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  1. Right? And I love how the conductor tells Fan Railer not to film him, and yet all he had to do was keep his peanut brain head in the train and he would have gotten his way. The windows look pretty opaque on camera. I think someone wants attention...
  2. It looks like they're kissing. But the paint job looks MUCH better with the black above the orange.
  3. Marker lights and destination signs are set together on the same panel. Not sure why the 54th/Cermak announcements were playing though, as that is a separate device. On a charter years back we had the signs set to O’Hare on the 2200s while at Kimball for a bathroom stop. As a joke one of the operators was messing around with the announcement system and despite the O’Hare signs everyone soon heard “58th is next.”, followed by “Your attention please. We are standing momentarily because of a raised bridge ahead. We expect to be moving shortly.” Everyone got a kick out of that.
  4. The train tracker display on the platform says otherwise...
  5. They stopped painting the side area above the orange stripes black? I liked it better that way... Other than that it looks good!
  6. Are they like those vacuum toilets on airplanes? Every time I use them I press the button and then cover my ears ASAP.
  7. I am pleased to say that based on her Twitter account she seems to be recovering. Obviously it was very traumatic for her, but fortunately she did manage to pull through. According to her, 210 will be sent off to be rebuilt to -3 specifications, though I'm not sure what her source is. I stumbled upon her Twitter and Youtube pages a few years back, but back then I didn't see anything wrong with the locomotive, and back then I also didn't recall any other Metra locomotives being involved in any mechanical mishaps. Now that I realized her favorite locomotive was the one involved, I started to do some research, also because since the initial news reports of the locomotive catching fire, there haven't been any updates as to the cause, which I found frustrating. In the picture above in this thread (where you can identify the locomotive number), I noticed that the shape of the object on fire resembled the roof air-conditioning units above the cabs. Based on this Tweet, I'm guessing the fire did start in the AC unit, and then spread to the engine area, because the images on NBC and the like show the fire much more intense than the photo above.
  8. They can’t immediately be out of the race though, considering how much of a hot mess the F125 is turning out to be for LA’s Metrolink. Buying history doesn’t mean much when the times and products change. As we all know the workhorse F40PH is no longer in production, and even though the fleet for Metra is aging, they are still most likely to zoom past a broken down F125. Even Metra’s RTA friends at the CTA are switching builders for the new 7000 series railcars, and over in New York City, Bombardier is flat out banned from producing the upcoming order of subway cars after their many issues with the current order. I wouldn’t take Siemens out of the race just yet, but we’ll see what happens.
  9. I mostly said it that way to quickly get the post up, but you do bring up a good point. Although both ways of turning the trains around are physically there, I don’t think it is up to the operator to decide which way they are going to turn around back towards O’Hare. I remember riding the Blue Line back in the late 90s and the Forest Park Loop being used extensively, and now I have seen trains holding at the platforms while new operators head into the cabs towards O’Hare.
  10. Also correct, and a valid point as Red Line trains cannot do so at 95th/Dan Ryan or 98th Yard.
  11. I’ll give an example I saw recently to clear things up. Hope this helps. First are the two claims. 1. In a married pair train set on the L, the even numbered car is the higher numbered car. ✅ Yes, that is true. Like 3457-3458 and 3201-3202 for example. 2. In service, even numbered cars always face one direction and odd numbered cars face another direction. ❌ This is false. While driving on the Kennedy I saw an eight car set of 2600s heading towards Forest Park. Some of the leading cars in the set were even numbered cars and some of the cars were odd numbered cars. This probably happened as a result of cars moving around the system over the years, and what the train did when it reached the end of the line. For example, at O’Hare, to change directions, the train operator must leave the cab at the front of the train and go to the cab at the rear of the train, turning that cab the new front of the train, where at Forest Park, he or she also has the option of looping around the yard and returning to the station without changing cabs.
  12. Or at least give one to the Illinois Railway Museum. Hey, it’s April 1st, thought it was worth a shot.
  13. I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about storms. They say you’re more likely to get struck by lightning if you’ve just been struck by lightning, as opposed to the dude standing 5 feet away who was standing around with his hands in his pockets and was fine. If you can’t run for some reason, a generally accepted “brace” position is to squat down but make sure you’re only standing on the balls of your feet to minimize contact with the ground, and make sure to cover your ears to reduce hearing damage. The sound from close thunder is ten times worse than using a jackhammer without hearing protection, and the shockwave from thunder alone can cause property damage.
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