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  1. After almost 2 years, the RTA System Map has finally been updated to present time. Link is below if you want to check it out. https://rtachicago.org/sites/default/files/documents/planyourtrip/RTA-System-Map.pdf
  2. Saw #6861 westbound on the #92, and #6871 WB on #84 this morning on my way to work.
  3. Maybe, although they haven’t changed the westbound signs for the #157, as they still say buses run to “late evening” not early evening.
  4. Perhaps, but that probably won’t happen. The eastbound buses themselves are already announcing “Route: 92. Foster. To Bryn Mawr Red Line.”
  5. Updated bus stops for the #81 & #92. The #81 signs were taken at the Wilson Red Line station. Although for the dual route sign for westbound buses... Dunno how someone didn’t catch that mistake 😅 #92 was taken at Foster/Damen. You can see the map shows the route going eastbound on Bryn Mawr instead of Berwyn. Although it still says it goes to Berwyn, not Bryn Mawr.
  6. On the #603 now, running on #66 - Chicago. Feels different from riding on a bus like a Nova or New Flyer. 😅 64253797171__4533A3EE-D093-4B2E-9E68-5093D57535C6.MOV
  7. Well what about the #92? If it most likely going to reroute to serve Bryn Mawr, where at the station will it terminus point be. At the main entrance (which will soon only be for northbound train entry) or the new temporary southbound entrance on Broadway! My guess is the probably the second one.
  8. Looks about ready, but they’re probably making some final touches, maybe
  9. Was that what was confirmed or what you heard? Because otherwise I’d would think there would be alerts and signs up about it by now. So I’m guessing the next phase won’t start for a few more weeks.
  10. I’m guessing #81 will be rerouted to serve the Wilson Red/Purple Lines Station when Lawrence closes. #92, most likely Bryn Mawr when Berwyn closes up.
  11. I can agree that the 44 could be extended to have it north terminus point at the Blue Line, unfortunately I would not advise Clinton to be the best area to do so. Perhaps it could instead terminate at Racine Blue Line, while still serving its route to the Halsted Orange Line in both directions. Operating north of the Orange Line via Halsted, Cermak, Racine up the Blue Line at Congress then have the buses clockwise turn via Racine, Jackson, Aberdeen, Van Buren, & back on Racine to layover in front of the Blue Line station. There are points of interest along the way such as the University of
  12. Random thought: Do you think #50 Damen bus, it should be given later operating service, southbound? Not all the way to the Orange Line, but at least up to the Blue Line on North Ave., have southbound service extended from 10pm to 11pm. There are 3 other buses that arrive at Clark/Edgewater between 10pm and 11pm. After the last one to the Orange Line leaves, up to 11pm those buses could give extra evening service for commuters from Edgewater to North Ave (Blue Line). I don’t know if anyone else has ever had this thought or similar. Just thought I bring it up. Thoughts?
  13. The 330 and the 331 actually. The 331 had service changes to add partial alternate service to replace the discontinued 304 that replaced service between La Grange Metra & 1st Ave./31st St., the map doesn’t reflect the change for either routes.
  14. Looks like they finally updated the map on the CTA website, although the newest one up there now is for June 2020. 💁🏾‍♂️ https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/ctamap_SystemMap.pdf
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