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  1. Glad theyre helping that garage out. They need it bad!
  2. I feel they will continue the numbering at 8350 assuming Novas gets the contract
  3. Some 6400 Novas are still at FG. I assumed they were all removed. Im seeing NFs from Kedzie and NP. Novas from 74th along the fence
  4. I wonder what Ralph Kramden would say today if he saw what NYC buses look like!!! I can just imagine it......."Homina! Homina! Homina!!! He would be speechless! LMAO! 😃
  5. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    Well be using the CFD Flxible tomm. Its will be going to CPD/CFD Headquarters at 35th/Michigan around 9a
  6. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    Hope theyre finally shipping these out of FG
  7. Theres still a handful of 6400s at FG
  8. "We can rebuild him!" "We have the technology!!!" Quote from a famous 70s tv show! lol!
  9. Driving into work this morning, 8091 is on #56 Milwaukee.
  10. Just got back from running Flx 6163 this morning. Took this shot of 6488 parked in the training yard at C. Also, anyone know about the Proterra inside C.? I couldn’t get a pic of it. It’s a plain white unit. Judging from the amount of dust collected on it. It’s been sitting there a while
  11. Im excited to see the Pace NF .
  12. To this day ill never comprehend how incompetent CTA management would be buying buses without a/c and then a few years later having to do a complete retrofit. Ill never forget those hot days melting on a CTA bus! I drove the RTS before and after a/c additions. No doubt there was a difference in performance. But it was nice to drive and ride comfortable for a change. I loved the Americanas! They were a joy to drive. While they didnt have a/c In the winter the heat was not doubt great! I sure do miss those days!
  13. I drove the D901s Theywerent bad just that they didnt have a/c Otherwise the buses drove really nice. I even got to drive my favorite Flyer as a kid, #9844 once on Kimball. By then the Cummins engine which sounded so cool, was replaced by the DD 6V92
  14. I think thats a great addition to create dedicated "Training Buses" I have a couple friends wh work at Metro in Los Angeles They have buses dedicated to training purposes only. I remember some being NF High Floor D40s, RTS and other models. Past models included GM Old and New look buses. I believe they still have on the property
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