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  1. 17521 is confirmed. Spotted it after the holiday.
  2. Sorry guys but my new job has been taking up a toll as of lately and I'm in the process of getting a camera soon because of storage conflict with my phone.
  3. I should ban you for one day for not seeing that number! Just kidding!
  4. Yeah, that article is 100% based on opinion instead of news but I'll allow it for other members can state their opinions about it.
  5. What happened to #1821???
  6. I forgot to mention yesterday that #4186 is a troubled bus due to a burned spot sustained on the right side near the back tire. The cause of that burn is unknown and I couldn't take a shot because I would be trespassing on CTA property (the entrance where 77th's not in service buses enter at on 79th).
  7. #1803 is on #82 right now.
  8. That's a fair observation but I only spotted one on J14 so far this week.
  9. Wanted to give you all heads up that #4095 and #4102 JUMP wraps were stripped. That may indicate that the rehabilitation will be underway soon.
  10. Thanks for the info!!! Seat upholstery???
  11. Thanks! I know it's 322X but they might have been rehabbed already!
  12. Spotted fully rehabbed #3221-22 being tested inside Kimball Yard today.
  13. It's fully rehabbed #3451-52. I saw 3223-24 but shockingly it's not rehabbed at all.
  14. Got it!
  15. Hmmm, that means #4167 is coming back from the dead after that deadly accident downtown.
  16. Don't forget #1147 also. Some knucklehead operater plowed it towards a plow truck inside 74th Garage.
  17. Under the circumstances of deadly investigations involving CTA vehicles, expect #1805 being OOS for at least two years depending on the severity of the damage sustained. I'll check up on it once I can get a close up at the Shop.
  18. #3255-56 were at Kimball Yard when I saw it last week. Lol little bit of glare???
  19. Well, I guess my current train was the culprit of which train was the sick passenger on.
  20. About damn time!!!
  21. Shame!!!
  22. I decided to take some shots of the construction @ Ravenswood. It seems to me that the outbound station is going to look very extraordinary after completion. There's a new partial viaduct @ Leland with very bright lights underneath.
  23. It's on your list.
  24. Thanks!
  25. And sometimes surpass single railroad crossing on North Ave adjacent to Chicago River.