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  1. Why is there such a disparity in service btwn Madison/Washington & Adams/Jackson? M/W has 6 bus routes, only 1 of which doesn't run on weekends. By comparison, A/j has 5 bus routes, 2 that are peak only and 1 more that only runs on weekdays. And after that, the 151 doesn't run the full length of Jackson. Is there really that much in a drop-off of people outside of peak on A/J?
  2. Yeah, they made an instagram post showing off one of the Proterras.
  3. It's all the same model isn't it? Framless or framed windows, hopper window or no hopper, it's all design choice left up to the agency who put the bid out, no?
  4. I thought they moved it because of the construction taking place at the end of Wacker where the buses usually turned around. If this is the new routing, why not send the bus straight down Randolph and making a left onto State as opposed to coming all the way back up to Wacker?
  5. One thing I think we missed (or at least I missed) is the temporary reroute of the 6 via Columbus, Randolph & Stetson is also shown on the map
  6. I didn't mean moving slow, my concern was with them actually fitting, especially side by side. Broadway from like Diversey to Belmont is narrow. Not that Clark is that much wider, but they do a much better job at having clearly demarcated lanes than that section of Broadview
  7. I feel like artics are going to have a spot of difficulty on Broadway immediately north of Diversey. I also don't think that purple line reroute will gain any traction, I can already hear the "evanston officials speak out against..." Ultimately, I like this idea, but I don't think there's really space to layover at Belmont R/P/B. The 74 doesn't even layover at Fullerton R/P/B and I know it has to be a hassle for EB 74's when a 37 is waiting there, which is only mitigated by the fact that the 37 only runs every ~25 or so minutes. The 77 is way more frequent, and even if you structure it so
  8. I found the bid, but no exact weight measurements
  9. That's probably still not happening until nearly half or more of the buses assigned to the 63 are electric. If service is that frequent to Midway, which apparently it is, since the 63 has had both bays since the last shuffling of routes around there, they aren't going to effectively reduce it to one lane only for a bus that's gonna come around every ~2 hours. I was there when they blocked off that lane for construction of the pantograph, there would be 3 buses lined up behind each other or waiting at the Pace dropoff lane to line up in the 63 bay, and there was more than one occasion where a 6
  10. I have to ask, what's the XRA? Google just gives me "xray" lol
  11. People north of Midway still need access to the commercial corridor on Cicero from 63rd to 76th, especially seeing as the Pace routes make limited stops from 59th to 76th. Ford City as well, since no Pace route outside the 382 directly serves the mall anymore. And, although less common, preserving the connections to the 67 & 79 allow riders from the south side to access portions of the west side with one transfer
  12. The way someone explained it to me, the 63 has had two bays for a minute due to it's frequency (although some of the buses end at Kedzie during rush, so it can't be that frequent). Based on that, I imagine even with an electric bus, buses will continue to use both bays until nearly half or more of the buses assigned to the route are electric. I've seen up to 4 buses waiting to leave on the 63, and they like to line up behind each other. That's what I thought as well, to me there was no sense in putting a charger at Midway, for the 63, if they weren't going to build one at Ashla
  13. Seeing as Cermak & Kenton is city streets (and also doesn't exist as an intersection, since Kenton doesn't run south of Jackson), I imagine would would have to deadhead. The 63 could simply switch spots with the 54B. NB 54B takes the charging spot, SB 54B takes the second 63 bay, the 63 gets that entire curb lane to pull up and layover
  14. Going back to the discussion earlier this week with the 43, how viable would combining the eastern portion of the route (east of Michigan/Indiana with the 1? I know the big issue with the 1 is the presence of the green line & the 4, and it's current iteration is basically rush hour relief/service to the loop for the 4. The 1 & the 43 serve close to the same frequencies (43 is 18-20 mins all day, 1 is 14-16 mins when its running), so this would effectively be reintroducing midday, late weekday evening and infrequent weekend service along Michigan/Indiana if service along 43rd is sustain
  15. I had forgotten about that interline, so yes, it wouldn't be immediately available without changing schedules around. However it would be easier to start it on the 54B, and the bus would simply have to layover at Midway, after returning from Ford City, at the end of a SB shift. I imagine drivers might prefer to do that anyway, cause I've seen a bus operator leave the bus at Midway to run to the bathroom more than once. And it doesn't even take 10 mins, maybe just that, to get from 59th to 76th, on the 54B. Alternatively, as @YoungBusLover said, there could be some Cermak to Midway trips o
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