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  1. The funny thing depending on how you look at it is the block of #1300s 77th has had recently quite a few 10-25s over the last several weeks. I dont know if the cleaning crews are doing the necessary job or if it's the customers themselves but having to get surprised in the drivers area with some creepy crawlers before pulling out is a little nerve racking to say the least. #1312,#1320,#1325,#1337 and #1340-#1343 have all had 10-25s/complaints made about them.
  2. I finally got a chance to get back in the boneyard and my speculation about #1245 is gaining more traction as it has once again shown signs of retirement. It has been moved several times throughout the boneyard in the last 3 or 4 months. #6692 and #6699 seem to be done as they're the only recently active novas still back there. A majority of the boneyard on the eastern is becoming a lot more barren as the next batch of #6400s have been hauled off for scrap. #1125 has been removed from the boneyard but I'm not sure if it has received any repairs. #1925 looks like it's done as well.
  3. That's a good question. I honestly don't know about the beach but Stony Island could work that's if there's no bottleneck over there if and when it may get constructed. Could the buses only last off of one full charge round trip before needing a recharge? That has yet to be seen but I'd hope not.
  4. I wouldn't cut the 169 or 192 mainly because of the purpose of what they're actually serving. U of C Hospital to Union Station I believe for the 192 and then the 169 is a Express bus that gives passengers access to the hodgkins ups facility. You're also suggesting that 20 to 40 minute intervals will work based on the low ridership data. On some routes I see that working but others I don't with the season's changing I don't think CTA would just cut off life line routes to areas that really need them because without them some residents dont have much of an option other than overpriced ride share companies. As far as the Red and Blue are concerned increasing intervals overnight would work though.
  5. I'll go out on limb here and speculate that Chicago will have #600-#609 and 74th will have #610-#620. If 35 are going to be possibly delivered which routes of the two you think might get the green light. I don't know if 63rd could be one for 74th but I already know Chcicago ave will definitely have #600s on them. I always thought Archer ave would be a good place to start them on since it does go right past midway and can also serve it or maybe even use Garfield along with 59th street.
  6. I'd add the #2 to the list after having this past summer ridership is virtually zero on the route and a majority of the people that use get off at 47th & Lake Park during the PM rush if the #6 isn't coming and practically no one is riding heading back downtown either. I would also get rid of the #39 as well, I hardly see any ridership on that route either when i'm back west from the red line towards Western. As far as the #59 goes i'd have it terminate at Garfield Green Line station just to give passengers another option. Certain routes do need a reduction in service hours though especially on the weekends, the 52A and 53A both could use a reduction, after about 6 PM on South Pulaski its a literal ghost town out there.
  7. Well if history repeats itself the bottom of barrel will most likely get furloughed worse case scenario.
  8. Routes like the 1,2,24,31,and 124 are a few that come to mind as far as reductions or eliminations are concerned. Overnight service in my opinion shouldn't get eliminated but reductions in service will have a major impact on a lot of people that rely upon it to get them to work on time and home from work if they get off late.
  9. Why would FG be involved with any of this? If anything 74th should be in the conversation for moves since the midway terminal construction is practically done unlike Navy Pier. Unless 74th receives a small batch of #600's like chicago has for them to send some #8000's/#8200's back to FG I don't see the remaining 70 #6400's getting retired just like that. I'll keep my eye out for any new additions from FG though in the coming weeks if what you say becomes a reality.
  10. That would explain the recent activity i've seen as of late with #700's at south shops look like they'll be on the move soon.
  11. Its working fine for me.
  12. I don't think it was done on purpose because the sign out personnel wouldn't have given me the bus like that.Now she was just as shocked as I was when I told her about the mishap and she candidly gave me another bus afterwards which was speed demon #7931. I wish maintenance and sign out personnel were on the same page when it comes to stuff like this because had that been any other operator like a rookie they might have gotten themselves into a sticky situation. If there was any room sure but 74th takes up so much room at the current state with all there buses at SS.
  13. Now I've encountered a lot of things in my short career with the company but I've never seen a pole in the middle of the drivers seat of a bus holding up the ceiling panels. I can't make this stuff up, when I was about to do my pull out pre trip inspection I see that and I couldn't help but laugh. I mean look at this.
  14. That looks like a makeable turn if done correctly so that operator had to of been in a hurry to get out of the traffic jam.
  15. Yeah i've normally had to honk my horn to get one of them to move and reposition themselves in the terminal and trust me it is a tight squeeze. I've noticed a lot of port-o-potty's pop back up recently. I remember when I had 87th street on the weekends last pick that I would have to use the regular bathroom at the damen terminal before going to Western,Cicero and Commercial because of the port-o-potty getting removed for a few months. As much I as loved my runs on 87th not having anywhere to go for a quick bathroom break at the end of each terminal other than damen became torture for me.
  16. When I have my mid afternoon to early evening runs on pulaski there's usually two sitting in there and even on rare occasion they'll also will be a #82 sitting in there around 8 or 9 pm with one #53 that is usually an artic.
  17. Artics still go in the terminal at 31st and Komensky for whatever reason and it bugs the hell out of me at times especially when there's two sitting in there.
  18. What you're referring to is Show times for operators who are on the extra board. The 2 hours were there awaiting work to become available is sometimes a tedious one. The problem with the extra board is from what I've experienced on it pre covid and throughout the early stages of it is shockingly you didnt have enough man power to fulfill more runs that were needed on key routes. I don't want to reveal to much but during our current pick we had so many runs taken away which in then part put nearly over 50+ plus full time operators on the extra board and that didnt go over well with them either. Since I'm only a part timer under the 32 hour a week cap there's oy so much we're able to do. VTAs can't really do much either as far as helping out when needed. CTA has been hiring operators as of late there's just to much of a gap that needs to be filled at this point.
  19. I don't understand why CTA isn't prioritizing filling runs over police shuttles and also loosening the rains on allowing part timers to do some extra work. Another thing that bugs me is with covid 19 still being an issue we still haven't gotten our warming buses back and the union is working hard on trying to get them back but man it's just getting frustrating not being able to have your fallback in piece without having to worry about so many factors on cottage grove.
  20. From what I've heard it's a combination of operators calling in sick,some only doing half runs as OT, police charters and if you want to throw covid in there you can. Cottage grove is worse than it was before covid 19 started. 79th is no better I was on my way home yesterday evening only to be offered by the night owl supervisor if I wanted to do runs 679 and or 680 which are both night owls on 79th. I was so upset because I don't usually take my car to and from work that often since I live only 3 miles away but after finding that out what is normally a 30 minute trip turned into an hour and a half.
  21. For any of my fellow travelers and operators god speed with you because cottage grove is an absolute mess. I never thought it was this bad until I picked it but on the weekends it's just nutty. Imagine having to work a double and triple street then add on to that not having any reliefs. I haven't had any easy time on cottage until my very last trip of evening around 10:30. Currently there is only 6 buses out there and I unfortunately have to go work on that street. I wish CTA would do something about this because it keeps getting worse and worse. I had one passenger tell me that had to wait nearly 2 hours for a bus because they had to keep switching buses due to no reliefs getting made. That to me is unacceptable and should be looked into if it hasn't already because I have get caught in the crossfire of tension from the passengers. I'm grateful it hasn't gotten violent but I'm starting wonder what the breaking point.
  22. Well remember the #600 taken in the video by shannon had the same blue tape markings that I noticed when that particular one was at southshops. It was indeed the pilot #600 but you might be on to something if there's more than one with the same markings.
  23. Well my assumption was right about #600 going back to Chicago now whatever could be wrong with it is a mystery. What's also a mystery is where are the other Proterras Chicago had in its possession dating back to 2019?
  24. I forgot to mention but if anyone ever rides #7900 and #7901 you might notice a few things different about them compared to the rest of the fleet. #7901 has a caution bus is turning announcement that plays when the bus is in the process of making a turn and I'd assume #7900 does as well. So be on the lookout for those two.
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