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  1. Wait, so there are cars still in revenue service that are ~70 years old?
  2. Ah, that's a shame. I know a lot of FedEx workers who did (not sure how many had permits tho 🤣) for about the same reasons you all should be able to. Especially considering the proximity to 79th Red Line
  3. Ah, so do Chicago and 77th still have their artics?
  4. Are you all allowed to conceal carry?
  5. What??? @YoungBusLover are you ok?
  6. I'm amazed that bus is even partially intact at the accordion joint. This might be the worst accident involving a bus I've ever seen.
  7. Wow, throwback to those Optimas
  8. I think to this day, I've only taken a NABI twice: Once on the 213 when my mother took us to the arboretum, and the second time this past summer, when I was looking for Xcelsiors on the 307. And I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to take a Pace bus in the old yellow & white livery
  9. Interesting enough, with the exception of one set, Metra's coach cars have always started 7##(#) or 8##(#). I wonder why that is
  10. Hopefully they look like the ones in the video. And I really hope they don't look anything like the refurbished, repainted ones with the painted black top, those deserve to be scrapped.
  11. This was going to be my point; what's the average age of the fleet anyway? Metra will need new coaches eventually, better to do it now and on the federal dime, they'll probably last longer if purchased now anyhow EDIT: if i did my calculations right, I believe the average fleet age for the current coaches is 33 years (30 years with the ME coaches)
  12. MARC Penn Line runs 8-car Bombardier MultiLevel sets with 2 conductors just fine (pre-pandemic). NJTransit has run 8 or 10 car sets, same type of carriage, with no more than 3 conductors that i've seen
  13. Interesting that they're essentially expanding capacity when its still uncertain if commuter rail lines will ever return to pre-pandemic levels of ridership anytime soon. Regardless, this is a wonderful move, I've never been a fan of the gallery set up (except for ticket collection) as it is too cramped and the seats too small. Hopefully Metra will also do away with that horrible green tint they use for their windows.
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