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  1. I find is shocking to see an updated system map (dated June 2020) on the 2021 budget book (p.4 on PDF, marked as p.1). And the CTA has yet to release the full copy of the updated map. The website still has the May 2019 map.
  2. How is Chicago & Orleans is the relief point for the #157, and the route doesn't go to Orleans. Did you mean Fairbanks or Mies?
  3. This could be the reason. From the CTA's COVID-19 page under service changes under "Bus crowding management":
  4. Based on the #94 schedule, they're #94 trips that start or end from Addison (i.e. first Wkdy NB trip arrive at 4:49a, first SB depart at 4:30a). I wonder how they deadhead from the north end.
  5. Normally, the CTA would post the advance timetables of the routes within days before the new run assignment period goes into effect. Even though they did post an alert of the routes that'll have new schedules tomorrow (6/14), they haven't posted the new timetables in advance like they normally do.
  6. There's an at-grade freight train crossing at 71st, east of Bell. There is a plan to make that a viaduct, but that's years away.
  7. Ahead of the public hearings (which the first one will be tonight), Pace has posted PDFs of changes to each bus route individually. #215, #225, #226, #422, #423, #424 and the discoutinued #210 & #421. And here's the map that serves the schools. Speaking of school trips, the #422 will add a school trip to Glenbrook South HS, using a portion of the #210 routing from downtown Glenview.
  8. Pace #641 & the #54A cut was posted in the original proposal, but not on the updated Phase 2 proposal. Not sure if they'll follow through with the #641 proposal in the future (post-Phase 2).
  9. I can't see them NOT use it. The old #37 Sedgwick/Odgen (and the #38 Ogden/Taylor) used that turnaround. It was made during the Douglas branch rehab so buses wouldn't have to turn around at the median on Cermak & Karlov.
  10. I forgot to mention but in regards to that at-grade crossing at 71st east of Western. There are a plans in the works to make that crossing a viaduct (like the one on 69th), as a part of the 75th Corridor Improvement project. But that is still years out. But it would be a convienience for motorists to go straight on 71st without getting caught by those long frieght trains.
  11. California Ave. doesn't go straight through because of the train tracks north of Fulton. So the #94 buses normally turn west on Fulton to Sacramento. When the route gets extended this Spring, it will turn east from Sacramento to Chicago Ave. and then back north on California.
  12. During today's board meeting, the CTA has approved two new one-year pilots. The #157 Streeterville/Taylor will be extended to operate on Ogden Ave. west of California to the Pulaski Pink Line Station. The CTA is also realigning the #52 & #94 routes. The #52 will operate on Kedzie to Chicago Ave. and will terminate at Sacramento. While the #94 will terminate at Addison & Rockwell, using the California segment currently used by the #52. The pilots will go in effect on April 19. This will be the first time in almost 12 years an Ogden bus will be operating west of Cali
  13. Follow up. Pace has posted this flyer for public hearings regarding Phase 2 changes. And because of "resource constraints", the proposed changes are different from the original changes: From Jefferson Park, the #215 will go straight down Foster to Pulaski, instead of Foster-Cicero-Peterson-Pulaski. The proposed #641 is not included in these new changes. That probably means #54A is saved from the blade. For the first time in over a decade, the #226 will go straight down Oakton between Mannheim and Busse, instead of serving the Des Plaines Metra. The bus will also turn on Skoki
  14. Regarding the #24 reroute through Chinatown, CTA has reposted the alerts this week.
  15. They also had a public hearing regarding the Phase 1 changes, including the discontinuation of CTA #205. I'm sure they'll be doing another public hearing for Phase 2.
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