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  1. #605 is at southshops this morning if anyone wants to check it out today, more #600 are coming in the next few weeks.
  2. I remember one time I was standing there at 79th and Cottage waiting to make a relief going northbound and this distraught women came out of no where with a long butcher knife looking for someone and almost every guy standing on the corner and adjacent to the block down the street just vanished out of thin air. It made me chuckle until she came towards the bus stop but luckily my relief came a few minutes later and the passengers that were there waiting with me were happy to get the hell out of there. 79th and cottage is the step cousin to Madison and Pulaski, I have no idea how they're so similar to eachother when it comes to crime,junkies and just weird experiences.
  3. CPD picks and chooses when they want to be seen, I hardly see them in the hot spots along 79th street, Cottage Grove and even King Drive believe it or not.
  4. Well the same thing happened again on 79th and Michigan a bus operators bus was just lit up with paintballs about an hour ago. Something has to give here before someone seriously gets hurt.
  5. Yeah things have been getting out of hand with these freelance paintball attackers and with this happening on a late evening at 80th and cottage grove is disturbing since our relief point is at 79th, so much stuff happens at 79th already and with this happening randomly out if the blue is troubling. Now granted this was late at night but my fear is 10/30-10-31 is going to be hell for all operators around the system with so many people especially teens and young adults doing things they should while using public transportation. Thankfully the operator was ok last night but it's still ridiculous having to deal with that.
  6. Welp that confirms my move to 74th I'm surprised it wasn't #700 though. This could be a temporary loan or a test though. I wonder if #701 has been on 63rd today.
  7. Its amazing how the mileage on 77th's #7900's are all over the place yet some are showing there age really early, #7986 ceiling panel collapsed the other day and the only way they were keeping it in place was by using duct tape until that failed from all the g-forces while the bus was in motion.
  8. I could see that working, have the 66 pull out from Pulaski head to Navy Pier then transition into the 124 for a few trips then pull in as the 66 to Pulaski. Kedzie and Chicago could always share the route similar to how they currently share the 66 during the AM/PM rush.
  9. I can only guess and say a majority of the midway corridor routes would receive them as you stated but I'm like you, where would the other charging stations be located? Judging by the time frame CTA has layed out my guess is Midway,Navy Pier and Austin so far have charging stations. 77th is a will card due to the #700s still being there and also having a wall mounted charging station. So in retrospect there's only one charging station left that hasn't been revealed yet and either Chicago or 74th is the only place left to rule out for it in terms for having it at the garage rather than a terminal.
  10. Looks like more #600s are due to start to poping up at south shops. I'll see if I can get some pics tonight or tomorrow afternoon, I've seen at least 2 or 3 so far this evening. #700 might be sent off to 74th soon as well as they prepare to start training operators for the upcoming #600s.
  11. If that's the case then my other speculation about certain #1000s with little to no mileage on them means that may have been mechanically rehabbed but still may get retired within the next 3 to 5 years. I had #1286 this evening and it was probably one of the fastest #1000s I've had in a while and it only had 8,000 miles on it. I just wonder if CTA will really follow through giving the last 400 #1000s a second rehab because from what I'm currently experiencing that's not the case. Another takeaway I noticed was the #4300s possibly getting a full rehab along with the #7900s. The #4000s could last another 5 years if maintained properly because some right now barely have 100,000 miles on them.
  12. Bus Fleet Management Plan The current Bus Fleet Management Plan (covering the period 2016-2028) identifies the following purchases and mid-life overhauls necessary to maintain a fleet of approximately 1,900 buses in a state of good repair with sufficient capacity to meet expected service levels: • The purchase of up to 700 new 40’ buses between 2020 and 2022 to replace 40’ buses that will reach their 14-year expected useful life. • Mid-life overhauls on up to 100 existing 60’ buses in 2020 to ensure these newer buses continue to provide reliable service for their full-service life. • A life-extending overhaul program on up to 450 40’ buses between 2020 and 2022 to extend their service life by 4 years and space out fleet replacements. • Mid-life overhauls on 450 40’ buses between 2021 and 2024 to ensure these newer buses continue to provide reliable service for their full-service life. • The purchase of up to 200 new 60’ buses between 2022 and 2023 to replace 60’ buses that will reach their 14-year expected useful life. • The purchase of up to 450 new 40’ buses between 2024 and 2026 to replace the 40’ buses that will exceed their extended 18-year useful life. This makes me wonder how covid 19 will impact any future purchases. It also confirms my speculation of the #1000's getting a second overhaul but which of the #1000's are getting them is the mystery.
  13. So I found this image while reading through the newly released budget plan and here we have a #600 in action somewhere using a charging station. What boggles my mind is where could the location be and how will it be before we really start seeing them in action with only 2 1/2 months left of 2020.
  14. I remember seeing that once during my second or third month of being on my own during the winter of this year but rarely have I seen all the buses getting turned on.
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