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  1. Which will come first, the Proterras or the new ATS trains at O'Hare?? Hmmm...
  2. I found this page via a Google Image search. There's some interior shots, as well as a seating layout plan from when the cars were first bought by Illinois Central. You'll have to do some more looking around if you want an updated seat plan though, as the interior pictures show some seats facing each other, but the original layout doesn't.
  3. To be fair, can you explain how posting about seating modifications to 5000 Series cars, bus moves and bus conditions are "irrelevant posts" while there is an entire thread about joining the Discord server? Since this is a transit forum as you state (and it is), I would count the former as more relevant actually. I'm not trying to bash the server (I even considered joining), but I agree with what Pace831 had to say and his evidence to back up his claims. Regardless of how specific each post gets down to, there is probably someone who appreciates it. I loved the car by car updates when the 3200s got rehabbed, even if the overhauls look more cosmetic in my opinion compared to the 2600s.
  4. Thanks! I thought it might have been them, but I appreciate you confirming it.
  5. What type of cars are these on? I always sit in the newer 6000s or 8500s unless there’s an open Pullman in the train. If it’s an all stop train, sitting in the seats from Ogilvie to Woodstock can get a bit on the achy side, and I’ve stood up once or twice to stretch out.
  6. The second time I saw it was at the Woodstock Metra station in the morning, so there's a chance that it was on route 807 or 808. I didn't get a look at the destination sign though. However the first time I saw it was midday when I was grabbing lunch. It was at the intersection of South St/Country Club Road and IL-47, heading east. Its destination sign was blank, and as far as I know, 807 and 808 don't go by that intersection.
  7. Actually I saw one like this roaming around Woodstock twice, but it was orange instead. Unfortunately I was driving both times, so no pictures. Don’t want to be naughty!
  8. Quite sad actually. A very valuable contributor to this forum simply outnumbered by trivial and silly posts.
  9. Yeah, if you thought this thread was turning into a hot mess now...
  10. Same. Last time I bought a paper ticket it looked like the one on the right, regardless of what zone I went to.
  11. I like it. It’s simple, but at the same time it has a clean and classy look to it. In my opinion the Rock Island livery, while colorful, is almost too vibrant. Have you ever visited the Museum of Science and Industry? In their basement by the underground parking garages they have the Pioneer Zephyr on display, which also has the same logo. Additionally, the Illinois Railway Museum frequently runs a former Chicago Burlington and Quincy EMD E5 for visitors, which has the logo on the nose as well.
  12. Not sure if 211 got rebuilt, but at some point it went back in time and is now running with Chicago Burlington and Quincy.
  13. This is really cool, thank you for sharing this! HI ZAC!
  14. Right? And I love how the conductor tells Fan Railer not to film him, and yet all he had to do was keep his peanut brain head in the train and he would have gotten his way. The windows look pretty opaque on camera. I think someone wants attention...
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