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  1. Id like to see it!!! LOL!
  2. Wait! 90??? As in 90 Harlem???
  3. Yeah Sad! I dont have the interest like I used to! I remember getting excited when the Flyer D901s arrived. My dad was driving those at the time! The Flx Metros, MAN Americanas and the RTS. When the 5800s came I was somewhat interested, but not excited!!! When the Novas arrived in 2001 at FG, I was pretty much "Naww I dont want a new bus! Give me my Flxible!" LOL! But I have to admit, it was kinda cool being the very first operator of #6800 when it arrived! LOL! New car smell! Some leftover plastic wrapping in it still! LOL!
  4. I never really cared for them. I was a driver at a time when it was still mostly high floor buses then. The low floor design destroyed my interest! LOL! Although I enjoyed the NABI 35/40ft low floors I drove for PACE part time
  5. Yeah it was about time!!! I hope to see the new Novas up this way
  6. I figured Yeah that fire Im sure was a sign That these buses have finally had it!
  7. Its about time I remember when they came to FG in 2001. They lasted 20 years!
  8. I havent been by the yard Im sure theres some sitting idle But I have not seen them in service the last couple weeks as I said So its very likely theyre gone
  9. I have not seen them running the last couple weeks. I live near FG.
  10. Bring some to FG, is what Id like to see them do!
  11. Years of dealing with the old novas. Theyre finally gone! Let FG enjoy some more new equipment!!!
  12. Id like to see FG get the new Novas So tired of the history of "hand me downs" at FG!
  13. No Thanks! Dont want to the 7900s up at FG! They can keep them where theyre at!
  14. But it worked!!! The electric bus of today dosent seem to have found its niche yet! I remember a few years ago comedian Jay Leno made a video which is still on YT, testing the Proterra bus. That was eight years ago! And a New Flyer electric rebuilt by Complete Coach Works. In 2021 there isnt a bus system that still has yet to operate and equip a system to handle these types of electric buses now. Im certainly not sold on it! Electric vehicles still dont seem to have a foothold yet!
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