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  1. I was just estimating on the way things usually go. Maybe I overshot it. The 2017 budget says under Planning Initiatives In 2017, construction and implementation of shoulder operations is planned for I-94/Edens Expressway. This heavily congested corridor is served by routes 620 and 626. Construction costs are funded through a CMAQ grant awarded to IDOT. However, that's the only mention of it, no mention of new buses or anything like that. So, it appears that you came up with your own answer: IDOT may get the shoulder improvements done this year, but if Pace runs on it, it will be running the buses it already has. No express buses.
  2. While I'll stand on my prior answer, @west towns's comment did get me ruminating again. Despite the old time CTA distinction (cited by @artthouwill) between Express and Limited, Pace seems to be using the following new nomenclature: Express: On expressway, direct to either transit centers or park and rides. Most likely to use OTR or express bus. Limited (such as 606, 616, and 626): On expressway, but local distribution on one end. Direct (672, 673, 675): No stops, but not on expressway. Pulse: Arterial rapid transit Since 626 is now Skokie-Buffalo Grove Limited on the schedule (although the website still has references to Skokie Valley Limited), and the basic pattern will not be changed by this project (they aren't building a park and ride or transit center at Dundee Road and Skokie Blvd.), my guess is that the system stays Limited and uses transit buses. We thought that 6377-6378 were an omen, but they moved on to East Dundee. 895 is a strange bird: it is Express, but has a local component and uses EZ Riders. Maybe it will be something else, when the Central I-294 construction project is completed.
  3. Probably not that long, since the formalities seem completed, and Cummins is promoting overhaul kits (indicating that existing engines will be overhauled, as opposed to Pace swapping engines and transmissions with rebuilt ones).
  4. You'll find out in 2 years (approximately), You'll also note that the article only mentioned the existing routes (620 and 626), and not the following ones mentioned in the grant proposal: Dempster to Lake-Cook/Milwaukee (split from Dempster to Buffalo Grove, at Wimot Road). Jefferson Park to Lake-Cook/Milwaukee (note that the article said that the shoulder would be improved to Foster).
  5. The way 6158-6160 looked when I saw them last week (at least the signs), I wouldn't bet on it. The other thing I noticed on WebWatch is that there are a few 6600s on 352, even though a driver posted in the days of the 2423s that 35 foot buses are not supposed to be assigned there.
  6. You misconstrued this one. They rerouted 348 about a year ago because of the overpass clearance issue. Reference here. The main thing I noticed on WebWatch is the high number of 2005 NABIs. There must be some effort to run them into the ground before transferring them, or maybe the 2003 ones are in worse shape than we thought.
  7. Daily Herald confirmation that the construction on the Edens is in advance of BOS service.
  8. Whereas, it is Cummins NPower.
  9. We hit the point when Halsted is all CNG at the moment: 17511, 15500, 15503, 15504, 17502, 17507, 15511.
  10. That's about what I figured about Jan. 15, but that depends on how many Orion VIs are now left at West. Also, it depends on whether you are counting only 40 or also 35 foot buses. The inventory indicated that as of Jan. 2016, there were 90 of 99 40 foot buses, and 70 of 84 35 foot buses. 49 of the 40 foot buses would be 54%, but 49 of the total of 160 buses would be 30%. But I figured that most of the 35 foot buses would be covered either by a new but not advertised contract, or moving buses as a result of the 53 small buses, also not advertised as of yet. Anyway, Melissa Metzger said that the CNGs would come in time to meet replacement requirements, and that seems correct.
  11. That "list" doesn't establish @BusHunter's point. The first 2 cars in the picture look normal, if it were 1964, not 1982. Of course, the tipoff that they are a restoration is that the 2000s behind them are in the 2600s livery.
  12. Out there, too. There were matched pairs on some routes, such as 15508 and 17508. As I indicated above, the first 2 numbers are a year designation. They didn't scrap the 14000 series paratransits because they now have 16000s. The bottom line is that S will have 15500-15520 and 17500-17571.
  13. The story about someone shooting an Amtrak conductor has been around for a couple of days, but the unanswered question in this article is why wouldn't they let him leave the train in Naperville? Or was something else going on that was not reported?
  14. The only thing I concluded in the Inventory topic was that with 6510-6521 (11 buses, no 6513), and 6566-6572 (7 buses), not then put in service, but theoretically now are, that was enough to cover what Orion VIs on that inventory as assigned to NW. However, junk doesn't seem to drop as quickly as I think, and there still seems to be the question whether 6510 and 6511 are still on I-55 routes.
  15. On this and your prior comment about "The only part not really being done is over Broadway and points north" they probably have to shut down Broadway to continue. Did they when the erected the big beam over Broadway to the pillar on the east sidewalk?