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  1. Well apparently that won't be the case until years further down the line.
  2. I received an email as well for part time bus operating. If you follow the instructions of the email you'll know when to schedule you're interview and where it will be taking place.The Interview takes place at CTA HQ's on 567 W Lake St. As long as you scheduled a date for your interview everything else should be self-explanatory.
  3. #1305 has an odd story but I can't remember exactly how it ended up at south shops but it has been defunct since 2012 or 2013, It had heavy structural damage in the rear.
  4. #8343-#8349 have been dormant since the air & water show this past weekend. A number of factors could be a reason for that.
  5. #1305 isn't coming back, its already missing parts and other components. #1805 and #4167 may come back but only time will tell.
  6. No but that Metro B sitting next to it has been retired after the engine gave out a week or so ago.
  7. Well 74th trains there drivers mainly on Ashland Ave, rarely do I see them training outside of Ashland, 77th sort of trains everywhere from what i've seen sometimes 87th,Ashland and Western. Depending on the garage and the training routes approved from the higher brass determines where drivers get there training. So maybe Cermak is an approved area to train since it does have a little bit of every surface street you could imagine with numerous obstacles to get use to, such as transitions between two lane streets to four and even six lane avenues, you factor in traffic,parked cars,pedestrians,very tight turns if you're starting point is near McCormick Place, you pretty much get a little bit of everything traveling along cermak.
  8. If you did your research you would know why FG has never had Artics.
  9. I had a blast from the past moment seeing all the nostalgic and if not historic buses from the mid to late 90s, Seeing #6163 was the highlight of my day. I appreciate @CTA5750 for allowing me to get a brief ride and taking photos throughout the morning, just an incredible sight to see all around.
  10. So you'll be around Garfield then from start to finish of the parade? I would love to see it. Haven't seen it since last August.
  11. Seeing route 24 making that transition is a good sign, I just hope the reconfiguration of that area between Cermak,Archer and Clark has better traffic signals put in place.
  12. So Kedzie has #1199 now, I wonder if they'll get some #1200's now.
  13. Yeah that was weird to see them disappear like that but maybe funding was the reason perhaps for them getting rejected or something further along those lines.
  14. Weird seeing 6 of them out at this time of day, you would think they could borrow some buses.
  15. That's good to know, I know for a fact that both will need a cold start if the engines hasn't seized up with oil and grease by now but also a new set of tires.
  16. I wouldn't mind speaking to them as well, are they in running condition is my biggest concern.
  17. You should really check out the first page bud...... "To ask this question, so I don't go off-topic in another thread, I thought I'd create this one... Today, I boarded CTA Bus #6102 operating the #152. It sounded different than usual. Noiser and more turbo sound on acceleration. Anyone else know if this bus just has a bad exaust system, a turbo system added or turned on in the Detroit Series-50 engine on it, or has it been fitted with a Cummins C8.3 engine? The sound reminded me vaguely of a Cummins C8.3 6300-Series bus(noisy engine + turbo sound during acceleration). You may use this thread to share stories about a ride on the CTA Buses/Trains, but please watch your words(The CTA has many people that anger us, both Operators and Passengers, but we must keep a civil tone here)!!! No personal attacks: Hateful language and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated by Kevin(Taken from Kevin's posting guidelines). I'm sure this means swear words too, so let's try to keep swear words to a minimum!"
  18. Ohh the CFD rejects, If my memory serves me right they were formerly given to the CFD around 2010 or 2011 and then they pretty much disappeared off of the radar. I wonder how they ended up there and how long have they been there.
  19. That's good to know, I've been debating on whether or not I should apply as well for the upcoming years to come. I've always wanted to work out of 74th since its 2 miles away from my place and the longest route of the garage basically gets me there in less than 15 minutes. I wouldn't want to work out of 77th mainly because of the routes and commute time getting there. Finding a pull-in or a relief on Ashland seems so much easier than trying to find one on 79th during any given day.
  20. Are they plain white or are they former fresh moves buses from 2010-2012? 77th still has one of them parked on the southern wall of the boneyard amongst oos D40LFs,LFS's and 2nd gen LFS's and it appears to be in running condition. This was the only angle I could get from the last time I went down there in April.
  21. I hope so, all #6163 would need is major cleanup and re-wrap of its original livery. I could be wrong though on that since I don't know its actual running condition. I haven't seen it in several months.
  22. I was really hoping CTA would take it back and restore it to its original condition like they did the former fishbowls and new looks.
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