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  1. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    8011 is back at Chicago doing the 66 Chicago route. Maybe 8011 was briefly at SS and 77th sent it out on the street.
  2. The 8325’s have GREAT A/C. The tinted windows and no window in the back help keep the bus cool. They need to retrofit all 7900’s to be like 8325’s.
  3. Thank you! that is the exact sound. I thought all of the engines or transmissions were bad but every single 1000 I encountered today had that sound.
  4. Are the 1000 series not good in the heat? All of the busses I’ve heard from 103,77 and 74 all sound line their engines are over heating and it is very loud.
  5. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    Have a quick question, did CTA recently update the clever devices in busses? I was on the 12 bus and it looked completely different. Almost worse then before.
  6. It looks like they switched the displays in 7902 from type A to type B. I was on 7902 yesterday and the screen was like the one in 8163.
  7. Sorry if this has been established, but 124 is going from K to C? My understanding is that routes can’t change garages unless their is a system pick.
  8. Just saw 5150 and it was paired with 5149. Maybe they changed the pair since you rode it.
  9. I thought Kedzie wash racks or some other garage feature that couldn't support NOVA's, has Kedzie gotten equipped now?
  10. What are the current night car runs? 836-?
  11. I am so confused, was someone not suppose to sending them to FG? For them to just turn up at 103rd.
  12. Why am I on 8333 on the 29state. 8336 also in 29 state.
  13. ajm522

    More Bus Moves

    Something is wrong with the Run Numbers. Most are posting Garage-999 or 992 or are frozen from a previous Run. This seems to be across at least 77th, Kedzie and North Park.
  14. 8347 smells so new on the 76! It is kind of weird that it doesn’t have a window in the back! Cloth seats
  15. Some say because of mileage which is a great point. My first thought was Skokie Shops Or maintenance related.
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