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  1. I didn’t even know they had a holiday schedule on Friday. That explains why there were such long gaps between pink line trains.
  2. Thankfully it’s become a moot point since the 77 is running normally again.
  3. On Monday, knowing that downtown was closed, I was planning to take the 52 to the 77 to go to work (usually I take 52>Pink>146). But the 77 wasn’t running east of Western, so I had to take an Uber from the nearest 52 stop at Belmont and Rockwell, and on the way back I didn’t feel like spending money again so I walked from my work all the way to Belmont/California (over 3 miles). I can’t keep this up every day, I don’t know what I’m going to do.
  4. That would make sense, since I took the #91 from Jeff Park yesterday and it was still in the north terminal.
  5. I heard on WGN it was around 11:03 this morning, just north of 47th.
  6. 5049 had completely messed up announcements while on the Pink Line last night. They were constantly cutting out, leaving only split-second long fragments, as if it were a terrible TV/phone signal. What could have caused this?
  7. Does anyone know why the intersection was closed off?
  8. Haven’t seen this mentioned elsewhere on the forum, thought it was worth a mention. Full Description: How does this affect my trip? Buses in both directions will operate via Ogden between Western and California. Buses will no longer operate on 16th. Note: The #18 bus stops on 16th Street at California, Washtenaw, Rockwell, and Western, and on Washtenaw at 15th and at Ogden will be eliminated. Customers can board buses on Western at 16th and 14th, and on Ogden at Western, Rockwell, Washtenaw, and California. Allow extra time. Why is service being changed? Service is being changed due to the permanent closure of the intersection at 16th/Washtenaw to thru traffic. https://www.transitchicago.com/travel-information/alert-detail/?AlertId=55216
  9. Sorry to go a bit off topic here, but coincidentally enough on the Metrobús BRT system in Mexico City, the seats on the front section of each bus are pink because they’re reserved for women. (Though this is only really enforced during rush hours, as I was able to ride in that section in the offpeak without any complaints.) Supposedly it’s to curb sexual harassment.
  10. 4061 broke down on the EB #12 at Damen. All the passengers were waiting outside in the sweltering heat until 4030 arrived. I don't know how long they waited, since I was only passing by, but hopefully not too long.
  11. KedziePink

    More Bus Moves

    I've heard of Hegewisch; I was just poking fun at the typo.
  12. KedziePink

    More Bus Moves

    Never heard of Gegewisch before
  13. When I first saw that alert at my station, I was wondering why they would keep the stations open together. I guess I now know why.
  14. KedziePink

    More Bus Moves

    That makes me curious as to how often the #60 has artics. The only artic I've ever seen on there was over 2 years ago, and I ride that route often, but not during the rush.
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