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  1. Random CTA

    Theoretically, yes, but what's the cost of boring an approximately 2 mile tunnel under Lawrence Ave.? Among that, the proposal for the Mid City Line, and extending the Yellow Line from Oakton to Jefferson Park, I couldn't figure out how all those lines were to have a junction with a line in a very narrow median of an expressway. Not that any of them would be built.
  2. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Could you describe the perspective of these shots? I can see @BusHunter 's point that the tall steel is for the pedesrrian area, but it looks llke the station entrance has been severed from the part of the existing station (the rusty part).
  3. Pulse (Milwaukee Avenue Route)

    Some musing here. The logo here is similar to the placement on the trolleys (but one would not have expected the big logo on a trolley). While the Pulse buses will get the full wrap, will the wrap be cut to show the small logos near the front door?
  4. Metra Ride Along

    Starting at 38:00 it looked familiar. I figured, based on the schedule, there had to be a cross over north of Deerfield station and there was.
  5. Changes are coming

    My opinion is that the inferences are clear from what they cut. It obviously seems to be the branches, except for combining one inbound and one outbound Flossmoor rush hour train with a Harvey train. As the article cited by @Pace831 stated, that was an RTA experiment that didn't generate the expected ridership. Apparently the RTA has discretionary funds for such experiments, as also indicated by the discussion about Pace 465. However, like CTA and unlike Pace, it set it up as an experiment so that it didn't have to hold a hearing on canceling it.
  6. Detour Stpps

    Looking up the schedules, while the Passenger Notice says to expect delays, there is pressure here to maintain the coordinated and probably interlined schedule with 309 east of Melrose Park.
  7. Detour Stpps

    The Passenger Notice for this detour didn't say. I guess it depends on what is posted. For instance the 352 detour was posted as picking up, and eventually became 348. But there wasn't parallel service already running on 138th.
  8. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Shooting in the subway (State-Jackson). Again chaos as someone didn't report it here.
  9. Schaumburg trolley

    Finally posted that First Student got the contract, probably not a surprise since they have had the buses for several weeks.
  10. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    Actually, close up, they are not full wraps. Only the part with the pace Express is wrapped, and the letterboard. The windows forward of the slanted logo are not wrapped, and the Interstate 90 is just a shield decal on the window.,
  11. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    Copying it into Paint and blowing it up, yes. I guess Pace is no longer as interested in the full blown branding, although the big logo is still on the engine compartment door.
  12. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    I noted that your picture of 6979 doesn't really indicate what's on the side other than the white stripe is there. Is the logo just some blue or black symbol on the stripe?
  13. Changes are coming

    Besides timing changes, and sporadic Saturday Blue Island service, the main response is fag stops for Mt. Carmel H.S.
  14. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    While some high pressure sodium lights are still being installed, most places, including Chicago, are using LEDs. If, at night, the light is sort of violet-white, they're LEDs. They probably are focused to shoot the light straight down.
  15. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    They can take a 76 Nature Museum bus from Diversey station.