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  1. It’s taped down, this is out of 7,K and 103. There are NOT in bins
  2. It seems that CTA has quietly started putting boxes of surgical masks on the luggage rack right when you enter the bus. This is different from their "Pilot Box dispensers" It is a little late but hey makes them look good.
  3. Also the door mechanisms can freeze and make things inop
  4. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    They probably needed to swap the 40s on the route with the 60s from J14 at terminal due to snow.
  5. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    When it snows, they pull the 60ft on LSD due to blizzard in 2011.
  6. Shooting at 77th garage in the parking lot.
  7. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    What is weird is SS didn’t send the bus for cleaning before being officially done. But it is nice to have a late 1900 back at 77th.
  8. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    I’m on 1975 on #3 and it has a big sticker saying okay to send back today. I guess clerk said you take it. 8109 also on #3
  9. Noticed that some busses on the ticker now say “Essential Travel Only” this has mainly been seen on the #6 out of 103rd. A few busses have said that.
  10. Just heard on the news they are coming back in 2020 but with no riders.
  11. 7982 was a bus used as a relief point for #8 Halsted that day. With COVID, no where for Drivers to go. The bus has the engine on bypass so it doesn't shut off every 15 minutes.
  12. I was talking to my Aunt and she said that the signs "Bus is Full" or "Bus may run express" sometimes get left over from former runs or the driver doesn't change it after they release passengers. I have also seen busses with two people say bus may run express and that might be a reason.
  13. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    C got 60FT busses from NP.
  14. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    I just heard the Mayor. This is due to 6400’s not having shields. All bus drivers need to be shielded right now for COVID19.
  15. That is why I saw 4300 with a Ventra transponder at the back door.
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