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  1. Amtrak: Your concern has been noted, and ignored
  2. Can you explain on this last part? Is this intended to replace and/or supplement 332 and 361 service?
  3. The discord server is secondary, the point made was that while you might not find some of the content irrelevant, others are interested, even if there is no documented response. Yes, the look of one specific bus might not pass muster, but something like the seat changes is pretty relevant, to me (and this is just an example, I'm not calling on any specific users). Furthermore, as someone who isn't an admin, your telling someone off about voicing their opinion about something on this forum is moot. Take care how you respond to others, no one is attacking you.
  4. chicagotribune.com/suburbs/daily-southtown/ct-sta-south-suburbs-transit-projects-st-1110-20191111-lw5qwdsxbvc6lm4x73ghanzqsu-story.html
  5. https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/press-release/21113157/regional-transportation-authority-chicago-chicago-rta-access-to-transit-program-awarded-funding-to-improve-bike-and-pedestrian-connections-to-transit CMAQ Grant came through for some projects
  6. More evidence of BRT creep and they can't even get the creep part right
  7. This. I'm already pressed for leg space sitting up there and I'm only 5'8". Maybe it has something to do with my posture, but I feel like my knees come up above my waist, instead of at a 90 degree angle.
  8. You disagree that it's interesting? 🤣. I do share your sentiments though, I don't believe anything is wrong with the existing gap, although the travel time and location of the city limits are inconsequential imo. I personally didn't think it would be successful because of the existing Metra stations at Gladstone Park and Norwood Park
  9. Are Pace services at Harvey & Des Plaines set up for timed transfers? And if so, is it between routes or between Pace/Metra or both?
  10. I'll take "What are poor and/or minority people?" for $500, Alex
  11. That Nagle station is interesting. Possible auxiliary entrance at Natoma? Taft HS is right there and connections to the 86 and 68 (with a reroute) could be made. I wonder if Norwood Park residents would use it over the existing Metra station
  12. It's been a minute since I've seen an 8-car Green Line train. I wonder if they'll be more prevalent when the Damen station is completed.
  13. https://www.transitchicago.com/proposed-2020-cta-budget-continues-modernization-maintains-fares-and-service-levels/#targetText=The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA,fares and maintaining service levels.
  14. I'm curious to see if it involved the shoulder or not. Were people hurt?
  15. For Metro Transit, its Gilligs for 40 ft and Xcelsiors for 60ft. MVTA in particular loves Gilligs when they aren't using MCI buses. But yeah, DC, NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, Philly, I always wondered why I never really saw any Gilligs
  16. What is this based on? They're one of only two (three?) bus companies in NA that make 30 ft buses (29 in Gillig's case). And after NF, they probably offer the most customization of models, MVTA and Sound Transit are prime examples
  17. We seem to have competing spec sheets. Are yours more recent? Side note: I wonder why the 35ft buses are 2 inches taller
  18. Yeah, the two at Archer & Wallace and Archer & Normal. It's just so weird because right before that it's so high in the air at what has to be at least 30" of clearance The Proterras, regardless of specs, are all listed at 11'2" (which I doubt, but they know better)
  19. Ah, I'm thinking of older models of NF, I stand corrected.
  20. NF makes 30 and 35 foot buses on their own, MiDi wasn't their only option. I'm guessing they just didn't bid
  21. Do you know the clearance of the 63rd & Wallace bridge? Is it the same 13'8" that the bridges on 63rd btwn Wentworth & State are?
  22. They won't, I agree with you there. I just don't like the El Dorados, especially the look of the CNGs (although I love the sound of their engine)
  23. Exactly this. I thought they might go with Gilligs as well, but I'm happy to see no more El Dorados
  24. So the green line shuttles are letting people off at 33rd St. He made the left and told everyone off the bus, and then we're all walking confused to 35th st. Not sure what was going on there
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