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  1. He meant with the 67, I'm pretty sure since a not insignificant portion of trips end at 69th/Western
  2. I'd rather see it be the 67 67th/South Shore rather than bring the 5 back, but that's semantics. I'm also interested in the alternating trips answer, although my guess is no. How would you handle LaRabida trips? Would your new route have certain trips run "via LaRabida" or would the new 71 have some trips extend north?
  3. Of course the 54B doesn't end there, that's like ending the 52A at 63rd while the Orange Line is not that much further north or having the 54 end at Cicero/16th when the Pink Line and other bus connections are spitting distance away, that wasn't a good comparison. The, 21 an isn't am apt replacement, considering the 157 route goes downtown and the 21 doesn't. Furthermore, the 157 only runs weekdays, which is the service level I think that stretch needs. My (again, personal) reasons for going to Cicero/24th was to have a one-seat ride to the two shopping centers, at Cicero/22nd and Cicero/26th, since you'd have to transfer at least if you live along the Ogden corridor now. I acknowledge there's space constraints at Cicero/24th, but since two of the routes have 10-12 mins headways during peak and 157 is 10-15 mins, it might just work. The section of the 1 that got truncated for being too parallel to the 3 didn't happen until after all the other service cuts. I'm assuming you know why it went from 83rd/South Shore to 63rd/Stony Island to 51st/Drexel? I do also think it'll be permanent, but whatever CTA is expecting to happen, won't
  4. In regards to the 157, I definitely agree it should go to Cicero/24th. In regards to service on Kedzie, buses can fit down the street, but the corridor has always been sorta hamstrung by the 82 being so close. On top of that, I don't think there's been bus or trolley service on Kedzie btwn Chicago & Fullerton. Extending it to Montrose would make it longer than I think it needs to be, and the actual NB terminal would have to be either Kimball or Western most likely. The 93 used to be called North California, but idk why it was dropped when it gained the Dodge extension (I still think the 15 should be Jeffery/51st, so I agree with you there). I don't expect name changes unless the pilots become permanent tbh. In regards to the 52 & 94, the history of these two routes fascinates me, so I'll use your comment as a springboard for a deep dive. 52: the original 52 went from California/Roscoe to Kedzie/67th as far back as 1953 when it was a streetcar. Sometime btwn 1953 and 1956, it switched to trolley buses and was truncated to 63rd, it's current southern terminus. Eventually, it would switch from trolley bus to motor bus, but I'm unsure as to the year of this switch. Starting in 1987, its southern terminus was switched to 51st/St Louis and service to Kedzie/63rd was reserved for late night service only, although this ended in 1993. Since then, the route has existed as we know it. 52A: This is also a route with few changes. Used to end at Kedzie/63rd, was extended to 43rd/Archer sometime between 1982-1985 and was truncated back to the Kedzie Orange line upon its opening. 82(A): There used to be service on Kedzie from Milwaukee to either Foster or Bryn Mawr, provided by an offshoot of the 82, However, the 82A is too complicated to understand without a timetable (a little bit like the modern day 82 with all its various service patterns), so I'll let you make of the map what you will. 89: There was also a dedicated North Kedzie route, from Logan Square station to North Park garage (officially Kedzie/Berwyn). There are only records of it from 1982-1985 and was presumably cancelled due to low ridership and competition from the 82 (it did only run peak and maybe midday). It's original function was to replace a discon't segment of the North California route (what we know as the 93). 93: As far back as 1972, this route used to run all the way to Logan Square (I've always wondered why there was a terminal there) and had two NB terminals: Peterson/Jersey or Howard/McCormick, via Foster, California & Howard. The Peterson/Jersey route was cancelled sometime in 1973, and sometime between 1980-1982, service to Logan Square was cut. The 93 would suffer service cuts in 1992 (Sunday) and 1997 (Mon-Sat late evening) but in 2003 would eventually be extended to Davis Purple line along the routing we know. There was also another North California, although no map for it is available (although it's routing was covered by the 82A, mentioned above). 94: The 94 has also been fairly consistent, at least in its early stages. The earliest iteration, as a gas bus, went from Chicago/Sacramento (using the service drives to loop) to California/71st. In 1983, it was extended (really its SB just moved a couple blocks) to Marquette Park (71st/Kedzie). In 1994, it was rerouted to serve Western Orange line. In 2005, it was moved to the Chicago/Kedzie/Grand loop it serves now. It also played garage hot potato for a(n extended) minute: It was transferred from Kedzie to Archer in 1994, then after Archer closed in 2010, it was split between Chicago & 74th, then two years later was moved fully to 74th with two years after that being the SB terminal change from 71st/Kedzie to 74th/Damen.
  5. My sentiments exactly. It'll be interesting to see if they'll edit the 52 any further upon the pilot's completion. I know there were ideas to send it to Logan Square or combine the 52 & 52A
  6. Shut off as in they lock the back door for the duration of the trip?
  7. Are they going to inherit/acquire the property at Crestwood? Or any other mention as to whether or not they'll keep the service patterns as is or change them?
  8. The 56 has a number of morning WB/NB runs that end at Ogilive, what's that about?
  9. Both routes are probably going to stay at their current garages during the pilot. The 52 is already scheduled to start/terminate runs at Van Buren during early mornings and late nights respectively, not to mention interlining the 63 and 52 makes for a long run.The 94 ends at 6, and doesn't have runs that don't travel the full route outside of school trips, so there's no point in really sharing it. The 85 isn't shared with Chicago, 93 isn't shared with North Park (although the 92 is, so point in your favor lol).
  10. Yes, that's the routing. I suggested the 8 going to 87th/Racine since there was a terminal there and I didn't want to leave that mile of Halsted without service. I had also thought about Summit/86th for a potential layover spot since the Metra station is there, but I figured since there was a terminal less than half a mile away that would be a better location. I like the idea of alternating SB trips, although that would make for 3 SB terminals on the 8. In regards to the frequency, the 24 and 8A have a similar rush hour frequency, the 8A just adds early morning, midday and weekend service to that stretch. However, I'm not sure there'd be anyway to up the frequency without making changes to the 108 and maybe 352 as well. Lastly, for the turn, the 8 could use Summit; It would be two turns instead of 1, but would avoid the 87th/Halsted intersection. Also, to clarify: you would want NB service to last an hour later on the 8A, or SB? Or both?
  11. Ohhh, I see the confusion, you meant at 79th & Halsted. My bad! 😰
  12. The 24 would still need to turn around there, unless it would move to the garage like the 94 and the 85 do
  13. Wow, you're right about Baltimore! I ride those all the time and just assumed those were XDEs
  14. Why would they have to sell it? 87th/Racine might be tight during rush hour, but the 44 runs every 20 mins outside of that, so there wouldn't be too much problems.
  15. That's interesting, I've never seen diesel Xcelsiors with the full roof fins, only partials
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