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  1. Changes are coming

    Here's an update, to be a fly on the wall when this was re-planned out... Still rebalancing and some service changes, but South Chicago Saturday service is retained.
  2. South Halsted transit study

    North Shore is still a work in progress...
  3. Pace Destination Signs

    When I visited last week, the westbound trips were different. 208 Schaumburg / NW TRANS CTR
  4. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    I'll go a step further: any bus can be used at any time on any route. Will you see a MCI on a Heritage route on a Sunday? Heck no (even by default). Would you have seen a 2390 on a West route? Heck yes. it comes down to whether or not operations have the fleet to use, and whether you'd want the equipment on the road (but I'd defer to the agreement).
  5. Destination signs

    Are these what you're specifically referring to? (here's a better one)
  6. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    I tried, in my previous life, to enhance the distinction between limited/express and BOS/Premium services. Using the logic above, we have to distinguish between the levels of service, structure, and trips needed. With that said, I believe that the I-94 project could use any bus in the fleet, but that rides on what NS has (or will) get.
  7. Pace Bus Moves

    I'd wager the latter. Any bus could be used on any route at any time. In this case, NW threw the Pulse bus out to the wild.
  8. Man Americana CTA Bus

    Those routes came out of North Park (or Kedzie depending on the pick/trip/block) in the 90's, and the TMC's and MAN's were the primary sources there; and since the artics were on their last legs by the late 90's...you didn't have much of a choice. As for the near/far side stops at Belmont/LSD, it's partially a safety issue (going across a lane of traffic to the on-ramp), minimum spacing required for the buses, and a better spot for boarding. I remember when the stops were moved, and even as a teenager it made sense (of course, you wre subjected to sitting in a bunch of light cycles if you had one of THOSE drivers).
  9. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

  10. Fox Valley Division - Changes & Restructuring

    147 as of January. Its a start, but usually with grant funded projects (or any new service) would take years to generate. To maybe get 60% of the service class average would be a good performance measurement goal (on ridership/productivity), but at that point, stronger marketing can (and maybe will) help. I'll also preface that by saying that a trip by trip analysis would be needed to see if the concentration is only limited to rush hour or spread across the entire day. Saturday service doesn't look terrible, but at 30 minute intervals can realize that service could be scaled back. (I'll also venture a guess that hourly midday service would probably be helpful too).
  11. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    Thanks for the clarfication. Between the cutaways and abundance of eldorkos and OTR's...60 is possible. it's been awhile since I visited Heritage.
  12. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    It's a tight squeeze. I'll defer to Jack.
  13. Sports wraps on buses

    Between that and the Flacco bus, MTA is really pushing out their restructuring program for this summer. What better else to (re)introduce their product by asking the sports community to join in.
  14. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    I'd be remiss if Pace couldn't pull a couple of trips off of the Southwest Extra Board to at least get them to Burr Ridge and Bolingbrook, vehicle availability pending. There's also a South 361 that could be thrown into the mix too (from Joliet) or any of the 877/888/390/890 that could get to Bolingbrook after their runs (granted those are likely split shifts); if the schedulers REALLY want to get creative (and that bus isn't tied to any other runs), and even though they aren't OTRs, if you need added capacity, it is time to start thinking about borrowing from other garages to achieve coverage (temporarily). And based on some of those trip start times, it is easier said than done. it's a problem, but a good problem to have, especially if new Plainfield won't be done for at least a year.
  15. Shuttle Bugs

    This isn't like Caltrain or BART where there is opportunity to be made whenever there's a delay (or a meltdown). At the same time, there is logic to this - where if there's money to be made (minus tips), they'll take advantage of it. If there is demand for the last-mile journey, then sure! One could hope Uber or Metra provide data to how this is being used (say, reverse or traditional commuting) based on pick ups and locations.