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  1. Pace Roster

    Probably is, but Pace's concern would be that it is the last one it has.
  2. Rosemont Circulator

    Passenger Notice that Pace is apparently using a real bus* for Chicago Dogs games, in addition to the circulator. _____________ *Based on "Trips depart from the Route 222 bus stop at Rosemont Transit Center; look for “Impact Field” on the headsign of the bus."
  3. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    I knew (from riding the Milw N) that the yards were separate, but wasn't sure about the shops. The Milw building is SO big.
  4. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    This isn't a WSMTD car (which was my point about the car being Metra property). From the inventory @andrethebusman posted, there no longer is WSMTD property. I don't know where BNSF and SWS maintenance are done, but Metra Milw and UP work appear to be done at the same Metra shop at Western Ave.
  5. CTA Would Be So Proud

    Which reminds me that 626 is SKOKIE SWFT, while 620 is DEMPSTER (flip) YELLOW LINE.Sometimes Pace cleans it up; other times it doesn't.
  6. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    Yes I meant the car. As @richii0909 pointed out, it was at KYD yard and it wasn't there to be marshaled for a run on the ME. While usually car rehab work is done in the 47th St. shop, some is done at KYD, and you were the one who said: Yes, you weren't sure, and since BNSF doesn't own any commuter cars in the Chicago area, there is no reason for it to have a commuter car rehab shop.
  7. CTA roll sign...

    Outer Drive Express (whether just that or 147) has pretty much always been what it is now: express to Foster and then local to Howard. As I noted above, Sheridan Express ran local on Sheridan between Wilson and Granville. Only overlap was between Foster and Granville. Later versions of 146 eliminated that by running to Berwyn. What was more confusing, in the 1970s, were Wilson Expresses via Irving Park and Wilson-Outer Drive Expresses straight via Wilson.
  8. CTA roll sign...

    That's what it was, at least from when the route numbers and Helvetica signs started in 1976. IIRC, the distinction was that the Sheridan Express left LSD at Wilson. However, if you looked at the side roll sign from the inside, you could see 146 Marine something on the roller, so the restructuring must have been contemplated early on. At that time, Marine Drive was a branch of 156. At one point (at least with the all caps signs), the destination was Broadway-Rosemont, where there was a lineup (and the former CMC garage). At that time, the route was via Granville and Broadway, as opposed to the current routing on Sheridan to Broadway-Devon.
  9. New Eldorados?

    Rereading the specs, I also noted frameless windows and multicolor destination sings. That and the above raise the question whether a Pulse-type bus becomes the standard, or if it is only a reference for bidding. I guess we'll know in late 2019 or thereabout.
  10. Pace Bus Tracker signs

    Pace just let a contract for Bus Tracker signs. There is a new one on the bus shelter at the Lake-Cook Metra station. However, I got there at the end of the day, and it displayed only "NO ARRIVALS IN THE NEXT 60 MINUTES." It also had a speaker with a Braille legend under a button.
  11. Random CTA

    Question is whether CTA also has surveillance video of the suspect in the act. (Sun-Times)
  12. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    Correct. As in the case of the 8200s, it has retained a cab car number, even though currently not so used.
  13. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    8415 would have been an Amerail stainless steel cab car (usual on a UP route). A Metra number on a former C&NW car would have been 87xx, if a cab car.
  14. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    Metra property, so would have been done by Metra.
  15. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    I moved the above from the other topic. Also saw 17037 yesterday.