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  1. 700-series XE40 - Deliveries & Assignments

    How about Midway being CTA property and Ford City not with the mall management not allowing the charging station onto their property.
  2. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    Still nothing new from Amtrak on the supposed new purchase. There in fact has been some locker room talk that Amtrak pulled out of the deal and wants to keep what was offered. The F59s on the property (97, 98 and 99) still have many many mechanical issues. They generally operate on the Heritage Corridor but over the past month or so, at least one has been in the shop out of service (daily) and over the past week only one has been out running with 3 F40s picking up the slack. Let's keep in mind that the Amtrak purchase is for units that are already 20 years old. Doesn't anybody think that a rehab is not far in the offing ? Might there not be a double cost involved in keeping these things running. Metra often overlooks the obvious (just look at the GPS that was overspent on yet no one ever considered maintenance after buying the garbage).
  3. Metra Ticketing

    To answer your question, it is not. After all the wasted time and paper, if they don't get the fare they print out a list, just like bad checks. These offenders continue to write bad checks and continue to refuse to pay fares. Nothing is ever done. Yet we continue to wonder why they continue to lose money. And as stated in another post, you can't refuse a ride for some reason, but try to collect a fare or surcharge, you don't get backed up and even reprimanded. Its confusing, disheartening and quite frankly bad practice and encourages bad behavior. Somehow the suits just don't see it that way.
  4. Turning passengers into the RR Police

    It used to be more than now. Metra has become shy about enforcing rules regarding trespassers or troublemakers. Metra cops won't respond and when they do, they have been instructed not to arrest. Brain child of current management. I guess they are afraid they will lose a fare or two. I am sure the contract carriers have been instructed the same way. It doesn't make the employees all that gung ho to enforce anything since they don't get backed up. For example, you get bitched out about not collecting a fare, but yet try to enforce someone not paying said fare or surcharge you get reprimanded. Very confusing, disheartening and quite honestly a questionable practice. Those who don't respect the rules or procedures seem to be encouraged to get away with it and those who do end up paying for it in the long run. Don't understand it one bit, but welcome to the year 2018.
  5. Random Metra

    Jack, You are probably correct. But I find it comical to think that a totally political organization could not schmooze their bozo political buddies for money, yet expect a schmuck like me to have some kind of influence to rally my congressman to cough up some cash. In the past couple of weeks, Dan Lipinski was at Union Station investigating union safety issues brought up that management didn't or wouldn't address. Upon hearing he was either already there or enroute, the big wigs came out of the ivory tower to meet him there. Also, Tammy Duckworth was at 47th street for a photo op with rehabs and PTC nonsense. In both cases, nobody, but nobody said, "hey, we need some money...the place is falling apart or we need to keep this going". Thinking about the Union Station stuff...it's comical with the Metra big wigs being all concerned about Lipinski addressing union issues, even though Union Station is under control of Amtrak.
  6. Random Metra

    Nothing came in after 1385-86
  7. Random Metra

    Its been on the UP lines for quite a few years now. Previously was on the Milwaukee lines.
  8. Metra 100

    The hideous faded wrap has been removed and it’s back to normal
  9. Metra Electric Highliners

    it looks like they dropped the pans when going by the car house for some reason and that they are coasting. If you look at both sides, there is no headlight illuminated, so there is probably no power.
  10. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    I get it, but could you not do that move anyway, or would it be the same service case on Belmont as on Chicago ?
  11. Metra Electric Highliners

    If a pantograph goes down in a car it may still have power in it if it is trainlined to another car with power. All it takes is flipping up a breaker switch in the electrical cabinet.
  12. Metra Electric Highliners

    All but 6 were moved to the yard in Bensenville behind some wall by the airport I am not familiar with. There are 6 eyesores sitting in the yard at Western Avenue.
  13. Metra ex CNW bilevels

    As I understand it, some of those cars are not being painted, but wrapped (similar to what Pace did with the Nabis). If you saw a VRE number showing through, that is probably why. Also, they are not being repaired for service real well as there are many with roof leaks and a/c that doesn't work. Don't run too fast to sit in them on a hot day. I will agree, this color scheme is horrible on these coaches. But that is what the geniuses in the ivory tower like, so that is what it is.
  14. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    Instead of long hauling Kedzie artics to run the 77, even partially, would it not make a little sense to move Belmont to North Park and have Forest Glen take over 1 or 2 of the North Park Routes to offset the number of operators it would take to operate the route sufficiently. Perhaps FG could run all of the Evanston Routes or 93, 96 or 97. Just a thought
  15. Metra train may be involved in Tennessee derailment.

    You can see 205 under the pile. It is probably finished. (From Andrew Bandur's Facebook post on Metra Rail page.)