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  1. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Proterra_ZX5 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Proterra_Catalyst_BE40 tl;dr: more streamlined, better charging area options, more battery capacity (can go to 328mi on a single charge, which is basically Chicago to Louisville-Lexington)
  2. Why send it then? That just encourages clutter on the forums lol
  3. It's been fixed now, but State St btwn 95th & 69th, especially from like 87th to 76th used to be absolutely horrendous. Almost like a kid picking at their scabs. Also, they have still yet to fix what is either a pothole, or an entire horizontal strip of pavement that's been removed, on LSD south heading NB, right near Soldier Field/McCormick Pl. Can't count the amount of times I've been on an artic and have been literally lifted out of my seat by the bus hitting it at highway speeds. It was there for some months last April, so it's been there for more than a year now.
  4. Same area as the current 66 charger?
  5. I certainly have to agree with this. For all the issues I did have with CTA's handling of the pandemic, having been in Memphis, DC, Baltimore, Philly and NYC during the Feb-Sept period when it was most serious, CTA was the most reliable (especially having become a CTA-Pace rider for the first time that summer). I know it wasn't easy, but the agency definitely persevered. And to make it through with no serious service cuts, that's remarkable as well. To the bus drivers and other CTA personnel on this forum, a thanks to you all as well, I'm sure you all were tested more than once.
  6. Reminds me sort of of a 307 driver I had last summer. Told people as they were walking up to the bus stop at BTC that he wasn't stopping before Cermak, that's how behind he was. He pretty much adhered to that as well, he only stopped once to pick up these two elderly folks at 63rd, but he left a lot of people behind and a stop wasn't requested until Cermak.
  7. The 10 as well, right? Maybe not so much in recent years, but I definitely feel like 2015 and before, the 10 ran with mostly artics. Is the 10 even running this summer?
  8. It's the same thing I try to tell people when driving around the bus drivers in Philly. Even if the driver is doing something wrong (and that's usually rare, I'd even go so far as to say they might have the best drivers in the nation), you being petty in response does nothing, and it really does nothing if you end up in an accident, because now your car is totaled and for what? You'll be on that same bus trying to get to work now lol
  9. His response to everything in the comments was hilarious. Basically kept saying "where is it written". It won't matter where it's written if you end up in an accident with the bus. My grandmother told my mother this and my mother told me, the bus and train always win.
  10. Then we'll agree to disagree lol. Like I've said, I've never really considered 74th "only" south, that's always been over west for me. And again, It's not like I'm making it out to be that 74th is out of the running, just that 103rd is in play now, mostly because no further work has been done to advance electric buses after the charger at midway. CTA's lack of action has basically just means that 74th isn't a sure-fire thing
  11. And until I read about the grant, I didn't have any reason to think otherwise. The language of the grant leads me to believe 103rd is in the running, but I've never said it was a sure outcome. I also said that it might be divvied up between both, with chargers to 74th and chargers and buses to 103rd. The 63 isn't the only bus at Midway, but it's the only one we've been talking about in regards to electric buses. Anything else has always been speculation.
  12. I thought I posted this the other day, but I never pressed send lol What's the point in rebuilding the platforms if the street level entrances are still bricked off? I can only imagine this is a place to stage maintenance equipment or something of that nature. I feel like any reopening of the station would have to start with actually opening the entrance
  13. My hesitance to say it's going to 74th is because there's been no charger built at east 63rd. The 66 has a charger at both Austin and Navy Pier. Not that the electrics can't run with only 1 charger, but the fact that they haven't built that yet, while all the other 3 chargers were built at the same time is concerning. What I also figure is that since CTA doesn't own any property to build a charger on east 63rd, they'd have to come to an agreement with the city. Thus, 103rd is the more likely target, since it would be easy to build a charger at the 29's bay at 95th, and the Navy Pier charger al
  14. https://whyy.org/articles/septas-cracking-battery-buses-raise-questions-about-the-future-of-electric-transit/ I've been wondering what had happened to these buses and I've seen this now. Hopefully this won't be an issue for CTA's proterras, since they have the same model.
  15. I wouldn't bet on it. The language they used, especially with the "reducing greenhouse gases in areas that experienced air pollution and other environmental health hazards", 103rd fits that bill more than any other garage. And personally, 74th isn't really "southside", I'd call that southwest. We'll see when a bid is put out. Edit: unless I'm misreading and two separate purchases are being made, one set of buses and charging equipment and then a separate set of charging equipment, in which case, I'd say 74th does get some charging equipment. If not, it's all going to 103rd
  16. https://www.transit.dot.gov/about/news/us-department-transportation-announces-182-million-grants-expand-low-or-no-emission CTA will be getting new electric buses, and I imagine the upgrades described in the article will be going to 103rd garage. No clue as to the manufacturer yet, but if 103rd is getting upgraded, I imagine the 29 will be the next route with electric buses.
  17. 1-off random nova's snuck onto the 6 every so often starting last summer
  18. Started april-may of last year
  19. In my defense, I thought the 92 was shared, not wholly run out of NP, but thanks for the follow-up 😂 Also hadn’t realized the 29 hadn’t always been at 103rd, I guess it could’ve been at 77th, but it makes more sense at 103rd lol
  20. LOL, I was the one that said the 352 "might" benefit from 4-6 artics (see NICE Bus routes n4 & n6) but certainly not on the 8A. This has definitely been a weird week for bus placements, first the nova on the 146 and now this. Next we'll have a NP bus on the 49 start a 349 run 😂😂😂😂
  21. https://www.masstransitmag.com/rail/press-release/21229921/chicago-transit-authority-cta-cta-ridership-jumps-more-than-55-percent-since-start-of-year This is reassuring news. I imagine the way the system is now, it'll remain as such for quite some time.
  22. Who advocated for this lol? This one is even more bizarre, there isn't even a single artic route out of Jeff Pk, let alone FP being able to hold them. Maybe it came off the 92 (even more bizarre), that's the only NP route out of Jeff Pk
  23. I was already laughing at the first one and then the follow up 😂😂😂😂😂 Perhaps it was the closest piece of available equipment? 😭
  24. By virtue of there being no CTA-Metra transfer, the ME competes with every N-S route that goes downtown around it. It can only poach riders who's final destination is downtown, since taking CTA to transfer to Metra isn't really economical, even with lowered fares. Almost all the ridership from Kensington northward are walk-up riders. Not everyone on the south side headed downtown has downtown as their final destination (I found out last summer J14 to the 20 or Brown Line is a less-than uncommon transfer). A Kensington local takes about 40 minutes to reach Millennium station. By contra
  25. I didn't even know they had 6400s, especially at 103rd
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