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  1. Do the platforms at Grand - Chicago - Division look any different since they recently closed and reopened them for work? The last big improvement was when they put the extra lights along the track walls and scrubbed the stations around 2011-2012, but that was more for cleanliness and appearance. Though Division could always be given a good scrubbing!
  2. There’s a picture of Dave Grohl from The Foo Fighters riding the Brown Line. Despite the graffiti on the wall next to the seat he was sitting in, he looked very thrilled while on the train. Link.
  3. That might have to do more with the Circle Interchange rebuilding than the Eisenhower itself. There was a lot more construction on that part of the Eisenhower than any other part, and that goes for the Kennedy as well.
  4. The CTA probably split the CRRC order into a firm order and additional options because the 3200s don’t need to be replaced right away, but the 2600s are obviously nearing the end of their service lives. So the initial order is larger to replace all of the 2600s that are in service, and the option order is smaller to potentially replace the 257 3200s. While the CTA would definitely appreciate a younger, more reliable rail fleet, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I think the decision to replace the 3200s will depend on if CRRC messes up the initial order, or the prototypes. One of their companies is manufacturing subway cars for the Orange and Red Lines in Boston, but the Orange Line cars have been pulled from service at least twice, most recently because the doors would open while the train was in motion.
  5. That’s actually similar to what I’m referring to, but I still believe it has to do with a wheel assembly component other than the motors themselves. On the DC cars, the motors do produce a sound when the train is in motion, but it’s very faint (unless you were riding on the 2200s!), and it certainly doesn’t sound like the “polar wind” I heard. And I didn’t mention your remarks on how they were Skokie cars and their ride quality because I was typing in a rush, but when they made the “polar wind” noise I would argue that they were the cars with the best ride quality on the entire L system. No vibrations or flat spots at all.
  6. It was, I have it on camera above.
  7. Oh that makes sense then. When I remember the trips on the train when I could smell it, I was riding it on the Brownage runs, earlier in the train’s operating window. When I started riding it on the Pink Line is when I couldn’t smell it, but that was later on in the train’s run. Still think they should bring back the polar wind wheels though.
  8. They’re in the city, just not on CTA tracks yet.
  9. On this year’s train? For last year’s train I don’t remember it smelling like cinnamon, either on the charter or its run on the Pink Line.
  10. I remember for a few years they had modified the air system so the cars smelled like cinnamon, but now they don’t. But my favorite thing they did was put something in the wheel assemblies so when the train set was moving it sounded like what you would think the wind blowing at the North Pole would sound like. You can hear it in this video I took when it leaves Clark/Lake. It’s too bad they removed that, along with the dancing bells next to the doors before the train switched to LEDs. I liked those for some reason.
  11. I jokingly considered buying a used bus for when me and my family go on vacation. Just have our baggage stowed in the raised portion in the rear and everyone riding comfortably towards the front! When Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport completes their airport train to the rental car center they’re going to phase out their shuttle buses, which would work good for us because they have luggage racks. We leased a 2017 Toyota Highlander that could seat 8, but with 5 of us plus all of our luggage it was a tight squeeze, and the Highlander is not a small car by any means. Even when it was just me my dad and step mom traveling to LA and Phoenix it was like playing Tetris trying to get all the bags in (though we had my brother pick us up to avoid paying for airport parking).
  12. I could have explained that better. I would be very surprised if the 7000s didn't have the Form 5 couplers that other modern L cars have. The issue is that Bombardier isn't just going to give out its proprietary software used in the 5000s to other manufacturers in order to make their trains compatible with the 5000s, and they definitely aren't going to give it to CRRC after they lost the bid to build the 7000 series. This is what the issue is in New York. The R142s were built by Bombardier (surprise!) and the R142As were built by Kawasaki. Because of the different software in each train type, they can't run together despite having the same couplers and both having AC motors.
  13. I hope so, but I wouldn’t count on it. I believe dropping the requirement of compatibility with the 5000s was how CRRC was encouraged to bid on the contract, otherwise Bombardier would have been awarded it. And as we know since Bombardier protested CRRC getting the contract, I doubt that they would give CRRC proprietary information on how to make the 7000s play nice with the 5000. This is similar to in New York City, where R142s cannot run in service with R142As because of incompatibilities between them as a result of them being built by two different manufacturers (despite looking almost identical).
  14. Well at least it would be less complicated than if they still had Wilson on the rollsigns.
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