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  1. 2600-series - Service Dates

    Wow, car 3200 and its mate are gone...
  2. Autonomous Buses and Other Autonomous Vehicles

    What? Unless there are autonomous buses in France, it would probably be good to ask for suggestions in another thread.
  3. CTA in Train Simulator

    The keyboard commands aren’t doing anything?
  4. More 6000's repatriated??

    They aren’t “my” rules, nor are they Busjack’s rules or garmon757’s. In fact, I too have learned from my mistakes on this forum. They are part of the copyright laws, and chitransit.org and its members must follow them for legal reasons. Any reference to copyright rules on this forum can be found on the Community Guidlines page. I would also like to join @Busjack in suggesting that you contact @garmon757 or another forum moderator for assistance. Thanks!
  5. More 6000's repatriated??

    Ah, that was my guess. Thanks.
  6. More 6000's repatriated??

    They might have been taken down. Were you able to show that you have the rights to upload them directly onto this site?
  7. ATS O'Hare

    Much easier to read though, thanks. 36 cars, wow, talk about a fleet expansion. They only use 12 of their 15 cars right now.
  8. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Unspecified issue with the third rail, according to CBS.
  9. ATS O'Hare

    Thanks. That was actually my guess too since they sold the same product to Taipei for their metro line that uses the same VAL 256s.
  10. ATS O'Hare

    It will probably stand out in the shop given those colors contrasting with the original red cars. I wonder who is manufacturing the cars...
  11. Amtrak Tacoma,WA derailment

    The project is called the Point Defiance Bypass, and it was intended to shave some good time off the Amtrak Cascades route down to Portland. The Amtrak Cascades service is unique because the trains aren't conventional Amfleets and Horizon coaches. It uses special cars made by Talgo, and each car has it's own axle and wheels at one end. The car next to it provides the axle and wheels at the other end of the car. Whether the shared wheel arrangement played a role in the severity of the derailment is yet to be seen. There are no two-axle bogies, but the cars can be hooked up to any locomotives in Amtrak's fleet. Historically the trains had an F59PHI from a dedicated Cascades fleet pool at one end and an F40PH cabbage at the other, but then they got new trainsets for the service with cab cars built into the last car. Now it seems that they have locomotives on both ends. It was announced later on that the Genesis was at the rear of the train, apparently undamaged, and that the Charger was in the front. A frequent visitor to the Seattle-Tacoma area, I have driven under that bridge countless times. Interstate 5 is already heavily congested in that area most of the time due to Joint Base Lewis-McChord.
  12. garmon757

    Initially as a conductor, but if they eventually want me as an engineer I will gladly take up that offer. They have offered me a conductor trainee job in Seattle. Only downside is that I won’t be able to contribute as much to this forum anymore. That would be nice! If he’s a CSA there he could help you out too.
  13. Bombard Delay??? (Say It Isn't So)

    Agreed. Generally yes, they are teething problems. The Rockets in Toronto also had door issues when introduced, but from what I’ve heard, those are fixed or in the process of being fixed. But I would consider the train losing power pretty serious. And bad welding already struck the initial R179 bodies, so they were rejected.
  14. Bombard Delay??? (Say It Isn't So)

    Bombardier's R179s finally entered service on the NYC subway, only to be taken off the rails again after three mishaps while performing their 30 day in service tests. They have since returned to in service testing. What caught my eye was the November 27 incident. You can read about the incidents here, and read a transit blogger's take on them here (both sites have similar text).
  15. garmon757

    Tell me about it!