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  1. Well I'll give a brief summary of what's going on, so far #4008,#4014-15 and #4021 are currently out ready for service but they're also training operator's on how to drive them today, so I can assume that they will be here for a while. I'm not sure where the other 4-6 #4000's are at currently but they will get used at some point in the next few weeks on certain routes you guys have alluded to. Cottage Grove and 79th could really use a few artics. The only problem is how effective will using artics be?
  2. The best I can say is social distancing because they only had one out this morning on 79th and the Union once again made headlines by sharing pictures of crowded buses on 79th almost a week ago so I can only imagine when I head in this afternoon if not more will be put out in use to the operators that have experience with artics and are willing to operate them. I would also like to add that we have about 10-15 of our own buses oos for various reasons as of late as I've seen a lot more of our #7900's hit the boneyard along with #6400's. #804 has returned to the boneyard after being moved briefly so maybe it may return service I would hope. Southshops has been very busy as of late, I've never seen so many lines of OOS buses that clumped together in one space other than the time I remember seeing retirements of the #7500's and #6000's.
  3. #1199,#1200,#1210,#1211,#1212,and #1223 have all shifted to kedzie last night which maybe explain the #4000's popping up at 77th late last night.
  4. #4008 is on Rt.79 and I can only imagine it being used as a social distancing pilot test.
  5. Yeah, I've been a PTBO since September.
  6. I'm not sure if these are moves or not but we have about 10 of Kedzies artics stored in one of our bus bays within our garage along with #700. Normally 77th's buses are stored in there respective bays after pulling in for the day but I can only assume that they're being stored there for maintenance.
  7. Yes, some of our #1000s are getting that done as well.
  8. I don't understand why people just won't stay home at that time of night and to rob an operator and flee on foot just doesn't make any sense.I'm pretty sure the offender lives in the area to.
  9. I just made some adjustments and moved a few things around so I might show up.
  10. Nice, If I wasn't scheduled for some business ventures in Hyde Park tomorrow I would have gone down there to get a few pictures.
  11. Well #6843 is out on the #15 Jeffery Local, that's a shocker and #8215 is at 77th for some reason It was used yesterday for sure on one of our routes.
  12. I find it weird though if thats what some of the loaned #6400s are getting used for.
  13. That's odd because we're using are own buses to for the fallback shelters, #1346 was on 79th and Pulaski yesterday.
  14. That's my point though, regardless of where the passengers are on the bus if they sneeze,cough or so happen to come in close contact with us while we're behind the wheel its still an issue and at the end of the terminal when some operators might do a general walk through of there bus and so happen to touch a seat or rub up against one, theirs so many unknowns that can come out of that. I had a brief interaction yesterday with our Union president and he was at our garage after one of our drivers caught it and he told everyone to make sure to not sit on any of the seats on the bus, don't touch the railings and always keep a spare pair of protective gloves with you at all times, he was also concerned about the nova's in particular in regards to the seat behind the operator cockpit not being taped off to customers. Working out of 77th and specfically sometimes operating on 79th we get all types of people riding 24/7 and some aren't that hygienic i'll say.
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