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    More New Flyers

    No I haven't physically seen them in public. But I've been watching them on bustracker. I think CTA ordered them with 2 doors.
  2. NF#1994

    More Bus Moves

    Ok, Thanks. I think we can all say that Kedzie is Sharing responsibility with Chicago Garage. Chicago does'nt have artics! Hopefully Chicago receives some D60LFR. On bustracker i am currently watching 1627, 1187, 1644, 4009. I also took a Screenshot.
  3. NF#1994

    More New Flyers

    Um that's great news. Maybe CTA is scheduling a press appearance or they are preparing them for Jeffrey Jump wraps or they may be done programming them and preparing to shuffle the buses to the new refurbished garages. Chicago, 79th, NP, 103rd
  4. NF#1994

    More New Flyers

    Can someone please takes pictures of 4300-~ if you have the opportunity to. I also wonder what new livery Cta will use on the rebuilt #1000's. I have to say 1994 and 1272 are my favorite buses. Random thought :P
  5. NF#1994

    More New Flyers

    Hey all, today ive been tracker watching and i havent seen any new 4300's just older 4000's. The highest ive seen is 4102. Anyone know any updates on the 4300's ?
  6. Today i caught bus #1046 after missing a NOVA bus 6562 from Chicago Garage. The Nova broke down near California. Well anyway when i boarded #1046 the seats on the right hand side were odd because the two handicap seats had been replaced with a three seat fold up. The wheelchair mount seen on the newest D4OlF's built in 2009 have a separator and that was there by the three seats. Pretty much the bus had a nova's seating arrangement on the right hand side. The mount had blue leather with the cta default cushion pad. i wish i would have taken a photo but the bus was packed.
  7. NF#1994

    More Bus Moves

    Well if anyone is wondering i take the bus quite often and i live in oak park but most of the buses are based from Chicago garage and i have noticed a modest decrease in 1800's to 2000's and a increase in old new flyers. New flyers ranging from 1000's to 1400's. i have also seen 1125 and 1131 on route 72 North Ave. What i think CTA is doing is sending all the buses with the new seating arrangement that is on 1930-2029 to 79th for the red line shuttle program. There are only a small number of 2000's that i have witnessed from over 10 routes that run from Chicago in the past two weeks.
  8. hey thanks. but can you gie me a link to the exact page im suppoe to go to. Can you tell me where i shoul go
  9. As we have all heard in Chicago media all of CTA's 40 foot New Flyer's will be rehabbed. The brain wanders, what kind of livery will cta use ? will the stay with the same livery and what will change for these buses in the interior. Will cta bring back a small number of 6000's while they rehab the buses. if anyone can answer this question it will be grealty appreciated.
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