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  1. 804 was on the 82 Kimball/Homan this morning I thought they retired this bus by now
  2. It was at the Bud Billiken I was parked right behind it with my Flxible
  3. I can still remember my first Nova I ever drove out of FG before deliveries began, 6758! Cant believe its still running after all these years
  4. Saw 8348 this morning on the 85 Central 8346 last night!
  5. I thought thats what had happened. But I wont be surprised if it did
  6. What happened to FGs 8325s? Haven’t seen them in weeks!
  7. I dont know why it irks me everytime I see it. But this morning while waiting for a Pulse bus!,Yeah! A Pulse bus! YUKKKK! I see 6730, I cant stand looking at where the side number is placed almost to the rear It just looks like it dosent belong there! LOL!
  8. Saw 6835 getting towed this morning on the Ryan SB . I’m sure it was heading to SS.
  9. CTA5750

    Ghost Buses

    I dont know But by judging the line they seem to be all NFs and 7900 Novas So its anyones guess!!!
  10. CTA5750

    Ghost Buses

    Interesting!!! Thanks!!!
  11. CTA5750

    Ghost Buses

    Does anyone know why theres always a row of buses parked alongside CTAs distribution center on Division st?? Every time I pass there theres a row of parked buses on the sidestreet
  12. I rarely see the 8325s from the Glen since they only have a few. Still have not ridden on one Yet when go down around 05th st terminal, I see them everywhere! Some displaying "90N N. Harlem"
  13. Unfortunately, because of long neglected upgrades, the Blue Line power cant handle a fleet of 5000s
  14. LOL! Right now! CTA5750 or "SHE"!!! Is biking to work! LOL!!! Trying to stay off Metra for a while! I may just suck it up and ride my bike to Jeff Pk so I can continue taking the Blue line. Thats my only other alternative
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