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  1. @sw4400 @BusHunter I need one of you or both to pm me so I can provide an updated roster for the Blue, Orange, and Brown Lines.
  2. Spotted 20452 in Tennessee while I was driving to Florida last week.
  3. I was about to say mid-life rehabs on the 5000s but yeah, can’t couple 5s and 7s due to two different technologies and systems. It wouldn’t be a good idea in this era at all.
  4. There are talks about working with Blue, Red, Green, Brown, and Orange Lines about car assignments. The Blue Line are supposed to get the remaining 3200s from the Brown Line by the end of this year in an equal exchange for the 2600s and possibly receive up to 100-120 5000s from Red and Green Lines when there’s a good amount of 7000s on the rails. Brown and Orange Lines are projected be fully 2600s around next year to ease on the mileage and preparation for retirement due to the fact that it’s easy and efficient to transfer all of them to Skokie Shops for scrapping preparations. 7000s are proje
  5. 3293 3295 3389 3391 3393 and 3405 Blue Line
  6. 3269 3313 3367 and 3371 Blue Line
  7. Until they build substations and do a major overhaul south from Racine towards Forest Park, the Blue Line isn’t getting any new equipment nor having 5000s run on a consistent basis. The track conditions are at an alarming rate of deterioration.
  8. Yes it did. It’s currently at Skokie Shops.
  9. Blue Line 3200s: 3201-3203, 3207-3213, 3217-3227, 3231-3233, 3237-3261, 3265, 3271-3281, 3287, 3293, 3299-3303, 3307-3309, 3315-3319, 3327-3335, 3341-48, 3353, 3357, 3365, 3381, 3395, 3407-3411, and 3421-3429 Brown Line 2600s: 2601, 2607, 2611, 2627, 2663, 2671, 2677, 2751, 2767, 2777, 2853, 2885, 2989, 3015-3017, 3027, 3037, 3063, 3079, 3105, 3111, 3119, 3141, and 3183
  10. Unsubstantiated posts have been removed. Please be considerate and respectful towards each other in this forum.
  11. 7900s page has been updated. https://chicagobus.org/buses/7900-nova
  12. That’s a negative mate @Aiden Tabucic, especially due to fact that I’m a CTA rail employee and absolutely no phones are allowed on the training floors.
  13. Hey, make sure you had @mel bernero permission to use this photo.
  14. It’s currently at 89th Training Facility as I speak.
  15. So far, No 8325s are on the road yet but I’m currently at 89th Street Training Facility and #8339 and #7900 are there.
  16. What the hell???? Who would’ve thought about doing this??? @BusHunter
  17. So far we have at least 40 3200s.
  18. It’s official! 3207/08 - 3221/22 - 3245/46 - 3249/50 - 3251/52 - 3257/58 - 3259/60 - 3279/80 are part of the Blue Line fleet @BusHunter
  19. I handle this by contacting him myself. @Aiden Tabucic Please refrain from spamming anything that relates to the Bus Tracker from this point on.
  20. It’s begins when every qualified operator, switchmen, and supervisors are successfully trained to operate them. There’s no set date.
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