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  1. CTA 'L' Rosters

    If they are stationed at 54th, then, as everyone else has stated on this forum (search back in other topics when this info was first disseminated), they are assigned to the Pink Line. They do Pink Line runs at other times. Also, consider the implications of what you're saying. That's like saying 50xx-50xx is stored at Kimball, but do runs on the Green Line. The Blue Line tracks are not in a condition to support consistent 5000 series operation. The Blue has two regular services: O'Hare to Forest Park and O'Hare to UIC. To assign 5000s to the Blue Line, means you would have two trainsets sitting in the yard for ~20 hours a day, used for ~8 runs max, for less stops than any usual Blue Line train would make. That's a waste of resources, CTA wouldn't do that (I like to think ). Ofc, happy to be wrong
  2. Random CTA

    Depends on when you rode, but most likely. I know the change in terminal from 106th/Mackinaw to 103rd/Stony was because buses on the 26 ending their runs went that way anyway, so if it didn't go out of service, it most likely went downtown. Or maybe on a school run for some other route.
  3. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Ah, the rear of the bus has the old logo and the front of the bus has the current logo
  4. 5000-series - Updates

    My theory is that the orientation is off? The odd number train car might not always be first in the direction of travel, leading to the confusion?
  5. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Ahhh, gotcha You have a press release for that? My prediction is 18-21 to 74th and the other 24-27 to C. It only takes 3 buses to run the 124, and the 63 takes about 18? buses last checked during peak, and the rest for the 66, which probably requires slightly more buses than the 63
  6. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    They're going to 74th
  7. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Maybe it has screens now too. This makes 3 buses? 8011, possibly 7902 and one other I think?
  8. New Eldorados?

    MV is Mountain View?
  9. New Eldorados?

    https://www.eldorado-ca.com/resources/themes/collins/assets/brocurePdfs/enc_ezriderii.pdf 30', 32' & 35' models
  10. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    Because then you'll be using a chainsaw when you need a scalpel. Every crowding issue can't be solved by just throwing artics at it. Could CTA allocate them better than they are now? Yes. Are they using them extremely inefficiently as they are now? Not really. The 151 uses about 23-26 buses during peak, of which maybe 3-6 will be non-artic. I think they got it covered The 156 is higher priority for artics than the 148. In fact, every route you mentioned has a higher priority, bar the 50, the 56, the 152 and maybe the 22 152 might benefit from artics, but doesn't need them. Same thing with the 50. That said, the 50, much like the 82, does get artics occasionally, outside of school and/or united center runs. The 56 will never need artics unless something happens to the Blue Line The evening LaSalle Crawls have slightly less ridership than the morning ones, at least based on personal observations. Also a way to get buses stored downtown back north (happy to be wrong about that one) Additionally, I can tell you that the 136 at least, is not consistently full all the way to the end of the line, a majority of the ridership from the few times I've taken it is off the bus between Foster and Thorndale
  11. New Eldorados?

    Awww, Foothill has them now? Booooo. That aside, what garages have buses that are getting replaced?
  12. New Eldorados?

    Totally forgot about that order. In regards to the passenger count, I was looking at the current specs for the EZ Rider II to see what they might get.
  13. New Eldorados?

    Logically, this makes sense. I see them doing the 30' 30 passenger instead of the 23. Still wish NF or even Gillig. I think Chicagoland might be the largest metro area without an order of Xcelsiors (test buses not withstanding). Alternatively, Pace might be the agency with the largest number of El Dorkos, except maybe LADOT and/or LACMTA? https://youtu.be/usYmRG-YtVg
  14. CTA buses to go all electric by 2040?

    Wait, where were the proterras going again? 74th?
  15. March 2019 Bus Changes

    Have you taken the 111A? Just want to know if this is from experience. Additionally, i'm surprised they didn't do the usual CTA thing of just saying "10400 S Woodlawn" or "10500 S Woodlawn" From my experience, the 111A doesn't have that many riders in the first place, so I don't think there was going to be this huge uptick. I imagine most of the people going to the community center are going to drive there, because everyone would like to avoid a transfer and its not like the 111A by itself is serving any communities. What I've said before and will continue to say is that the 111A not going to Olive Harvey is a mistake
  16. Locomotive 98 and 99

    Don't the surfliner locos operate as doubles?
  17. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    See if it works from here. If not, download it? 0509191410.mp4
  18. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    That the 56? I was confused for a minute when it said "State + Dearborn" lol
  19. Locomotive 98 and 99

    I think he might be mentioning this part "The addition this year of 21 used F59PHI locomotives purchased from Amtrak and three F59PHs from Progress Rail will reduce that percentage to about 45 percent. The addition of the remanufactured freight locomotives will reduce that percentage to 14 percent by 2023, he said." The locomotives being sent are F59PHs and the locomotives from Metrolink are F59PHs, so I'm wondering if this is bad wording on the author's part or there are another 3 locomotives we don't know about yet.
  20. Locomotive 98 and 99

    http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2019/02/20-metra-board-approves-locomotive-purchase I wonder if 97-99 are the three locomotives being mentioned here. That seems off to me, though, because they aren't being purchased. This article does make me more confident Progress Rail is the one to rehab them.
  21. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    Wow, I didn't know that many buses were needed for service, I count at least 33
  22. CTA buses to go all electric by 2040?

    Honestly, smart thing to do would be about 30-34 electrics (30ft or 35ft, this makes up the gap btwn the 6400s and 7900s), station them at 103rd, 74th & NP. From there, hybrids are the way to go in terms of replacing the 1000 series
  23. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    Wouldn't they be run out of North Shore?
  24. Locomotive 98 and 99

    Probably going to a Progress Rail facility in FL. I can't find an exact list of their properties though
  25. Metra conductor job

    Here on the MARC train, the trains are so rush oriented that you can potentially pay less for a ticket by buying a ticket for a stop before yours (Like buying A-C, when your trip is actually A-F).Once the train leaves WAS, the conductors only do two rounds of checks and that's it. One dude messed up by doing this and then forgetting the stop he intended to get off at. He asked the conductor, who remembered his ticket destination. Dude, for whatever reason, did not simply explain that he messed up, and conductor saw through the story, collected the info and presumably fined him.