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  1. Random Metra

    Probably the rebuilds that are now supposedly on order. The fleet is so bad now, it seems as though 1/2 aren't running on a daily basis anyway. (sarcasim)
  2. Random Metra

    The manufacturers ??? I would guess job security and the ability to make mega $$$$
  3. Metra F40 Moves/Retired

    Probably not going to happen. Word circulating the past few days has all of the 100 series locos making their way back to Progress Rail for rebuild #2. Manufacturers are supposedly not taking nickel and dime orders for minimal amounts of equipment, more like orders for complete fleet overhaul (200-300...)
  4. Random Metra

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but don't look for any big new locomotive purchases. Word has it that all the 100 series engines will be sent to Progress Rail for rebuilds and not be retired. Look for more of the type of purchasing similar to what they have done with the recent purchase from Progress for those horribly long rehabbed freight engines. According to some purchasing people, manufacturers will only fill orders for complete fleet replacement and not fill orders of say 25, 30 or 50 locomotives. Thus Metra will continue to buy refurbished crap and hope it runs.
  5. Locomotive 98 and 99

    Actually, the Amtrak F59PHIs will replace some 100 series engines. 215 has already died and being scavenged for parts. Some of the functional are supposed to be sent to the UP. Early discussions have the MACHs perhaps destined to the BN. The goal is to have the Milwaukee District be equipped with Amtrak and MP36 locos. As of the last I heard, nothing is headed to the Rock Island, unless some MP36s find their way there. Nobody anywhere has said anything about 94-96...these are news to me. At some point, the F59PHIs will need a midlife rebuild from what has been said.
  6. Locomotive 98 and 99

    Nope... From the article.... "Metra on Wednesday approved a $71 million contract to purchase 15 remanufactured locomotives from Progress Rail Locomotives with options to buy up to 27 additional locomotives if more funding becomes available. According to a Metra announcement, Progress Rail will take existing EMD SD70MAC freight locomotives and upgrade and configure them for passenger use. All components will either be refurbished, upgraded or new. The newly remanufactured locomotives will be designated as SD70MACH locomotives."
  7. Locomotive 98 and 99

    They are oversized freight locos being rebuilt by Progress for passenger service. Seems like Progress has had a real sweetheart deal going lately.
  8. Locomotive 98 and 99

    They are being sent for rebuilt as part of standard midlife rehab. Maybe they'll have the same fate as loco 205. They are not good engines and have been trouble since day one. Interesting that they are sending all 3 seeing as how there is such a locomotive shortage crisis.
  9. CTA in Train Simulator

    I believe Briman stopped working on his project and when he did took the website down.
  10. What's Left for Pace's NABI LFW 6162s/ 6600s?

    Ravinia buses are not and never were actually retired. They are the best of what is left when a series is being retired. They are operated on a limited basis, in the summer time to serve only Ravinia Park from the parking areas. They get their final farewells when they are removed from Ravinia service.
  11. Random Metra

    Actually the bottom stair is lower than the baggage platform at CUS. I am sure there is some logical reason for this, I just don’t know what it is. Same with the passenger platforms. It’s railroad and commuter operations not the L so platforms are what they are.
  12. Random Metra

    My train...109 to Antioch, and I think you caught me walking up to the front with my cup of coffee for the ride home (about 2 cars back).
  13. F40 repainting?

    2 things... 611 is in the shop for scavenging. There is no intention of running 611 or 614. They along with 215, are only on hand for parts. As for the Pullmans, 7664 is not on the Southwest, it is on the Milwaukee along with 7659. Both are garbage, but take up space well and look horrible with that paint scheme.
  14. Random Metra

    What is really annoying to me is a reporter who continually gets the facts incorrect. Engineers, not Conductors operate the train !!! As for the cost thing, that is Metra spin to make it sound like it is so much better. The cost is down because it is new equipment that is less likely to break down, especially since the mechanical department let the highliners go to hell hoping the new stuff would arrive sooner than it did.
  15. Random Metra

    Much too early to tell. ICYMI, we had a MP36 on Tuesday and a F59 on Wednesday on the 4:25