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  1. New alert on the CTA website for fall picks is up, set to go into effect on Sunday September 1st. Not much to expect for the autumn except for earlier service hours for #31, and improved Saturday service frequency of #66. The known alerts are stated below as well as the link: https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/bus-status/?Page=Upcoming #31 31st Impact: Service Change Tuesday, September 03, 2019 to TBD Full Description: How does this affect my trip? Weekday morning rush period service will start three hours earlier: • The first westbound weekday trip will leave 35th/Rhodes earlier, at 6:30am instead of 10am. • The first eastbound weekday trip will leave the Ashland Orange Line station earlier, at 7am instead of 10am. Why is service being changed? Service hours are being changed to provide expanded, more convenient service for customers, increase access to local points of interest, and improve travel options. #66 Chicago Impact: Service Change Saturday, September 07, 2019 to TBD Full Description: How does this affect my trip? On Saturdays, increased service frequency will operate as follows: • Eastbound service leaving Chicago/Austin, will operate every 7 to 9 minutes instead of every 9 to 12 minutes from 7am to 12pm. • Westbound service leaving Navy Pier, will operate every 5 to 8.5 minutes instead of every 6 to 10 minutes from 12pm to 6pm. Why is service being changed? Frequency is being changed to match demand and ridership patterns.
  2. If so, I’ve yet to know which ones. What you mean tomorrow? You mean it be revealed the bus routes scheduled for the fall adjustments?
  3. It’s 215 that’s go to Jefferson Park, not 213. I believe the 641 will run every 30 minutes.
  4. I see. Then the discontinuation of the 54A will likely execute in the December pick. Well in the final report they verified that Phase 2 would begin between mid to late 2019. Technically Phase 2 has already started with the route change of Pace #215 running via Skokie Blvd, Church Ave, & Crawford Ave, which was actually part of the service change summary of the Pace/CTA North Shore Transit Coordination Plan.
  5. Oh, you meant on here. I thought you mean on the official CTA website. But yeah, I posted the forum.
  6. It’s the new Pace route that cover service of the 54A between the Skokie Courthouse and Cicero/Touhy. And where did you see this on the CTA website?
  7. Forum will contain upcoming updates on bus services for the fast-coming autumn 2019 season. At the moment, this is all that’s currently known/confirmed for fall changes: •24 - Wentworth: Routing between Clark/Archer and Wentworth/Cermak will be altered to operate via Wentworth, Archer, Clark and no longer operate via Wentworth, Cermak, Clark. This will go into effect on Monday, August 5th. •31 - 31st: Service hours will be revised for buses to begin running between 6am-6:30am instead of 10am. This will go into effect sometime in September. •54A - N. Cicero/Skokie Blvd: The route will be discontinued and service along the route will be partially be covered by Pace bus routes 215 & the new 641. While no date of initiation has yet to be announced, this will reportedly go in effect between September-November.
  8. New alerts for routes 330 & 331 have been posted on the site. Link below if you wish to view the full service change notice that will be implemented on August 11th & 12th: •All 330 trips will begin to serve the Rosemont CTA Blue Line Station along its route. •Certainly weekday trips for 331 will have buses serving to and from the La Grange Road Metra/Amtrak Station. http://pacebus.com/sub/schedules/route_notice_detail.asp?Notice_ID=1619
  9. I have to agree on this one. For local Milwaukee Ave. riders to wait every hour for a regular 270 bus may not have been the best idea for Pace to go with, especially with the seniors that require to to take it to senior citizen homes along the route and some of them aren’t close to a Pulse stop. It would’ve been more reasonable to set buses for every 30 minutes at the least for local riders, not a whole hour.
  10. It’s the new bus route that’ll replace CTA 54A - N. Cicero/Skokie Blvd, or at least partially replace service of it. The 54A is being discontinued before year’s end. This new bus route will run the soon-to-be-gone 54A segment between the Skokie Courthouse and Cicero/Touhy. At Touhy, buses will run express to the Jefferson Park Blue Line terminal via the I-94, Foster Ave, & Milwaukee Ave. The 215 is being changed to end at Jefferson Park as well by extending service along Crawford south of Howard St to Peterson then Cicero, Foster, and Milwaukee. So the 215 will cover service on Cicero between Foster & Peterson, and the 641 will cover service between Touhy and the Skokie Court. Other than that, there will be no bus service on Cicero between Peterson & Touhy, and Foster & Montrose.
  11. True. But that’s what I saw on the website.
  12. Routes 330 & 331 will be getting enhancements due the discontinuation of routes 304 & 326 (which August 9th will be their last day of service). Currently it is unknown if the changes will involve the routing or the service hours. We should receive news for that soon.
  13. Looks like Phase 2 of the NSCP is beginning. On Sunday August 11th, #215 is having its route realigned between Golf/Skokie & Crawford/Church, which will beginning running via Golf Rd, Skokie Blvd, Church Ave, Crawford Ave. At the moment, it’s southbound terminus point is still at Howard Terminal, not yet Jefferson Park. That’s probably come later in the fall. http://pacebus.com/sub/schedules/route_notice_detail.asp?Notice_ID=1603
  14. New alert available for service changes to Pace Route #270, beginning Sunday, August 11 along with the launch of the Pulse service on Milwaukee Avenue. http://pacebus.com/sub/schedules/route_notice_detail.asp?Notice_ID=1597
  15. I heard a rumor that phase 2 of the North Shore Transit Coordination Plan will be put into effect in September. If so, then we should be getting information regarding Pace Routes 210, 215, 225, 226 & CTA Route 54A sometime during the summer.
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