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  1. I'll post a response to you. The Cincinnati Cars are conducting guests of the CTA. The cars are stored awaiting the guests return. After the guests are taken back the cars will run lite to Skokie. Get your pictures. DH
  2. I'm not authorized to say. Plus my posting is ignored by one individual who posts 90 % posts so why should I. Case closed. DH
  3. There was two-car one in CA this year. The longest UP special this year was a 22-car one. Bringing this comment back to CTA 5000s, here's the TEST train at O'Hare. DH
  4. UP has over 30 cars. This consist had two diners, two lounge cars, and the theater car. The first car was the power car. There were three sleeping cars too. Location was E. 95th St. and S. South Chicago Ave. Over and out. DH
  5. Yes....RUMORS....That's why I voided my own embargo of posting here. I see B-----k still won't read my posts. Let him stay the dark, LOL. Tonight I'm busy following that OSC Union Pacific Special coming back from New York to Chicago. The Sprit of UP is in the lead. NS cab signals were added so it can head the nine car passenger train. It west of Cleveland now. Here's a picture I took on the eastern trip last week. DH
  6. To put rumors to bed....."Blue line is plagued with many little mini slow zones due to cracked rails and deferred maintenance. So with the 5000s being 10,000 lbs heavier per car, I guess the BIG WIGS wanted to see if we could ever accommodate them." TESTING....NOTHING ELSE.
  7. Hello, I am Putheavy, I applied job at CTA as a assistant customer service at train station. I am very new in U.S. I just moved here a year. Currently I am working as a cashier at Treasure Island Foods. I would like you know how the process of hiring at CTA and test? 

    1. chicagopcclcar


      Sorry, I have not kept up with current CTA hiring policies.

  8. You have been warned by garmon757. In order to continue posting, you must acknowledge this warning. Hey David, as much I really appreciate your knowledge on behalf of Chicago Transit Authority, there are still guidelines that you must follow on this forum. Please, if you have any questions or comments please fell free to let me, Kevin, or MetroShadow know at your earliest convenience. 
    Stanley Garmon

    I never intended to acknowledge this punishment. There seems to be no way to communicate to you unless I do that. You may tell BUSJACK he has succeed getting me off this forum. Any man who hides from discussion while boasting  triple post counts is his own worst enemy. His crowning  disgrace is telling Black people what his white thoughts pertaining to Black peoples’ transportation needs as if he alone knows better than anyone else. Whatever I called him…..it was too little and not profane enough.

    So R.I.P. CHICAGOPCCLCAR…..”as much I really appreciate your knowledge”….Yea, Right! …..R.I.P..  Content Count 1488, Day Won 176, Community Reputation 960 Top Contributor…..R.I.P. pictures, diagrams, maps, documents, actual motoring experience, statistics. You noticed I’ve tried to delete whatever the forum would allow.

    There is no hard feelings between you and myself…..I’m sponsoring a charter 09/30 that will be announced on FaceBook Chicago-L. I look forward to you being there and we can discuss the “L”. Bring you kids too. I mean it! The fare is FREE....you can beat that, LOL. David Harrison


  9. Good morning Stanley.....I noticed your NEW photo....seems like you are arranging for two youngsters to become more interested in becoming CTA operators in future years. They looked like they are having fun....good job. I can say I enjoyed our conversations yesterday 09/30 about transit and experiences with the chitransit forum. And this comment in no way voids my promise not to report on rail system doings as I wrote to you in "RIP Chicagopcclcar in chitransit". I'll let you know when the next charter happens, and it might be real soon. David Harrison
  10. geneking7320 Two responders say its the inverter, the device that changes the DC current into AC current. An another person said whistle or hum the first three notes from "There's a place for you" from West Side Story....he says most NYCTA AC railcars make that sound. EDIT.....Get ready for school....Got this off Subchat. " It's the sound of the motors getting AC from the inverters. A standard inverter these days is a PWM beast - pulse width modulation. What it's actually doing is turning on and off the voltage to the motor very quickly (a few thousand times a second). By varying t
  11. I posted your question on Subchat. I'll let you know about responses I get. DH
  12. Are you interested in tickets. You would get to sit down with CTA HEAD HONCHOS, LOL. DH
  13. The Cubs "W" cars will run next Sunday, 04/23 on "rare territory" including Blue line, Forest Park branch. DH
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