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  1. Could be a sign that there is more to this reroute.....????
  2. That could be a telling sign of things to come, i believe there is more to this "rush hour" reroute
  3. This is a manufacturing plant, so I'm too sure that security will be available to greet individuals that attempt to make that unauthorized move. One a brighter note, here are more views of the revised rendering of the 7000-series
  4. Regardless of "your real work", the consulting firm is the source, the USDOT confirmed that additional funding sources are in place for the order and further more, will not go into combative conversations period. Any additional questions and information can be either researched or by contacting the agencies listed.
  5. The rendering was released by the agency and to the press, so i'm sure it's official. The consulting firm was identified, so if you need the specifics down to the time it was designed, i would contact either the cta, the mayor's office or the consulting firm that was identified.
  6. It was stated when revealed that the 2600s would be replaced first, so cars along the Blue and Orange Lines will be the first targets. By the time the 7000-series start arriving, the CTA will have another fleet that served a full generation, with the cars approaching 40+ years at the time of retirement. The retirement of the 2600s will be very unique as these are the final examples produced by the Budd Company.
  7. The updated 7000-series rendering was preformed by Resolute Consulting, so the last sentence wasn't a swing and a miss.............. the 490 cars statement was announced by myself and the addition of the 90 cars was approved by the USDOT, so the base order will now be 490 cars. http://www.railwayage.com/index.php/news/usdot-grants-cta-dol255-million-tifia-loan-for-railcars.html
  8. Well, this is part of the design process, so it was kind of obvious that the design would change, but really didn't expect a radical departure from the original design. As to where the original looked more like the 2200s, this update version looks more like a modern 5000 with a blue decal insert.
  9. I think the revival of Routes 11 & 31 are inspirations for this to happen. Should one or both become successful, then I think the 41 may have a chance, just not in it's previous configuration. Good Luck!
  10. The schedule was revised in February, so that's a definite no and since this is a trial run, expect the hours of operation to remain during the duration of the extended trial period.
  11. Update! Route 31 will receive a 180 day extension trial period. #StayTuned
  12. Times?
  13. Overall, thank you for the information chicagopcclcar. Guess we'll wait until April for the Howard-Englewood Surprise
  14. Think that question was answered in 2013 with the reconstruction project, hence making the storage issue nonexistent
  15. The panel walls along the Paulina ramp are from the old Kostner station