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  1. I saw this, I was dying laughing. Easier for the railfan to report the conductor than it is for the conductor to get the police for whatever bs reason too
  2. So if the 85 is combined, that's one free one right there that the 215 could take. 641 could share with either 215 or 225, and since the route is short enough, the actually layover can take place at county courthouse. Everything just barely fits. Alternatively, 641 could also share with 85A, since both routes could be staggered to not interfere with each other that much
  3. That seems fairly simple. 85 doubles up since it's a thru route, 215 shares with 225/226, since both of these routes combined still have like a 60 min frequency and if you correctly stagger them, 641 can share with 85A, since they have the same frequency
  4. From my outsiders perspective, this seems fairly late in the process for polling specifically to be the reason, but I'm happy to be wrong.
  5. What possible reason for a year long delay? My first guess was Edens BOS but they could either scrap that or move the 54A/641 to phase 3
  6. Totally forgot these were Toronto's before they were Montreal's
  7. Which locomotives went to the progress rail facility again?
  8. There's just something so funny about seeing #9 Halsted, I actually laughed out loud 🤣
  9. As I've learned here, most of what it comes down to is a) potential ridership and to a lesser extent b) terminal availability. In this case, the 54 would have to be extended to Peterson/Pulaski or more likely, Central/Caldwell. Where the ridership part comes in is: Would service from Central/Caldwell to Cicero/Pensacola be enough to justify extending the route, in which the answer here is probably no. The existing routing is covered by the 54A, a peak-only route (which outside of downtown, indicates low ridership) and the 84. It would also provide no direction connection to a L station until Cicero on the Green or Blue. By which point, riders could probably have been halfway downtown on the 84 & a transfer to the Red Line @ Bryn Mawr. Furthermore, ridership on the 54A is supposedly so low that the new Pace route is going to take the Edens from Foster to Touhy, skipping a swath of the section in proposed extension is (which seems like such a short distance to be on the expy, but hey, if it works for the 143) Given this, there's no real case for a 54 extension to anything north of Jeff Pk. I'm happy to be wrong about any of this!
  10. Oh, that sounds nice! Personally, I'd just extend the 28 downtown permanently, since you'd have to go over to Cottage or Jeffery for downtown service outside of rush hour
  11. I know about Central. Imo, it's been to keep Austin, as it's surrounded on all sides by neighborhood and the area Central would serve is not. Also, bus service near Central/Eisenhower is adequate as it (Central/Harrison is 5 mins to the north)
  12. The revival of this thread made me remember an old question: Is there any benefit to short-turning some rush hour 6 trips at 67th/South Shore for better frequency along the Hyde Park section or is it not worth it?
  13. Current Routes: 9) This wouldn't work as there isn't space for both the 9 & the 50 to layover 11) I personally, am always in favor of restoring the 11 Lincoln, but CTA doesn't agree 49/49B) They're separate routes because the 49 itself is long and Western from Lincoln to Howard doesn't require the same service frequency 51) Becomes duplicative with the 15, who needs to go to 47th more than the 51 needs to go to Hyde Park 52) Can't speak on this one, maybe just lack of need and/or no reliable terminus 53) I've always been in favor of a Devon/Kedzie extension 54/54B) These routes are separate probably because they don't need the same level of service. Pretty sure that would also send the on-time performance of the 54 careening. Although you do make me wonder how many people go from 54 to 54B and vice versa. 54 should definitely go to Jeff Pk, I've hated the Montrose terminal since I was a child 54A) Pace 641 some time in the fall 56) Duplicative of 270/Pulse and I can't imagine anyone riding downtown from north of Jeff Pk would take the 56 over the blue line on a regular day. 57) Can't speak to this, sounds interesting, is there a need? 74) Buses on Fullerton east of Halsted/Lincoln isn't feasible 81/81W) Again, different frequencies of service 85) That's Pace territory 86) I'm certain the college alone won't be enough to justify running weekend service 90) Would be duplicative of the 423 and there's no disadvantage to taking the 307 over the 90 91) Runs into Pace territory 92) Not sure there's a need for the Cumberland extension, but the beach part sounds nice 103) I've been in favor of this for a while 108) The 108 is a faster & direct alternative to the Red Line, otherwise known as the opposite of the 8A. That's why it only runs during rush hour. 155) I believe @Busjack called it the Superdawg extension? Been talked about for years New Routes: 38) See 11 44) There might be an argument somewhere for the 44 going downtown, but not this way. It's on Wallace from 47th to 35th so it can serve passengers, something it won't be doing on the same scale if it stays on Racine 83) I'd love an 83 route, but it would have to end at 87th/Damen or 87th/Western 85B) See 85 41) Elston/Bryn Mawr or Jeff Pk to Downtown is something I've been in favor of for a while. Orange Line) Too close to Kedzie & Western and has no walkability. Blue Line) Might be too close to Austin Yellow Line) I think it's just fine as it and bus service is currently enough to supplement
  14. I personally use Transit, available for both Android & iPhone and its always been accurate for me
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