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  1. Is it just me... [Or: a discussion on bus design]

    On the subject of bus design, MCI has just developed the D45 CRT LE, which, in a twist on the original RTS, has a low entrance at the center with a wheelchair ramp, and a lower vestibule with 5 seats and 2 wheelchair restraints. I'm not sure how a TA is to collect fares at the center door, unless this is supposed to be used in prepaid fare areas, but seems the ideal vehicle for CTA route 22 service to Northbrook Court (just kidding, or am I?). Also, back windows are coming back.
  2. Orion Corporation Out of Business

    That's over, as REV Group (the parent of Eldorado National) says that it "has been awarded the Daimler AG’s bus division North American sales rights to Setra Brand Coaches." Update: New Flyer's take.
  3. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Statistic demonstrates that you and @stormgasherc were correct that the major passenger traffic generator is IIT, not "the elderly doing their errands," the latter being similar to those who said that the sheltered workshop would sustain 11. To get back to @stormgasherc's point on promotion, the next consumer research that should be done by CTA is whether the service hours conform to demand at IIT, such as whether there are students in Bridgeport who have to get to 8 a.m. class, or is it mostly a dorm population that is going for lunch. Shows that CTA was able to come up with the match for JARC-NF on this route.
  4. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    I'm done with this. If all you can do is ramble, instead of answering a simple question (you did not answer why CTA should run 352 or if an artic can run there, and what the capital cost would be at the TC), there is no use pursuig it.
  5. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Again, you are evading. The question posed is what justification is there for CTA to run it? If you are saying the sole justification for CTA to run it is that CTA has surplus artics., then you have to answer such questions as whether artics will fit in the bays of the Harvey TC, or whether CTA would have to pay big bucks to remodel Pace property. One would also have to take into account that CTA's attempts to run artics on 66 and 79 apparently failed, and whether those reasons would also apply here. You also seem to imply that Pace is incapable of running the route as it has structured it, and is incompetent to participate in the South Halsted Coordination Project. And also that it was improvident in just putting new equipment on the route (that was the basis of my CNG comment), something CTA is frequently guilty of.
  6. The Breakdown Thread

    Do you even read what you quote, which was:
  7. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    May I repeat, if you didn't get the message the first time: [T]he community guidelines say Backup facts and explain your positions. If making a statement of fact, always provide supporting evidence. For opinions or suggestions, always provide justification for your position. For example, do not suggest changes to CTA routes or operations without providing reasonable justification. What are the facts (passenger generators, revenue sources, existence of resources) to justify your fantasy? Not the strawman that the CTA, after at least 10 years, finally did the right thing on the North Shore (especially since it also has a coordination project on S. Halsted).
  8. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    No, it shouldn't. It doesn't have the resources. Is CTA going to come up with 25 CNG buses? There is a coordination project going, and besides, the only justification for 108 (and it is a big justification) is that north of 127th has too heavy ridership to turn it over to Pace. And since the community guidelines say Backup facts and explain your positions. If making a statement of fact, always provide supporting evidence. For opinions or suggestions, always provide justification for your position. For example, do not suggest changes to CTA routes or operations without providing reasonable justification. You haven't complied with them.
  9. Watch this

    25 years later, a split run would have been the least of her worries if she were still driving, except that she indicated thaf she would have been retired for 15 years. I could bring up, by comparison, yesterday's Greyhound incident, but on further reflection, I won't.
  10. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    You were the one who somehow turned the topic of this thread from "why is/isn't CTA running in suburbs" into some rant about the suburbs hate Chicago because of white flight in the 1960s. You also made a factually incorrect statement that CTA did not poach Pace bus lines, based on streeetcar and Insull history, notwithstanding the incidents I mentioned that happened in the 2000s. Instead of facing how that would be irrelevant in 2018 to running 12 to Hillside or Wheaton (I suppose in your mind, the only reason 8A doesn't run to Chicago Heights is white racism), you just spent maybe 20 minutes typing a historical discourse that's irrelevant, because you lost track of what you started. ...which should end it.
  11. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Read my prior posts about the demographics of the south suburbs. The signs in windows in Calumet City for "HERE TO STAY" are long gone.Those people are long dead, too. Instead there are signs for Harold's Chicken Shack and carnicerias. If they hate the city and prefer Pace, it isn't because they fled in the 1960s. It's for such reasons as that Chicago public housing was torn down and not replaced, and many got Section 8 vouchers to move to the suburbs. More recent flight seems to be that gang wars have made Chatham, South Shore and similar areas unlivable. For instance, Suburban Stats says Calumet City is 70% Black, 19% White, and 15% Hispanic. Dolton is 90% Black. South Holland in 74% black.Blue Island is 30% Black and 47% Hispanic.Olympia Fields is 66% Black. Jesse Jackson Jr's district was extended out there, but it appear that the current congresswoman, Robin Kelly of Olympia Fields, is actually representative of her constituents. An example of such flight is that Englewood has become so depopulated that they want to close 4 high schools now and replace them with one high school later. (Sun Times source) Population is on the decline in Chicago; only places that appear to have growth are near north and Little Village. The state's population is down too. As I indicated, I don't think that news has made it down to you in Vero Beach, but the statistics bear out what anyone recently in the south suburbs has seen.
  12. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    That really is the question on whether the marketing is properly directed. Office workers don't seem to be the market, which is where most traditional transit was focused. The 31st flyer implied that there was a market for IIT, under 8, Study hard. The rest seems a bit unfocused, except perhaps for Mariano's on either end. By comparison, the Lincoln marketing materials indicated that CTA thought the marginal rider (where they were going to get the 1000 riders per day they didn't get) were going to the spa, Trader Joes, the bike shop etc., essentially whatever the current term is for yuppies. Didn't work. But this was the distinction I was trying to make in reply to @stormgasherc. Promotion isn't generating more costs; demand has to be identified through market research. Errands may be one market, IIT students appear to be another. They aren't relying on people going to Sox Park in this weather.
  13. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    The point of difference is that your facts re stuff basically after 2000 are incorrect. Not a matter of interpretation.
  14. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    I wanted to add something encouraging. Based on the numbers in the press release, 31 is doing better (as of Nov. 2017) with essentially two buses than the 11 extension ever did with 6 additional buses. That may be one reason the proposal was made to the board to extend the pilot.
  15. New Eldorados?

    Last time you said there was an order number, the same order number with an A, another order number, and the second order number with an A,. and you asked what that meant. I told you. Also, what you have above is incorrect, as the first contract was for a base of 88 and an option for the rest up to 6144, and there was a separate contract advertised for 11 buses (needed when Pace took over operation of Pauline routes and moved some Nova Classics to them), which somehow became 17. That is based on the pacebus.com Contracts Awards page of that time. Also, 6156 was delivered with 6157-61 in about 2004. I'm still waiting for your links to the minutes you say I will undoubtedly find. If such existed, we wouldn't be waiting for @Pace831 to go to Chandler, and both he and I going to South Holland, to scope out such things as the 6522s and 6700s showing up, or that the Pulse buses were in the South Holland parking lot way before they made it to NW. But, a search of this forum indicates that what you asserted exists never did. Maybe you should admit when you are wrong.