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  1. Random CTA

    Supposedly the blizzard of 1999 was the main turning point. Also remember hearing somewhere that the CTA had to pull 3200s to cover for the 2600s.
  2. Random CTA

    You’re welcome! From what I’ve seen in photos and other hints in the railcars, I would say Art is correct. Before full width cabs were on the 2600s, the window opposite the cab was a regular window, and could not be opened. We all know those windows can be opened now. Also, some of the side windows at the blind ends of the car were able to be opened for the conductors, and the stanchions around there on the 2400s looked like they were reinforced to carry the weight of the control box.
  3. Random CTA

    My guess is that it was removed during the major 2600 rehab around that time. Toggle switches worked out better than the push buttons like on this unit.
  4. Ouch! Wreck photos!

    Looks like the driver was at fault, based how ABC7 reported that the car struck the bus, not the other way around.
  5. 5000-series - Updates

    At this point the only thing I’ll miss about the 2600s are the additional seats compared to the 5000s (but 3200s are good too), the historical Budd value, and some of the quirky stuff (lights dimming from third rail gaps and stuff like that). The jerkiness and vibrations are just too much at this point.
  6. 5000-series - Updates

    I can understand the first bullet point, but for the second one, if the 5000s use more power, how are the 7000s going to be any better on the current power system? I feel like for the section discussing the 2600s, the CTA is saying that the 7000s are the big answer, but those will effectively be held back by the infrastructure restraints. Hopefully the power and signal upgrades will be done in time.
  7. Random Metra

    Take Metra to see Manchester City!
  8. Random Metra

    Weird. I'm at a total loss, other than something that measures or changes the air quality.
  9. Random Metra

    Do they just have "MERC" printed on them?
  10. Random CTA

    Unless he knows about the tunnel underneath the highway. Wasn't there an incident involving a deer on the Blue Line tracks around Cumberland a few years back?
  11. More Bus Moves

    It's a rumor, so getting it from someone, even if they are in the company, doesn't back anything up. And I'm sure the rest of us forum members don't even know who your uncle is, so for all we know, he could work for the CTA, but as something completely irrelevant. Similar to people on Airliners.net convinced that airlines are getting new planes, but their "source" is a pilot rumor. I suggest a quick read of the community guidelines, which has a bullet point concerning sources, instead of posting emojis.
  12. Random Metra

    I’ve noticed that the conductors on train 630 (Harvard-OTC) make manual announcements as well, and they also tell customers to stop a passing conductor if they need a ticket for any stop before Ogilvie. Then they just collect all other tickets between Clybourn and OTC. However sometimes they leave the GPS on as well.
  13. Geometry car

    Both the Metrorail in Washington DC and the New York City Subway have track geometry cars. I'm not sure who builds them though, and if they could adapt their product to fit the CTA's train dimensions with all the equipment needed inside. Related to CTA rail restrictions, I also recall the Blue Line in Boston having exceptionally small cars, roughly the same dimensions as CTA rail cars because the line was originally built to serve streetcar size vehicles. There's also a sharp loop in downtown Boston that might actually be on par with the turns in the Loop. Though I'm not sure it they have a track geometry car.
  14. More Bus Moves

    Not yet unfortunately, but if you're looking for a specific physical bus, forum member byroncheng has set up a site for that.
  15. Random Metra

    Hard to see in the photo I took but car 6012 got the works and now has clear windows.