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  1. Awesome! Thank you for the info!!!
  2. Been assigned there since 2013 . Took a temporary assignment to the Fire Academy. But TL23 is still my assigned rig
  3. Yes, I left CTA in 2005 Joined the CFD. I do miss CTA! I enjoyed my time there. I made Line Instructor before I left.
  4. Anyone know about some abandoned Metra/exCNW bi levels in Benenville??
  5. Theres also Grand/Homan! That one is also challenging due to the traffic volume in that area.
  6. Thats an unforgiving underpass. I drove 54A many times I always took my time under that "S" turn. And because my firehouse is in that area, I still have to drive under that viaduct at times. Only now with my ladder truck! LOL But it no doubt is challenging!
  7. Here was an interesting find this morning on my way into work! Former MCTS NF 5002
  8. Cool! Thanks for checking up on it.
  9. Thank you! Likewise! Glad you enjoyed seeing the bus.
  10. Great video! You got her good side!!! LOL!
  11. Yours truly in the drivers seat!
  12. Im certainly going to do my best.
  13. I figured as much. I l wasant sure because I left CTA in 2005
  14. CTA5750

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Passed by a couple times last week on the Swift No sightings!,
  15. I worked at K when the 6000s were only two years old. Later when I transferred to FG I was excited when they were sent there to swap with the 55/5600s. We had 6128 with a special experimental paint scheme. Sadly, not long after the 6000s arrived at FG, buses #6131/6147 were involved in serious collision at Peterson/Spaulding while traveling together. Cant recall if #6131 ever returned to service But 6147 did. As for 6163, my plan is to save this bus from the scrapper.
  16. I can recall when I worked there back then, the 6760s up to 6883 were assigned to FG.
  17. Excellent video!!! Glad you go to see her!
  18. The CPD Flxible wouldnt do the job because the seating arrangement was altered It was used as sort of a Command bus rather than a transport vehicle Our Flxible on the other hand was not altered at all The seating and interior remains the same
  19. The city, CPD and CFD dont want to invest in buses for these agencies. Thats why they rely on CTA buses for transport everywhere.
  20. The 7000s are nice But I know Im in no hurry to see those cars on the Blue Im satisfied with the 3200s being assigned! The 2600s need to go Theyre done!
  21. I hope the Blue Line becomes all 3200s
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