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  1. From my estimates just from looking and counting yesterday yes. I counted at least 20-25 buses that were down for numerous issues including a few minor accidents.
  2. So let me get this straight, we were short buses yesterday for the PM school runs but they we're able to help out 103rd today, ahh the operations puzzle me at times.
  3. The same 8 or 9 novas have been out for AM/PM rush periods but what puzzles me is why are the rest of them at the other garages are just sitting around? The boneyard has dwindled in a size to the point where a lot of the #6400s that were axed earlier this spring have vanished from being back there. 77th for sure could use the extra help on certain days.
  4. Not only that if you were on Halsted sunday like I was you wouldn't believe the amount of missing runs there were during both games. I was at standing room only for both trips sunday afternoon and evening. It got to a point where supervision was pulling buses off of other routes to help out.
  5. I think they use to use the parking lot at McCormick Place past year I guess they're not now for some reason.
  6. Does he not realize that politics really play a role in transit operations? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. #4181 had some sort of issue on NB LSD near Soldier Field and it backed everything up to 31st street. When I finally started my trip back north, #210 was just exiting LSD at 57th with it.
  8. #8135 3: King Drive3 -7617 (77th)
  9. Well this odd. #1156 48: South Damen 48 #1166 67: 67th-69th-71st #1280 X9: Ashland Express
  10. Those are all police charters, almost every garage with operators available for them will pretty much show up to an assigned location and wait for further instructions from CPD/Supervision. You'll see those charters in peculiar areas for staging. 31st & Lakeshore is one,31st/79th and Halsted being the other two areas I've seen so far. I'm sure 71st and Cottage is another, pretty much anywhere that has an open field or available parking for buses to stage.
  11. Its mind boggling to me but yeah they indeed wrapped the new wrap over the old one. I watched the maintenance crew do it for about 30 minutes or so last week.
  12. I wouldn't say it's a cheap shot but it is time for something new to showcase. #701 also has the same wrap as well.
  13. I wouldn't say power is the issue its more so software and mechanics, #600 was active for a majority of the day. I caught it later on in the afternoon at Navy Pier and the bus ran ok.
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