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  1. #330 been serving Rosemont since August last year, when the #326 route was discontinued.
  2. New Flyer 20406 northbound on #330 at Rosemont CTA Blue Line.
  3. Any word on which Pace division will get them first?
  4. I know, I was just explaining how 52 & 82 are close to one another. However, I was also going to point out that perhaps having it run to Logan Square daily wasn’t what I had in mind. Maybe extended to Logan on weekdays only, as a test pilot to determine if adding service on Kedzie better Logan Square Station and Chicago will prove to have been needed & beneficial or not.
  5. Yeah, I get it. As I said, one of the upsides would be saving people a transfer at Chicago to get 52 going north. And yeah, couldn’t hurt giving Kedzie between Chicago and Milwaukee some bus service. Plus Logan Square has an extra bus bay in the terminal that the 52 could use. But I can understand why CTA would most likely not do that, since 52 already has some adjacent service with the 82 on Kimball-Homan Avenues (just 1/4 mile west of Kedzie).
  6. I figured that’s what you really meant.
  7. Considering it’s near Mount Sinai Hospital on Ogden & the Cook County Circuit Court/Prison on 26th, not too surprising.
  8. I can possibly see the #157 extension being successful. I been told that Ogden west of California was being demanded bus service along the street being some local residents for some time now. So this could be a promising opportunity. Now with the #52 & #94, I’m not all 100% with that. Is there really reason to shorten the route along #52 when does fine as it is? It should at least terminate a little more north of Kedzie/Chicago, perhaps at Milwaukee/Kedzie (Logan Square Blue Line) to still maintain a connection to Blue Line trains. But that’s just how I see it, have to wait and see the result on that. The #94, I think the bus have to many turning points along the route as it. I suppose it would save riders time & money for those going to Chicago Ave to transfer to the #52 continuing north on California but that about all I can see on that one.
  9. Well, I mean the 226 still technically can connect with Metra trains, just only at Dee Road instead of connecting at Des Plaines.
  10. I was just over by the Western (O’Hare) Blue Line station and I notice that they got down the red bus lanes (like the ones use for the Loop Link downtown) on Western from Bloomingdale to Armitage.
  11. New alert on the CTA website for fall picks is up, set to go into effect on Sunday September 1st. Not much to expect for the autumn except for earlier service hours for #31, and improved Saturday service frequency of #66. The known alerts are stated below as well as the link: https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/bus-status/?Page=Upcoming #31 31st Impact: Service Change Tuesday, September 03, 2019 to TBD Full Description: How does this affect my trip? Weekday morning rush period service will start three hours earlier: • The first westbound weekday trip will leave 35th/Rhodes earlier, at 6:30am instead of 10am. • The first eastbound weekday trip will leave the Ashland Orange Line station earlier, at 7am instead of 10am. Why is service being changed? Service hours are being changed to provide expanded, more convenient service for customers, increase access to local points of interest, and improve travel options. #66 Chicago Impact: Service Change Saturday, September 07, 2019 to TBD Full Description: How does this affect my trip? On Saturdays, increased service frequency will operate as follows: • Eastbound service leaving Chicago/Austin, will operate every 7 to 9 minutes instead of every 9 to 12 minutes from 7am to 12pm. • Westbound service leaving Navy Pier, will operate every 5 to 8.5 minutes instead of every 6 to 10 minutes from 12pm to 6pm. Why is service being changed? Frequency is being changed to match demand and ridership patterns.
  12. If so, I’ve yet to know which ones. What you mean tomorrow? You mean it be revealed the bus routes scheduled for the fall adjustments?
  13. It’s 215 that’s go to Jefferson Park, not 213. I believe the 641 will run every 30 minutes.
  14. I see. Then the discontinuation of the 54A will likely execute in the December pick. Well in the final report they verified that Phase 2 would begin between mid to late 2019. Technically Phase 2 has already started with the route change of Pace #215 running via Skokie Blvd, Church Ave, & Crawford Ave, which was actually part of the service change summary of the Pace/CTA North Shore Transit Coordination Plan.
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