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  1. I could see LaSalle/Van Buren being torn down. It's practically right next to Library/State-Vanburen, It's a dump, and it's practically empty every time I go past that station in the loop.
  2. I thought the Metra Electric did not allow the operation of trains longer than 6 cars? I know as far as the South Shore is concerned, the bilevel trains are never longer than 6 cars and the single level trains that are longer than 6 cars have 1 or 2 trailers (200 series) to complete the consist.
  3. I just checked Google and Apple maps, I guessing maybe if they use the long building next to the yard tracks to wash cars.
  4. Maybe an underpass on 25th ave under the tracks? I bet it's more complex than that.
  5. I think AWD could be pulled off on a bus. Look at Lamborghinis and other exotic super/hypercars that have AWD. They are very low to the ground and they have a driveshaft that connects both axles. Also, with Lamborghinis, the engine is towards the rear of the car so the setup is similar to a low floor bus. As for a schematic of an AWD bus, I far as I know, I don't believe one exists. Basically, this is all just theory.
  6. Maybe AWD could be a solution. Costs and maintenance would go through the roof but it would solve the problem of traction. Plus, the buses would be a bit faster for what it's worth.
  7. What type of drive are the artics? (FWD, RWD, AWD, or even 6WD) Do the all plastic seats on the new Nova's make cleaning easier? I'd imagine now with new plastic seats that now that there's no cloth that you have to wait to dry, and the AC vents are up top I think, you can just take a power washer on the bus and use a squeegee-type device to remove the excess water. Makes the most sense to me.
  8. I'm going to stick with my original hypothesis of 99.99% of all Brown Line trains being #3200's a case of logistics. Kimball Yard & Shop is a bit on the small side and as a result, they probably don't have room for the necessary #2600 parts. Say a #2600 brownage has an issue up north, they're kinda screwed. Besides, if some issue were to arise on the #3200's, and they can't use #2600's and to a lesser extent, #5000's too, what will CTA do, just cancel all Brown Line service?
  9. juelzkellz

    Pink Line

    When the CTA reopened the Douglas branch to full service after renovation project, the Pink Line and the Blue Line ran concurrently, with the Blue Line running a few trains per hour during rush hour. The CTA cut Blue Line service on the Douglas branch after awhile because the trains were basically empty.
  10. The GTX 1070 that was just launched surpasses the Titan X in performance and it only costs $380-$450. The only difference is that it has less RAM. 8GB I believe. Unless you're doing Bitcoin mining or any other heavy computing tasks, 12GB is overkill, especially for gaming. AMD just released their newest card, the RX 480 for $200. The standard card is $200 for 4GB of memory and the 8GB version is $40 more. They say it can handle 4K gaming and 3D via Oculus Rift. Personally, AMD isn't my cup of tea, but if you're looking to upgrade and don't want to spent a lot of cash to have the
  11. I think the Brown Line flyover is the best project that CTA has lined up. What people don't understand is that the flyover does not really speed things up, but provides more capacity. The amount of Red Line trains are constrained by the Clark junction. Build the flyover, and you can add more Red Line trains. I think Red Line riders will appreciate the additional trains during rush hour.
  12. As far as the Red Line extension is concerned, I think it is a pointless waste of money. Spending billions of dollars on an extension that will shave 5 maybe 10 minutes of a commute from that area seems crazy to me. The only way I can see it being a benefit is if the CTA were to implement express service a/la the Evanston Express. Other than that, the commute from that area really doesn't shrink that much compared to the amount of money being spent. An idea that might work would be to make send the 34 and 108 downtown via the Dan Ryan expressway express from 95th. That way, less money is being
  13. juelzkellz

    Pink Line

    The Pink Line doesn't need more than 4 car trains except for very rare occasions. In fact, If the Blue Line Forest Park Branch were upgraded and expanded I.E. 4 track express/local service, The Pink Line (and possibly the Green Line also) could be eliminated completely. Obviously, this would never happen due to the political powers that be.
  14. If you look at the rendering closely, you will see that the elevator and passageway are connected to the stationhouse, not the actual train platforms. Hence, whether you use the stairs or elevator, you still have to go through fare control in the stationhouse.
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