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  1. If they are it would make sense because of the 60 footers they're putting on the 152 for cubs games but then again they were both on the 36 last night so I don't know for sure.
  2. So far 77th has 26 #4000s in service this morning and I can only imagine how many more will get shipped off. As far as the #6400s are concerned I wonder if NP has anymore #6800s or if that was just a one day loan of some sorts.
  3. So #6843 and #6847 made a rare appearance at NP tonight which is very odd.
  4. Yeah, Monday morning we'll know for sure if anymore moves took place.
  5. I think there is manpower issue going on because there is normally more artics out than this because when I got off last night we still had our artics lined up in the bays and that was around 2 am so I dont know if they were moved after 2 am but they were still there. Today just by looking at Maths for 77th it looks very suspicious compared to last sunday. We also have a lot of #7900s that are oos with multiple issues. I counted at least 15 or so last night.
  6. That pretty much sums it up right there.
  7. Yeah it's tough to manage that so the 28 would be a viable option to interline pull-ins and pull outs. I do think that for 74th having trips to the garage via 55th or 59th to Ashland would help greatly in the rush periods.
  8. From what I remember the 171 and 172 aren't interlined with the 15 or 28 they're pretty much separated from everything kind of like the 31 or 43. You could easily have one or two trips on the 4 go to 44th and Drexel and start up on the 43 and have a few trips on the 3 go to 35th but it's just inefficient for the vast majority of customers trying to head downtown or to the Southside. I'd honestly think 74th could interline the 55 or 59 with the 171-172. Whenever the trips on the 171-172 would end they would deadhead back to the garage rather than doing a trip on the 28 which would be the quick
  9. Yeah I'll see if there are any moves tonight when I get off because normally most moves happen going into the overnight periods. If I see less #4000s in the bays I'll know for sure that we made a swap.
  10. It's beginning to take shape I honestly think Kedzie and NP will get there artics back.
  11. Yeah I figured the shifting would begin this weekend.
  12. No. I currently have the 2 and they don't use artics.
  13. Add #1299 to that on the 28.
  14. No, I think he was saying he operates them two days out of the week. I currently operate the 2 and they don't use artics.
  15. I want them gone 😅, I hated having them on the 4 and 79 during the winter and spring pick, they're so slow and the 40 footers that are out there with me would always hang behind me.
  16. We're back at full capacity ,they lifted the limits on the 11th after the city full reopened and since then I've seen major upticks in ridership especially on the routes I normally do. Yesterday I had the Hyde park express and both trips were nearly standing room only in both directions. Halsted is even more hectic even with the 5 - 8 min intervals during the morning rush and even during the weekends its more crowded than usual. During my days off I would travel up north to see if there have been any upticks in ridership and there has been from the 22,36,76,77,80,81,146,147,151 just to name a
  17. Yeah I'm just as puzzled as you are, we'll have to wait this mini storm out to see if the current changes will stay in place, I honestly do think though that 18th - 21st we'll see some more logical swapping going on as the new pick goes into effect this upcoming Sunday.
  18. Yeah I'm just as lost as you are, my first thought was maybe 103rd is short but that doesnt seem to be the case, I know were short for sure at least for the pm rush periods but my only other guess is mileage swapping going on although C and K didn't receive anything back in return. I think the bigger piece to the puzzle is the #4000s and dormant #6400s, will they get moved or stay put? So far this month C has lost quite a few buses to Covid19 prep and 103rd. How many more will they lose?
  19. #1791 is on the 79 just pulled out. Add #1406 on the 24.
  20. You know what that could be a possibility, time will tell for sure. I don't think we'll see massive swaps of artics going back to there respective garages but I do think we'll see swaps among 40 footers.
  21. From my estimates just from looking and counting yesterday yes. I counted at least 20-25 buses that were down for numerous issues including a few minor accidents.
  22. So let me get this straight, we were short buses yesterday for the PM school runs but they we're able to help out 103rd today, ahh the operations puzzle me at times.
  23. The same 8 or 9 novas have been out for AM/PM rush periods but what puzzles me is why are the rest of them at the other garages are just sitting around? The boneyard has dwindled in a size to the point where a lot of the #6400s that were axed earlier this spring have vanished from being back there. 77th for sure could use the extra help on certain days.
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