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  1. Random Metra

    I decided to take some shots of the construction @ Ravenswood. It seems to me that the outbound station is going to look very extraordinary after completion. There's a new partial viaduct @ Leland with very bright lights underneath.
  2. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    I forgot to mention yesterday that #4186 is a troubled bus due to a burned spot sustained on the right side near the back tire. The cause of that burn is unknown and I couldn't take a shot because I would be trespassing on CTA property (the entrance where 77th's not in service buses enter at on 79th).
  3. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    The only time you have to requalify as a motorman is when you're out of service for over 1-3 months. Now I don't know what's going to happen when the 7000s arrive but I'm not getting any help with any information from the rail supervisors, managers, and instructers.
  4. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    That is incorrect. You have to learn all railcar series in motor school.
  5. New Eldorados?

    Up to #6781 so far.
  6. Pace Bus Moves

  7. Pace Bus Moves

    #6253 and #6255 are at West.
  8. Pace Bus Moves

    #6258 is at West.
  9. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    Are you asking how long it takes for Lyft to pick up a passenger?
  10. 4 car Yellow Line train

    It's called a door cut out. You have to use the MUDC (Multiple Unit Door Control) key to lock the doors from the inside that are not berthed on the platform. This is standard for troubleshooting defective doors.
  11. Random CTA

    Last 3 posts have moved to this topic.
  12. New Eldorados?

    North is up to #6759 so far.
  13. Pace Bus Moves

    #6224 is back at West.
  14. New Eldorados?

    #6752 and #6754 have begun service.
  15. Pace Bus Moves

    #6227 is back at West.
  16. More Bus Moves

    4000s Rehabs playing a factor.
  17. garmon757

    Forgot to mention that I was officially qualified two days after Christmas. Sorry for the late post but I’ve been busy mostly working overnights. I’m officially working on the Forest Park Branch via the extra board until the universal system pick (around late March to early April).
  18. garmon757

    I decided to create this topic to give all of you an opportunity to express your opinions about me. It can be positive/negative feedback (transit related), what you like and don't like about me, what do I need to improve on, etc. The doors are open.
  19. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Hell, if Forest Park can allow Pace operators and K-9 guards inside the train room then it seems like any terminal can!
  20. Pace Bus Moves

    Well well #6237 is turning back the clock by coming back to West. Just spotted it on 318.
  21. New Eldorados?

    @Ricky Rodriguez Confirmed! #6741-45 have begun service.
  22. New Eldorados?

    Seems reasonable but it’s been quite a while since Fox Valley had 40 footers.
  23. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    @andrethebusman Can you please stick with the community guidelines because you last few post is making me wonder, “What on earth am I reading?
  24. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    If you had an opportunity to bring back a route and/or segment of a route, which route(s) would you choose and why? (You can also include a night owl route, express route, Pace route, or you can create an extension and/or cut a segment towards a current CTA/Pace route.) My answer is: 49 Western to be extended to 95th/The Plaza but end at 79th after The Plaza closes. I feel like since 49A South Western was discontinued last year it has been very inconvenient traveling the The Plaza. The 349 is optional but some people don't like paying extra fare if they have a 1 or $28 7-day pass. Why not have some flexibility? 48 South Damen only runs during AM/PM rush hours to The Plaza in which that's not convenient enough for traveling. It should just originate back to 87th.
  25. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    I’ll accept your source. Thank you for providing it.