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    As a transit enthusiast since I was 6, I always wanted to pursue my interests by being part of the Cta whether being a rail operator or bus driver. It's not easy though but it's worth a challenge.
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    New Flyer D40LF/DE40LF/D60LFR (4333-99), Flyer D901A (9800s), GM New Looks (300s/7400s/9600s), MAN Americana and Articulated (7300s), Flxible Metro (5646, 5730, 5741-5764, 6305-6329), Nova Bus LFS 2nd Gen, NABI Ikarus 416 (Pace 2205, 2251, and 2270), Orion I and VI (Pace 6059, 6064, 6071, 6151, and 6156), Nova Classic (Pace 2379-2400), NABI LFW-40 (Pace 6262-6322 x-6313)
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    Morrison-Knudson 3200-series and Budd 2200-series

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  1. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    Yes indeed. I'm looking forward to see that when it opens.
  2. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    Well, I haven't heard anything crazy going on up there but I will say that nothing happened to me everytime I go out there.
  3. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    @BusHunter It's beautiful at night!
  4. New Eldorados?

    17521 is confirmed. Spotted it after the holiday.
  5. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Sorry guys but my new job has been taking up a toll as of lately and I'm in the process of getting a camera soon because of storage conflict with my phone.
  6. CTA Community Bus

    I should ban you for one day for not seeing that number! Just kidding!
  7. CTA Bus Rapid Transit (take two)

    Yeah, that article is 100% based on opinion instead of news but I'll allow it for other members can state their opinions about it.
  8. More Bus Moves

    What happened to #1821???
  9. More Bus Moves

    #1803 is on #82 right now.
  10. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    That's a fair observation but I only spotted one on J14 so far this week.
  11. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    Wanted to give you all heads up that #4095 and #4102 JUMP wraps were stripped. That may indicate that the rehabilitation will be underway soon.
  12. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    Thanks for the info!!! Seat upholstery???
  13. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    Thanks! I know it's 322X but they might have been rehabbed already!
  14. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    Spotted fully rehabbed #3221-22 being tested inside Kimball Yard today.
  15. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    It's fully rehabbed #3451-52. I saw 3223-24 but shockingly it's not rehabbed at all.