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  1. Im excited to see the Pace NF .
  2. To this day ill never comprehend how incompetent CTA management would be buying buses without a/c and then a few years later having to do a complete retrofit. Ill never forget those hot days melting on a CTA bus! I drove the RTS before and after a/c additions. No doubt there was a difference in performance. But it was nice to drive and ride comfortable for a change. I loved the Americanas! They were a joy to drive. While they didnt have a/c In the winter the heat was not doubt great! I sure do miss those days!
  3. I drove the D901s Theywerent bad just that they didnt have a/c Otherwise the buses drove really nice. I even got to drive my favorite Flyer as a kid, #9844 once on Kimball. By then the Cummins engine which sounded so cool, was replaced by the DD 6V92
  4. I think thats a great addition to create dedicated "Training Buses" I have a couple friends wh work at Metro in Los Angeles They have buses dedicated to training purposes only. I remember some being NF High Floor D40s, RTS and other models. Past models included GM Old and New look buses. I believe they still have on the property
  5. Maybe 8499 will have a new Nova front end cap!!! LOL!!!
  6. I hope they do 8400s with the Novas if they get the contract
  7. The manufacturers are a "slim pickings" now. I miss some of the old manufacturers and models. I wonder what the new series will be numbered. Nova, 8350......??? NF Artic, 4400?? NF 40ft, 2200??? Or Gillig??? I hope its not El Dorados!
  8. Ok. If you say so! ....... Anyway!!!
  9. I was referring to the lack of cleanliness on the 2600 series cars on the Blue Line Thats all! And, I wasant complaining as you claim!!!
  10. Youre missing my point! No need for sarcasm!
  11. CTA could probably invest in maybe 20 for starters See how they operate for a year and then depending on the outcome decide or not whether to pursue this option. Either way, I think its worth a look!
  12. This is actually a pretty cool idea for CTA!. I wonder why they wouldnt take advantage of such an idea. A money saver in the long run!
  13. I wouldnt mind seeing the Blue with mostly 3200s and some 7000s I hope thats what ends up happening I love the 3200s!!! Its been over a year now since their arrival on the Blue. I still tend to catch more 2600s than 3200 trains when I ride. But thats ok! The 2600s are extremely dirty smelly and filthy. They need to be gone soon!!!
  14. CTA5750

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Id rather they leave them on They remind me of some of the 6000 and 5-50 cars that had them .
  15. CTA5750

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    So whatever happened to this so called commitment CTA made a long time ago of having a 100 percent compatible rail car fleet? Wasant this is one of the main reasons the Skokie Swift was converted to third rail? Makes no sense at all
  16. Those headlights, they kind of remind me of the 2000 series!
  17. CTA5750

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    The Blue line has paid its dues with decades of using beat up equipment. Bring all the 3200s to the Blue! Time for some rehabbed newbies!
  18. The 3200s are great! The open car space, single seating and no seating like the 5000s. With the 7000s coming, I hope most 3200s will eventually go to the Blue. The space in those cars works well especially on packed rush hour trains A lot more standing room. Great seating layout! Overall I think it was a great move on CTA to bring those cars over. With their recent rehabs, theyre basically the 5000s without the seating arrangement. Since Ive had more opportunities to ride the 5000s recently Ive changed my thinking on them especially with the cloth seats inserts, No Thanks! They can stay wherever they are. I dont care for them anymore!
  19. I like the new redesigned bus stops I dont understand the letters though I wish CTA would redesign that boring logo Maybe do an updated 1950s style???
  20. I was taught it was to extend brake life. Use of the retarder function would be restricted only to dry pavement. Im taught to not use this function in heavy weather Still, I dont know why Pace buses are equipped. Now Chicago Firetrucks do have them Good question!!!
  21. I know Pace buses had them. You could switch it on or off depending on the road conditions. Our city firetrucks also have them.
  22. Just saw it an hour ago SB on Ashland/35 signed "Not in Service" "7 Harrison" tag on the window Assuming its headed back to 74
  23. The 3200s are certainly getting their workout on the Blue Ridership climbing,Trains packed during rush, to the doors.The seating and roominess inside the cars make it a perfect fit for the line.
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