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  1. Excellent! Glad to hear from you. Our Board of Directors asks the curators periodically about items on the "acquisition approved" list, and now I can update them. 1925 has been gone since 2011, sorry to say. Richard
  2. I didn't agree with 1925 being scrapped then, and I wouldn't do it now that I'm the Curator if it still existed, even with the transmission problems it had. But the deal with that bus was thoroughly complicated and, to some extent, relied on things we were promised by people inside and outside IRM that didn't turn out to be true. Hindsight's 20/20, they say. 3177 got what I would call a "quick and dirty" paint job because someone was interested in it at the time. That paint still looks pretty good. The bus ran last summer, although not for public rides. It sits outside because it is
  3. Well put, thank you. I've had it mentioned to me at IRM several times, that the people who work on the motor buses, look like the people who work on the trolley buses, look like the people who work on the 'L cars, look like the people who work on the overhead wire, etc. Yeah, there's a reason for that. We're the same group of people. IRM needs volunteers, quite simply. I know it's not always easy to feel like you've accomplished something, when a bus is a long-term project. But for anyone who has a sincere interest- and I don't just mean mechanics; there's all sorts of things to be done,
  4. The Highliners are on display in Yard 5. As I wrote in the PM to you, we aren't running pantograph equipment at the moment until the wire is in better shape, which is happening slowly. Most of the work doesn't involve the wire per se, but instead the line poles, which tend to lean and move in the soft ground, which pulls the wire out of alignment. I was the engineer on the Highliners on the one day they ran back in 2016 (two short demonstration trips on Member's Weekend). Our trolley frogs do not have pan jumps on them yet, so I must drop the pans when running under them. They don't g
  5. Yes, I had the blue IRM shirt and hat, and my conductor had the CTA uniform. Richard
  6. I was the motorman on the 2200s, except later in the day I let my conductor run some trips. Too bad I didn't get a chance to put a face with the name! The 2400s are on display in Barn 6, track 64, a couple of cars back from the front of the barn. The 6100s aren't on public display and haven't been in a few years; we needed the space in the display barns for operable cars. They are back in Barn 13. Cars don't generally leave for restoration, because we have pretty good facilities for doing it onsite. The AEM-7 is having a broken windshield replaced (vandals broke it while in tra
  7. Hello folks- Time is running out to purchase your tickets to this year's Snowflake Special! Tickets are still only $45 and are available from IRM's website at http://www.irm.org/events/ctacharter.html . If there are still tickets available on the day of the trip, the fare will be $50. The all-day trip is on Sunday, November 12th, and departs Rosemont at 9:00 am. See you there, Richard Schauer Illinois Railway Museum volunteer Snowflake Special Committee chairman
  8. Hello everyone- Tickets are now on sale for this year's Snowflake Special excursion on CTA, which will be held on Sunday, November 12th. The trip will leave from Rosemont station on the Blue Line at 9:00 am, and will be an all-day trip returning at about 6:00 pm (with lunch break in the Loop). Fare is $45 in advance, $50 on the day of the trip if tickets remain. Here's a link to the IRM webpage for this event, and tickets are available from there: http://www.irm.org/events/ctacharter.html Thanks, R. W. Schauer IRM volunteer
  9. CJ8Scrambler- We have the Teleweld book for the signs in our Museum technical library and I can send you a scan of the relevant page. PM me with an e-mail address and I'll take care of you. R. W. Schauer Illinois Railway Museum volunteer
  10. Hey guys- 9799's body isn't too bad. The rust spots aren't much to worry about, especially considering they're on the front. Buses tend to get beat up on the front end and often there's a lot of bondo there. If pieces of the bondo come off, often the steel behind will rust quickly. The part of 9799 that isn't so great is the underframe. Salt has done a lot of damage. I can see us replacing steel at some point. I think everyone kinda misses the point about 2007-2008. They were never acquired to be preserved. As much as some people would like to, we can't save everything. Look
  11. Busjack- 4001 has been a carbody since at least the 1950s. We have put it on standard PCC trucks to allow it to be moved around. It is inside a "boat wrap" (the plastic shrink stuff that they cocoon boats with) to protect it from weather, because it was built with a canvas-covered Masonite roof and it does not have windows. It is stable as it currently sits, and is now stored inside a barn. I suppose a logical next step would be a nice paint job, to make it a displayable car. The paint that somebody applied in the 1970s was not the sort of paint that stuck very long. This is why we
  12. Hey guys- Seeing as I'm one of a small group of people who picked out IRM's 2200 and 2400s, arranged to buy them, arranged to haul them here, got them running, and keeps them running (among lots of other cars), I'll make a response. Your recommendations are gladly received, guys. I, and we, hear from a lot of people with a lot of ideas. Keep them coming; it's how we know there's interest in what we're doing. I'm quite sure that the time for 2600s at IRM is a few years in the future at this point. We certainly do plan to preserve them, and 3200s when it's their time. We've alread
  13. Barn 9 (the big one south of the 'L station) is one of the places that Highliners probably wouldn't be put. It's an older barn, and if I remember right, it's not quite 16' clear through the doorways, except for one track that was built a few inches lower so 1630 could pull coaches out. I can't remember any South Shore cars being stored in it, unless it was for a short time long ago or something. Highliners are 15'10" over lowered pantographs. Richard
  14. Busjack- Physically fitting them into one of the new barns isn't a problem. Our newer barns are built to 17-foot height clearance. The problem is the money to build a barn. Equipment generally buys into barn space based on its length, at whatever rate new construction will cost. When a barn's-worth of money has been raised, the barn is built, and the equipment can go inside any barn in which it fits, physically and logistically. (This is also why there is generally a big shuffle of equipment after a new barn is built- to put things in better places.) Sometimes people donate toward b
  15. Hey guys- Last Saturday, September 17th, IRM ran two Highliners in public operation for the first time. They ran two very short trips of about a mile and a half each, sort of a "proof of concept" more than anything else. This is the first time that any museum has run Highliners under their own power. The cars that ran were 1630 and 1637, and we had all of the auxiliaries running except the air conditioners. We are still slowly working our way through the cars' systems, fixing things as we go. Getting the air conditioners running is important to us, but a lower priority than maki
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