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  1. I thought I had a photo of #6800 but it's #6801.
  2. Yeah they'll most likely get them without a doubt along with 103rd.
  3. I'll gladly take FGs #1000s any day of the week 😅.
  4. Yeah that is understandable but at some point the higher powers that be have to start taking in some sort of feedback from the very people that use this equipment on a daily basis.
  5. Yeah from my memory during that rehab process each bus got similar work done but only a few got major work done on them.
  6. Yeah its more noticeable on the Novas when leaving the terminal, the bus will dip and you'll hear and feel the dip for a split second before getting back on Archer.
  7. The #7900's are slowly approaching towards having 200k miles on them and while they've made it this far they're falling apart from the inside out. The #4000s we have are slowly falling apart as well at this point the only blocks that seem reliable right now are the #1200/#1300s and that's really saying something. If 77th gets a piece of that 100 base order I will be highly upset because they'll get torn up within the first year, 103rd and FG need them than any other garage right now, i'll gladly take more Flyers over those Novas any day. Hell send the rest of the #7900s to Kedzie and NP for al
  8. More so Nova, there is a similar issue at the Halsted orange line where the either end of the bus will hit the pavement when leaving out of the terminal but it could happen with any model of bus though.
  9. You can hear the whine and fans all start meshing together as one as the video progresses.
  10. I could only assume that speed and the angle might of been a factor if the bumpers were hitting the ground but it was probably a combination of both, repairs were made and operators began being more careful coming out of there knowing what could happen if they didn't. Now as far as South LSD is concerned the bridge at 47th is a night mare during the AM runs on the 2 for a nova but not as bad as it once was years ago. You should take a trip on the 2 and you'll see why they shouldn't be on that route especially if you sit close to the front.
  11. If it were only possible. CTA could learn a thing or two from MUNI and Seattle Metro as far as trolley buses are concerned.
  12. #1276 has about 12,000 miles on it, I had it yesterday on the #2, it was pretty fast and had that fresh smell of a brand new bus, the paint was brand new as well the only problem was it had this loud whine coming from one of the fans in the HVAC and you could hear it from several blocks away. Whenever I would pull off from a service stop in the downtown area everyone would just look up ands wonder what the loud noise was and all I could do was laugh because of how loud that bus was, it made me feel like I was driving an old #5300 with the loud 6v92 engines they had. I miss those days where bus
  13. Well history previously shows that budget dictates what gets rehabbed and what doesn't in most cases back in 2013 the CTA wanted an entirely brand new fleet that could co-exist with the incoming #7900s while retiring the remaining #6400s, the money was there for the taking and we know how that turned out. Several years later the CTA in my opinion isn't in a good spot due to the pandemic and ordering newer equipment is the way to go but at what cost? I personally would of preferred if they went with New Flyer just on durability purposes alone, NovaBus is a good manufacture but not better than N
  14. Yeah we have some now approaching close to having 300k miles on them while other that sat dormant for months and got major work done have less than 50k miles on them, the ones that have the most will most likely ride into retirement in the next year or two while others will go as far as the CTA will let them go.
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