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  1. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    6819 is back at FG, it's on #77 right now according to BusTracker. EDIT: 6817 is on #77 too. Looks like FG may be getting it's 6800s back. Also, 6812 is on #85.
  2. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    It does not. It hasn't had those in a long time. The only short-turns we have now are the AM rush hour runs that short-turn at Logan Square after coming from the Nature Museum, PM runs that begin at Logan Square going to the Nature Museum and the late night runs that go to Logan Square after departing from the Neva bus terminal.
  3. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    That is just awful. CTA really needs to figure out how to get #49 to return back to relatively normal service. This may be able to done either by short turning every other bus or every third bus, or just by having the route temporarily end somewhere between, say, Diversey or Fullerton, and have the #49B extended south to at least Irving Park or Addison until this madness is done. As far as the Lane Tech kids goes, maybe they could have #50 swing over there (though I don't know how much of an inconvenience this would be), or better yet, maybe have #52 terminate there until this is done. Something has to work, though, because #49 is really messed up with all of this.
  4. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    As far as I know, #49B does have service that runs pretty often, but there is not much of a comparison between that route and #49. I'd like to believe #49 has much more service.
  5. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    Spotted 1013 heading westbound on #76 Diversey around an hour ago at Diversey and Kilbourn. It still had the "K" sticker in the window while doing run F618. I had to take a double look to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me.
  6. The difference of having service on #86 versus those other routes, however, is the fact that it serves a college and there are students who attend Wright that have Saturday classes, as well as employees who have to work on Saturdays. I don't know the exact numbers but a pretty good number of students take classes on Saturdays. That in my opinion should justify to have #86 running. At the very least, service could be every 30 minutes from 7am to 6pm, between Wright and North Ave. Not sure how well #7 and #37 would run on weekends, but in my opinion, I don't think there's enough ridership on #96 to justify weekend service.
  7. Hopefully they add Saturday service to #86 Narrangansett-Ridgeland at some point this year. I think the route could get some ridership between Wright College and North Ave. on Saturdays.
  8. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    No, 6699 has been at Forest Glen for a while now.
  9. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    I rode a 4000 on #82 at about 9:00pm on a weekday night not too long ago, so I believe that #82 does at times gets artic coverage. I've seen numerous artics on that route during rush-hour, even if they are school runs.
  10. Hello! I must say that this is a really good app, as others have said, in particular for those of us who are interested in where particular buses are. I'm using it now and it's been interesting in seeing where buses are at this moment. The only thing I was wondering if perhaps when further developing this app, if there's any way we could track particular run numbers that are on the routes? Personally speaking, I have become very interested lately in seeing what run numbers are on what route. Other than that, this is good and it's been useful so far in tracking buses. Good job!
  11. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    It's a freaking headache over there. Last night around 5pm, the traffic on Western was so backed up that it caused Diversey to be backed up for a few blocks.
  12. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    Same thing I just said looking at 6665 on #76 via BusTracker. This is weird.
  13. Buslover88

    More Bus Moves

    Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but on 6518, the run number is always 2589, no matter which route it's on. I've seen it with this same number the three times I've ridden this bus in the last few weeks or so.
  14. I'm not sure if this has been asked already in another topic or not, but is there any way customers can contact a particular garage (e.g. Forest Glen) and be able to speak to the garage management? I'm asking because I want to speak with someone from Forest Glen's management regarding service on #76 and on #86. Both of these routes have runs that are frequently more than five minutes late and I think the problem goes beyond contacting CTA via email and complaining about a particular run. I want to speak to someone who deals directly with bus management. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  15. From what I've noticed in riding #86 on a near daily basis, most of the crowding occurs between 6:45am and around 8:20am as well as between 1:30pm and 5pm. There are certain runs outside of these times that do get quite filled, especially with a considerable number of classes that have 9:30am, 11:00am and 12:30pm start times, but the early morning and mid-afternoon runs see the most crowding. The crowding does die down during the months of June and July in substantial numbers as there are not too many students taking summer classes at Wright. At some point, I need to take a picture some how, some way to show how bad the overcrowding is. I do think that CTA needs to start counting the passengers via the passenger counts and not relying on the fare readers, because as we all know, those do not work all of the time.
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