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  1. IRM does not "neglect" our diesel buses. We simply do not have the qualified people to work on them. When CHBM merged with IRM, we inherited several folks capable of doing maintenance and restoration. They succeeded in getting the 605 and 412 running again and were very close to chasing down a nagging issue with the 8006. Then we lost one to Florida and another to age/health. We tried bringing in several others, but they could not commit. Our lone remaining mechanic lives over 2 hours away and can't make that trip very often. Trolley buses are much simpler vehicles and easier to work on
  2. The CHBM lost their lease and asked to be absorbed by IRM, which occurred in mid-2011. Three of their buses, CTA 9799, RTA 8006, CTA 8715 are now in our collection.
  3. We have loaded a few more destination sign code lists at http://irm-cta.org/Rollsigns.html (They are at the bottom of the page)
  4. Exactly correct. Cubs home opener is Monday 04/08 at 1:20pm vs. Pittsburgh.
  5. Piesciuk

    CTA roll sign...

    We have some rollsign readings transcribed at http://irm-cta.org/Rollsigns.html
  6. http://www.transitchicago.com/historicalcalendar/
  7. Thanks so much for posting the link. That website has a ton of stuff scanned and available with more to come!!! We are working with Andre and just completed a big "updated route histories" project and are in the process of formatting and adding more data on buses, streetcars and work equipment. Thanks again, Ray
  8. Sht6131, none for sale at this time. Once the scanning project is done, we will evaluate the museum's collection and determine if there are surplus issues. As we are currently doing with other surplus items, we will most likely put them up on Ebay. By the way, we just started into the next group of magazines. The covers are scanned, which is the first step. Then we move on to scanning the actual issues (the time consuming part). They should go up in the not too distant future. There are also many more CSL Surface Service and some CTA Quarterly issues still to do.
  9. Just updated a bunch of CTA Transit News magazines (full issues). 1947-1974 (except 1959-1960 and a few scattered issues) are now available. I hope to fill in more gaps this weekend. Embarrassed to say that we are still working on the schedules - big job and other things (work, family, house, museum, etc.) keep calling.
  10. Are you looking for the information on the back of the 8½x11 route descriptions that Andre did or something else?
  11. In the book distributed 09/09/1982, Dave Phillips wrote on the cover letter, "I would like to thank Mr. Andre Kristopans, a former CTA employee for his contribution to the Description of Routes. Mr. Kristopans volunteered his services over the past year to complete the route history segment of the book."
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the mention of the website. As my work schedule allows, I hope to get back to making more regular updates. It's good to know that someone is actually viewing and enjoying the site!! Thanks again.
  13. We are working on schedules right now! Just about done sorting them numerically then by date. Next step is scanning and posting them. They are coming!!
  14. I'm glad you guys like the site. I started it a year and a half or two years ago, inspired by Graham's outstanding Chicago-L.org site for Rapid Transit. What I couldn't find is much on the web for the Surface System. Working with what I had amassed over the years, Bob Heinlein, Bill Wulfert, IRM's Strahorn Library, what was in the Motor Bus & Trolley Bus Department collections, and things that so many people had donated to IRM over the past several years, I started to put together irm-cta.org. There was so much interesting stuff, it was not doing anyone any good just sitting in boxes.
  15. The two trolley buses operating will most likely be the Seattle Twin Coach 633 and the Seattle MAN Articulated 4020.
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