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  1. The title of the thread has been changed to reflect destination signs actually in thread.
  2. I want to say that it was wrapped. The one thing with ACT was that the newer models started going with Hanover. Perhaps this could change a thing or two moving forward, but I made it clear that ADA won’t know the route if needed
  3. CTA Bus Garage Rosters Version 2.0

    Confirm whether or not we need to lock/sticky the former thread. Thx.
  4. I helped my colleagues at AC Transit with their demonstrators in Late December. They may look into these to help replace the 6000 series (and add onto the Double Deckers). The suburban Gilligs are fine for some express trips (loads less than 40) and local trips, but for the larger crowds the CRT may do it Outside of lift capabilities, my biggest complaint was the headsign. Case in point 1 Case in point 2
  5. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Schedule changes aren’t at the whim of a T6 analysis; but you’re right if it comes down to frequency. I forgot what I wrote but, as a best practice, that frequency changes (more service or less), then it triggers an analysis. I might move this sub topic to the other forum as we don’t get too thrown off.
  6. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    They have to do it. Granted, it won’t apply because it’s the North Shore, but they have to. Especially since the threshold for any change of service that affects >25% of the route or a new service altogether.
  7. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Without being too technical, Jack is right on the displacement/double counting (but I’m going with Title VI as the reason that was mentioned)* and without insult, if I am a planner on the Pace side, I’m not going to send what limited fleet I’ve got during the peak to get 63 riders (day/month?) when I’ve got the path to least annoyance with 500 other passengers at the Jeff. The travel time south of Foster would wipe out any savings because of the traffic issues on 94 and Cicero (I used to drive home on 90 and zigzag my way to Cicero, which is questionable). Those 60 people will find some other way to get to Jeff or points north (1/2 mile spacing on crosstown buses isn’t bad). *wrote the framework for Pace’s Title VI, so if you want someone to blame, I’m far away enough to do so.
  8. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Because that’s still 3.5 miles into the city. Pace (logic aside) isn’t going to serve Sauganash. The Jeff is a major transit hub. Not to mention 94 and Cicero are a mess during the Peak. Not worth it If I’m coming from west or near northwest, you’d have to align your first seat with the Blue Line. You don’t gain much time if traveling by bus unless you’re heading to the Blue first and make up time. The 53/215 transfers are convenient (without the need to said 53 to Edgebrook). Also: Milwaukee. There’s that.
  9. Posted Stops Only

    As is 385
  10. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    97 and 226 are serving two different markets and corridors, from the way this looks. Unless they do coordinate schedules out of Howard, there’s no need for one service to take over - there’s no duplicity. And as for the 54A/215/641 - that’s an entirely new market that currently is insufficient (if you lived by the Blue Line and needed to get to Old Orchard, that’s at least a three-bus trip). This utilizes a new market that’s been (at least) 20 years too late. I’m glad they’ve finally begun to reconfigure the service area that’s been around since the RTA days (talk about “legacy” routes). Populations and their demands have seemed to alternate and morph (especially since the 2005 reconfiguration), and the new service with BoS should Get us there.
  11. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    To my knowledge, strong enough an alternative to Metra that it does get decent ridership south of Winnetka; and above average ridership to get folks to Lake County.
  12. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    I really forgot that still existed after the 301/747 merge. We usually leveraged that for RideShare purposes.
  13. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    You have to increase Bus Speed and taxing rideshare trips in and out of Downtown to pay for infrastructure and CTA related items. No amount of route additions will eliminate the market for RideShare/TNC's. You're only as fast as the idiot driver in front of you; and until you have some level of TSP or ART/BRT level service to make even the slowest crosstown trips remotely faster... ...it may be recommended that Transit work with TNC's as opposed to eliminating them. This was a problem (during my days at Pace) five years ago that would work as a first/last mile thing; again, you're only as good as the market would allow.
  14. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Did you guys catch the newer presentation slide deck? Essentially details service hours and span.
  15. Combining Bus Routes

    You're also subject to the idiots in front of you; which usually means that Devon is a hotbed in itself. I would say 155 needs to fix the running time or better active transportation management, anything just short of throwing another bus or three on there.