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  1. To clarify, this was not directed to you, but to someone who claimed to know where the 8325s were going. I definitely don't have a problem with what someone personally saw, nor the inferences made from those sightings.FG buses are not usually on the south side, although @andrethebusmansaid that one run is scheduled to go through South Shops a day.
  2. In the partially accessible days, they did. But I don't recall you complaining about 69 barn, which had a long history of being the last to get new equipment, starting in 1972 and continuing until 1995, when it closed and was replaced by 74. 74 also got only 30 NFs until there was a later reshuffling with other garages. Supposedly, FG has a better maintenance staff, but you didn't note if that was the case when you were there.
  3. And it appears that at that time, FG had only 6000s and 6400s, and sent its junk to Kedzie, because it didn't have preheaters. People downtown were sure complaining.
  4. Tribune suburban article with more details, including financing and the times of the additional trains.There's also a picture of corporate shuttle buses using the Lake Forest station, which answers one of my questions.
  5. @Johnny 5 saw you post that 3 times and thought it was true, but then realized: Yet, somehow you have him confirming something neither of you knew. Circular "reasoning" if I ever saw it.
  6. Well, the only buses there now are 4 wrapped NABIs.
  7. In addition to what @andrethebusman said, historical practice has shown that if a bus, such as 6047 or 6173, is permanently out of service, it would be in the lot at South Holland or Markham South Lot 2, not taking up room in the garage. Also, those sat there for many years, and were not officially retired until their FTA service lives were over. As he pointed out, it is more likely that the garage mechanics are working on it for some reason. Although the CTA NABIs were retired early, then CTA President Rich Rodriguez had to do it, not some commenter. ...and you didn't even provide a link to that.
  8. Don't believe a few bloggers' posts. They don't work for CTA, and thus basically have no means of knowing.
  9. Your an ambulance, and the last Pace vehicle I saw was called an Eldorado Aerotech.
  10. That one depends on whether the plastic inserts test ends.I foresaw those buses being scattered around as soon as the test was announced. At least they were not replaced with the 8300 series of propanes.
  11. Definitely not the case. If you checked, why don't you post a link to the source? In fact, we know you can't, as the CTA Career PTO page says: Required to have an acceptable driving record and a valid State of Illinois Class "B" Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or a valid State of Illinois CDL permit with the following three endorsements: KNOWLEDGE, PASSENGER and AIR BRAKES. Submit any outstanding documentation Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP)/Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) How long do I have to get my CLP? You have 30 days from time you are offered the job to get your CLP. You will not be able to start without submitting a copy of the CLP. I have a CLP but not a CDL. Will I need to convert it before I can start? No. Your CTA's Bus Operator training will qualify you for your Commercial Driver's License (CDL) at no cost. I already have my CDL. What endorsements do I need? Knowledge, passenger, and air brakes. I already have a CDL from another state will CTA accept it? Out of state CDLs will be accepted if you have current residency in that state. Illinois residents have to have obtain an Illinois CLP/CDL. We also know @andrethebusman drove a bus. Obviously, you never have, nor "checked." Also, rereading this thread, whatever was the prior policy, what @CTA5750 said is consistent with the current posting.
  12. Trying to break the record for posting the same thing in 12 hours?
  13. Busjack

    More Bus Moves

    Reply moved to correct topic.
  14. Busjack

    More Bus Moves

    7900 is virtually dead (reported as mechanics' bus), and, as of a couple of days ago, 7901 was in BusHunter's South Shops pictures.
  15. I hate to say this, but haven't you been consistently wrong on this? To put in my 2 cents, and given that I'm not the allocator, these 25 are not going to be split, especially if the different rear end indicates different mechanical equipment. Otherwise, I don't know why Nova would ship something that didn't match the previous 424 starting with 7901. The second hand is going to be after the electric buses are delivered to C to replace 17 year old belchers, as the CMAQ grant applications say. And don't say I opened this topic to posts only relevant to those threads.
  16. No need for that. You're assuming it was a CTA driver, while the contract driver could have taken it straight to Franklin Park first (or as Andre said). Similar thing to Pace buses showing up at Chandler before they show up at South Holland, even though the last time I was there, a Chandler truck was at South Holland, too.
  17. CTA contracts say that the goods have to be conditionaaly accepted before they become CTA property, and get Illinois titles and license plates. If your inference was that the bus had to go to the local Prevost service center, it hadn't been conditionally accepted. The question with regard to transporter tags is not what trucking company has the transport contract, but whether the vehicle is titled. You can look up the NY DMV and IL SOS sites on that, as well as note what @artthouwill said.. And state vehicle inspection (which Pace told Nova Bus it had to get BEFORE tendering delivery; again, if the bus actually was going to the Prevost service center, maybe that's why).
  18. Busjack

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    The question there is the on and off statements that the Loop is at capacity, given that it doesn't have the load when Lake-Dan Ryan ran there. If the issue is electric power, the rehab of the 10 E. Lake substation should help. Otherwise, Tower 18 is the constraint. On the issue of longer Pink and Green Line trains, there are 714 cars available to that and RPY, and while I don't have the numbers, I bet there is still a surplus on Red, compared to rush hour load plus a spare ratio. I guess that RPY base is something like 430, and there are 490 available after deducting 224 on PG.
  19. But if they were going to Prevost in Franklin Park, they were still in the possession of the transporter.
  20. Could still be transporter tags. Your pictures don't show plates, and some show something on the windshield. They don't get plates until they are conditionally accepted and become CTA property.
  21. The "Under Construction" at the north end may affect that.
  22. I'm somewhat surprised that some routes that seemed to have 'permanent' stops at the South Terminal moved, such as 34/119 to the North Terminal. But I guess that's what the prior alert implied. This also isn't permanent, as EFG are still under construction. Anyway, you should have cited the alert, which is here.
  23. How did the 7900s thread become the 700s thread? Is everything on this forum Random Random?
  24. Looks like the driver thought he/she was driving a Flyer Dsomething. There is a yellow sign, but it appears that neither the photographer nor the driver grabbed it.
  25. Turns out CTA was good on that the first of the 8325s would be delivered by the end of the year. Now if there were any Proterra sightings !
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