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  1. NewFlyerMCI

    More Bus Moves

    Both were plain white last time I went past
  2. NewFlyerMCI

    More Bus Moves

    Yeah, those have been their for a minute, at least 8-9 months if not a year or more based on the last time I took the 100. A quick google maps look suggests they may be owned by "Speedy Gonzalez Landscaping" although I couldn't fathom what they'd need those buses for.
  3. Yeah, I was still living in Chicago when it went to Bryn Mawr, I think? Although this would've been right as my memory started to work. I always personally thought the 210 would be useless without a proper CTA connection (i.e. not the Yellow line) and it looks like I was right. Probably should've been one of the few Pace routes to continue into the city
  4. Reading this makes me wonder why the 210 hasn't been cut. I always assumed it was Glenview and Oakton-Skokie keeping the line alive
  5. NewFlyerMCI

    More Bus Moves

    If only active trains weren't running through them, Racine/63rd would be such a good place for a CTA museum
  6. Yeah, that's been knowledge for a while, since the last board meeting iirc
  7. Anymore elimination of midday service on the mainline would almost kill it. This might just be me being selfish, as I always take the ME from Grand Crossing when I'm headed inbound since I loathe going through 79th red and either 63rd st station
  8. I feel like the Beverly Branch comprises a not insignificant portion of RI ridership, why else do so so many trains end at Blue Island? Also, at that point, not only is its not like Hyde Park, in terms of there's not a lot of comparable service, Beverly and that section of Morgan Park is basically the suburbs, that just so happen to have 3-4 somewhat frequent bus routes. I had cousins who went to Whitney Young, they would walk around the corner to 107th and take the RI and then take the blue line as opposed to taking the 103/112 and then the red and then blue lines. For me, I view it like this: If you're in "downtown" Hyde Park and your destination is Michigan/South Water, the 2, 6 or the 28 isn't going to take that much longer than the ME, maybe 5-10 longer assuming traffic isn't terrible. The choice you're left with is how much do you feel like paying? (also assuming you don't have to take CTA again once you get downtown). However, if you're at 107th/Longwood and you're going to State/Jackson, the RI is always going to be faster, by at least 20 mins, if not 25-35 mins. Unless money is an issue, RI would always be the better choice. Even if//when Red Line South happens, your trip wouldn't be faster than RI, nor would you really have any new options compared to before. You'd just transfer from bus to train quicker. If the SC branch was eliminated, the 6 can remain as it, the 28 should see permanent extension downtown and the 26 can see the increased service you spoke of while ending the route at 92nd/Buffalo, esp since articulated buses don't have to worry about using the turnaround since the 95 doesn't anymore.
  9. May 17th. It's been almost 2 months, man. It would've cost you $0.00 to not post this.
  10. The blue island train was a Saturday night and separate from the other 603/707 situation. That also happened in December/January that just passed, hence why my memory is clearer. With 603/707 we were rushing and a passing worker just said track 1, so we took it on that. This was also several years ago, so I'm sure I've fudged something. I moreso remember being angry I missed a train. What's the "Preckwinkle Schedule Change?"
  11. Tangentially related, ME does this all the time (hyperbole probably, but since it's happened to me twice, I'm upset) at Millennium Station, I've personally experienced it twice. One time they stated the last Blue Island train of the day boarded Track 4 and we're all on the train waiting, meanwhile another train leaves at the time the Blue Island was supposed to. We get off and go back up to find that the train that left was the Blue Island train, with nobody on it. My mother and I were fine, but one dude had to go all the way over to LaSalle St. Another time was train 603 and 707, they said 707 was to board on track 1, but we actually ended up on train 603, train 707 was on track 2 or 3
  12. https://www.transitchicago.com/rpm/lawrmawr/ This should have what you're looking for
  13. Metrolink has Bombardier BiLevels and Hyundai Rotem BiLevels (based on Bombardier's design). These cars, much like the gallery cars Metra has, are optimized for low-floor platforms (in this case, 2 entrances, both at-grade). The car that @John7 mentioned and that I was talking about was the Bombardier MultiLevel, only operated by 3 transit agencies in North America (Greater Washington DC, New Jersey & Montreal). To be fair, Montreal's coaches are somewhat set up for low floor boarding (the end doors do not have trapdoors like NJTransit & MARC), but again, still inefficient compared to the current gallery design or BiLevel design.
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