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  1. Must be this story. I don't recall that being mentioned before.
  2. I had thought that someone at CTA couldn't count with 424 of series 7900-8324, but you are correct that 77th shows 7901-7999, and it isn't on the LTH list. I was going to guess something about demonstrators, but CTA did order 425 buses. The old 2 #1000s conundrum?
  3. As I noted above, in the case of 79th, the heaviest portion is a 2 lane road. If they were going to build a bus bump out (and accommodate artics) it would have to be about 50 feet long. I also assume on the far side (so as to use TSP), which would make it difficult to make a right turn onto 79th. And, of course, while the bus is stopped, traffic behind it (including other buses) is not moving. Only real solution is what they did on Stony Island from 69th to 67th*--burn it down and then there will be room to widen the street. _______ *I remember when there was an old time gas station at around 69th and the road narrowed, and then to get to Cornell Drive, a car would have to squeeze to the right of a CTA safety island.
  4. At least it isn't Durbin dumping $5 million on some study on the "Western Corridor," which only came up with something no one could swallow. But I understand he has other concerns at the moment. So let me take a stab at it. The route works fairly well west of Western, where there is a divided street and little demand until Ford City. It doesn't work east of Halsted, which is a 2 lane street until Stony Island and has 4 way stops where it doesn't have traffic lights. Banning parking in front of Reggio's Pizza no longer works, because Yelp says it closed. Need something like widening the street to 6 lanes (including making room for the mandatory bike lanes) and putting a full time prepaid bus boarding area at the Red Line station (both eastbound and westbound). Oh no, I just turned it into a half billion dollar project.
  5. With regard to the administrator, I was only referring to whether this deserved a new topic, which a new poster is not allowed to create, not whether it was worth it to comment on opinion (if I wasn't clear on that). A big chunk of what we do is comment on opinion. Back to the substantive point, besides the city having blown the grant, running artics also failed. Maybe some combination of a bus lane and artics might work, but this gets down to what is the scope of the West Towns area, as opposed to perhaps most of the passenger and vehicular traffic being east of the River. Personally, I don't see how choking River North and Streeterville more helps anything.However, since the shortest short terminal is Sacremento, maybe adding a bus lane in West Town does accomplish something.
  6. That's a good question. It seems like it is like other things* that aren't licensed and use generic equivalents.** Note that there isn't a CTA logo, and the blue ball doesn't have a red C, either. However, since ctagifts sells something equivalent, it could sue for unfair competition, if it were worth it to sue for maybe $100 in damages. ____________________ *One can think of things like the "Big Game" the first weekend in February, or the most obnoxious ad I heard by some casino about "the leadoff man for the north side 9 hitting a home run," even though we know Rizzo gets paid to sell Italian Beef. **Only thing that seems distinctive is the Chicago flag, which I doubt is under copyright.
  7. It's only one writer's idea. It was part of a $183 million BRT proposal, but that went down in flames exactly 8 years ago (city missed the deadline on raising the parking tax to get a grant). On creating a topic, a restriction was placed on newbies doing so, although you can contact the administrator. Personally (and I think many members) don't think Streetsblog is worth doing it, but that's up to the administrators.
  8. Sun-Times article that someone was charged with sticking post it notes on girls with indecent propositions. The random CTA point is that one was on a CTA bus, and "Surveillance video from the bus showed Grigoletti sticking the note to the teen’s leg as he walked past her as he got off the bus" the Assistant State's Attorney said,
  9. Which together, appear to explain it. School's out, and they need more service for North Ave. beach, and Fullerton and Diversey for near the zoo.
  10. But the statement seemed accommodating on other matters. Looks like the bottom line is that the flip over seats are no longer that available.
  11. Nothing's running today. Take a Lyft.
  12. WGN TV story refers to "a refurbished CTA train car," so it must be something like the car placed on the apartment building balcony.
  13. I goofed on my last click, but it certainly isn't news.
  14. Those (part of the plastic inserts "test") seem to have gone over there from 77* when #66 lost its artics.** ______ *Compare to @maths22's tracker of Nov., 2016. **As of Dec. 12. again verifiable on that tracker.
  15. Might be authentic, but might not be, since it is only the section between the doors.