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  1. I'm glad that the Enviro's are still on the street. I remembered my first trip there in 2006 and they were just starting on the road.
  2. I'm pretty gung ho with ensuring that recovery funding in the Bay Area addressed mobility justice and more service towards the communities that need it. One of the tenets with Seamless Bay Area.
  3. They COULD have enough layover space on Broadway, if they wanted to.
  4. I almost feel that these companies could provide subsidized vanpools which would be significantly cheaper than TNCs.
  5. You've misread the first half of the statement. Rogers Park is really close to Clark, less so with Peterson/Bryn Mawr. I only mentioned the new station in this case.
  6. If folks are willing to walk the for blocks at Clark (or the whole mile from Bryn Mawr), I wouldn't rule it out. The boardings won't be as much as Ravenswood, but it should even things out.
  7. Correct. It was the replacement route.
  8. I think the RTA map reflects that. Nevermind, half of Pace's services are suspended and yet not reflected on the map.
  9. Sounds like a suggestion to the planning office.
  10. Mostly yes. 392's have in the past become a 303, 307, or 318, or even a 757, depending on the time of day.
  11. Under normal circumstances, extra 40' buses out of North have been used for Waukegan School services or Ravinia. I'm not surprised some of those are still on hold. South Holland means those are holding space.
  12. They need new coaches, but also now's a good time to fix the operations and scheduling to accommodate (or generate) new riders. The railcars are a step (maybe 15 years too late), but Metra still needs to get out of the 1960's with service.
  13. The darn things aren't built (and four years out) and we're speculating over car #'s....
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