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  1. I wonder with the lack of graphics If they plan to use some of these as future Pulse buses. They look like the "Plain Jane" 6500s before the Pulse graphics were put on.
  2. That moron forcing open the doors of a moving train....UNREAL!!! He probably tried to sue the CTA for that Ill bet!
  3. I do know better! Ive had training in this area. Iv responded to many traffic accidents large and small vehicles. Im not disputing what your saying. But If you want to use football players or different sized humans an example....Remember one thing!!!....Football players weights are nearly or at equal! So when you talk momentum...... of course a player will travel some distance after getting hit. A bigger person person pushing a smaller person! There will be differences in the amount of force. But when you compare a car/van with a transit coach bus or truck, vehicles nearly three times its weight..... It would take a lot of force for that bus to end up inside a building. A car or van would have to traveling at 70-80 mph to seriously cause a transit bus to run out of control.
  4. A standard 40ft transit bus today, weighs in empty at around 39,500lbs The bus designs may have changed considerably but the weight measurements have not. Theyre still very heavy vehicles. Speed is no doubt one of the huge factors that will dictate how much damage a commercial vehicle will inflict in a collision.
  5. Not always! The bus weighs more than the van. There is time for the bus to stop. Im going to assume given the time of the incident that the bus was not speeding. A heavier vehicle in most cases involved in a collision usually comes to a safe stop in a crash.
  6. Test buses from FG were always going to be permanant Those buses were never going to be returned to FG.
  7. Im always curious as to why a lot of times a CTA is involved in some sort of collision with other vehicles, the bus often times slam into a building. In this latest incident the bus couldnt have possibly been speeding, especially during the pandemic when bus ridership is nearly zero!....and traffic is extremely light now. A good operator can maintain control of their vehicle in a collision. Ive responded to many accidents over the years A CTA bus is usually traveling on average about 30 mph or less considering how bad traffic is on average in this city. There's just no possible way a bus after a collision can end up in a building causing so much destruction. That can only be done if one of the factors was speed and obviously the weight of the vehicle. Im wondering what the investigation will find. But it seems CTA operators have a history of this. There's been quite a few accidents in recent years similar to these. One recent was at 69th/Ashland when a NB Ashland bus collided with a van. Again, another building was involved. One I can recall many years ago which still leaves me stumped. involved a 6200 series Flxible that slammed into a house somewhere on Cottage Grove around 103rd. In that accident, the bus drove into a house which was far away from the intersection where the accident originally happened. The bus would have had to be traveling at a high rate of speed to cause so much damage which it did. That incident left a gaping hole on the side of the building. The bus was nearly halfway inside the building. In my eyes it leaves me sometimes with more questions than answers. The Michigan ave accident that killed one woman involving NF #4167. That operator was speeding, striking thee vehicles plus running a red light and slamming into the sidewalk. theres no doubt CTA has some serious training issues. Lots of pedestrians have been struck by buses and in most cases the bus ran a red light. But Im left wondering why most CTA bus accidents end up inside buildings.
  8. They showed a portion of the exterior entrance as the bus was coming in. It actually looked like 74th to me! It didnt look like a brick structure. Maybe the interior was C. The Novas look so awkward without the bike racks.
  9. Im sure the mayor will address this at a later time. If and when things die down. Like most of us, she sure isnt a fan of big waste. IMO, the meter maids should go away. Theyre so corrupt for one thing! Ive had some bad encounters with them for writing illegal tickets. Not going off topic, but they should be gone!
  10. FG still has some in the yard. I was under the impression they were all being withdrawn from service earlier than planned
  11. No, I left CTA in 2005 to join the fire dept. I only worked at NP for six months back in 1999. I left NP on the system pick at the end of 99 to FG where I stayed until my final day in Feb, 2005 working 54A N. Cicero
  12. No I just wasant use to the low floor on it. I felt I sat higher up. It was really weird
  13. They were a bit weird getting used to! But It wears off with time Had to keep driving them I didnt really like them. Especially when driving a long route like 22 Clark.
  14. My first LF buses I drove were the 5800 series NFs from North Park I was at that garage only six months. Being on the extra board. I worked every inch of that place from its downtown and Evanston routes, training on the MAN artics and the vaults.
  15. I recall my first time driving the Nova before we got them at FG. They gave me a borrowed #6758 on the 54A I thought it was alright. But I remember saying to myself that I preferred my #6000 series Flxible Metros LOL!
  16. I can still remember breaking the 6800s in at FG back in 2001! Whether you love them or hate them, the Nova LFS arguably lasted the test of time! Twenty years of hard service on Chicago streets and traffic. I think this is testament to the quality of the NovaBus brand. I can only imagine the quality of the new models. They will be around for a long time! While Im not a big fan of the low floor design, I still wish the high floor models would come back. I will concede that I do like the design of the new Nova models, particularly the 8325s with no rear window When the first Novas arrived I thought they were butt ugly! LOL! I still do with those big bug eye headlights!!! I thought they were going to be a joke! Going up against heavyweight builders Flxible, TMC and Flyer. Im sure Nova is now giving the current bus builders a run for their money! The New Flyer Low Floor design hasant really changed much since they came out way back in the late 1980s In fact I still have copies of "Bus World" magazine!!!! LOL! The NF and Neoplan AN440L Low Floor designs began appearing in their issues back then. Originally I thought they would only be used for airport service.
  17. If and when Im notified the bus will finally be retired, You will certainly be hearing from me. I want to see this bus go to IRM
  18. My apologies on not keeping up with updates on Flxible 6163. At one point we were notified that we were recieving a 6400 Nova to replace the Flxible But recent heavy work was done to the bus to keep it running. Were still utilizing the bus. In fact its seen quite a bit of service to our fire academy in the last couple of years. Im still currently only one of three drivers on the fire dept. who are qualified to operate it. Im still committed to having that bus given over to IRM once were done with it. As I stated, we were suppose to be looking into aquiriing a 6400 Nove to replace it. But that has not been successful as of late. But I will certainly try to keep everyone up to date. I wasant aware the 1925 was scrapped! Wow! What a loss !! She was a beauty!!!
  19. Chicago ave mechanic told me the status of #5678. They should restore it! Theres still plenty of parts at SS to do so.
  20. CPD bus is done and already planned for scrap,
  21. I wonder if CTA will restore a GMC 5307 Fishbowl I know they still have the sitting in their boneyard. That is one bus that was a familiar sight for two decades. It deserves to be in their historic fleet.
  22. Where was that barn located exactly? I wish traces still existed.
  23. Good Question , I dont know too much of the history of Lawndale I do know they ran 21, 53, 54, 60 and 37 when it used to terminate at Cermak/Pulaski. When Kedzie was being reconstructed North ave took many Kedzie routes such as Madison, Jackson, Washington and even the old #17 Westchester. As for buses, I remember them getting North aves GMC 9500 series buses. FG ended up getting Flyers 9850-9929 along with Routes 76.77,86 Kedzie got Routes 65 66 70 72 74
  24. Lawndale was closed but reopened And its buses kept the "N" desigation since North ave was now closed. I remember the 5400 Flixibles had an N on their windows.
  25. If you watch the video, the garage scenes is the shopping center today! I remember the large firewalls All the buses by the time I remember were parked angled, nose into the firewalls. Drivers had to back out and tap the horn! Not lined up, straight out pointing to Cicero Ave as shown in many stills of the trolley bus era. I used to love calling out the bus numbers to myself So many of them!!! LOL! My favoite bus was #1473!
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