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  1. Read back through what I said earlier and also look through this topic and you'll get a better understanding of the process, key phrase, "Time will tell."
  2. Yeah both Xcelsiors are still wrapped in there original liveries.
  3. I also forgot to mention #1186 is getting rebuilt and the body has gotten re-fabricated in the areas it received damage.It still has a long way to go but should return to service by the end of the year to early next year. It was out and about yesterday moving under its own power from shop to shop.
  4. #701 is housed in the northeast garage just west of the boneyard,it is hidden from view unless you find a way to get deep inside the facility but its in pretty good shape.
  5. Per what the one of my instructor was told from higher management CTA owns both as of now, one is wrapped and the other one is white.
  6. Ahh you probably saw a few of my fellow trainee's today out there. They split our class up today with 7 or 8 staying at Chicago and 9 going to 77th for training today.
  7. #1993 has been placed on LTH due to a small engine fire in the rear. It has been stripped of a few parts as it sits along the boneyard fence next to #6400s and #6000's.
  8. Just to confirm some well needed updated news for #700-#701, they're both at south shops getting equipped with electrical rails and other components on the roof for the upcoming charging/sub stations, #700 is parked along west 79th with what I just described already completed and #701 is currently getting that work done now. Now as for the proteras they're currently getting what I say certified and studied by garage personnel at Chicago garage, there is only two on the,property so far of the 45 and they currently do not have a fleet number series on them. Time will tell when they'll hit the streets.
  9. But the key off it all is your not an authorized employee that should be back there to begin with.
  10. Yeah but if they're caught letting you off the hook guess who loeses there job in the process especially if something happens with there equipment in your involved in it.
  11. Yeah just be more careful because from what I've gotten from training so far is CTA takes unauthorized persons in or around the property very seriously matter who know within the company that may let it slide if you are ever caught by the wrong manager or security gaurd.
  12. I don't beleive #6694 is getting used for training because I've been training at Chicago and 77th for the past few weeks and the buses that have been used are #1000's only. #6694 has a different agenda in store. Plus why would CTA train its drivers on a bus slowly getting phased out, just put two and two together.
  13. Well next time don't do that because you will be arrested for trespassing and subjected to jail time if my memory is correct.
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