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  1. Annual CTA Holiday Train

    The initial schedule and dates for each route for the 2018 Holiday Train is up on the CTA website. The link is below. https://www.transitchicago.com/holidayfleet/ This year the train is sponsored by Allstate.
  2. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    The ex Amtrak locomotives are F59PHIs, while it appears Metra 97 and others are F59PHs. Not sure if the I means anything more than the new body.
  3. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    Unfortunately true. Although the CRJ and the Q-Series (Dash-8) are still listed on their commercial aviation website, both programs have taken substantial hits, especially the CRJ because of obvious competition.
  4. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    An additional three F59PH locomotives have been approved for purchase. Link from Metra
  5. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    In my view the Toronto Rocket cars looked like a cakewalk for the TTC who bought them compared to the R179s and 5000s. For the 5000s alone, they were pulled from service at least once due to bad trucks, had incomplete body frame welds, and numerous other issues. The R179s fared even worse. The entire first bodyshell set was rejected by the MTA because of bad quality, delaying the debut of the cars by a year, and when they finally did get put in service, it didn’t take them long to get put back in the shop for faulty doors. I don’t remember correctly, but either the train wouldn’t move because it sensed not all doors were closed even when they were, or the doors opened when the train was in motion. The biggest complaint with the Rockets is that if the doors fail to close three times, the train needs to be rebooted, and that might even be fixed now. Oh well.
  6. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    Beat me to it, but yes, they’re here!
  7. Random CTA

    From what I heard, there was a power issue around the south incline, which also disrupted Green and Orange Line service. Patrick Kinney took a more recent picture of the set heading north past Armitage, probably to Howard or Skokie Shops...
  8. Metra and PTC

    Metra is working on a revised schedule for the Rock Island for accommodating PTC and it is open for comments/feedback on Metra’s website. Quick link is Here.
  9. Random Metra

    Footage from the Operation Life Saver staged car-train collision.
  10. CTA 'L' Rosters

    According to the CTA they were brought out for a special event.
  11. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    There’s probably a better idea than this since it involves non revenue tracks, but after leaving Montrose they could have the train pull into the siding after passing the northbound platform at Jefferson Park, the operator quickly switches ends, and have the train line up and pull into the southbound track at Jefferson Park for boarding and exiting.
  12. Random CTA

    On the side it says “MY KIND OF TOWN” on the upper text line and “CHICAGO IS” on the lower text line.
  13. Random CTA

    Maybe this belongs in the 700 Series thread, since you’ll be able to get a miniature 701 delivered to your home (albeit in a box! ), but this seemed more random than anything. Models of 701 are supposedly going to be released sometime in October.
  14. CTA 'L' Rosters

    Same here, I think the signs look good too. Maybe the customers with luggage will like the different seat layout with those single seats.
  15. The Breakdown Thread