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  1. The reason for the facing seats is that it was required to have it where emergency windows are in order to facilitate added room in case of emergency, since these seats didn't flip. These cars are retired, so it doesn't make a difference any more.
  2. First of all, when 55/56/57 was rebuilt it was done with the idea of making that stop the main Hyde Park transfer point. This was because Jesse Jackson and all the local activists wanted it that way. The U of C was not happy about it, but it happened anyway. As for the current schedule mess, Metra is blaming PTC, as they are with everything. They are using PTC as a cover for all the schedule changes they want to make but were afraid to. All that was needed on the PTC front was have 15 minutes at the end to make a turn instead of the unrealistic 7 they kept doing. The push for added Hyde Park service is all Toni Preckwinkle and no one else. For some reason she thinks that there should be 100 trains a minute there and the hell with everyone else. She was the impetus behind that last schedule change 2 or so years ago that added more trains Hyde Park. It left trains, especially the added South Chicago trains, running 1/2 empty, especially at night, where 3 out of 4 cars were closed !
  3. I know some stuff needs the "Metra" upgrade (or downgrade depending how you look at it). But lets face it, they cry shortage of power but sure are dragging getting the Amtrak F59s out and running. Some of the F40s are staggering and as predicted when they arrived, the MP36s shake rattle and roll. Fall behind on schedule and your chance of making it up is slim, very slim. I am speaking of the MD...don't know enough about the BN !
  4. I say dead line because they put a whole bunch of engines out there and then just ignore them for months, including Amtrak F59s and the recently delivered 94. For example 92 has been out running and suddenly has found itself at the end of the line in the east yard. There is also a NIRC switch engine in the line for 2 weeks now.
  5. The real answer is h-d then d-g. The bean counters would prefer c-g, but most conductors (emphasizing most) would probably accept the d-g transfer...I know I would. This subject comes up often.
  6. 94 has found its way to the Western Ave "dead line" since last Wednesday. Given the way things are these days, probably will be sitting there for 6 months or more !
  7. For what it is worth, Loco 94 found its way to the dead line at Western Ave last Wednesday. Probably sit there for awhile like most everything else these days.
  8. I should stand corrected and say 6350 Axess buses from West. No NABIs at NW.
  9. Been seeing some 6300s in the yard at NW
  10. For all the hoopla and planning you would think they would have been completely ready to go on this. This has been in the wish list pipeline for 20+ years. It is being rushed through because someone has an agenda on it. It is an overhyped overspent covered up service DECREASE since it is not servicing ALL of the people on Milwaukee Ave equally. To spend money on what is nothing more than an elaborate bus stop, required wrapping (or painting) signal preemption (which wont help you in rush hour with the traffic leading up to said signals) is a waste on something that could be better spend on other projects. There will be some that MIGHT ride this and be happy, but IMO the majority of of passengers will be disserviced in some way.
  11. There is a reason for this. When NCS started, there was limited service gauging ridership. Off peak service was provided by Pace routes 960 and 961. When the service was increased, 960 and 961 were eliminated. The contracts Metra had were with the Wisconsin Central RR which was purchased by the Canadien National RR. The CN has no real desire to provide passenger service. The WC promised Metra the possibility of night and weekend service. The CN when taking over said no. In fact, if you see the last inbound trip (train 120) it operates via the Fox Lake subdivision. That is because the CN would not allow that train to operate south of Grayslake. There is even talk now that after Metra did their NCS cuts a year or so ago, that they are questioning the wisdom of the cuts and would perhaps like to reinstate those trains...but the CN may not let them even though they are allowed 20 trains.
  12. The top will NEVER admit to making a mistake, whether there is proof of it or not. Funny, all those Pulse pictures and amazingly not a soul around to ride them. The inside of those buses with the purple tone is dark and depressing.
  13. Probably 3. 1-Pay of the run picked. Old timers tend to pick runs that make the most money. 2-Route itself. Many drivers prefer to operate certain routes over others whether it be how busy its is, traffic patterns where it goes, etc. 3-Time of day. Believe it or not, many operators will actually choose night runs over day runs. Probably mostly because it is more laid back if you can handle the stress of working the night. Others will choose early day runs to be done early. Others will pick the split runs for $$$ as well as the time off in the middle. There is no form and the rookies really do generally get the crap left over.
  14. No F59s on the UP. They are strictly on the MDW, MDN and NCS
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