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  1. In fairness, I'm fairly certain the shoeboxes alone is larger than Pace's entire fleet, it didn't take as much for them to replace the entire fleet. And as I stated in another thread, it was probably better to start piloting this now, cause in 20 years, they might be forced to go electric anyhow. And I don't see Chicago putting up trolley wires. I also do think CTA should look into CNG use, maybe even converting FG or 74th into a CNG garage, but that's another discussion
  2. I just know you slow traffic down with that car 🤣
  3. It seems like CTA got a batch of sub-par Nova's. The ones in Philly & NYC run great (when not running over a pothole) and the ones in Baltimore are nice (albeit new). I was in Houston about 2 weeks ago and they have diesel Novas, 40ft and 60ft and CNG Novas and they're the best i've ever been on (especially those CNG ones)
  4. So, wait, are you all short on artics or short on buses in general?
  5. So is this just a lowering of the $10 pass? EDIT: Nvm, reading is fundamental.
  6. The bus doesn't need to tilt every time though?
  7. That definitely is worse, because 85% of the time on these routes, you can expect a bus in 10-15 mins or probably less, and if that's going to make you late, then its more than likely something you did, not the fault of CTA or the bus driver. I could ~almost~ understand that type of dash for, say, the 30 maybe, but not 2 of the most frequent routes in the system.
  8. I hate impatient cherry pullers so much. It's just so inherently selfish, you've now inconvienced everyone else on the bus who had just as valid a reason of riding as you. The worst ones are the people trying to make a transfer they know they can't make, like no, you're not about to be able to jaywalk all 6 lanes of Stony Island, should've just stayed on the bus and let it take you across instead of risking your life.
  9. My bad, I'll elaborate: I had (mistakenly, apparently) assumed the locomotive was assigned to the lines that ran out of Union Station South, since that's where I saw it on more than one occasion over the summer. I guess I was just wondering what prompted it's move to the Rock Island (a move I assume don't assume to be easy, seeing how separated the line is from the rest of the system). I had also assumed this because the Rock Island already had a special livery locomotive, they wouldn't have another, different one assigned to the line.
  10. How did it end up there? Don't they already have a heritage locomotive?
  11. Sorry, I didn't mean to insinuate those were MTDX, I should've read more throuoghly before posting, I thought MTDX = Metra and this was a general thread for the state of various metra railcars
  12. I definitely agree with this plan of action the most. Especially considering looking at the ridership stats (Sept 2020 most recent) and see routes like the 53 climb to #4 on the list (previously I don't think it's made higher than #6 or #8) and seeing the 79 still reign #1 (since the late 1990s) even though it's ridership has been slashed nearly in half since Sept 2019 (655k riders vs 315k riders)
  13. I remember this discussion previously, I think all-door boarding needs to be in place before CTA considers buying 3-door artics. I also think 3-door artics are useful on routes that experience simultaneously boarding & alighting, which are most prevalent on north-south crosstown routes (9, 49, 52, etc) and then on other high-capacity crosstown routes. Peak-direction routes would be just fine with 2-door artics.
  14. Seattle has pretty much locked the peak direction travel game down and they absolutely need their artics. Almost all of Seattle's 3 transit agenices that use artics, are for routes that serve a similar purpose to the J14 or the LaSalle express routes. After that, King County Metro uses artics for their high-capacity RapidRide routes, most of which operate crosstown. Additionally, a lot of the express routes that do use artics, only have a couple of runs (such as CT Route 421 with 8 runs btwn 4:30a-7:30a and CT Route 880 which has 7 runs btwn 5a-8a). Personally, it's hard to compare Chicago's artic usage to other places (primarily Seattle and NYC who I believe are the only markets with more artic usage than us) because their needs for artics vary so differently.
  15. The 79 is always hilarious, cause you have all the passengers poking their heads up like the seagulls from finding nemo trying to figure out which bus is going to Wentworth, Western, Ford City or Solo Cup
  16. Over the summer, I took the MDW out to Elgin, and I passed a number of coaches sitting on a siding, does anyone know the situation with those? I think it was between Bensenville & Mannheim stations?
  17. Ohh, didn't realize they wanted to avoid overlap that much 🤣
  18. 1000s? The buses? CTA has options there, they could do 2000-3029 or 5000-6029 or 8500-9629, etc. It is interesting to me that Metra chooses to replace the numbers instead of using new ones
  19. I still maintain that if the 79 & 66 had kept their original frequencies, artics would've worked just fine. No one likes a packed bus anyhow, you could've kept the same amount of people on a bus (and probably more) but spread out, and made the same money, and there would be less people waiting for a bus and less overcrowding. And I'm willing to be the problems with bunching would've either gotten better or stayed the same. WMATA introduced artics on routes without changing frequencies and did just fine. I think high-capacity routes would benefit from high-capacity buses, and CTA is mostly unwilling to commit to finding a solution to this that isn't just "run more 40ft". If you're going to have routes like the 4 and 79 running relay races with 2-3 buses, you might as well mix some artics in there as well. There are ways to effectively utilize artics for things more than peak travel, CTA just doesn't want to invest in that. I hope the current arrangement of the fleet stays post-pandemic (with minor changes)
  20. The general consensus seems to be that hybrids aren't worth the savings, and considering how legislation has been looking around the country, it might be prudent to buy electrics anyhow. Your hypothetical would be fine with me however
  21. Quite ironic considering we have a surplus and what artics we had pre-pandemic weren't all utilized correctly 🤣
  22. Wait, so there are cars still in revenue service that are ~70 years old?
  23. Ah, that's a shame. I know a lot of FedEx workers who did (not sure how many had permits tho 🤣) for about the same reasons you all should be able to. Especially considering the proximity to 79th Red Line
  24. Ah, so do Chicago and 77th still have their artics?
  25. Are you all allowed to conceal carry?
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