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  1. New Eldorados?

    Too many (12 would be enough) and they skipped that range.Obviously, though, Pulse buses would have to be ordered by 2020. The other growth opportunity is "if equipment becomes available" to expand the Edens BOS. I wonder if the picture on the Edens page of an I-90 bus (looks like 6506) in Bus On Shoulder instead of I-90 express wrap means anything, or is just for publicity. Embedded from there:
  2. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    I was only referring to why it was at 103rd instead of 77th. I said "that garage." Obviously, drivers not wanting it on the system pick wuuldn't make any difference in the garage allocation. The only thing mitigating against that allocation of routes to garages is the allocation @andrethebusman posted that only 77th is under design capacity. But in most cases. that's because 40% of the artics are just sitting around. If you want to talk about why drivers don't pick some routes, 3 and 4 out of 77th aren't any shorter (95th to Downtown, and now 4 from 115th), and then there is 8 from 79th to about 3900 North.
  3. Happy Transit Driver Appreciation Day!

    No bus drivers from the South Side?
  4. New Eldorados?

    First wasn't new, second is. Another reading: Question now is if @Pace831 has seen the last, or if some are still being delivered.
  5. More Bus Moves

    X service doesn't work because 74th isn't equipped to take them (current routes are X9 and X49). Only way is to get them back into 77th and C. Maybe putting some back on King Dr. would be a partial solution, but CTA doesn't seem interested in that. Even if you propose X54 coming back, I can't see it needing that kind of capacity. Artics have traditionally run on 151, but since you bring up 22, I find it hard how artics can be justified there (again narrow streets and dwell times) unless NP is so stuck with them that it has to run them somewhere.
  6. More Bus Moves

    Other notables: They still count the burned electric bus as part of the fleet. Spare ratio of 15.9% for standard buses is about normal, but 42% for articulated buses is ridiculous. It can't be just that they are holding back buses for rehab and they have reliability issues (in which case they are no better than the NABIs), but that the acquisition of the 100 for the Red Line project was otherwise unnecessary, as demonstrated by their failures on #66 and #79. Remember, the Optimas and 1st Generation Novas were supposed to be replaced by the 100 artics and 450 Novas. Now we are know why FG is stuck with so many 6400s, and, undoubtedly, being stuck with so many of them is why its spare ratio is high.
  7. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    It's hard to say if a comparison is warranted, in that 54A ran only rush hour, this gives CTA an opportunity to dump it, and Pace canceled 254 on Saturday in 2005 because it said it made no sense to offer better service on Saturday than CTA did during the week. CTA applied for a JARC for all day service, but as usual, didn't have the match. I see this more like with the proposal to route #215 to Jefferson Park, this is a way not to overlap that, while offering a bit quicker service to Old Orchard and Skokie Courthouse, which are passenger generators.If offset by canceling 210, it doesn't cost Pace additional resources. Other than that, Pace, unlike CTA, does not run experiments.
  8. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Pace has a banner on its website that Edens BOS starts April 9. The story also confirms that Route C is BOS.
  9. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    Besides that, it appears that it was last assigned to 103rd because that garage didn't have enough work as it was. Basically, though, this thread should be reserved for actual schedule changes, rather than some other members' surmises.
  10. Random Metra

    Extremely random Metra: Metra rider called son ‘f—— idiot,’ beat judge who intervened: prosecutors. Nice hair, too.
  11. Fippy even made Pat Tomasulo's Man of the People The Voice of Reason segment, which ended with "Stephen Hawking is telling us that it will be the end of the world USING A ROBOT VOICE." Supposed to go up on YouTube.
  12. Flippy, above, isn't ready yet. That's what's been discussed for about 10 years. Among other things, peer to peer communications between cars seems a necessary prerequisite.
  13. Slightly related to this topic:* Flippy, the fast food robot, temporarily decommissioned for being too slow __________ *At least the point @BusHunter was making.
  14. I was referring to the owners of the tractor unit of the truck, not the owner of the manufacturing company. For instance, Volvo is apparently manufacturing the autonomous XC90s, but Uber will own and operate them. Daniel who has a side hustle to pay for date night won't.
  15. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Then you owe us a complete inventory of all the junk