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  1. I've done the Starlight from Oakland to Santa Barbara and the Surfliner over the past six years - you can rock with Business Class and you'll be fine. As for the Zephyr, I slept in the sleeper and stayed in the Sleeper. The Chicago-Galesburg part and the Denver - Colorado Springs parts were cool and worth the views. Above all else, get it if you can swing it.
  2. Missed the refresh by a good month, the California Zephyr with the Sleepers had shown age. Perhaps if they've added a couple of more electric outlets, the ride shouldn't be terrible. (mine was still fine, slept through the Denver-Galesburg part heh)
  3. I think you've answered the question. If there's demand on the other lines, those are the ones who'll get the service upgrades first.
  4. There is a planning committee meeting on Tuesday (Agenda, attached). Public comments due COB on 6/21.
  5. Could someone refresh my memory as to when the old ME turnstiles were gone? I remembered they were around until the early 2000s... I could see Metra do a tap-on/tap-off function like GO or Caltrain, just need 5-600 readers.
  6. Yes to all of the above. You'd think 3 agencies are bad. Try 27. The problem with the status quo is that the networks are balkanized to the degree that you can't move from one mode to the next without double paying or taking a transfer penalty (never mind the scheduling, which was a big problem prior to this past March where if you missed a train, it's an hourish wait). I'll defer to the fare chart on that website that it should straighten out the ideal approach for fares, although more tweaks should help. A better Clipper Card and some governance reform may make the status quo bette
  7. The 352 is still the busiest route in the Pace system and connects to 95th. The frequencies just got a bump so it's attractive for those who don't or can't use Metra to get to the Red Line. And where the essential employees use it, the objective was to get them from CHT and Harvey to the Red Line.
  8. I'm glad that the Enviro's are still on the street. I remembered my first trip there in 2006 and they were just starting on the road.
  9. I'm pretty gung ho with ensuring that recovery funding in the Bay Area addressed mobility justice and more service towards the communities that need it. One of the tenets with Seamless Bay Area.
  10. They COULD have enough layover space on Broadway, if they wanted to.
  11. I almost feel that these companies could provide subsidized vanpools which would be significantly cheaper than TNCs.
  12. You've misread the first half of the statement. Rogers Park is really close to Clark, less so with Peterson/Bryn Mawr. I only mentioned the new station in this case.
  13. If folks are willing to walk the for blocks at Clark (or the whole mile from Bryn Mawr), I wouldn't rule it out. The boardings won't be as much as Ravenswood, but it should even things out.
  14. Correct. It was the replacement route.
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