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  1. Will this organization every get their timing right ??? No riders (and realistically nothing in the near future, if EVER), no money but lets spend what little we have. Unbelievable. And not only that, but all the unnecessary additions....what garbage !!! Is new equipment really needed ??? Maybe, but the timing of this couldn't be worse, especially with yards full of idle equipment. https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20210113/metra-cars-with-cupholders-and-video-screens-are-coming
  2. So true. New stations won't change that one bit.
  3. There has been some talk for quite awhile of MDW service extension. This mainly because the City of Elgin would like to get the coach yard out of downtown.
  4. UP-N has plenty of freight north of Lake Bluff. This is the link between Chicago (Proviso) and Milwaukee and a fair amount of service to and from Minnesota. And don't forget the coal trains that serve Waukegan and Oak Creek. The UPNW is pretty much commuter only especially since GM Janesville shut down. There is some freight there, but not much.
  5. Contract carriers keep the money on the tickets they well, which makes it a little curious that they would eliminate ticket agents, since I am sure Metra is freezing them out of app sales. Carriers may eliminate positions with (usually) 30 day notice, so if they followed the protocol on that, the union has not beef. As for cars open, the cab car closing that Metra required earlier is no longer in effect (and hasn't been since mid June), although with the current ridership level and the ridiculous length of trains most use the belly cars and keep the ends closed. As for col
  6. Metra may or may not win the STB case...hard to say. If they win, look for the UP to make travel over the lines difficult with freight being priority slowing things down, especially on the West line. They can do a number on the North line north of Lake Bluff too, whether Metra owns that part of the rail or not (which I don't think they do). Either way, watch how the court case plays out. There, I suspect Metra is in a world of trouble.
  7. Absolutely. Currently, the only railroad that is somewhat "commuter friendly" is the CP, and that is primarily because I found that Metra actually owns the track they run on over the CP territories (Milwaukee West and North lines).
  8. The buses are dark inside. They have a depressing purple lighting. Personally, I'm not impressed one bit with this service and wish they would just return the 270 to the way it was and forget the 250. Sadly, it'll never happen.
  9. Yes, the POS agreements are under a specified time. I believe the UP-Metra agreement ended December 31, 2019. That said, the UP never wanted to operate commuter trains in Chicago since they took over from the CNW. They put them 3rd in priority in their dispatch system behind stack trains and coal trains. I was a dispatcher when the UP took over from the CNW and saw how they wanted to operate. There were agreements in place on how passenger trains would be handled and within 30 days of the operation being moved to Omaha, trains on the west line frequently operated 30-60 minutes late because of
  10. The reason for the facing seats is that it was required to have it where emergency windows are in order to facilitate added room in case of emergency, since these seats didn't flip. These cars are retired, so it doesn't make a difference any more.
  11. First of all, when 55/56/57 was rebuilt it was done with the idea of making that stop the main Hyde Park transfer point. This was because Jesse Jackson and all the local activists wanted it that way. The U of C was not happy about it, but it happened anyway. As for the current schedule mess, Metra is blaming PTC, as they are with everything. They are using PTC as a cover for all the schedule changes they want to make but were afraid to. All that was needed on the PTC front was have 15 minutes at the end to make a turn instead of the unrealistic 7 they kept doing. The push
  12. I know some stuff needs the "Metra" upgrade (or downgrade depending how you look at it). But lets face it, they cry shortage of power but sure are dragging getting the Amtrak F59s out and running. Some of the F40s are staggering and as predicted when they arrived, the MP36s shake rattle and roll. Fall behind on schedule and your chance of making it up is slim, very slim. I am speaking of the MD...don't know enough about the BN !
  13. I say dead line because they put a whole bunch of engines out there and then just ignore them for months, including Amtrak F59s and the recently delivered 94. For example 92 has been out running and suddenly has found itself at the end of the line in the east yard. There is also a NIRC switch engine in the line for 2 weeks now.
  14. The real answer is h-d then d-g. The bean counters would prefer c-g, but most conductors (emphasizing most) would probably accept the d-g transfer...I know I would. This subject comes up often.
  15. 94 has found its way to the Western Ave "dead line" since last Wednesday. Given the way things are these days, probably will be sitting there for 6 months or more !
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