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  1. Is that two hour gap that you're referring to between trains 3360 and 338 on the current schedule? They seem to have gotten rid of it in the new enhanced schedule
  2. Wish far from granted lol https://media.amtrak.com/media-images/alc42-charger-locomotives/
  3. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2021/6/15/22533534/amtrak-upgrades-long-distance-trains-union-station-dining-cars-sleepers Amtrak has spiffed up the superliners (and deploying them on ever line that uses them except the 2 that I use) https://www.masstransitmag.com/rail/vehicles/article/21227219/amtrak-unveils-new-tier-iv-locomotive-newly-refreshed-passenger-cars Also will be rolling out new locomotives
  4. I think @artthouwill is on the money. Evanston-Davis, Rogers Park and Ravenswood always had hourly or better service during weekdays and now it'll be better. Especially considering the $7 Sat/o/Sun pass means you're already saving money since a Zone B fare is $4.25 and a Zone C fare is $5.50. It's a 28-30 min ride from Davis to OTC, the Purple line would only make it to about Armitage in that same time frame. Even before FTSC pilot, I'd pay more to take the ME from 75th, simply because it'd be faster and more comfortable, so I'm sure with this new frequent service, those riders are thinking th
  5. Interlined with the 59 would just be funny, it's already a jack of all trades route. Certainly hadn't thought about a 74th interline (could also work with the 47 or 67), but seeing as both routes only use a max of 4 buses total, I agree that they could just run a full 28 back to the garage.
  6. I don't think that's it, Ravenswood & Rodgers Park don't have the same ridership base. These are stations where the majority of ridership is walk-up riders. Anyone who's riding to/from Ravenswood isn't going to pony up to Rodgers Park, they're going to take the 81 to the red line/146 or walk to Damen Brown. Rogers Park has about nearly half of Ravenswood's ridership (4th busiest stop outside the loop), which is still a lot, relative to all the other Metra stations in the system, so the answer is probably just that the ridership warrants all trains stopping
  7. I'm curious as to why 103rd runs the UofC routes. I know why they run the 192, but what about the 171 & 172? Are those interlined with the 28? 77th is a mix of heavy and small routes, so it seems like they'd fit in better there. Certainly easier in terms of deadhead imo (if they use the Dan Ryan)
  8. I think part of the reason has to do with the short-turns. During rush hour, the 79 is essentially 3 different routes running on the same street, which I imagine has to be a little chaotic. As I stated before some months ago, WB trips also take longer because passengers are waiting for the bus they need and buses coming out of order (which is frequent) means it's easier for crowding to happen and it can be instantaneous. It doesn't matter where you're picking up the bus heading EB (west of Western, west of 79DR, west of South Shore), they're all headed to Lakefront. The 22 is not only sli
  9. Again, is the 2 back to using artics? I haven't seen artics on the 2 in years, especially not during the pandemic
  10. Chiming in to say the artics need to remain at 77th. I shall never be dissuaded!
  11. Ridership has rebounded though. As of April 2021, the UPNW is once again the second busiest Metra line and a cursory glance of 2020 stats, it looks like it's maintained that 2nd or occasionally 3rd spot after Spring 2020. I find it hard to believe UPNW wouldn't qualify for expanded service.
  12. Summaries: I was originally gonna do some detailed analysis for the fun of it, but I'm tired lol BNSF is basically seeing some slightly expanded peak service and hourly service after 9a (inbound)/btwn 9a-2:30p (outbound). There are more outbound am peak express trains than inbound pm peak express trains. Service typically falls into Aurora-Downers Grove exp, Fairview Ave-Congress Park exp or Brookfield-CUS local. Stops like Fairview Ave have returned to mostly peak-direction service with the addition of all these new departures MED doesn't seem to have added to taken a
  13. Any clue as to why the UPNW isn't being tweaked? It's consistently been Metra's second-busiest line, and although it's pandemic ridership dropped it a couple positions, it's ridership wasn't totally worse than the other lines
  14. The 2 is still using artics?
  15. Yeah, I hadn't realized so much time had passed. Purple line is probably next to receive them, I'd say by mid July. Not sure what they'll do with the Yellow, but that will obviously be next or after Purple. Then Brown, Orange and Green to finish. Surprised it didn't go Pink to Green.
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