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  1. More Bus Moves

    Was 1821 the bus that got hit head on on Madison Street ? UPDATE....I stand corrected....the bus in this pic is 1805.
  2. Ventra - Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    I had problems. I was signed in but couldn't buy anything nor add payment info. I eventually logged out of the app and upon logging back in, problem was solved. For what it is worth...I hate the damn thing !!
  3. Route 71

    Are the buses that start/end at 104-Torrence pull-in and pull-outs ? I initially thought they might have been school trips when I first saw them on the street, but looking at the schedule, there are actually quite a few.
  4. Pace Bus Moves

    I did see a 6100 on the 272 today out by Half Day Road and Milwaukee. So they are still breathing.
  5. Random Metra

    They are replacing ties from Kensington to University Park on track 2. Saturday and Sunday, September 30 and October 1, the line will end at Richton Park while they are replacing the ties on the single track. There will be NO bus service. I believe the plan is to close UP on Saturday the 6th also.
  6. 2018 Pace budget

    Monkey see, monkey do
  7. F40 repainting?

    The engineers got fired for being incompetent, it had nothing to do with the engine. 409 just happened to be part of the two 47th street derailments. Nobody knows for sure about NIRC8. It could be that they may be planning on using it as an ice breaker on the wires.
  8. Changes are coming

    IMO...Eliminate weekend passes altogether. DO NOT give away the store on a special event, such as celebratory parade...those people travelling would pay double the fare to get where they are going !!! Making people pay for the service would solve a whole hell of a lot of budget shortfalls. But the politicans running the show are more worried about their votes than running a competent agency. This constant crying about a "budget crisis" is getting so old it's not even cry wolf anymore. There is so much waste day by day, all management created and ego enforced that this will go on for eternity. The new motto should be....fair for a few, the hell with the rest !
  9. Metra Electric Highliners

    The original plan was to keep 4-6 old Highliners for work service. However, with the federal insistence on PTC, they scrapped the idea because it would have been too costly to outfit the cars with the equipment (or so they say). I don't think there is a "plan" for the old stuff. They can't sell them due to asbestos, but they haven't seemed to figure that out yet. They probably should have been junked by now, but they just seem to hang around.
  10. Kensington/115th

    The interlocking through Kensington has a speed limit of 35MPH. Currently on track 2 there is a 10MPH speed restriction placed by the track department. If you look down, you will see the flags.
  11. F40 repainting?

    NIRC 8 and NIRC 9 have the special couplers for moving Electric Equipment. I noticed the pan on NIRC 8 yesterday, but can't tell you why they did that. MP36 rehabs get painted at KYD and sent back to wherever they belong. I find it ironic that 409 has the Operation Lifesaver logo, seeing as how it was involved in the 2 worst wrecks in Metra history. The equipment was at KYD for Metra family day on Sunday.
  12. What I said was that Fox Valley is all Full Time because they had too much work to keep part timers under 30 hours a week and maintain service. I was part of the last part timers hired. When I went from part time to full time, I went from 30 hours to 60 overnight. Shortly after I went to corporate there around 1999-2000 they went to strictly all full time operators. It is was negotiated with the union, in fact IIRC, that is what the union wanted there and Pace went with it since they don't pay top dollar there. I am sure that could be the same type of situation in Elgin at River Division. Being satellite divisions, it is difficult to find operators willing to drive distances to work part time and not enough locals are applying.
  13. Metra Electric Highliners

    Nothing official here, but my theory of exactly what that is. The car you refer to is 7421. There was a derailment at the 14th Street yard on the BNSF a few weeks back. My guess is that car got cut up in the derailment and is sitting at KYD for repair. Its been there since shortly after that incident, so my reason for the explanation I have. Also, 8460 has been sitting there for a few months too, but not moving. I assume it is a rehab, but cant figure out why it is being ignored. They have been moving cars from south to north and north to south. Don't know why they feel the need to move stuff around just for the sake of moving it. In the meantime, during the past week or so, the 4 cars you speak of have been moved to the yard at Van Buren Street downtown.
  14. Changes are coming

    Well, word has it that the board has signed off on this and that it WILL HAPPEN on September 19 like it or (more likely) not.
  15. Changes are coming

    I believe there were many who attended but no numbers I can quote. It must have had some impact, and the boys must have not liked what they heard since the hot rumor is that what was supposed to happen in September is pushed back to at least December. It is locker room talk, but any of the schedule changes impact work assignments and that has gone from being a hot topic to total silence in the last month, so I believe there might be something to the chatter.