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  1. https://www.nwherald.com/2020/10/05/it-was-a-complete-surprise-huntley-may-get-a-metra-stop-rather-than-amtrak-service-with-new-passenger-rail-project/ao1idug/ Possibility of a UP-W extension to Huntley. Apparently, they've seen record population growth
  2. Which company provided the ticket agent?
  3. The waiting area still closed too? I guess they're assuming people are going to have the Ventra app
  4. What were the 30-fts replacing? Or were they a fleet expansion? Wouldn't SW or River be the most likely choices?
  5. You think Pace is bad, look at what Baltimore is proposing. Like some 70% service reduction between cuts, reroutes and service reductions EDIT: As I was looking for a link, it's apparently been scrapped, wonderful news. More info here
  6. Some of these are concerning. Especially the 384 and 386. I'll still maintain that a route as long as the 386 does not do well with hourly frequencies on the weekdays at least. The 311 and 302 aren't surprising, but the Pulse Milwaukee is.
  7. Was it combined with that other route? This makes me wish for an irm history website for Pace
  8. They do this on the 379 and 386 mostly as relief for FedEx riders, so all 20-40 of us aren't on bus one bus. The buses are usually schedules for the shift changes, so anywhere from 11a-12:30p and 4:30-5:30p Tues-Sat at least, I don't know how it works Mon-Sun
  9. Are they full on bus lanes or queue jumps? Cause if its the latter, I've seen the queue jumps on 79th, they've been there for a while, and imo, don't really assist.
  10. The 379 (and 386) should've had their schedules restored a long while ago. These buses were only ever crowded because the routes are too long for weekday capacity to be addressed by a bus only once an hour, FedEx aside. Is this the mall making this decision or Pace? Why not just have all service to mall, why bypass it?
  11. I went out to Gurnee Mills twice and actually took the 4:10p train back to Chicago both occasions and it got crowded from just Waukegan alone. There's also how the UP lines have effectively become CTA alternatives for chance riders.
  12. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I returned to Philly for college only to find out I wouldn't be able to get a chance to ride. What they also don't say is that Philly's PCC streetcar fleet has been sidelined as well, although that was back in March. Philly's trolleybus fleet has also been seeing reduced usage from the couple of times I've been in the area to ride one.
  13. Are the Saturday 606 trips run by the eldos? I thought River was all 30 fts Wouldn't municipal vehicles just end up paying themselves eventually?
  14. What are the good runs out of 77th? Stuff like the 31, 43 & 51? And I'm guessing 3, 4, 8 & 79 are some of the less desirable ones?
  15. The only money Metra has gotten from the UP since April I believe, is the people who purchase tickets by mistake, which are usually the "once every so often" riders. UP doesn't televise that they aren't collecting fares (for instance, the ticket windows simply tell you to visit the kiosks in front of tracks 4 & 12) but I'm sure it didn't take long for the info to spread via word of mouth. I took the UPN on what was one of my last riders before leaving Chicago to head back to college and someone was about to buy a ticket from the kiosk before another passenger stopped them and said they weren't going to collect it. All of this makes me wonder if the UP lines got a very slight ridership boost from people who know the UP lines are effectively free right now, causing them to take the UP when they wouldn't otherwise (for instance, CTA riders at Oak Park, Jeff Park, Evanston, etc)
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