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  1. CTA5750

    Ghost Buses

    Does anyone know why theres always a row of buses parked alongside CTAs distribution center on Division st?? Every time I pass there theres a row of parked buses on the sidestreet
  2. I rarely see the 8325s from the Glen since they only have a few. Still have not ridden on one Yet when go down around 05th st terminal, I see them everywhere! Some displaying "90N N. Harlem"
  3. Unfortunately, because of long neglected upgrades, the Blue Line power cant handle a fleet of 5000s
  4. LOL! Right now! CTA5750 or "SHE"!!! Is biking to work! LOL!!! Trying to stay off Metra for a while! I may just suck it up and ride my bike to Jeff Pk so I can continue taking the Blue line. Thats my only other alternative
  5. Yes, It will be parked at the south end of the parade route at 55th There should be other fire dept vehicles, possibly also the CFD New Flyer 5858
  6. Just putting this out....I’ll out be at this weekends Bud Billiken Parade. I’ll be driving our Flxible Fire Academy Bus. If anyone wants tto see it. Ill be parking it at the south end of the parade route
  7. Logan Sq needs a major upgrade! Its the original station from 1970 Only a few cosmetic change were made in its long history. 4000s were still running when it opened!!!. With the gentrification of the area now Im sure it wont be long before it happens. I still remember when 4000 MANs ran on the old "89 No. Kedzie" route out of that terminal.
  8. Yeah, at Jeff Pk the Pace rep has been getting an earful from riders! Theyre not happy with the service change to the local buses. The Pulse stops are not convenient because many riders are seniors and they dont live near a Pulse stop. They will be forced to wait for the 270 local and if they miss it they have to wait an additional hour for the next one. In a few instances it will require riders to change their commute plans including mine! I know there can never be a solution to everyones commutes. But this is a drastic change that will have a serious effect for many riders. I will have to revert back to Metra in the morning. I chose to stop Metra because of the ticket prices nowadays. The Pace/Blue Line combination for me was a better and more reasonable option. I live in between the Austin and Central Pulse stops so its not an alternative for me.
  9. No, Becasue I live in between stops that are too far apart because of the angle of Milwaukee ave The regular service will not help as it will begin later in the AM I have to be in at work at 630am
  10. Well unfortunately I live along the 270 route between the Austin and Central stops of the Pulse service. Its a longer stretch along Milwaukee The regular service will no longer help me as it will begin later in the AM. I start at 630am. Its a long walk to either Pulse stop. Its not worth it I can catch Metra at Gladstone Pk I was riding the 270 from Jeff Pk yest. Pace had a "Pulse" represenative on board to tell us about the changes. I can tell you riders were not at all happy! This included an unrelated heated exchange between two passengers which almost became a physical altercation. So it was not a good day on bus #6425 or the Pace Rep! LOL!!!
  11. I ride these almost every day to and from Jeff Pk. The 6500s are very nice buses.
  12. Damn!, So Ill have to go back to Metra in the mornings if Pace is serious about this schedule change
  13. Im just about a daily rider of the 270 Im very eager to see how this Pulse service will work.
  14. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    It just hit me! Looking at the run box "FIRE" I seem to recall a few years ago two Flxibles that sat at a city lot where our spare firetrucks were kept. These two buses were going to be used as additional fire academy buses but they never saw service with us.
  15. Theres been plenty of conflicts between Milwaukee ave and Central ave bus traffic. At times theres three Milwaukee buses parked which wont allow Central buses both NB and SB to clear the rear of those parked buses, forcing Central buses to perform an unprotected reverse in close proximity to riders. Very Dangerous IMO!
  16. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    Wow! Cool! I will have to check that out! Thanks for the info!
  17. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    The bus itself is clean and runs in good shape Being 24 yr old bus, It has to be treated with a little more care of course! But its age is certainly showing
  18. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    CTA wont release any of those buses We tried to appraoch CTA for parts to keep our Flx running It worked to some degree. Our bus was fixed by mechanics at 89th. Im assuming they grabbed parts of the "scrap" line since Flx is no longer in business One vehicle I wish would be restored would be Flxible propane #8281 if it still exsits. Equip it with a diesel engine like 8499
  19. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    You never know!!! There are always a possibility!!!
  20. CTA5750

    More Bus Moves

    Yes, the CPD bus 6999 is exCTA #5678. The CFD Oxygen bus (8-8-11) NF is former CTA #5858. The Academy bus I operate is exCTA 6163 We also had 5800 but that was sold off. We were trying to obtain a Nova from FG as a replacement for #6163 But nothing has come about in that Im hoping upon the retirement of 6163 to send it to IRM The have already agreed to take it.
  21. Im sure the 8325s will not be at FG for long! They will be sent to K,103 or C. That seems to be the practice! FG will end up with more NFs from other garages
  22. FG deserved them!!! You see any 6400s at any other garages???
  23. They have a good chunk of Novas for the west side! K dosent need them!
  24. I ride Belmont often to my doctor in Boystown. Ive seen a mix of 7900s and NFs mainly Ive recalled riding 6400s on there as well.
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