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  1. I like the new redesigned bus stops I dont understand the letters though I wish CTA would redesign that boring logo Maybe do an updated 1950s style???
  2. I was taught it was to extend brake life. Use of the retarder function would be restricted only to dry pavement. Im taught to not use this function in heavy weather Still, I dont know why Pace buses are equipped. Now Chicago Firetrucks do have them Good question!!!
  3. I know Pace buses had them. You could switch it on or off depending on the road conditions. Our city firetrucks also have them.
  4. Just saw it an hour ago SB on Ashland/35 signed "Not in Service" "7 Harrison" tag on the window Assuming its headed back to 74
  5. The 3200s are certainly getting their workout on the Blue Ridership climbing,Trains packed during rush, to the doors.The seating and roominess inside the cars make it a perfect fit for the line.
  6. Ive always been fond of the 3200s I wish the Blue was entirely that series! I always loved the corrugated body style cross between a 2600 and 2200 series. The corrugated sides give it a retro look! Now with the rehabs they look up to date and very much resemble the 5000s without the NYC style seating. Im satisfied with the results! Im glad CTA is finally giving the line its overdue attention!
  7. I love having the 3200s on the Blue Line. Its a nice change the line needed so badly!
  8. Finally caught an "8325" #8349 on the 56 Milwaukee yest. It was a nice ride!
  9. Ill just bet they will start pulling more new Novas frpm FG and sending them to K! They probably want to make FG all NFs
  10. A couple operators told me that was "a load of crap!" Those buses were never intended to return to FG.
  11. Well when an unfamiliar vehicle is being used at a specific garage That usually means that they will soon be operating them. So where would they get the buses from if Im right??? It seems theres been a trend in FGs new Novas showing up little by little at other facilities and FG getting more NFs from NP and possibly 74! Correct me on this! But thats what Ive observed!
  12. Just saw 8282 on the "126 Jackson" Dont tell me now that Kedzie may be getting Novas. probably FGs!!!
  13. LMAO!!! Have you ridden the Red or Blue lines lately??? Just about 90 percent of these rules are broken each and every day!!!
  14. Even so! Im sure there will still be massive headaches as congested as the area is already! As ,many of us here already know, you shut down one or two through streets street in Wrigleyville It causes major headaches for the surrounding area And it will be even more of a mess during Cubs games And there will no doubt be some slowdowns with all through that junction during the work process
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