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  1. As this community goes down to Random CTA, this is not the correct topic, and you know that. If you looked at the correct topic, you could find your answer.
  2. 3200-series - Rehabs

    CTA has solicitations for 261 color LED signs, 261 HVAC units, and 261 Auxillary Power Supply units. Since the number 261 seemed strange but consistent, I cracked open the sign one, which indicates that it is for 3200 series cars. So it looks like they are getting some sort of overhaul, but not the complete one previously indicated. The 261 signs are for 261 sign kits, including sign boxes, control panels and capital spares "to be used for the mid-life rehabilitation of series 3200 rapid transit railcars." The signs are to be controlled by something that looks like the current two knobs. And somebody ought to read section 4.5: "Each destination sign unit shall include a receptacle to connect a portable test unit (PTU), which shall be a laptop computer. ... " "4.5.2. The PTU shall be used to download the destination sign's readings." Also on the PTU software: " Downloading of software updates to each system." So they aren't programmable, are they? This spec does say to start off with the 45 readings already in the 5000s.
  3. Circle Line Revisited via Amazon

    If people are willing to take the Orange Line and 387 bus to Toyota Park, they certainly will go to the near certain soccer stadium.
  4. Circle Line Revisited via Amazon

    Since it basically is landbanking for some still to be studied transit corridor, that's probably premature. Depends on what the developers intend to build at Lincoln Yards and Freedom Center, and the clear implication of the article is that the existing services can't handle that. It also points out that the mode of transit is up for study, which may include a busway or a rubber wheel train. Note the paragraph: Severe traffic congestion has been a prominent topic during Sterling Bay’s public presentations for its plans to bring 23,000 workers and as many as 5,000 homes to the riverfront land. The developer is proposing more than 12 million square feet of offices and residential towers, retail and entertainment including a 20,000-seat soccer stadium and multiple music venues. Getting back to that Sterling Bay intended to build offices, with or without Amazon, and entertainment venues, indicates that travel could be bidirectional.
  5. Circle Line Revisited via Amazon

    Although Amazon is gone, this idea isn't a non-starter. Tribune: City nears takeover of North Side rail line, in move to create new public transit route. Involves the Chicago Terminal Railroad to Goose Island.
  6. Oak Lawn Bus Service, 1967

    Suburban Transit Service. There are various references to it having acquired replacement old look buses. STS was best known for having FANTASY CHARTER headsigns.
  7. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    There is one specification for rehabs, but includes separate instructions for rebuilding the hybrid unit. If one believes CTA Press Releases, the description is here.
  8. MD-N Niles-Touhy Station

    That's consistent with most projects on the MDN. Unless the station is on Metra property (Lake-Cook), the municipality has to pay for it, but has to use Metra contractors. The bigger imponderables noted in the article is how Niles is going to redevelop a currently industrial area (another vacated Granger noted) and how far north of Touhy it will have to be not to block it (Metra trains wail through there now).
  9. 3200-series - Rehabs

    ...where the Milwaukee substation is under construction.
  10. 3200-series - Rehabs

    I doubt it. Maybe the "they don't have anywhere else to spend the money" was, as he didn't defend it. On your first and third sentences, MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL consistently said that the Red Line was the core of the system. Used to campaign repeatedly at 95th. I don't think he cared about cars, but he certainly cared about the station and tracks, such as assuring that all stations on the Dan Ryan segment were accessible. Again, I don't think that the average passenger knows the difference between a 2600 and 3200, but there sure are a number who care that most of the stations on the Blue Line are not accessible, and when CTA says it will take until 2040 to make the whole system accessible, the last part will be the Blue Line. That's why I said the improvements (at least the station improvements) are cosmetic, as I said when people complained that the Damen and California stations were not made accessible. Whether the people in Wicker Park care,I don't know. Of course, since MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL isn't running in 2019, he no longer cares. I don't have a vote in the Feb. election, but I haven't heard any of the 22 candidates take any position on CTA, just on police and schools.
  11. 3200-series - Rehabs

    You can cut both the insults and the misrepresentations. I guess you never heard about the extension to 130th St.
  12. 3200-series - Rehabs

    So now, after crying lack of funds, saying it needs billions for the RPM, more billions for the Red South, a state capital bill, etc., it is doing merely cosmetic work on the Blue Line because it has nowhere else to spend surplus money? Makes lot of sense.
  13. The Breakdown Thread

    Yes, a CNG is a LOT cheaper than that, like $480K, or less than the price of a CTA Nova Bus. Pace had issued before this a request for qualifications for contractors to do body work on CNGs. So, it had contemplated the need to fix this one.
  14. ATS O'Hare

    Given such projects as to associate international gates with domestic ones, western entrance and terminals, of course.
  15. The Breakdown Thread

    Then, so what????? This isn't your personal Instagram account, but a transit forum.
  16. Niles Free Bus

    Through my Thursday scan of the Pioneer Press, I found this article Free Bus could face identity crisis, indicating that some in Niles no longer want to fork over the $600K a year for it. Of course, "Niles paying the fares" is only 40% of the cost, with Pace coughing up another estimated $900K. While the latter theoretically isn't affected by Niles asking for fareboxes, one knows that imposing a fare will drop ridership. Hence, this recovery ratio game may be over, similar to Oak Park dropping its shuttle and Schaumburg limiting the trolley to Friday through Sunday.
  17. Pace Bus Accidents

    If this is the correct representation of what happened, the ABC7 statement that the buses were operating in opposite directions at the time of the collision was somewhere between mortadella and doktorskaya.
  18. Pace Bus Accidents

    That's because the police report is inadmissible hearsay if the cop was not there at the moment of the collision. It only provides proof that the accident was reported and forms for reporting it to the Secretary of State. You're putting too much into it. If you mean by the passengers, sure, as the lawyers will join anyone potentially liable. There probably will be an intergovernmental agreement between CTA and Pace settling the property damage, again not including an admission of liability.
  19. Pace Bus Accidents

    Unless the Pace bus was in reverse and the driver was not using the backup cam, the usual presumption is that if you are rear ended, the other driver is at fault. Pace driver was supposed to take the turn onto the ramp at 53 mph?
  20. The Breakdown Thread

    No point to the picture. I can get NICE! Ice Cream at various locations 20 miles closer than there.
  21. The Breakdown Thread

    But there ain't no NABI in that picture.
  22. The Breakdown Thread

    Why is there a picture of a Walgreens here?
  23. Pace Bus Accidents

    I figured that the ABC7 story was wrong, in that Woodlawn doesn't even go south there. Obviously it was a 353 doing as what you said.
  24. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    What gives you the authority to declare any bus retired? You the head of maintenance or something?