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  1. Hey guys, so I was on the Red Line train going towards Howard and I seen this construction over at Bryn Mawr. It definitely looks like the making of a passenger train platform and perhaps a station too. I have to guess that this is related to the planned reconstruction of the Bryn Mawr station? Will this be the temporary southbound platform for the next few years until the work is completed? And if so, what about the temporary northbound platform, will it be constructed over at that vacant space right on the southeast side of the bridge?
  2. Been over a year and the CTA still haven’t released any updated system maps. Anyone guess when the newest maps may be posted?
  3. My two guesses are maybe once it reaches the northbound terminus point at Rockwell/Addison, buses will make its trip back to the 74th Street Garage via Addison, Western, 69th, Damen & 74th. Or maybe for a faster trip it’ll take Addison to the I-94 and travel along it back to the south side. Those are just my best guesses on how not-of-service buses can back to the garage from that way.
  4. Here’s the link for the new schedules for #52, #94, & #157 https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/bus-tt_52.pdf https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/bus-tt_94.pdf https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/bus-tt_157.pdf Unfortunately, there’s no link for a page that provides all the PDFs for all the bus routes listed for the summer pick. The new schedules for them are available but you’ll have to look them up individually on their own pages.
  5. Does anyone know if there are any other changes/adjustments to bus and/or train service for the summer pick?
  6. I agree, there’s an extra bus bay at Logan Square that is barely used (unless it’s for shuttle buses), and that way, #52 passengers don’t lose their connection to the O’Hare branch of the Blue Line. But then it would be duplicating the #82 between Douglas Blvd (1400S) & Milwaukee Ave, which is 1/4 mile west of Kedzie. If the 94 was extended north of Addison, I would say have it terminate at Western Brown Line, going via California, Montrose, Western, Western Brown Line Terminal. There is a extra bay there that is also rarely used unless it’s for shuttles.
  7. I don’t understand why buses can’t just operate on 71st between Western and Damen, instead of have to do all those turns onto Western, then on 69th up to Damen. Just seems like a bit much...
  8. I remember still seeing sign like that around when I was younger, in the early-mid 00’s.
  9. It’s tentatively set to be in the summer pick next month, if they don’t choose to push it back further.
  10. The new O’Hare MMF has an ATS station. I believe this new facility will serve as the hub for Pace buses, and shuttle buses to all or most of the Lot & Terminals in the airport. Honestly I don’t know what gonna on with the reopening of the ATS. It was supposedly told fall 2019, and then postponed to early 2020, I’m betting now, that they’ll reopen it once the pandemic calms down. We’ll see.
  11. I think it’s just the closure of the ATS station in Lot E, the lot will still be open. Just not to Pace buses, I assume. I guess if you need to get to the lot, you’ll have to take an airport shuttle from the O’Hare Multi-Modal Facility once the Pace bus terminates.
  12. •I mean, it’s not like #1 has a low ridership rate. I used to take it all the time when I was living over in Bronzeville to get to work and they be packed morning & evening. •I can agree with an experimental extension of hours for #2, but maybe just adding midday serivice. •Because of ridership during most times of their operation, today, I would only suggest restoring X4 for an experimental test pilot to see if ridership pattern have improved for the route’s need. If successful, then maybe they could take a shot with a pilot for X3. •I don’t see a need for 6 & 26 to combine, it’ll just create more traveling time for those that may have time for a long trip. Both routes operate just fine as they are now. Hey •8A replacing 108 trips between 127th & 95th Red Line? Sounds like a plausible option. •X8 is not something I suggest, since Halsted is one of the more smaller streets throughout most of #8’s route. Larger & busier streets like Western or Ashland is one of the reasons why their X routes were restored. We already have N9, that runs between Norte Ave/Clark & 95th Red Line. Despite the mile gap, south of North Ave, there are a number of east-west routes that have owl you can take to compensate. •J14 is plausible, 15 doesn’t need that extension to make for a longer route than what it was meant to. •31 should have earlier service, starting at 5am or 5:30. Having revised service to rush hour only is not what I think the senior citizen community would have in mind since it usually them as passenger during the midday. They could improve frequency 20 minutes during rush hour and 30 minutes on off-peak hour. •Considering 39’s running frequency on weekends and holiday, 35 may serve commuter better in its current position when they don’t want to wait 30+ minutes for a 39 bus from either way. •47 did have owl serivce once before, I suppose it’s worth giving a chance. But perhaps start off with running between Kedzie Orange Line & 47th Red Line first, see how ridership is between that zone. •Despite it being only a weekday rush hour route, does 48 show the type of ridership that says it be eliminated? •I can yes to N49 buses extending to 87th so it can establish a connection with N87 buses. •51 could either be eliminated since the route basically has parallel service with #47, or combined with #43 as they both have short routes & low frequency. Maybe have it run between Kedzie Orange Line & 43rd/Oakenwald via Kedzie, 51st, Halsted, Root, Princeton, 43rd, Wentworth, 47th (Red Line), La Salle, 43rd, Oakenwald, 42nd Place, Berkeley, and so on and so forth. •There no need to create another unnecessary extended route. 52 & 52A operate just fine as their own routes and you can transfer between them between the Orange Line & 63rd. I will say since their reconstructing the route to end at Chicago Ave, they could take another experimental trial with extending the 52 from Chicago/Troy to the Logan Square Blue Line so that the bus could still have a connection to Blue Line trains. Not daily but start off the pilot on weekdays only. •54 doesn’t have any ridership demands for an extension like that. Once you go past south of Ford City, you basically are in Pace territory. Besides, Pace #383 pretty much holds decent ridership between Midway & 159th. •The 54A was actually originally selected to be eliminated as part of the CTA/Pace North Shore Coordination Plan, to be partially replace by Pace service on the 215 (which was and is still planned to be extended to Jefferson Park Blue Line) & a new express route running between Jefferson Park & Old Orchard Mall, but since it was last updated, it appears that the 54A will continue to operate for the foreseeable future. I don’t see no issues with the route, except that should be giving midday service and improved frequency during the rush hours. Because I work up in Skokie and I’m not a fan waiting 22-27 minutes in the morning and evening for a bus if I already missed one •There was an actual intention for CTA to combine 55A & 55N. Political differences however pretty much tossed that idea out the window. Don’t see reducing service on 62 that much will do wonders for ridership, plus you got that railroad crossing over near Archer/Knox so 62H be better not to be delay with those long waits when the crossing is down. I do agree that the Orange Line could be extended to run OWL service especially since its last extension of hours, but doesn’t the N62 or just 62 in general pretty much run parallel of the Orange Line? •79th street don’t have much of the form of demand that Jeffery Blvd has to initiate Jump service. They’re done fine with service along there anyways. I saw once on the RTAMS for a study along the 83rd Street Corridor, to run between the Walmart off of Holland/83rd and 92nd/Commercial. I think there could be a possibility for a 83rd street pilot, but between 79th/South Shore or 92nd/Commercial and either 87th/Damen or 79th/Western. •I think of there was ridership demands for the N87 to extend east of the Red Line, they would’ve given it a shot already... •The reason 94 was chosen to terminate at 74th/Damen was because it be only a block or two from the 74th Garage. But since 94 will be extended from Chicago to Addison, will they give the route extended hours to compensate? •I believe there’s talking of combining the 103 & 106 for the Red Line 130th Street Extension Project, since they’ll be adding a train stop at 103rd. •Not enough ridership on 111 or 112 to consider a merge like that, plus it’ll just be adding extra travel time that is unnecessary. Plus it seems like a unnecessary reconstruction. •To get the Green Line that above ground, would cost quite a penny, you’d probably have to hire some real professional foundation builders. I think I once heard a proposal for the South Chicago Branch of the Metra Electric to be transferred to CTA property, have a “Gray Line” that runs between downtown & 93rd street. •I’m honestly indifferent on the Red Line South Extension Project.... •I agree with 44 being extended north. It can either terminate at Clinton Blue Line or at the farthest, the Oglivie Metra Staion. Also think the 44 should serve the Ashland/63rd station to connect with Green Line trains. •There definitely be too much congestion on Elston for bus service. I think 41 fits better. But they could have a pilot on Clybourn (there is definitely more shopping landmarks now then before along the street), start with weekday service between Union Station & Belmont Blue Line via Belmont, Clybourn, Division, (southbound) Wells, Wacker, Randolph, Clinton, Union Station TC, (northbound) Canal, Lake, Wacker, Orleans, and so on. •The 157 is already set to be extended to Pulaski hopefully in the summer (originally was suppose to be last month but then the spring pick got postponed). • Don’t see the Red & Blue Line express idea as plausible. •Brown Line could run experimental owl service between Kimball and Belmont, since there’s only a 3-4 hour gap between service ending and beginning in the morning. ———————————————————- I only have two current proposal of service enhancements that the CTA could look into, which is... •Adding OWL (Overnight) service on the #155. Once you go north of Lawrence, there no east-west OWL routes. •#53 extending from Pulaski/Peterson to Devon/Kedzie, allowing connections with #11, #82, #96 & #155. I had something for Pace too, but maybe later. Any questions, concerns, comments, feel free to be open on them.
  13. #330 been serving Rosemont since August last year, when the #326 route was discontinued.
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