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  1. Can you confirm that it is in service?
  2. Check the CTA Bus Roster thread guys.....It would be really helpful if you all started reading through threads to get the information you're looking for because the same stuff keeps getting repeated when its already been stated and confirmed. You just have to start researching threads and topics to find what you're looking for.
  3. It was used mainly for training new bus mechanics along with other bus prototypes such as Prototype #1000 and other buses #7900 and #7901 also come to mind.
  4. I work there bud and I've been told that no one is allowed to be in that area other than supervision with there certified cars and buses pulling in from runs. You were well passed the entrance based on your position and nearly at the vault lane entrance so you were basically trespassing at that point to get a shot of two proterras. It amazes me that you've been going in areas that don't have much security because the west entrance and south entrances have security personnel posted at all times of the day and to me its clear you've been avoiding those areas based on what you've been posting the last month or so. You can't justify what you've been doing at this juncture because at some point you may get caught or cause an accident depending who's driving through those areas. Not to throw some operators under the bus no pun intended but some drive reckless through the areas you have constantly been in no matter what time of day it is. I don't want you to take what i'm saying personal but i'm just letting you know that I don't want you to get caught up in something that could of easily been prevented. Hell before I got the job as a PTBO I was just like you but I respected the boundaries and policies of the agency itself while being an enthusiast of bus operations. Observing from the street is fine but placing yourself on private property in areas you shouldn't be in is just going to far. Anything can happen whether you think so or not.
  5. He's literally in the bus lane entrance where buses pull-in after completing there runs for the day. I don't understand how someone can not comprehend that eventually you will get caught by the wrong person no matter how far you are on the outside looking in at buses or operations. Its one thing to observe from the street but constantly driving in and around private property is really pushing it. At that point you can be considered a hazard because hardly anyone other than supervisors drive through that entrance with there certified cars along with buses.
  6. That is the Nova Prototype. aka #6400 before the actual #6400 made its debut in 1999 into the year 2000.
  7. You sure do love going into 77th unauthorized don't you?
  8. Two all white proterras have popped up at south shops today, im not sure if they we're sent over from Chicago garage or if they're brand new delivered from the manufacturing plant. If not that's 4 total proterras seen so far in total at two garages. #700-#701 are currently still getting tested and stored within South Shops.
  9. I made this post on the fly while traveling on my phone didn't realize which topic I was posting in.
  10. #6579 and #6699 have been converted into instructions buses.
  11. For one they've given up an odd number of there own 1200s and 1300s for kedzie's 1600s. There's more 4000s and NFs from other garages getting repaired than 77ths. A majority of the fleet out of 77th is active minus maybe 10-15 buses . As soon as I went off the clock today #1633 came out as a pull-out run. So whatever is going on is a real mystery that doesn't seem to be maintenance based.
  12. Now I wonder what that may be about. That's an odd bunch of buses to move.
  13. Look back one page and all the info regarding the instruction buses is given there.
  14. That's a good question that i've been trying to find the answer to for the past few weeks now.
  15. If anyone sees the following list buses below come back from the dead here's your chance to catch them at there respective garages when there restoration is complete. #6470 ,#6488, #6564 ,#6621, #6694, #6585 ,#6671, #6696,and #6859 have either underwent or are in the process of receiving a mini rehab for there 2nd term of service as Instruction buses.I'm not sure exactly if all 7 garages will use them but I know in the past few weeks there has been a lot more 2nd gens and #4000's popping up at south-shops that I thought were long gone as far as retirement status goes (#6400's that is) and as i've been progressing through my training at 77th I was surprised to be given the opportunity to drive #6470 this past week and man she was a dream to drive but also had some minor tweaks that needed to be fixed. Most of the boneyard is littered with more #4000's than #6400's which makes me question what is CTA's motive restoring 18-20 year-old buses back from the dead for instruction purposes?
  16. Again was this really necessary to post?
  17. #1289 was involved in a Incident today around 1:45 PM someone was either assaulted or stabbed on the bus while the bus was serving the redline station.
  18. I'll just say this speaking from the inside at 77th, most of the NF's are in decent shape along with Novas they do have on deck for daily operations. There could be a problem with the NFs getting properly maintained with all of the 4000's and 4300's popping up there most recently for service which could be hampering the ratio to maintain there own fleet properly.
  19. #1046 is at 77th currently on Rt.79. May return to FG Later on this week.
  20. #6488 is also an instruction bus, I was surprised to see it after nearly 4 and half years.
  21. After taking a interior tour of the bone yard at south shops today, #1305 (Engine fire),#1821 (Accident),#1993 (Engine fire) and #4167 (Accident) have been officially retired and stripped for parts. #1805 may receive a second overhaul since it is still sitting on the south fence at 79th but I can't think past it getting anything done either. #6470 is surprisingly the new instruction bus sitting along the south fence, #6585 and #6696 WB1 and WB2 may also be getting retired soon as well, #6621 is sitting in the boneyard but my return to active service. With more #6400's getting removed from south shops #4000's are starting to take up space in the yard along with a few #4300's, none have visible damage but are just there for heavy maintenance.
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