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  1. Exactly! Good Day....
  2. We'll see in September who reads what "they post........until then, continue to support the pilots....
  3. Let's stick to facts, 90 days and either the 11 is in or out. Based on the evidence, the agency has the numbers to either keep piloting or consider their loses. It is what it is, no need to justify the case anymore. In September, the fate of the 11 will be decided.
  4. Well, the cta has publicly announced that a decision for the 11 extension would be decided by the fall.
  5. Basically, a final decision lol. The 11 extension will learn its fate in September.
  6. Route 31 gets basically another of year service. A final decision on Route 31 will be made March 2018! http://www.transitchicago.com/news/default.aspx?CategoryId=2&&ArticleId=3667
  7. I'm sure they are documenting the project, at least someone in the infrastructure department,.
  8. That political pressure must be hard to see this succeed. For this to happen, a final decision should happen "now" but September we'll know the route's fate.
  9. Route 11 pilot to receive a 90 day extension at the June meeting.
  10. The celebration was nice, you really had to be there to witness the fever of excitement. This was bigger than expected and the cta should acknowledge that moving forward when planning future events. The days of events being and feeling "exclusive" are over thanks to the digital age we live in. The interest is there and hopefully more "Old Friends" return!
  11. Could be a sign that there is more to this reroute.....????
  12. That could be a telling sign of things to come, i believe there is more to this "rush hour" reroute
  13. This is a manufacturing plant, so I'm too sure that security will be available to greet individuals that attempt to make that unauthorized move. One a brighter note, here are more views of the revised rendering of the 7000-series
  14. Regardless of "your real work", the consulting firm is the source, the USDOT confirmed that additional funding sources are in place for the order and further more, will not go into combative conversations period. Any additional questions and information can be either researched or by contacting the agencies listed.
  15. The rendering was released by the agency and to the press, so i'm sure it's official. The consulting firm was identified, so if you need the specifics down to the time it was designed, i would contact either the cta, the mayor's office or the consulting firm that was identified.