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  1. Is that simply because of the two car trains? Or is there also something about the right of way?
  2. Looking it over. I remember a lot of those old buses, but I had sort of forgotten how small they were compared to modern types.
  3. 1) Will it still be GPS? 2) How does passenger counting work? Thanks.
  4. Last Friday I was on the Red Line going south from Fullerton early in the morning, and we got an announcement from the motorman that the train was being held due to train being stuck behind us. Can that be correct, and if so why? Thank you.
  5. If there are ever too many lines in Chicago for colors to be convenient, better to use numbers, because you never run out of those.
  6. I was on such a train yesterday and asked the motorman as I exited at Dempster. He said it was for more traction.
  7. I don't know if the CTA is considering it, but there's also the fact that longer routes are more prone to bus bunching.
  8. Passenger

    O’Hare Express

    As I understand what was done before, the Block 37 station would somehow be fed by the Red Line and share existing tracks with the Blue Line to O'Hare. It was the connection from the Red Line that blasted the Washington station, though the Washington platform itself has since been restored. I still don't see how that was supposed to work without some serious interference with Blue Line service. Is there some missing piece I'm unaware of? Or did they really undertake all that construction assuming it would all work out later somehow?
  9. Update: New schedules in effect. Red and Purple leave Howard nearly simultaneously at 5:45am. Get on Purple, switch at Belmont to the Red that left Howard (according to the printed schedule) at 5:37am. No need for a mad dash across the platform, either. An express that really is an express.
  10. About adding elevators. I expect it will just be like all the other elevators to L stations, with the free transfer still being external? Which means that the person who absolutely needs the elevators will have to go to the other end of the Red line station at street level to make the transfer. A nicer solution would be elevators that go straight from the L to the subway. No chance of that I suppose.
  11. I have been catching up on this thread. Thanks for all the great pictures and videos. I ride the Red line south from Howard every day around the time the Purple line express starts in the morning. The new service pattern is perfect. The Purple line train (that my Red line train previously had to wait to pass at Lawrence if all was on schedule) now does an across the platform rendezvous at Wilson. South of Wilson, Purple passes Red at Sheridan. Rendezvous again at Fullerton.
  12. So they detected a non-treat and the sap in question feels safer? I'd feel safer if we didn't have all this "security".
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