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  1. The 7000-series in-service testing period closely mimics the 5000-series as they tested along all lines in no particular order before being introduced in revenue operations on the Pink Line. To those that are just being introduced to cta operations, the agency has done this before. As far as testing assignments, this remains to be seen as it seems the in-service testing period will occur in no particular order across the system. The Purple Line Express and Green Line operate 6 cars due to platform restrictions at certain stations along their respective lines [with Cottage Grove being
  2. This is not true. Remember, the 5000-series began on the Pink Line and simultaneously replaced the Pink Line's 2200-series while transferring the remaining 2600-series to the Blue Line, with the 5000s being placed on everything but the Blue, Brown and Orange Lines (where the last 5000s were supposed to end up). As of now, seeing that the agency has recently had common practice of placing rail series according to categorical order at specific rail terminals (5000s at Howard, Linden, 95th etc. for easy transfer and maintenance for example) the 7000s might not end up where most may thin
  3. If a bid for sponsorship has already been placed (which would've occurred during the 2Q of the year) then a Holiday Train will exist probably (hypothetical) as a non-passenger train due to the current Pandemic. Any announcement about this year's set would be announced during the 2nd week of November, so #staytuned
  4. Began on the Red Line last year for the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, then began it's regular seasonal run on Black Friday. Earlier in the decade, the season usually began as early as the 2nd week in November, so the start dates varies by season.
  5. Schedule should be posted sometime midweek, usually conceding with the Magnificent Mile Light Festival along the Red Line. But because the Holiday Season is short for 2019, could begin service on Black Friday, on the Orange-Green Lines.
  6. The 5000s has more capacity for passengers, the 7000s will be tailored towards customer comfort. In a situation where capacity is an issue, a 5000 would be better suited for the Blue Line and seeing that the substation upgrades are ongoing, i would chose a 5000 during rush hour to carry passenger capacity once the power capacity is available to making that executive decision. But then again, we are discussing and comparing an existing rail car series to a non-existing series, so this pretty much becomes redundant for the near future.
  7. Whoa! too soon the Congress Rehab just moved from the environmental stage, the funds aren't even identified and most likely, the project will coincide with the I-290 reconstruction, so were about half a decade away before anything gets touched on the Congress. Seeing that the previous mayoral administration specified that the 7000s become the gateway for customers to/from O'Hare and Midway, this signified that the 7000s would go to the Orange (due to the 5000s mostly being deployed to the Red Line by the time the deliveries were completed, then receiving the oldest 2600s from the Blue Lin
  8. Which will clearly happen way before a 7000 hits the rails, then you'll have a testing period which could roll into 2021, 2022, so a 5000, even just for a short turn, would be feasible for the near future plus you have to think about capacity, which the 5000s have in it's current configuration instead of the 7000s, which is geared towards being more comfort orientated.
  9. The 5000s that operate as "special" Blue Line runs are "borrowed" from the Red Line. Seeing that power substation work is currently underway along the O'Hare branch, expect to see more 5000s transferred to the Blue Line in future picks. Service is beyond capacity between Logan Square and Clark/Lake along the Blue Line with passengers having to let numerous trains passby during the 7am until about 8:30 am rush hour segment.
  10. It's not happening anytime soon, the funding is not available. If there was a dire need to rehab, it would've been fast tracked. We know the infrastructure is bad, but it's more cost effective to collaborate both projects at once.
  11. April 28th, but technically the trips end after the PM Rush Period on April 26th but are still active as part of the pick until the new pick is in effect.
  12. For snow operation and to keep more traction. The first 2 cars in the chosen direction are used in service due to limited 2 car berthing at the Skokie stations, especially at the Dempster terminal.
  13. Those exact reasons and that in September the Route 11 pilot ended. It's kind of unnecessary to have a superfluous map floating, but the September map did have an honorable nod to George Krambles, so it's kind of a collectible of sorts
  14. What time will they arrive is the question?
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