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  1. Random CTA

    Sounds better than "that other subway the Blue Line goes through on the northwest side" in my opinion, even if Kimball Subway makes it sound like the Brown Line.
  2. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Seems like you've seen this article on Electrek. Funny how I saw it last night.
  3. Destination signs

    You are correct, it's the latter. You board in the same time as an enroute station stop. There's a little storage area beyond the station where most trains are stored for the night, and daytime PM trains also seem to get put there before heading inbound. As for the announcements, I don't know what triggers them other than the GPS Busjack mentioned above.
  4. Destination signs

    Though from my experience on the UP-NW line you can't hear them because they play before you board. When I would board at Crystal Lake I would sometimes hear the last bit of the priority seating announcement that plays after the station listing. Could be different on other lines though.
  5. Pink Line

    I remember when this was the case during the Brown Line reconstruction. They had purple stripes on the outer platform signs to complete it. I don't know of any feedback/public opinion made during the change though. However if you want to take the Purple Line south to the Blue Line, this would definitely affect your trip, since your only two options would be to ride the Purple Line around to Clark/Lake or Library, or transfer to the Red Line, which can be quite crowded and unpleasant.
  6. Pink Line

    Although I believe this has been discussed before, I can't find the previous posts. However, there are some challenges to this idea. It's not really a matter of the number of lines on each side, but the frequency of trains on each track. The 4 lines on the inner track operate with larger intervals than the Brown Line, and can coexist on that one track because of that. While the Brown Line may be the only line using 1/2 the length of the outer tracks, during rush hour trains assigned to the line can be as close as 4 minutes from each other, on scheduled time, which doesn't factor in any unusual operations. Factor in the Green Line on two sides of the Loop, and there are three permanent lines on the outer track, and two lines on the inner track because the Purple Line doesn't run full time. However this can be an issue when they want to go home. The absence of a Washington/Wells to Clinton route means that one would either have to ride the Pink Line around the Loop to exit, or board an Orange Line and ride it to Clark/Lake to transfer to a Green or Pink Line. This can also be an issue for those who arrive at Ogilvie Transportation Center and finish their commute on the L using other lines. For example I took a Metra train to Ogilvie to go to Northwestern Memorial via the Red Line. The first train that showed up was a Pink Line, and because it was going clockwise, I knew I could easily ride two stops to State/Lake and hop on the Red Line from there. If it didn't do that, I'd have to wait longer for a Green Line. Having lived in Oak Park, I know the annoyance of seeing very few of those trains, especially stacked against the multiple outbound Brown Line trains at Clark/Lake. Only if you don't count the time and money needed to notify and possibly train operators of the new routing, assist customer service agents on how to help people with the change, add temporary signage (like on those little boards you can set up anywhere) to remind people where to go for the initial service change, train Tower 18 personnel on how to handle and route Pink Line trains during the manned periods during rush hour, modifying and possible re-recording of onboard train announcements, and any other costs associated with changes. Even if some people go for the modifications, they may not add up to cover the costs, like when the CTA added an extra run to the Purple Line Express for convenience. It attracted some riders in the trial phase, but did not warrant enough riders to continue the change, and that was just one addition to the line.
  7. Miscellaneous Transit Stories

    I saw a bus like that while driving in on the Kennedy Thursday.
  8. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Pink Line trains are being rerouted to the Blue Line tracks and ending at Racine due to signal problems at Ashland/Lake. The alert has been up since 4 AM.
  9. 7000-series - Procurement

    Whoops! Missed the party by about 2 months, but I thought I'd throw in a few comments. In general, I'm glad some features of the 5000s are being carried over (the door lights and emergency glow strips) 1. Those light ring things around the head and taillights look cool. I wonder if they switch between white and red depending on the direction of the train. Maybe it would help with visibility. 2. Those extra lights in the center must be a CSR/CRRC thing as they're appearing on other company built trains. Personally I like the light arch from the 2400s and 2600s, but that's OLD. 3. The seats are blue, but the plastic walls are the older beige color. Probably subject to change. 4. I'm wondering how they're going to use that LCD screen. It has a lot more display real estate than the FIND system in New York. 5. More color! The 5000 style straps now stand out more, as does the cab end of the cars. 6 So much vitamin water....
  10. Proterra Buses

    The answer is probably going right over my head...
  11. Proterra Buses

    Is there any reason why all of the buses have sea critters on them? I think I'm missing something...
  12. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    The entire mobile site isn't that attractive. This is what I see. I always end up clicking the top link anyways.
  13. Random Metra

    Yeah, some in-service trains are like that too. What they should do is put 139 (River Forest) and 169 (Oak Park) together for those runs.
  14. Red Line Is "Goin Back To Ashland-63rd"

    Thanks. This whole thing went on even before I joined as a member. I honestly don't know how we got to this point, as all the information on the reroute is published, official and not, and the LED signs display what they need to display. Did they? I thought the 5000s also did Yellow-Green for 63rd. I know they did Yellow-Yellow for Howard and Roosevelt. I can't find any images for 63rd though.
  15. CTA bus simulator releasing soon

    Yeah, I think I've got those problems as well. For some reason my laptop enjoys breaking itself, as I've done work on fixing those .dll files before for Train Simulator, and now I get a pop up saying one of my programs that launches on startup cannot do so due to a missing .dll. I'll look into those problems again, and hopefully I'll be more thorough this time.