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  1. Also, I've heard that they're locking the accessible seats in the upright position on buses and not allowing people to sit in the seat behind the driver on Novas, is this the case?
  2. If it was there, it didn't affect us. I usually ride the Capitol Limited, usually westbound, once a year. The delays usually occur between Cumberland, MD and Pittsburgh, PA and we usually make it to Martinsburg, WV without incident. By Cleveland, we can tell when there's a serious delay (once woke up at about 5:30a in Cleveland which is about ~3 hrs behind schedule I think) but we were on time to both Pittsburgh and Cleveland. I was impressed, since this train hasn't been on time WB since I've started taking in in 2010. I've seen the 75 crowded before, but not packed to the gills, which it wasn't today, I was just surprised since it looked like a normal rush hour trip. This was at 76th/Lafayette and it was a WB bus if that helps. Was that train a 4-car consist? I can't imagine an 8-car (well, 7) train being full during these times
  3. Well, I arrived back to Chicago this morning on Amtrak's train 29 from DC, about 30 minutes early (usually anywhere from 1-4hrs late). They reduced the consist from 7 to 4 cars and replaced the lounge car with a regular double-decker cafe car. Maybe ~35 passengers top. Saw a 6 and 147 on my way to the south side, both fairly empty. The 60 had a couple of passengers and the 20 I passed had maybe just enough to not be crowded and still maintain social distancing. Red Line platforms and trains were as empty as I've ever seen them at ~8:30a in the morning. Got off the expressway and passed a 75, which was almost standing room only. Really surreal feeling.
  4. WM? And yeah, those routes are consistent with the ones I've been hearing about and the news piece/union complaint that buses are getting full when they enter the south side. I feel like the least that could've been done away with for right now are the totally non-essential routes. I can't imagine the 96 is getting more than 2 passengers a day. Well, if a bus is getting no passengers, the exposure of the driver is minimized drastically, no? I get your point though. However, I don't think its a political statement, my hope is that they are drafting an official response plan for the bus and are keeping service at regular levels in the interim
  5. I was initially going to say it's because of storage capacity, but Manhattan can hold at least 3 8-car trains, so I didn't see why #825 had to head back north
  6. NewFlyerMCI

    More Bus Moves

    It'll be as effective as they are frequent, based on ridership needs. If the route hasn't seen any drastic drop in ridership, neither should the frequency. However, if they have enough info to match the frequency to the ridership, they way they implemented artics in the past should actually probably work for this scenario In Baltimore, the route by my aunt's house that uses mostly artics went from every 7-10 mins to every 13-17 and the buses (artic wise) I've seen so far from when we were helping her move out were near or at standing room only, although usually during when rush hour normally is. MTA Maryland is also doing rear door boarding, but all the non-ADA seats are available. Now this route is one of the 17 busiest routes in the city, and before the bus route redesign, I think it was #1 or #2 in terms of ridership. North Ave (which is route runs along) is also basically a wider 79th St east of the ryan and each route serves a similar demographic, so I think its a good enough comparison on paper.
  7. Maybe conductors and operators are parked at Manhattan? The storage yard has it's own parking lot
  8. I can't imagine the michigan (bar 146) and lasalle express routes are running with more than ~5 passengers...
  9. NewFlyerMCI

    More Bus Moves

    I think the big issue is they reduced the frequency of the routes with artics, which led to no improvement at all (although I'll never figure out why if the route was busy enough for artics in the first place that reducing the frequency would be the solution). But yeah, the 79 & 4 (and to a lesser extent, the 3) all need artics. I remember that the 2 had artics, but it was more of a mixed fleet. I also don't ride it, so I can't speak on it that well.
  10. NewFlyerMCI

    More Bus Moves

    I'd said days earlier this is probably the best time to deploy artics at 77th, mostly for routes 4 and 79 since CTA can actually run schedules around artics and still meet social distancing guidelines.
  11. Does anyone know any more details? This is the first I’m hearing of this edit: is this the car that becomes 3457-8? Also, those windows are amazing!
  12. CTA's official response without actually making one is somewhat alarming at this point. I still don't think reductions in bus service should happen en masse without at least saying something, so this news is concerning. The website still says they're operating a normal service schedule 🙃. This! Almost all the grocery and warehouse jobs I've applied for want people for overnight shifts and if I lived west of the ryan, I'd apply for more of them.
  13. They need to implement read-door boarding and send more artics to 77th & 103rd. Who is surprised that the city's busiest route since November 1998 is still experiencing crowding issues?
  14. Hodgkins only had 3 options (4:30a-9:30a, 4:30p-9:30p, 10:30p-3:30a) and I chose the daytime one but apparently they don't need anyone for that shift. I really just didn't want to be waiting at 79th/Western, 79th/Halsted or 95th Red Line outside of regular commuting hours. They won't let me pick another preferred shift, so that's in limbo too. I didn't realize the buses would be crowded but I guess that's the point of them. I'll also leave Amazon alone then. Thanks for answering!
  15. Does anyone have any experience taking the Hodgkins buses (169, 390, 392, 395, 890)? I'll be moving back to Chicago for 2-5 months on the 1st and I just put in an application, but I don't know how to drive, so that's how I'd have to get to work. I'd most likely be taking the 169 or 395. Also, I guess I might as well add the 360 to the list? Monee is hiring, but it'd take about 2.5 hours to get there, so I was wondering what the ride was like and if it was honestly worth it for $15-$17 an hour.
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