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  1. Ok, here it is.... The Metra GPS is a joke, pure and simple. The crew will program the info on the train when they set it up. The pre-departure announcements used to be 2 minutes prior to arrival, as long as the train is set up. Lately for some reason, it is closer to 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. This sometimes will have the train departing while the announcements are still going, depending on how many stops there are. As for the outer terminals, sometimes the crew won't set up the GPS until they "go back to work", like after the train departs. So in the Blue Island example, you could be 1/2 way to Burr Oak and have the pre-departure announcement be playing. As for delays. The GPS center has absolutely no clue what is going on, EVER. They are looking at a computer screen that shows stuff, but they don't ever know what is going on....even times when they are told what is going on. If a crew doesn't call, they don't think to call a trainmaster or a dispatcher to see what a disruption may be. As for duplicate announcements, after the crew programs the GPS, if they can't track (which is quite often) they may program it themselves, which they don't realize creates annoying duplicate announcements.
  2. Thank you for clarifying the public hearing issue. Of course, they would never tell us about that. As for turn arounds, yes, you could turn trains at the interlockings between 63rd and 70th streets with little interference. This is where the South Chicago branch leaves the mainline.
  3. OK, here is my take on this silly, and I mean silly revised schedule. The hidden agenda is that there are serious service cuts to the Blue Island and South Chicago branches and that this Hyde Park crap is nothing but a cover. Supposedly the politicians are in on this, so when the discrimination chants start, they are supposed to cover it and take care of it. Apparently these "flyers" are adequate enough to eliminate what I thought were mandatory public hearings for things like this. The claim is that "Hyde Park is an up and coming place and the need for this type of service will be necessary in the short term". Now, my take on this is that these goof balls have not been out of their glass cages recently. Most South Chicago trains, which used to be 4 old cars full (140 seats + standees) in rush hour are now barely 3 cars single seat leaving downtown. Blue Island trains are pretty much the same with 2 cars. The night loop trains are basically empty equipment trains after 8pm. The Hyde Park platforms are active, but certainly not 20 minute interval active. The most action are those transferring from the mainline express to get to mainline local. Ridership is so great there that Metra won't even open more than 2 cars on a morning rush hour train on a platform that holds 8 cars (yes, that is supposedly for fare collection purposes, but I think/hope you get my point). There will be no Blue Island branch service on weekends and after 8pm during the week. The South Chicago loop night service will cease to exist with the final train going downtown around 10:30pm. The midday Kensington locals are a waste and could easily be serviced by mainline service with flag stops. There is very little if any ridership in that area and flag stops would only add 5-7 minutes to a trip max. The constant fare increases have not helped and lets face it $4+ to Hyde Park in a time when people are generally cash strapped is excessive...especially if I can take an express bus for half. The conditions of the equipment and the service reliability as well as some of the low lifes that ride the trains are not that much better than riding the Red or Green Line. Again, if the powers that be would get out once in awhile, they might realize this. They want to make this the CTA, and that is a sad statement. The powers that be are going to do this, and do it their way no matter what. If it is a budget thing, they are wasting money they think they are saving. If it is really a ridership thing, they are correct on the branch decline, but way off on the Hyde Park prospects. Make your cuts, and if the bodies are really there in Hyde Park, THEN and ONLY THEN increase your intervals. IMO, the cuts are long overdue on the branches...but this 20 minute thing is a joke. Only time will tell for sure
  4. Yellow line has nothing to do with transit buses. It applies to school buses.
  5. 5 via 6 and will definitely be someone who doesn't know the first thing about commuter rail transit. I mean, why should it be, right ?
  6. 217 isn't exactly new. 216 and 217 were purchased a while back from Amtrak and have been up on the Milwaukee. My guess is that it was at 47th Street for some rehab work.
  7. When the MP36 engines undergo rehab at 47th Street on the Rock, they are moved to KYD for painting. I would assume what you are talking about at 211th street would probably have something to do with the positive train control being installed. I've seen them working there, but nobody knows for sure what is going on, but that would be my guess.
  8. The new seats aren't anything to be excited about.
  9. The legal corporate name, NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS RAILROAD CORPORATION is on our checks
  10. The shell of a highliner you speak of is a 8200 Budd in for rehab. They do most of the coach rehabs there. There was an 8200 (old cab car) outside the past couple of days, which is probably the shell you saw, and they just took a 7200 (which also had some graffiti on it) inside yesterday. 8460 is also outside there, not sure if it is in for rehab or if it is there for something else.
  11. One of the 3 is left on the west end of the yard. I believe the other 2 are in the house for whatever they are going to do with them. They moved 4 from KYD to 18th Street on Friday with a switch engine. Nobody really knows why other than perhaps to make a weather ice breaker type of move which never happened, they just sat in the yard with the switch engine being put in the house. They were in the yard Friday, Saturday and Sunday, got graffitied up Saturday night or Sunday night and were taken back to KYD where they are back to where they were before they left.
  12. So, Marty Oberman DEMANDED Amtrak do something. Great political photo op, since he is never around anyway. Surprised Rahm didn't jump in and use it to beg for more $$$...but then he ain't around unless he can take credit for something. And Amtrak being the good railroad they are, of course, are blaming someone else for their years of neglect. The station is a catastrophe waiting all over the place and passengers should be given hardhats and flashlights when walking through.
  13. This goes all the way back to when I started at least (2000) that I know of. Right now, the new equipment has the potential to trip the breakers when you make up or break up a cab. The yard was getting shorted out 5-6 times a day for awhile. Now they have bulletins on how to break up a cab without tripping the power.
  14. Any trains longer than 6 cars must be operated in low rate. Also, propulsion on the number more than 6 must be cut out. Not all of the 8 car South Shore trains have trailers and they also would have to have 2 cars isolated/cut out if the consist is that way. I believe the reason their bi-levels are max 6 cars is because of the number of types of these cars they have and they just keep their consists together.
  15. What so many people realize is that the way these agencies are operated these days, it isn't always about the money. There are suppose to be so many extra boarders, yet they don't want to hire them, claiming poor. So, when the short extra boards get exhausted (quickly), you can never get a legitimate day off because of "lack of manpower". The result is calling in sick to get a day off. Your entitled to paid time off, but you can't ever get you call in sick and eat the day. Then management cries that the workforce has a poor attendance. Maybe they need to wake up !