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  1. I have to make my way over to Chicago ave this year to get some more pictures of #6163.
  2. Yeah it's a fluid situation to monitor that's for sure, What could 77th trade for if it does get that bad and with who? What type of models do you operate? I've never heard of a backup bus method before, that's quite interesting to say the least.
  3. Trust me that mini block needed a break from the Southside 😆😆😆.
  4. The terrain and climate plays a big factor along with an operators skillset to not damage the equipment. Then there's maintenance but that's a entirely different conversation.
  5. A lot of the remaining #4000s without issues have migrated towards cottage grove while 79th and 87th have had more 40 footers pop up in recent weeks. I didn't get a bus until 5:30 today and it was a pull in. There was at least 25 buses out of our garage that were sitting in the shops or just adjacent to them today, no specific bunch of buses just #1000s,#4000's and #7900s all together in groups. I remember having #1260 on Monday and the bus had so much smoke coming out of the tail pipe it was ridiculous, the smell of burning oil was irritating to deal with. Whenever a bus starts smoking like an SD40 locomotive you're in for a long day.
  6. Dang that's tough but not a surprise with these #7900s, they're literally junk.
  7. I want to say a little bit of both. We normally have way more #4000s in service than just 36.
  8. I never thought we were this short for buses during the PM period but man oh man. There's only 166 buses out right now in service and the #4000s are the main suspects in all of this. Only 36 are in service versus the the 66 #1000s and 62 #7900s that are out. There's at least seven or eight operators waiting at the signout booth waiting for available buses and a few like myself have been here for at least over an hour now. It's kind of like a mini day off for those on swings and trippers. This is becoming more frequent now at least at 77th, has any other operators from garages had this issue recently?
  9. Not to bump an old thread but to my fellow operators have any of you found a more recent list of codes? Or does the current one still work becuase I'm trying to figure out which ones work at the moment on the latest clever system.
  10. South shops still has at least 4 or 5 instruction buses that'll probably never get used, before the pandemic they we're getting ready for usage though and I was lucky enough to have #6470 back in late 2019.
  11. Yeah the weird thing this, I know new operators are getting trained down here at 74th and 77th which is leaving me puzzled as to why these #6400's aren't getting used everywhere they're located.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClig6EOMFU5w67UG-myImTw
  13. Scrolling through flickr and came across this funny photo of this NABI. The irony of that statement 😂...
  14. Yeah there's a switch we have on the control panel to our left that controls the rear door on the #4000s and to cut down on dwell times some operators use rubber bands to keep the switch on so that both front and rear doors operate simultaneously. If we don't have that little trick then usually we'll go back to the standard method where the passengers have to touch the yellow strip in order to open the doors themselves. However, either method that is used some passengers get thrown off by which one is actually getting used by the operators and some just push the doors as there opening.
  15. It's even worse on 79th and Cottage in all directions I've had passengers go crazy trying to catch the 79 or the 4. They'll literally pull the cherry,yell scream, and bumb rush there way off to catch the bus.
  16. Man, I swear no matter route I'm on or what part of the city I'm in the passengers just won't give me or the bus a chance to come to a complete stop before they try to force the rear doors open. It's even worse with the #4000's because a few times I've had passengers disable the rear door trying to get off and I had to completely restart the bus in order for the rear doors to function properly again, then there was another time I had a relief bring me a #4000 on cottage with malfunctioning rear doors due to passengers pulling on them to open, it got so bad where I called it in a jumped buses with my leader at CSU while heading to 115th. All door boarding is a no go for me though.
  17. Trust me if CTA wanted to retire it that bus would be sitting in the boneyard with #7929 and #8023.
  18. Speaking of relay races this happens quite a bit during rush hour. The empty convoys of artics on cottage and 79th are quite amusing to me especially when 1 out of the 3 buses are actually doing the work sometimes.
  19. Has #8068 returned to serivce? I haven't seen it anywhere around SS since the accident.
  20. Ask yourself this though. How much money would an agency save adding an additional 600 Hybrid or Maybe even electric artics? Or a mix of Hybrid electric 40/60 footers. Where would lets say 300 60 footers end up exactly? 100 each to Kedzie,Chicago and 103rd while NP and 77th have a mix of 40/60 like they do right now. The other 300 40 footers would end up going to FG and 74th in a even slpit of 150 a piece. I'm kind of going off of hypothetical scenarios at this point but hey you never know.
  21. The weakest link of them all is the vault entrance for pull-ins. There is cameras down there watching but like I said before people that are bold and desperate could care less.
  22. Yeah it's pretty simple to walk in especially if security doesn't apply pressure and even though we have un-armed security that shouldn't of gotten that far. This is what the security booth looks like at times throughout the day and those red gates can't really stop a car for entering or leaving even if they're properly secured better but even then that wouldn't of stopped those two individuals yesterday from trying to escape with the charger. The photos below really show a glimpse of what little security we have against anyone bold enough to do what they did yesterday.
  23. Sadly no but I know a few who have it but have never had it with them while on duty.
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