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  1. Pace 2019 Budget

    Update. Saturday #209's last trip will be June 8th. But on the main page, it now list the #304 & #326 as "TBD in August".
  2. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    It turned west on Montrose, then north on Milwaukee to Jeff Park.
  3. New CTA Maps Are Out

    The May 2019 map is live on the website. No telling when it'll be available in print.
  4. Jefferson Park Bus Terminal Renovation

    Here's the website notice. The change goes in effect Monday, the 22nd.
  5. Jefferson Park Bus Terminal Renovation

    I wonder why a shorter window for the south side of the terminal, when they shutdown the north side for over six months?
  6. March 2019 Bus Changes

    New bus bay configuration at Midway to accomodate #47.
  7. Pace 2019 Budget

    Posted on the website's main page, it looks like the four remaining bus routes will be eliminated after April 1. The Saturday service of the #504 will be eliminated April 6. But the Saturday service of the #209 Busse, and weekday only services of the #304 Cicero-LaGrange & #326 Irving Park is listed as "TBD in June".
  8. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    CTA has release modifications to the bus stops again at 95th & State, effective Sunday. I guess they're done with the construction at the north terminal. Some of the changes, the #29 returns to its original bus stop on the north bridge, but the Grayhound will stay at the south terminal. The #34/119 moves to the bays on the west side of the north terminal. The #108 & #352 moves to the east side of the terminal.
  9. Posted Stops Only

    Looks like the #208 Golf will be next, starting March 3rd.
  10. Bus service expansions/extensions

    The press release says its going to extend the routing from 109th/Doty to 103rd & Stony. Doesn't say about what the routing is going to be to the Garage.
  11. December 2018 Bus Changes

    This could be the reason, based on this article. Cinespace Studios (which have bought property from the old Ryerson steel plant in that vicinity) have leased portions of 16th street east of Washtenaw, after the City Council last year approved its latest expansion plan. That includes rerouting the #18 bus. And from Crain's:
  12. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    CTA has released the bus stop relocations, as they open up the north terminal one week from today. And it looks like the #95 won't have to turn onto the terminals, as its bus stops will be on the west end of the 95th bridge, which makes total sense.
  13. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    CTA has posted notice of discontinuation of the #205. And notice of the #206 Chicago Ave. school trips beginning 8/27.
  14. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Pace just posted the new schedules for the 208 (map) & 213 (map). It will go in effect one week from Sunday for the 208, and the following day for the 213.
  15. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Looks like CTA & Pace has came up with new proposal to serve ETHS students. From the City of Evanston website posted Thursday, the Draft Proposal calls for six morning & afternoon trips (in peak direction) to ETHS, instead of just one AM & PM trip. One of the six trips will be a "rerouted" CTA #206 from the Howard Red Line to ETHS via Chicago Ave.
  16. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    CTA released the slide presentation from that hearing last Tuesday (4/24).
  17. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    It wouldn't make any sense to have another bus going into the terminal, since passengers could access the 95th terminal on either side. Otherwise, why are they're building a pedestrian bridge to connect to the two houses? So that means when the westbound bus gets to State and alights the passengers at mid-bridge, they have to go around the terminal and then come back out and proceed west of State, instead of having a bus stop at mid-bridge so they don't have to go into the terminal? That's eating up several minutes if they do it the long way.
  18. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Unless its a short turn, you wouldn't need the 95 on either terminal, since its going straight through.
  19. Halsted goes all-night long.

    Wow! A #352 Nightcar. Didn't see this coming. But it's about time. A Pace route that I felt that needed owl service was the #352.
  20. 270 front/back. Only one northbound 270 trip in the morning is going all the way to Hawthorn.
  21. Here's the 574 front & back. Along with the 565, 572 also have those notations as well. Only difference is that 572 have more Cs and 565 have more Ts. I assume the ones with the Ts that the buses is probably laying over at the Metra station, while many of the other routes are laying over at Washington & Sheridan. And the Cs are probably going into the station and then come back out and layover at Sheridan.
  22. Where Whould You Plan An Infill Station?

    I'll say throw that AA study out the window and break the bank and make it anyway. That's my take. But you know that's not going to happen, anytime soon, if ever. About the Green Line, although I do agree about Damen, I wouldn't mind seeing a station on Western. Although, yes you do have the Madison & Jackson buses and the Congress Train that stops at Western, a Western station on the Green Line would give another option in that Corridor. And it probably fit the same reason with the possible Damen station, because Western/Lake have alot of industrial/business land. The only good out of this is west siders given another option who live out west to catch a train to Western, instead of taking the Blue Line and then walk, or catch another bus north. But lets remember, the Green Line is one of lower ridership. And portions of the line do cross at less-populated areas. But any station that would give potential ridership growth, I'm always for that. With that said, that was probably the reason why they place the station on Morgan, since they have a heavy industrial corridor on Lake and the Fulton Market, which I seriously thought that Halsted should've been the station, since they're mighty close to it.
  23. Where Whould You Plan An Infill Station?

    I would've still broke the bank on Dodge than Asbury, because that's the farthest location from Howard, than Asbury, which would be otherwise be a good walking distance to Howard anyway. The only good thing for Asbury would be the proximity of those shopping centers on Howard in Western, and that's a short walking distance there. Other than that, there wasting their dollars for Asbury, if it ever comes to fruition. I hope they change their minds.
  24. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    With the two station houses on each side of the bridge, there's absolutely no reason why they shouldn't merge the #95E & #95W into the #95 again, from "The Plaza" to Buffalo (I didn't say bring the 83rd leg back though), with adjustments of the schedules/headways, etc. (the #381 can go back to their proper headways from State Street on west, with limited stops if necessary from State to Western). Merging the two would eliminate some of the bus flow going into and parked in the terminal. They can discharge passengers at state, and whoever wants to travel further (east or west of 95th, give or take) can do so. Pick up the passengers who's going further out and leave, just like the other east-west bus routes. But even if you have that overpass, I strongly doubt folks will stop crossing the street. If they're really want to transfer to another bus an their bus is there, on the other side, they're not going to spends an extra minute going inside one station house, jump up some steps, run towards the over pass, go down those stairs, get out of the other station house, to get on that bus, and lets hope that bus doesn't leave at that point. Most likely, folks are going to cross that street on the other side, and get that bus.
  25. Dan Ryan Track Renewal Project

    Just when they open up the line, we already having problems. Channel 7 just stated about 15 minutes ago during their newscasts, as what the station point out, a "semi-truck crashed through wall at a set of CTA Red Line tracks on the South Side at 69th and the Dan Ryan Expressway". So they're single-tracking between 69th and 79th. It's pitiful that this had to happen on the first night after opening the tracks up for revenue service.