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  1. It was on kedzie but it wasn't in revenue service,#700 has left south shops and #701 is currently getting tested on the road again.
  2. That doesn't correlate to the charging stations construction, Bus operators still have to receive training on them before they're placed in revenue service. The buses have been in CTA's possession for several months now and as of today they haven't received the full order of the proterras.
  3. That's not a bad idea in theory, I wonder if it were possible for 103rd to send a few artics over to the 69/71 during rush periods.
  4. They've been moving around quite a bit lately but there not even close to getting any livery put on them yet. They don't even ventra card readers or fareboxes placed in them yet.
  5. It was just a pilot program from the start.
  6. It has been nearly a year since I made that post, the reason behind why #8011 is at Chicago garage has already been clarified along with #7902. https://www.transitchicago.com/arriving-now-digital-screens-providing-real-time-service-information-aboard-cta-buses/
  7. For the last part of your statement, I would want both NB/SB service to last an hour longer.
  8. 74th has enough buses to run the 94 i'm sure they can handle it. The new configuration is just about the same length as the 8 and back in the day 74th managed to handle the 8,9,X9,49 and X49 without much help so they'll figure it out.
  9. So the 8A would would continue to start/terminate at 79th and Perry run WB on 79th then turn SB on to Vincennes taking over the current 24 routing until it reaches 87th and Halsted and thus continuing onto its normal route? The 24 getting cut back to 79th and Perry would be a big plus only if the frequency of the 8A was increased and service lasted an hour longer. Also the 8 to getting extended to 87th and Racine is a bit of a wild card in my opinion due to the one way trips being so long to begin with. However, if there was alternating service with every other bus run going as far 79th and then 87th and Racine then i'm all for it. The only issue with the 8 going to 87th and Racine I have is the peak rush traffic and making the NB/WB to 87th via Halsted and vise versa.
  10. Welp here's the first of many to come. Credits go to the actual photographer that took this photo.
  11. What pay wall? I know the tribune charges for subscriptions but I accessed the article just fine and also the same information can be retrieved on CTAs website as well....
  12. #1515 is at 77th now as a loaner along with #1007.
  13. Read and you'll find out why......
  14. #1693 is oos after being involved in accident this morning with a BMW
  15. Yeah #804 currently sits behind defunct #4320.#4301 hasn't been moved since Mid October along with several other #4000's and by the looks of things they may stay that way.
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