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  1. O"Hare Express

    They can, but if they extend the domestic terminal station length they might as well build walkways between them because the distance would be so short. I’m sure the T5 station can be extended because that terminal is so big. Either way, Busjack pointed out another critical issue: the NCS line needs more services to make it a practical alternative to the Blue Line, which is still the best ride to O’Hare despite its flaws.
  2. Union Pacific West Line - Changes & Restructuring

    Good for Metra and UP, but I’m kind of surprised the people around Geneva allowed that new track by them after all the fuss they made before.
  3. State/Lake Loop L Station Rebuild

    Personally the biggest issue I saw was when they closed Washington/State, taking out the transfer tunnel in the process. I remember when it was open seeing everyone in that tunnel with suitcases heading to/from the Blue Line, and the Jackson transfer tunnel being OK to navigate. Now with Washington/State closed, there’s only the Jackson tunnel and the Loop lines to change between the Red and Blue lines (I don’t count the Lake - Washington/Dearborn tunnel because it is out of system). My thought is that a Clark/Lake south would make Jackson/Dearborn more crowded than it is already.
  4. O"Hare Express

    Actually the poor train is packed to the gills as it is. Rode it from remote parking to United Terminal 1 last December. The ride from remote parking to T5 was OK, but once we hit T5 everyone piled in all 3 cars. It looked like the Lexington Ave lines in NYC, it was that full. Now you can imagine how uncomfortable the ride was from T5 to American Terminal 3, and that’s the longest stretch between terminals. The train crowds thinned out as we went along, but still. I think they only have like 15 cars in the system, and they only run 12 of them or something like that. And I believe the stations can only take 3-4 cars each.
  5. State/Lake Loop L Station Rebuild

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of its design either, and the itty bitty platforms bother me. I just ran down to the subway platforms when I transferred there. I heard that they expanded the platforms a bit a few years back, but that obviously didn't fix the fare area aesthetics.
  6. Random Metra

    No idea, but it's easier to spot a single unit that way, unless they decided to have two units facing one way, like in this video at the 6:50 mark. Not saying my way of spotting is foolproof, but it's an idea of how to spot an odd number of cars.
  7. Random Metra

    Both are possible, as the manufacturer states on their website that they can run up to 8 cars in a train. But we all know that isn't always the case, especially when we see the cab end of a car facing the rear end of another car instead of another cab.
  8. Random Metra

    Thanks. That's what I thought.
  9. State/Lake Loop L Station Rebuild

    Good. I guess I'm kind of spoiled with only having to need to transfer at Clark/Lake for most of my life, but the one time I changed to the Red Line from the Loop lines, I was not fond of the out of system transfer. Was never a fan of the setup, and I'm not even a tourist. As much as I don't like it, the same setup exists at Jackson/State/Dearborn and Harold Washington Library. I guess the old looking State/Lake makes it worse though...
  10. Random Metra

    What line is that on?
  11. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    Yeah. I’ll wait for his response/clarification. From what I saw the track brake didn’t look like it had any sunlight on it, so the yellow might appear brown.
  12. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    Really the only thing out of the ordinary I can see is that the track brake is painted yellow. The only reason I can think of why they would do that is if they were using the paint as a wear marker, like the tail scrape bumpers on some planes, though why they started now is something I don't know. As Busjack said, they are installed on all L cars used today, and older ones too. If you are able to get a better picture of the trucks, that would be a better way to show anything else.
  13. Random Metra

    Yeah, they’re not even used by train crews because they’re so small. Just love listening to the conductors response after someone in a Pullman asks if there’s a bathroom in the car. “It’s not worth it, just go to the next car.”
  14. Random Metra

    Geez, that interior... And I thought I was joking when I called them the ugly Budds. Also the Pullman cars have small bathrooms as well, however they seem to be locked up most of the time.
  15. Bombard Delay??? (Say It Isn't So)

    Ignoring the yapping heads in this video and the endless shots of the 5000s, it seems that Plattsburgh also works on the Multilevel Cars for New Jersey and Montreal. However the video is from 2011, and the focus isn't about the products produced by the Plattsburgh plant, so digging around Bombardier's home site may yield better answers. Edit: They also are working on cars for BART.