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  1. According to dna info....." A new "L" stop under construction at Wabash Avenue and Washington Street will open by Labor Day, a city official says. Transportation officials hope to open the new Downtown CTA station by the end of August with a Labor Day deadline in sight, said Susan Hofer, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Transportation." DH
  2. The Red line 95th St. modernization project is documented every month at the CTA Board Meeting. The proceedings are shown on YouTube which is available to all. 99 percent of people are un-interested in the day-to-day developments....they are more interested in.."when will it be finished?" Status reports are all given for Wilson, Medical Center, 95th St., the Brown signal improvement, and the Quincy improvement. DH
  3. The PCC 5-50 CARS made it on the main too. And the "New Look" from the 1960s, the Pullman 2000 series got a chance to run too. Photos from the IRM WEBCAMS. DH
  4. CRT/CTA 4250s in action.....from IRM WEBCAM. DH
  5. The Northwestern cars going back to the station area. I gotta go now. You can see the action on IRM WEBCAMS. All day. DH
  6. The Northwestern car goes out too the main track.DH
  7. Northwestern railcar moving onto main tracks. From IRM WEBCAM, 10:16. You can catch these action too. DH
  8. Do you want to see Chicago CTA/CRT railcars in action? Say Holiday Weekend IRM......Out at the IRM, this is Traction Weekend. Saturday will feature Chicago CTA equipment and the Nebraska Zephyr will be running. On Sunday is the trolley pageant....see "L" and streetcars and trolley buses. Steam Train runs Sun, Mon, Tues. Click this link for more info. THE LINEUP..... North Western Elevated Railroad 24, an 1898 open-platform gate car just recently restored; wooden cars from the early 1900s; steel 4000-series cars from the 1920s; 6000-series cars built in the 1950s using parts from scrapped streetcars; and 2200-series cars built in 1969 out of stainless steel. Additional cars, including a 5000-series "jitterbug" articulated car from 1947, 2000-series Pullman "L" cars built in 1964, and 2400-series cars built in 1974 by Boeing-Vertol, will be outdoors on public display. Unfortunately, there is no public transit to the have to drive to Union, IL. There are cameras that show several scenes at the museum and with a computer at home you can watch all the action. Hint, set up two or three screens to watch all the action, IRM WEBCAMS........
  9. There are 2600s that are "work motors" and yes the hoppers are used to carry ballast. Often ballast is loaded on a siding in Evanston. That would be where the train might be headed. DH
  10. Ch 7 and Ch 9 showed the Rainbow Cars stopped at 35th Sox. A bicyclist was reported dead after being hit by a Red line train. The bicyclist was reported riding his bike on the platform when he lost his balance, fell onto the tracks and was hit by an approaching train. Maybe this is why another internet poster saw the cars moving out of service. If the Rainbow cars were involved in an incident, they would be removed from service....all eight cars in the consist. DH
  11. 10 car length.......50 ft X 10 = 500 ft plus about 25-50 ft. allowances for trains missing their 10-berth mark. Subway platforms, Congress median, 35th Sox, new construction like Howard, Wilson. Using city plats, block between Washington and Madison is 336 ft. Plus the street, 66 ft. = 402 ft. Estimating from BusHunter's video, the platform is only 8-car in length. (cheap city work) DH
  12. Read the CTA memo...."We’re showing some Pride this year by debuting four ‘L’ cars wrapped in the rainbow flag! These colorful cars will be in service on our busiest line—the Red Line—for Pride Weekend in celebration of Chicago’s diversity and to show our commitment to equality and inclusion." The Red line is the route the cars will service. DH
  13. WOW! joechicago....what a find! "The next stop is MADHOUSE.....DOORS OPEN IN THE REAR!" DH
  14. During 125th Anniversary there was an incident. While 4271/4272 was stopped NB loading at Garfield, a SB Green line train stopped in the 5300 S. block. The operator left the train and started to put out a fire. I saw the smoke from where I had set up waiting for4271/4272. All nearby trains were told by control to remain standing at stations. The Historical crew carried their water cans and helped the operator to put out the fire. After the fire was put out, control asked other operators to monitor the scene. 4271/4272 left headed to the Loop. Radio transmissions indicated that a whole crowd was building at Clark/Lake. DH
  15. Here's my favorite photo.....4271/4272 southbound at 29th St. DH