur. We've stopped doing gap buses for whatever reason which is odd. Social distancing doesn't seem like an important topic anymore because buses are crowded and runs aren't getting filled for afternoons and evenings.
  13. You're not allowed to take anything from the boneyard unless there spare parts. Scrapping buses and the preperation it takes for them is a lengthy process. A number of factors play a role, I remember when the 5300s and 4400s were going through there retirement and whenever a bus broke down beyond repair it would get prepped for scrap and whatever spare parts that were salvageable got taken out for the rest of the remaining portions of the fleet. In the case of the 6400s there isn't many left back there compared to last year or even years prior. My only guess would be out of the remaining 6400s left in the boneyard are keeping the rest of the rest of the 60 or so left intact if and when they need parts. I dont know if other agencies do what CTA does when it comes bone picking retired buses for parts.
  14. I'm not sure but it has been back there a very long time now, it still has its farebox and ventra reader though so only time will tell. I should of took a picture of it. #6832 was hauled off for scrap also forgot to mention that as well. I'm not the one to jump the gun but if those six #4000s dont come back into service then maybe some might start getting retired early depending on there condition because why would CTA keep around artics that have a lot of unknown issues to the general public for this long in the boneyard? If I see the ventra readers gone from those six in the next few weeks then I might have to gear up for a somewhat early retirement list.
  15. So today I took another stroll through the boneyard today and I came across six #4000's missing there fareboxes but still had there ventra card readers installed even though they seemed to be slightly unhinged. #4006,#4027,#4049,#4062,#4071,#4121 were the six I saw. #600 is gone so it must be on the move back to the mechanic training facility or somewhere else within SS. Some addition have popped up back there though. #4050,#4315,#4357,#4369, #6759 and #7951. #1245 seems to be retired based on parts missing from the engine compartment I can't confirm it though.
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