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  1. Well the NJT Based Suburban Flxible Metro B finally has an Interior, there's also standard Metro B as well still to come. I don't know if the Metro D or E will make an appearance in the coming months though.
  2. I really hope #6163 finds a home other than the scrapper soon after its time with the CFD.
  3. There was brief production of the 45 foot NABI LFW but it has since ceased.
  4. Bus bunching is my biggest one especially when 2 out of 3 buses are empty.
  5. Well the Flxible Metro has made a comeback to Chicago, sort of. Still a work in progress.
  6. I'm just amazed at this.
  7. #8233 involved in a T-Bone collision with a car. I believe on Fullerton.
  8. #7971 Struck a Mother and her 3 children this morning while turning onto Halsted via Wavelend, Luckily everyone is ok.
  9. Found this to be pretty cool.
  10. Is ex CTA/CFD - #6163 still around?
  11. 3 straight days of Nova fest on Ashland. I miss the Flyers, this reminds me of when the old Nova's took over Ashland and Metro E's before that.
  12. #6698 is at SS.
  13. Look up Dash55 on YouTube, he has a a bunch of sound add-ons for bus models.
  14. I might just but the game now since there's so many new bus and engine mods out now for this game. Didn't know there was a Nova LFS mod out until I saw it on YouTube the other day.
  15. Remember that idea about the RTS, well.........