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  1. And no wonder why I can't update the rehab information on the 4000s page.
  2. I would have to check at grade level south of Gresham to verify.
  3. To come to think about it, you're probably right.
  4. Alright people, so I'm doing some train spotting on 16th and Clinton (BNSF) and spotted #7458, #7465, #7471 and #7492 retorfitted with those new seats.
  5. Only one lane is closed on the NB side everyday and two lanes closed on the SB side during late nights. Indeed, the southbound track has been removed. However they have to replace the northbound track (in order to push back the crossover tracks entering/departing the yard) after the southbound one is put back in place.
  6. New Metra F40 Locomotive #217 was spotted today on the Rock Island Line while I was driving on the Dan Ryan. The weird part about it that it was disabled allowing #184 to be the lead locomotive.
  7. #6975 is now in service.
  8. By the way guys the capacity of the Heritage Garage is approximately 60 based off the garage is 55,000 square feet.
  9. Looks like the first phase of the 95th St Reconstruction has more grounds broken.
  10. Unsubstantiated posts have been removed. Please be mindful of others before you post. Also, please keep it civil in regards of the schedule/route changes near Union Station.
  11. Gentlemen, mark this is your notes because #3329-30 are fully rehabbed including the new digital run number box.
  12. Speaking of 5 years, so far there's no indication of any precurement of anything. All we hear is electric buses but what the hell...... It might be another 5 years of them running.
  13. I was driving to Walmart in Country Club Hills and spotted about 6-7 Novas including #6662 parked at a secured site between 163rd-165th and Pulaski-Crawford. Any reason why they're there???
  14. @Master58 Please maintain your composure inside the forum. It's ok to dispute CTA operations by the choice of your words but anything extra isn't necessary. Try not to stress about it. @jajuan like my mom always say, "keep a cool head would ya".
  15. Exactly! I'm guessing the they couldn't afford to make that happen but that's going to haunt them on the long run if this route fail.