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  1. Been seeing some 6300s in the yard at NW
  2. For all the hoopla and planning you would think they would have been completely ready to go on this. This has been in the wish list pipeline for 20+ years. It is being rushed through because someone has an agenda on it. It is an overhyped overspent covered up service DECREASE since it is not servicing ALL of the people on Milwaukee Ave equally. To spend money on what is nothing more than an elaborate bus stop, required wrapping (or painting) signal preemption (which wont help you in rush hour with the traffic leading up to said signals) is a waste on something that could be better spend on other projects. There will be some that MIGHT ride this and be happy, but IMO the majority of of passengers will be disserviced in some way.
  3. There is a reason for this. When NCS started, there was limited service gauging ridership. Off peak service was provided by Pace routes 960 and 961. When the service was increased, 960 and 961 were eliminated. The contracts Metra had were with the Wisconsin Central RR which was purchased by the Canadien National RR. The CN has no real desire to provide passenger service. The WC promised Metra the possibility of night and weekend service. The CN when taking over said no. In fact, if you see the last inbound trip (train 120) it operates via the Fox Lake subdivision. That is because the CN would not allow that train to operate south of Grayslake. There is even talk now that after Metra did their NCS cuts a year or so ago, that they are questioning the wisdom of the cuts and would perhaps like to reinstate those trains...but the CN may not let them even though they are allowed 20 trains.
  4. The top will NEVER admit to making a mistake, whether there is proof of it or not. Funny, all those Pulse pictures and amazingly not a soul around to ride them. The inside of those buses with the purple tone is dark and depressing.
  5. Probably 3. 1-Pay of the run picked. Old timers tend to pick runs that make the most money. 2-Route itself. Many drivers prefer to operate certain routes over others whether it be how busy its is, traffic patterns where it goes, etc. 3-Time of day. Believe it or not, many operators will actually choose night runs over day runs. Probably mostly because it is more laid back if you can handle the stress of working the night. Others will choose early day runs to be done early. Others will pick the split runs for $$$ as well as the time off in the middle. There is no form and the rookies really do generally get the crap left over.
  6. No F59s on the UP. They are strictly on the MDW, MDN and NCS
  7. Yes, by all means fixed route. But this Pulse stuff goes away from the fixed route concept and creates a whole new animal. To the average rider, this is a service CUT not an improvement. To the joe on the road or the intersecting bus routes, it creates the possibility of more traffic gridlock. And for an agency with supposed money troubles, you have this desire for these grand service stops instead of a bus stop on a corner and have to have specialty looking buses for the service...again more cost, at least at the start. Pace has gotten away from your standard fixed routes in the past with subscription service, corporate (ie. UPS) funded routes and express movement only via highway (with special lanes and specially designed buses...again more cost put out in other ways). Am I a fan, NO, and if I was a 270 rider stuck in the middle, I probably wouldn't be any more. And by the way....has anyone ridden on one of those 6500 Pulse buses? They are the darkest, most depressing bus I have ever been on. Aside from great a/c they aren't the most comfortable bus to ride on (although better than the newer Novas CTA has) and they rattle an awful lot
  8. As far as I am concerned, it is a terrible money wasting idea. Pace has been on this band wagon for 20+ years. You watch, just like the CTA x routes, these buses will be empty or close to it. Once again, the bread and butter riders get the shaft. This is one type of reason I left Pace many many years ago now...and the new ED fits the mold so well ☚ī¸ Rocky Donohue was so against taking care of the little guy or the grandma who needed to go shopping or something. He was more into smoozing politicians. I see that nothing has really changed. I really disliked it when he became my supervisor.
  9. probably the same guy who thought the airline seats were a good idea 😝😝
  10. As of my leaving on vacation on Friday, no not yet.
  11. The reason it seems like a classified secret is because it differs from garage to garage. West and Northwest will pay a little more. Starting pay is low though.
  12. I am not impressed too much by how they are actually doing this. They should have just wrapped these buses in the old colors instead of hurting your eyes looking at windows inside windows that aren't there. The pic of 6360 above may be the best looking of any done. Also, the most obvious wrap missing ???...the original Pace white livery !! Each garage should have one of those too !!
  13. You are forgetting two things here. First, FG had a practically new fleet of Novas when they received late 6700 and 6800s when they were new. Later, they got more young 6700s from C and had all of the 6700 and 6800s along with some 6000s. They did, at the time, have a pretty new fleet there. Second, along with North Park, FG is an outdoor facility. It makes a little more sense to store new stuff inside as opposed to outside at those 2 garages. Sounds like a good reason to me that the older stuff is there. Actually, myself, I'd rather ride on Flyers vs Novas. Although the Novas may ride a little smoother, they are so damn uncomfortable. FG is probably better served with older Flyers over the newer 8325s anyday.
  14. That last major schedule change about a year and a half ago increased service to 20 minutes during the day through Hyde Park. This also eliminated the South Chicago and Blue Island Loop trains at night. Part of the South Chicago Loop elimination was incorporated to the 20 minute thing as it was desired that night trains go thru from Randolph Street to 93rd Street. Its silly because the South Chicago trains are basically empty at night. This also created hardship on riders from the south suburbs as their schedules were changed to accommodate the Hyde Parkers. It is all believed that all of this nonsense was requested (more like demanded) by Preckwinkle. Of course the Policalness of the Board agreed and, well, messed up an efficient adequate schedule of service as well as created the illusion of a need for longer trains. Everyone lost some type of service in this fiasco, EXCEPT those in Hyde Park who have basically shied away from Metra service in recent years due to fare increases. You can get where you want on the CTA for 1/2 of what you can on Metra, and the public pretty much figured it out. It is no surprise that this same group of people now want CTA fares in the area too. All in all, not a good thing and it has hurt ridership there more than helped it.
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