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  1. Huh. Is that part of the reason why they haven’t been collecting tickets? I can’t lie, the UP lines have been a great alternative to the Green, Blue & Purple lines and it’s so easy to social distance as well. I just went out to Gurnee on Sunday via the UPN line since it was free and the place I was looking for was only located in Gurnee, Aurora and Michigan City, the latter two of which still required paid fare on the train to get to
  2. Everything looks better than the Eldos
  3. I don’t think that was me, but I’m a regular J14 rider and I’ve discovered I’ve pretty much only have good or bad drivers, no in between. Fortunately, it’s been 90% good but every so often I get those “skipped on 5 passengers” or “refuse to move around a car that obviously won’t move” drivers 🤷🏾‍♂️
  4. I mean, you would assume it’s based on distance, no?
  5. I had that last week at Washington & LaSalle
  6. 8224 broken down at Midway. I thought the tow truck was the fire department’s at first 😂 IMG_8194.MOV IMG_8198.MOV
  7. No, there’s a strip of pavement that’s been gouged out across all the lanes, on NB LSD, right before Walden Ave. People who haven’t wised up yet, including some drivers, hit that gouge at 50+ mph. Ensue momentary chaos
  8. Sitting in the rear of the artics is worse. I’ve been lifted out of my seat a couple times and I’m 250+ lbs 💀
  9. When I typed this, I didn’t understand just how far north Lake Superior was. If the bus was built in St Cloud, it was on the optimal routing (Kennedy Expy heading SB/EB). Even if the bus was built in Canada (I’m assuming Winnipeg) it’s actually still faster and easier to travel via America rather than try to head via Thunder Bay & Sault Ste. Marie
  10. Was on the UPNW today around Clybourn and saw a SB (EB?) York Region Transit XD60 bus. I wonder what it was doing this far south in America
  11. Yep, the left lane, but I think it’s in all the lanes unfortunately. If my nickname was the fool, I’d have to find a new garage 💀
  12. I also felt there had to be some sort of prior history for that to happen. At the very least he could’ve let people pay for him, certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard someone get on the bus and ask for a dollar. Like I said, I didn’t hear any yelling or whatnot, just that eff you getting off bus, but the passenger still got off the bus at first prompting. The entire bus was very irate, and the following bus driver was very peeved as well. That was probably the most crowded bus I’ve been on this summer outside of a bus with all FedEx employees. That pavement gouge on LSD northbound near soldier field was not a good time for all those standing passengers I bet.
  13. J14 driver decided to call the cops because a guy boarded and didn’t have the full fare. No yelling or whatnot that I heard, just was a dollar short apparently and said “man, f**k you” getting off the bus. Bus driver also rebuffed several passengers attempts to pay the fare for him. Cue mass of angry passengers on a crowded bus. Now we’re all on a more crowded bus since fortunately, there was another J14 about 3-4 mins behind us. No fare guy is also on the new bus with us since he just boarded with everyone else from the first bus. 💀 Forgot to mention the exchange between the bus driver and one of the passengers who offered to pay, with that lady calling him petty and berating him for interfering with people’s jobs and the bus driver just saying “no fare, no ride” before returning to his call 😂
  14. I think they’re still doing work on the substation, it’s still gated off Was Midway slated for 2 pantographs? Why would they not have just installed both at the same time? It’s not like Midway didn’t have the space to move the 63, since the 55A/N don’t really use their bay space, and there’s a gap between that and the 54B north bay. Also, the rooftop work doesn’t indicate there were plans to place a second one, but I’d need to take a closer look at it
  15. Wonder if this is just the prelude to an actual timetable change
  16. Was is the bike cops? I’ve had more than 1 sudden reroute because of them. Last week they let my J14 and the 147 ahead of us drive into a march instead of sending us down Jackson to LSD or Balbo. Just today I caught the 151 from Union Station to take the J14 and they stopped the bus at Jackson & LaSalle, then the bus driver said he was going to State, and then taking that to Ohio before resuming the regular route
  17. SB J14, Balbo/Michigan. You’d think it was the end of rush hour. Bus driver only never skipped anyone (got full at Dearborn) except for whoever was at Columbus/11th (driver proceeded straight onto LSD from Balbo).
  18. Between this and the funeral shooting, I’m glad I stopped taking the 79 to work. I always thought East 79th was bad enough, but these past couple of months proved West 79th is almost equally as bad
  19. The SEPTA New Flyers are immaculate, down to all the features (ac, info screens, chargers, seats, design, etc). The only improvement could be wifi. CTA getting NF’s identical to SEPTA’s is the best possible outcome imo
  20. It was exactly like how @Shannoncvpi described it
  21. 1439 has some sort of acceleration lag? Only way to describe it, it took several seconds for the bus to pull off and during that time it sounded like the bus would if it were on the highway
  22. They haven’t even been doing that lately, I asked because I noticed more 6400s than usual on the 56 lately
  23. This seems incredibly hostile of CN. Is this typical behavior from them?
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