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  1. Still split. If I’m understanding the schedule correctly, my guess is that one-off trips are covered by SW and trips that return to 95th are covered by S. Not sure tho
  2. The morning run is a 2:40-something am run that starts at midway, layovers at FedEx during the shift change and then (presumably) returns to midway by 3:30ish, Tu-Sa. Knowing that, I guess it somewhat makes more sense for West to cover that, since it’s not the full route (and only 1 run, I’m not sure what other Pace routes are running that early outside of other shift routes)
  3. The 390 I can see, the 379 makes little sense to me. Thanks
  4. Aren’t the 379 and 390 out of SW? Why would the flyers be on those routes?
  5. So was I the only one unaware the Eldo’s have free WiFi (at least the ones at SW and S as well, I think)?
  6. 79 still isn’t running to Cicero, so I’ve been forced to take the 381 to the 386 to work. I just wish they’d post an alert at least. I don’t even want to take the Orange Line cause of everything going on the the LKs and waiting at 63rd/King for the bus is just a no-go
  7. This artic was just chilling at Evergreen Plaza. Couldn’t make out number or garage, but I’m assuming 103rd. Taken yesterday
  8. Totally forgot about it ending at Western. There’s no guarantee however, the 21 (and for that matter, the 18, 35, 54, 54B and 60) are even running their full routes
  9. Yeah, I’ve used Lyft for about the first time since I partially moved back this week. The prices for Uber have been truly outstanding, especially in areas where there really shouldn’t be any surging (Burbank, Oak Lawn, etc)
  10. The entire Pink Line? Just because of Cicero/Cermak? I know Crowntown and Kingland have been active recently, but did they really need to shut the entire Pink Line down?
  11. They need to make an alert then. They stranded a lot of FedEx workers, a lot of people had to walk from Pulaski to Cicero to catch the 379 and since the orange line isn’t going to Roosevelt and going to work is a $30-$40 Uber 1-way, now I’m forced to take the 386-381-3 home or 386/379-55/47/59-3
  12. Apparently no 79 buses are going west of Pulaski
  13. Took these during my grocery shopping in Oak Park/River Forest
  14. Must’ve been because of the Uptown Target protests
  15. Well, not sure what’s going on this morning. Boarded a 79 bus for Ford City after having to run across the street to catch it (about 7 people waiting for a bus). Driver skipped a lot of people, at least 10+ folks waiting at the Red Line, Halsted, Racine and the 30-something folks on an artic that stopped at Wentworth. We get to Western, only for the supervisor to say she was going to Pulaski/81st instead and now there’s a 25 min wait for another WB bus. I’m at 79th/Western as I type and for once, there are no CTA buses here, layover or otherwise, and it’s been like this for at least 10 minutes.
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