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  1. Perfect thanks for the info I'm getting on this year
  2. @garmon757 I'm trying to break in too I'm not getting any younger at 23 lol
  3. Caught 3090 getting towed from Chicago (5) wondering where it's going and if anybody knew about this bus and where Garmon757 haven't seen him in a while
  4. I just spotted 2 shuttle buses coming down River RD I had to almost catch myself from busting a u turn to ask what was happening
  5. Well quick question as a former railcar cleaner (hired by CTA ) what are the chances of a transfer to the bus division and I'm only part time
  6. Kimball401

    More Bus Moves

    Yea same thing I though when I read that and how are things garmon haven't been on the forum since Sept ??????
  7. Freeway money shots of 7907 this morning after the 2 (deadhead from Navy Pier
  8. Well kedzie said use all options so i guess as a set of loaners there fine for now I guess but a fedex man vs a cta man for a photo cta man wouldve killed me
  9. Im scared at these pics but just hide you future bus spotter kids cause this is just insane Cause 6596 and the other bus @jackson had Kedzie garage on the window and sign . Plus i got cursed out by a bus operator for pulling up in front the garage to take the back pic of 6596 lol . But seriouslyhow long this has been going on ?
  10. Don't worry Garmon, I'm going to the south shops tonight I got u on this one lol
  11. Kimball401

    More Bus Moves

    4312 was at Kedzie last I remember ....it's on the 169 rite now while I was finna get some food
  12. Kimball401

    More Bus Moves

    Forest Glenn gave up 6757 cause it's riding around Kedzie and Madison with the garage sign on it and Chicago (5) testing paper in the wwindshield
  13. It was lol now it's deadheading at 60th/cottage to the south shops
  14. I'm on board 7900 sb on the 2 @58th and Cottage Grove . As for my first ride aboard a 7900 it's more like the Mercedes Benz of Cta lol but its a cool ride . Going to south shops to bus spot again later tonight lol
  15. Kimball401

    More Bus Moves

    No one I think would imagine the 4300's with flip dots. They would break roughly give it take ..........3 months lol
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