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  1. I forgot to mention yesterday that #4186 is a troubled bus due to a burned spot sustained on the right side near the back tire. The cause of that burn is unknown and I couldn't take a shot because I would be trespassing on CTA property (the entrance where 77th's not in service buses enter at on 79th).
  2. Spotted fully rehabbed #3221-22 being tested inside Kimball Yard today.
  3. It's fully rehabbed #3451-52. I saw 3223-24 but shockingly it's not rehabbed at all.
  4. Got it!
  5. Hmmm, that means #4167 is coming back from the dead after that deadly accident downtown.
  6. Don't forget #1147 also. Some knucklehead operater plowed it towards a plow truck inside 74th Garage.
  7. Under the circumstances of deadly investigations involving CTA vehicles, expect #1805 being OOS for at least two years depending on the severity of the damage sustained. I'll check up on it once I can get a close up at the Shop.
  8. #3255-56 were at Kimball Yard when I saw it last week. Lol little bit of glare???
  9. Well, I guess my current train was the culprit of which train was the sick passenger on.
  10. About damn time!!!
  11. Shame!!!
  12. I decided to take some shots of the construction @ Ravenswood. It seems to me that the outbound station is going to look very extraordinary after completion. There's a new partial viaduct @ Leland with very bright lights underneath.
  13. It's on your list.
  14. Thanks!
  15. And sometimes surpass single railroad crossing on North Ave adjacent to Chicago River.
  16. Did they use to do that with 606-600-600-606-616???
  17. No information about it so far.
  18. Gotcha.
  19. The million dollar question is, for how long???
  20. That would be very weird to see #1590 at 74th due to the fact that 74th's 1500 block ends at #1551. However, that bus should be at Forest Glen. I swear NP and FG are getting weird with these borrow swaps as of lately.
  21. I saw three sets but couldn't see the numbers.
  22. @BusHunter You can add #3255-56 as a full rehab with LED run boxes. They look too damn fresh out of rehab sitting at Kimball Yard yesterday.
  23. Well, while #1918 still at Forest Glen along with #1720 is on #68 (weird), #1848, #1896, and #1931 are back at North Park.
  24. Ummm why is #1590 on #93 right now??? #1848 and #1918 are on #86 while #1931 (Well I'll be damned) is on #68! #1896 is on #85.
  25. Correct, but a twenty-car berth???