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  1. Thanks! I'll try that when I get home. The laptop is Windows 10, so that makes sense.
  2. Does anyone have any advice for me? I have two computers "running" OMSI 2 with varying degrees of glitchyness. I got both from Steam, so I share the copy on both computers. My desktop runs the game with a few hiccups (textures start missing, games slow down) and I eventually close the game in frustration. My laptop has a completely unusable copy of the game, as it lacks just about everything. No textures, everything is white. Heck my little bus driver is floating on nothing. I've tried that little Verify Game Cache on both computers through Steam, and that has fixed nothing. I really liked the game and Chicago map, but this is very frustrating. I've looked around trying to find a solution, but I come up with nothing. Am I just doing something stupid or missing something?
  3. Cool! Maybe it's just like that for testing. The F59PHs were seen like that for a while.
  4. Fixed your response so it's more informative than anything else. He had a simple scenario, he wasn't overreacting. We don't know if the police and FBI did that, but they apprehended the suspect with no injuries, so that's good. When I checked last, the article linked did not state if they had weapons used in the robbery. Remember, there are procedures that jajuan said quoted above that agencies use during these situations. They probably had a simple plan worked out to avoid any problems while apprehending the suspect as quickly as possible.
  5. But what's more exciting than seeing a low boy with a brand new railcar rolling down the streets of Chicago? Nothing much, especially if you participate in this forum.
  6. Compatibility sounds good at first thought, but if CRRC has to get software and tech from Bombardier (see Busjack's response), it will complicate the manufacturing process, especially since Bombardier isn't too happy about the entire contract award outcome. Though even if the two series were compatible, I don't know how much the feature would be used, considering I only remember the eight lines as follows (since 5000s can't run with other cars, saying a line is now entirely 5000s isn't necessary): Red Line: Almost entirely 2600s for the 21st century, except when 2400s were added before their retirement. Orange Line: Almost entirely 3200s from opening to now, except when 2400s were added before their retirement, and now the line appears to be dominated by 2600s as the 3200s are being rehabbed. The two types may not be mixed anymore, but I can also be wrong. Yellow Line: Entirely 3200s until the third rail installation or 2009, then entirely 2600s (I know for a fact that I'm wrong on specific 3200 withdrawal times, please correct me). Green Line: Entirely 2400s. Blue Line: This line stuck out like a sore thumb, so it's the only main exception in my book. 2600s and 2200s mixed, now entirely 2600s. Purple Line: I've seen solid sets of 2600s and 2400s (mostly the latter), and the two mixed together. Brown Line: Almost entirely 3200s until very recently, though the 3200s seem to run by themselves. Pink Line: Only mixed cars because of the Blue Line, when the Douglas Blue service ended, all Pink Line trains simply used 2600s. I'm not sure if AC propulsion fixes this problem entirely, but the tiny motor differences in the High Performance Family cars caused them to ride funny together. Although never used in regular service, a 3200-2200 combo would be very jerky, as the 3200s brake the lightest, while the 2200 brake the hardest (according to a veteran motorman).
  7. I think everyone would know that the design would change, so that isn't news. But the windows look more 5000-ish, so I'll give you half credit. Not immediately when the 7000s arrive, but if the CTA shifts things around, that's always a possibility. And most likely the production 7000s will come with color signs. What's more interesting is the marker light configuration.
  8. Yeah it looks like the rendering was altered since the original announcement for the cars, since the biggest difference is that the cars are now approaching Tower 12 instead of a CRRC station.
  9. I think when the CTA is concerned about a mixed fleet, they are more concerned about the trains in the yards than the trains on the tracks. Maintenance would be more difficult with more training needed. I remember the idea of having the Orange Line taking the last of the 5000s and using them with older DC Cars, but that never happened. Also, 5000 series cars can share tracks with older cars, but cannot couple with them for in service runs.
  10. Thanks. I'm on my phone at work, so it's a little harder to post stuff.
  11. Looks like Damen and Lake will be the new station for the United Center, the newest CTA station, and the newest Green Line station. Feel free to post links and updates here.
  12. Probably not, unless Red Line operators kick people off the train in addition to the announcements before using the loop. When I was a kid the Blue Line used that loop at Forest Park and one time my dad and I rode to and from Harlem on the loop!
  13. It's possible, but I don't see that happening for some reason. I was at Belmont after visiting a friend and I elected to go through a normal turnstile after watching someone go through the wheelchair gate. It looked like it didn't close that fast, even without human intervention. I actually considered bringing that up in my original post, but I went on the assumption that the gates close by themselves.
  14. Paulina might be the longest, but that probably makes it the least steep as well. Though I'm not sure if the duration of downhill rolling is more important than the intensity of downhill rolling. I think putting wheelchair gates at all of the stations is fine unless they have only wheelchair gates. I personally prefer going through conventional turnstiles.
  15. I went by the shape of the light coming from the windows, though when I first saw the video I thought the train was running on the Douglas branch before Blue Line service ended.