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  1. Not the tower, but the switches on the inside curve. If you look at the service pattern, no trains are running on the Wabash and Lake sides. Trains are only running on the outside curve (Van Buren onto S Wabash and vice versa) and not straight thru Wabash and Van Buren onto N Wabash
  2. Anyone have any insight as to what bus parts Pace is purchasing from Gillig when they have no Gillig buses? Seems to be a pretty regular thing.
  3. Seems like whatever the issue is has to do with the inside curve at Tower 12. You'd think they could still run NB/WB Green Line trains, they've left a significant number of stations in the loop without service
  4. 12th to 63rd to turn around? The only way I can describe that is just "ew"
  5. https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/ct-sta-metra-electric-schedule-changes-st-0225-20200224-plhfqt2ge5fqtipzhf5qhgliey-story.html https://hfchronicle.com/article/2020/feb/25/flossmoor-govt-residents-against-proposed-metra-schedule https://hfchronicle.com/article/2020/feb/18/metra-seeks-public-comment-electric-line-schedule-changes Doesn't seem like some folks are too happy about that, although I'm not so sure what Metra can do. Also didn't realize how few Blue Island trains ran express (and as a result, I guess I've rode Blue Island branch trains the most since my stop is 75th/GGC). Lastly, I'd rather see 51st/53rd & 59th be the stops instead of 55th/56th/57th, although I will say 2 blocks isn't much of an inconvenience for people with working legs. For those who don't know exactly how the rush hour zones are being consolidated, its going from: Kensington-Harvey (5 stops, 13 mins) Hazel Crest-Flossmoor (4 stops, 9 mins) Olympia Fields-Univ. Park (5 stops, 14 mins) to Kensington-Homewood (8 stops, 29 mins) Homewood-Univ. Park (7 stops, 22 mins)
  6. Oh, I didn't know there were body style differences on a single model? I'm assuming wheelchair lifts, undercarriage storage, etc?
  7. Not with 600 buses? It would end at 4099
  8. The only visible difference btwn a MCI bus for Greyhound and transit agency anywhere is the livery to me.
  9. I think I found it, possibly? When you said "lease", I realized those buses probably count as "retired" now. A look back at CPTDB's roster, but in the retired section leads me to a single J4500, designated 6923, built in 2007 and 3 D4505's, designated 6920-6922, built in 2009, and all leased from 2013-2014, all from a Hausman, which a google search reveals to be a Hausman Bus Sales (click on 1972) in Des Plaines
  10. Are you saying every single MCI bus Pace has used to be Greyhound's? What are the series numbers for those?
  11. Assuming all 600 are ordered, I guess 4400 would just barely make the cut, I forgot to subtract 1, so the last one would be 4999. 3500 could only be used if 500 buses are ordered, since the artics start at 4000
  12. And now you just made me realize the train and bus numbers don't mix, wow. Is this done on purpose? I guess I'm used to WMATA, where there is overlap since each new generation of train goes up by 1000. That really does eliminate a lot of blocks of numbers. Based on what you and @CTA5750 said and assuming all 600 are ordered, that leaves us with 100-600 2100-2700 8400-up Anything else runs into another series number
  13. When did Pace buy buses from Greyhound? The CPTDB rosters seem to indicate all buses came straight from MCI
  14. What exactly was this a rebuttal to? I acknowledged CTA artics only have 2 doors, I was saying not sure they need artics with 3 doors
  15. https://rideonrtachicago.com/2020/02/05/matteson-park-forest-and-richton-park-partner-with-rta-to-find-mobility-solutions/ Anyone think an on-demand service area might come of this?
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