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  1. Chicago may have given NP some of its busses for spring pick. 1932 on 50 Damen.
  2. 1931 on 36 Broadway right now. Could be a loan or maybe a sign of some swaps for spring pick.
  3. Could it be enroute to a FG route for training. I thought Kedize couldn't get Novas because of wash rack.
  4. Yeah for some odd reason they are. 1925 must of been 77th/SS just using whatever they had on hand.
  5. Looks like NP may be short on busses.
  6. This may be unrelated but to Busjack's point there are a lot of 4000's sidelined at South Shops. They are a lot again the fence on 79th.
  7. 4397 holiday bus will be back on #3 today.
  8. 82 Artics have always done a few of the morning trips to Devon. In PM NP sends one or two out.
  9. That doesn't account for the near 15 busses 77th lost to a Chicago. Does it?
  10. That is so odd. You would think 77th would get something they lost busses.
  11. Wonder what 77th got for those 10 busses, also some high 1300's have shown up at Chicago from 77th 1376-1385.
  12. You are correct from hearing from FT operators they have those Monday's off.
  13. Looks like Chicago got back those odd 1900's that have been scattered. 1928 back at Chicago from Kedzie, 1998 back from NP. I am sure the other 1900's from NP are back at Chicago. Also Chicago gained some 8200's from 77th including 8200-8210.
  14. Probably did it early to avoid weather tomorrow. It might be harder to transfer busses in messy snow.
  15. Do you think that they might move some vehicles off of other routes to put on 79th and then possibly use artics on other routes where needed?