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  1. 5000-series - Updates

    I mostly said it that way to quickly get the post up, but you do bring up a good point. Although both ways of turning the trains around are physically there, I don’t think it is up to the operator to decide which way they are going to turn around back towards O’Hare. I remember riding the Blue Line back in the late 90s and the Forest Park Loop being used extensively, and now I have seen trains holding at the platforms while new operators head into the cabs towards O’Hare.
  2. 5000-series - Updates

    Also correct, and a valid point as Red Line trains cannot do so at 95th/Dan Ryan or 98th Yard.
  3. 5000-series - Updates

    I’ll give an example I saw recently to clear things up. Hope this helps. First are the two claims. 1. In a married pair train set on the L, the even numbered car is the higher numbered car. ✅ Yes, that is true. Like 3457-3458 and 3201-3202 for example. 2. In service, even numbered cars always face one direction and odd numbered cars face another direction. ❌ This is false. While driving on the Kennedy I saw an eight car set of 2600s heading towards Forest Park. Some of the leading cars in the set were even numbered cars and some of the cars were odd numbered cars. This probably happened as a result of cars moving around the system over the years, and what the train did when it reached the end of the line. For example, at O’Hare, to change directions, the train operator must leave the cab at the front of the train and go to the cab at the rear of the train, turning that cab the new front of the train, where at Forest Park, he or she also has the option of looping around the yard and returning to the station without changing cabs.
  4. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    Or at least give one to the Illinois Railway Museum. Hey, it’s April 1st, thought it was worth a shot.
  5. Random CTA

    I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about storms. They say you’re more likely to get struck by lightning if you’ve just been struck by lightning, as opposed to the dude standing 5 feet away who was standing around with his hands in his pockets and was fine. If you can’t run for some reason, a generally accepted “brace” position is to squat down but make sure you’re only standing on the balls of your feet to minimize contact with the ground, and make sure to cover your ears to reduce hearing damage. The sound from close thunder is ten times worse than using a jackhammer without hearing protection, and the shockwave from thunder alone can cause property damage.
  6. If I ran Transit for one day...

    I looked at a track map for the DC Metro. It looks like there is also a single track connector near the Farragut stations. It leaves the Red Line south of Farragut North and ends up on the Rosslyn bound track on the Blue Orange and Silver Lines. It’s called the A&C connector on the map. I don’t know if it has been dismantled or anything, but it also looks like it’s a bit disruptive to normal service if a train were to use it. I’ve been on charter trains that have done the switch on and off the Blue Line. From my observations I think the main disruption is to the Pink Line. On trains transferring to the Blue Line, you just have to let the signals know you’re entering the Forest Park tracks. And if you need to switch directions, you can pull into Morgan Middle Track and get out of the way of road trains while you prepare to reverse direction. Transferring off of the Blue Line doesn’t really disrupt the Blue Line either since you just have to work the route selector at Racine to go up the ramp, but once you get up to the Pink Line there is no middle track to enter while you switch directions, so if you need to go to the Loop and Skokie, you’ll need to use the switches to get onto the Loop bound track. On the charters I’ve been on, they’ve had an operator at each end of the train to quickly turn the train around, but if you’re alone you better work fast.
  7. Bus Route Tracker

    I saw he hasn’t been on here lately as well and was wondering that. Hoping it’s nothing too serious, maybe he’s just taking a break from the forums. I appreciate his knowledge and humor and would enjoy seeing more of it.
  8. 2400-series - Service Dates

    I grew up in Oak Park, and I never could think about the Green Line without remembering the 2400s. They were THE Green Line cars, and I’m sure people who live along the Purple Line think the same. Agreed! That’s why I’m not as enthusiastic about filming trains at Howard Yard as I used to be. I loved editing the two videos I filmed in 2012 because there were 2400s and 2600s everywhere up in that yard. Even though there were no 3200s or 2200s I still thought it was much more exciting than 5000 set after 5000 set.
  9. Metra wish list.

    Before it was discontinued, the ACES service on the Northeast Corridor ran with a diesel locomotive at one end and an electric locomotive all the way from New York Penn to Atlantic City. The electric locomotive pushed the train out of Penn Station down to north Philadelphia where the train reversed and the diesel locomotive pushed the train for the rest of the trip. I’m assuming this was because the train left the Northeast Corridor during the journey.
  10. Metra wish list.

    The Chicago Tribune has a picture of the damage in an article about the difficult commutes due to the weather. Not looking good for now. Link to the article.
  11. Random Metra

    Unless you want to count the Operation Lifesaver locomotive, the only one I can think of is Metra locomotive 100 with the RTA wrap, but that has been removed.
  12. Random Metra

    Metra locomotive 405 is now in Milwaukee Road colors.
  13. Random Metra

    Made the front of the Northwest Herald, but I couldn’t read it in full except for the headline. I was wondering how they got that image for the front of the paper. ”FRIGHT TRAIN”
  14. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    Not sure about customs at O’Hare, as I haven’t arrived at T5, only departed. It could be on the same level, or have stairs to somewhere else. Didn’t notice it was also lot F as well. Thanks for the info.
  15. Annual CTA Holiday Train

    As well as today. On Tuesday it moves to the Pink Line. I’m gonna try and ride it there on the 5th. Last time I my dad and I rode it was on the Pink Line in 2013, and I swear we had the front car to ourselves. I also bought tickets to ride it as part of the IRM Snowflake Special this year.