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  1. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    C got 60FT busses from NP.
  2. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    I just heard the Mayor. This is due to 6400’s not having shields. All bus drivers need to be shielded right now for COVID19.
  3. That is why I saw 4300 with a Ventra transponder at the back door.
  4. ajm522

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    I THINK it’s chronological. 308/309 AM, 319/320PM
  5. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    Did you see they had a Ventra reader at the back door also? Possibly testing dual boarding during training?
  6. ajm522

    Kneeling buses

    Drivers have sometimes put a piece of paper or napkin to make sure the switch to lower the bus is always down.
  7. A CTA 4300 series Arctic crashed into a tree while on the 147 this afternoon, unknown the number bus.
  8. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    I think 8032, 8086,1704 and 1790 are all just what South Shops has on hand. SR is Storage Randolph where they store busses under lower Randolph SH is Storage Halstead where the #8 stores off of Divison and Halstead SN is Storage Navy Pier where the 65 and 66 store their busses during the day. The storages are to help mitigate the busses going back to their home garages during off peak times
  9. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    8011 is back at Chicago doing the 66 Chicago route. Maybe 8011 was briefly at SS and 77th sent it out on the street.
  10. The 8325’s have GREAT A/C. The tinted windows and no window in the back help keep the bus cool. They need to retrofit all 7900’s to be like 8325’s.
  11. Thank you! that is the exact sound. I thought all of the engines or transmissions were bad but every single 1000 I encountered today had that sound.
  12. Are the 1000 series not good in the heat? All of the busses I’ve heard from 103,77 and 74 all sound line their engines are over heating and it is very loud.
  13. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    Have a quick question, did CTA recently update the clever devices in busses? I was on the 12 bus and it looked completely different. Almost worse then before.
  14. It looks like they switched the displays in 7902 from type A to type B. I was on 7902 yesterday and the screen was like the one in 8163.
  15. Sorry if this has been established, but 124 is going from K to C? My understanding is that routes can’t change garages unless their is a system pick.
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