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  1. Metra goes back to the drawing board and plans to order 200+ railcars. /the question is will they explore another design beyond the legacy ones?
  2. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Honestly, wouldn’t it make sense to renumber this (to say, 109)?
  3. I’ll vouch for Central. Movements on that stretch...the entire stretch...aren’t traffic friendly. I never really looked into 766/777/66 ridership to really break it down efficiently. But Ashland ≠ Central.
  4. CTA buses to go all electric by 2040?

    AC Transit’s got hydrogen electric buses (Vanhool and NF) Muni, outside of their electric trolleys have looked at electric buses (big issue are the hills) Samtrans and VTA got a few electric buses. Stockton RTD has electric buses (just upgraded their commuter fleet from MCIs to Gillig hybrids) Foothill Transit got a bunch of electrics, and will get an electric double tall LA Metro, I believe will end up with one more CNG Order (possibly to get rid of the older NABI’s) but plans to go all electric Others have had hybrids for sometime. But one thing to be to be aware of, we get grants here from the state/air resources board/ feds as needed.
  5. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    That being said, contact station personnel if there are any issues. Thank you.
  6. Random Pace

    Working backwards: - The 6900's are out of Heritage and on the 750's/850's, save a Eldorado BRT - The 757's run transits. At some point the 2390's (when out of West) ran on the I-290 services, but since has been transits. - The 835 (out of Southwest) ran with 2390's, but we should check with webwatch to see if they've moved from the small El Dorkos (at one point, they did have the 1950 series cutaways). - Did the 877/888 routes move to CNG's, and they're not suburbans?
  7. I was trying to see if there were any remants of old driver paddles, when I stumbled onto an old "manual" for the first-gen 7000 Man Articulated series. Take a look. There are a bunch of photos (interior and exterior). Edit: Including the classic Flyers in the thread too
  8. 7500 Series NABI Videos

    Have cooler heads prevailed?
  9. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Welp. We've deviated a bit from the topic. I'm going to lock this topic for a few days until cooler heads prevail.
  10. 7500 Series NABI Videos

    I enjoyed the trans/engine combo...when they did work. 😂
  11. New Pace Route 638

    Most cases, we give(gave) the option. And the costs. I’d be surprised if they don’t go with the vanpool options (typically it’s the best case scenario for a fixed route replacement).
  12. Pace 2019 Budget

    Exurban services always take a hit on Saturdays. The question is which routes perform worse than others; and at least there’s 533 service to cover the Walmart.
  13. Random Pace

    When I was in LA, I rode one on the 205 out of the Blue Line to Carson. It actually was stable enough that it could stick around a little longer...
  14. Random Pace

    I know our (why do I say that even though I left Pace three years ago?) Orions are gone, LA's are still going...and catching fire.