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  1. A while back someone at work told me he rode the UP-NW line to and from Chicago and nobody collected or sold him a ticket. But the only thing I recall that I could find on Metra’s website was that only medical personnel could ride free after presenting a work ID from their medical facility. I believe Metra also wants to limit interaction between passengers and train crew, so that might have also played a role.
  2. Considering that the noisiest thing at the station is usually the planes taking off nearby, that sounds pretty horrific. Some people claim this is why the MTA New York City Subway ended 24 hour service, though the agency says it’s for enhanced station cleaning.
  3. Yeah I’ve noticed for the CTA 5000s and the WMATA 7000s the amount of cars ordered is so gargantuan that fleet interoperability doesn’t really matter anymore. None of the CTA High Performance Family cars were ever produced in quantities above 300, with the exception of the 2600s, and that’s only because the order was doubled. The 5000s were only supposed to be around 300 cars too, but then the order grew to that colossal 714 car order we know now. It was the same in DC. The most produced series of the legacy fleet was the 1000 Series, and that hit 300 cars, while the new 7000 Series hit 748 cars. What’s interesting is for the 7000 Series in Chicago and the 8000 Series in DC, the total of cars is a range, depending on if options are picked up. If you can’t make them work together, just replace them all I guess.
  4. Yeah I don’t know why they didn’t wrap them the second time around. The 2600s had them wrapped.
  5. I recently bought the MTH 3200s that are pink like the 2600s were when they first made their runs on the Pink Lines, and the 5000s when they were wrapped pink for the 10th anniversary of the Pink Line. The motor car of the set has the same “Happy 10th Birthday Pink Line!” on it as the 5000s. I wonder if they’ll wrap the trains pink for any more anniversaries.
  6. Yeah there’s a battery for when there’s no third rail power. When the front car of the Blue Line train went up the escalator its front lights were still on. The marker lights and run number box were still lit after it stopped, and the headlights would probably have still been on if they hadn’t sustained damage in the crash. The battery also provides power for some of the interior lights to remain on. On the 2400s and 2600s, it’s the two lights in the light arch immediately next to the doors.
  7. Because of an interesting change of plans in New York City, the London Underground is no longer the only major subway system with a fourth rail. As part of the 14th St Tunnel reconstruction project under the East River, the MTA has installed a "fourth rail" to replace the negative return cables that would connect to the running rails. The details and some images can be found in this link, but I'm not completely sure if they're going to add additional contact shoes like the London Underground rolling stock, or just electrically connect the running rails to the additional rail and just turn it into a giant return cable for that tunnel segment.
  8. Some of my stuff gets a lot of views and some doesn’t. Most of the time I understand why the video is popular compared to others, for example my rejected takeoff video, but then I have some videos that just suddenly get views and I’m like huh? Not complaining though! I hope they can reschedule and reopen. I live only 15-20 minutes away from the museum. I have Sundays off and ever since I went for their Labor Day night operations event I’ve really wanted to go back. So much more to see than I covered and I completely missed the barn with the L cars in it...
  9. Unfortunately with the next Snowflake Special cancelled, the IRM closed, and it being a bad/foolish idea to fly anywhere at the moment, I won’t be able to take any new footage for a while. I still have plenty of unused footage from previous events though, so hopefully I can find some time to cook something up.
  10. Nice catches! I hope I’m not your rival because the only reason I care about subscriptions is to be allowed to monotize my videos.
  11. I had already started to suspect the prototypes were delayed and thus the entire program schedule will be delayed, even before the current epidemic (but that doesn’t help either!). When you had the video up of them testing at the Chicago plant, I remembered reading that the prototypes were supposed to be delivered to CTA by October, but maybe things changed. When your source told you about the delay, were they referring to the prototypes or the production units?
  12. He was referring to the printed maps above the doorways, not the lit map in the center of the car, though I think the maps above the doorways should be lit too. And yes, the R142s, R142As, R143s, and R188s use similar setups, where a single line has LEDs in its map. However unlike the cars with the FIND displays, the cars with the LED strip maps aren’t moved around from line to line frequently, or they don’t run the risk of being rerouted onto another line due to service disruptions, with the exception of the 2 and 5 services. In cars that are used on those services, the LED strip maps are printed with both lines on it, similar to how Howard cars here have Red, Purple, and Yellow Lines on one route card. Regardless of the service status of the R211s, they are going to have enhanced FIND displays, so they’re still relevant.
  13. Correct, though I’ve only seen pictures of it because of my riding habits. The problem in my opinion is that it’s in the middle of the car. I usually stand by the doors, or at the end of a car. In New York, the FIND displays are also in between the doors, but there are three in a car, and each car has four sets of doors on each side, so the chance of seeing a display is much greater. My other issue with the CTA’s implementation of the lit map is how it only lights up for where you are. In Hong Kong, not only are their lit maps above the doorways and easily visible like New York, but they display what station is next, the direction the train you’re on is traveling, any lines you can transfer to at the next station, and what side the doors will open on, and they don’t have any more tech in them than the CTA lit map, just more LEDs. See above.
  14. The cars they already have are great too. I was there last weekend and I rode on both the R160s and R179s. Hopefully our 7000s will have a similar interior (but with the promised better seating) and better features for tourists to find things and make transfers. The FIND displays on the NTTs are very useful and they are easier to walk up to and see because there are three per car. I still have yet to see the lit map on the 5000s, and they have been on the system for years now...
  15. I’m probably going to get more naysayers towards me about this, but I’m happy I found someone who agrees with me on that blue interior. When they switched to the blue during the order I thought it looked absolutely terrible. Something about it just looks visually unappealing to my eyes. I’ve been used to the tan color since I started riding the CTA, and while it’s not the most updated look nowadays, the switch to all blue was definitely not a step forward. If they did it like the New Tech Trains in New York City that would have been better. But now that the CTA and Bombardier have gotten all the issues with the 5000s sorted out, they seem to be doing well.
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