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  1. You have to increase Bus Speed and taxing rideshare trips in and out of Downtown to pay for infrastructure and CTA related items. No amount of route additions will eliminate the market for RideShare/TNC's. You're only as fast as the idiot driver in front of you; and until you have some level of TSP or ART/BRT level service to make even the slowest crosstown trips remotely faster... ...it may be recommended that Transit work with TNC's as opposed to eliminating them. This was a problem (during my days at Pace) five years ago that would work as a first/last mile thing; again, you're only as good as the market would allow.
  2. Did you guys catch the newer presentation slide deck? Essentially details service hours and span.
  3. You're also subject to the idiots in front of you; which usually means that Devon is a hotbed in itself. I would say 155 needs to fix the running time or better active transportation management, anything just short of throwing another bus or three on there.
  4. While we’re on the subject of Teething and Testing:
  5. There’s no policy to direct that you can’t.
  6. The BART cars are six months behind plus additional testing delays, but thankfully en route to begin revenue service by Thanksgiving. Maybe they should focus on quality versus going for every contract.
  7. Any bus can be used on any route. Even the OTR'S. And I’ve seen standard 40footers be used on Transbay. The blocking gets janky. (Fun fact, their scheduling manager was once a scheduler for CTA for a while) The OTRs are also older, which the maintenance costs would be higher to maintain (and operationally different) than a 60ft. That said, the District started using suburban Gilligs (and the double deckers coming next summer) to address this issue. And the artics I’ve seen here have been used on the NL and O, which are all day services. You'll likely get a couple on the NX/Macarthur Corridor but it relies on space at the (temporary and New) Transbay Terminal.
  8. AC Transit is swapping out MCI commuters in ordering 60 footers and double deckers. We went into a discussion years back about using double deckers; but in the Bay Area context they’re going to be more effective on maintenance than the OTRs (they have suburban Gillig’s as well).
  9. That's usually part of the headsign programming package. Usually, the first or last code to insert. I believe "Metra Station" is part of that package as well (set by HASTUS?)
  10. Theoretically, yes. We still have to work with the City of Berkeley due to exclusivity agreements with Motivate (the parent company of FordGoBike and Divvy). We can still launch, but when it comes to off-campus trips, we have to be cognizant of spaces and use of parking spots. This is something that many companies have reached out to us, but still need to solve that problem - you're only as effective as to telling your clientele to "park within the geofenced zones." As a separate entity from, say, the City of Berkeley; but thinking in a Chicago context is that there's not much competition, unless say, if you wanted to do it in Schaumburg - if you leave a bike in Robbins, you'll be paying a surcharge (or, what some companies do is write it off). It's hilarious what I've found in the Bay Area as of late (either on fire, in a lake, or a chop shop).
  11. I've had the pleasure to not only work on Transit and TDM programs in Chicago, but in the Bay Area. Now overseeing transit programs at UC Berkeley, I've had the pleasure (or dread, depending on how I feel) to field questions to my students about dockless bikeshare programs. Not that it is a problem in Chicago-proper (Divvy is popular and I miss it), perhaps a lot of the suburbs (that aren't Evanston) might want to start a Dockless BikeShare program of their own. One thing that stands out: gotta read your audience and that Chicago is vastly different than the Bay Area. Accessibility and low-income program access is another, but you really don't want to have eleventy billion bikes clog the ROW. Thankfully I predict that the competition may eat each other or will fold in the next year. More here.
  12. 2018 (Pick the March or August picks)
  13. Adding to the second, road supervisors can be dispatched to view the area and make the appropriate changes. Pace has done this in the past (see: flooding along the Des Plaines), along with my experiences with the agencies in the Bay Area. Send the staff out to make the call and relay the detours in a bulletin.
  14. Yeah. You have to pay fares from credit card to the app, not credit card to Ventra Card to tag on. They aren’t there yet.
  15. Probably create an all-stop combo (such as the 850's) if staffing and buses are too much.
  16. The market operates differently than I-55. Comparing the two is dangerous and inaccurate.
  17. If I'm not mistaken, that's with the restyled headlights. In any case, pretty!
  18. Here's an update, to be a fly on the wall when this was re-planned out... Still rebalancing and some service changes, but South Chicago Saturday service is retained.
  19. North Shore is still a work in progress...
  20. When I visited last week, the westbound trips were different. 208 Schaumburg / NW TRANS CTR
  21. I'll go a step further: any bus can be used at any time on any route. Will you see a MCI on a Heritage route on a Sunday? Heck no (even by default). Would you have seen a 2390 on a West route? Heck yes. it comes down to whether or not operations have the fleet to use, and whether you'd want the equipment on the road (but I'd defer to the agreement).
  22. Are these what you're specifically referring to? (here's a better one)
  23. I tried, in my previous life, to enhance the distinction between limited/express and BOS/Premium services. Using the logic above, we have to distinguish between the levels of service, structure, and trips needed. With that said, I believe that the I-94 project could use any bus in the fleet, but that rides on what NS has (or will) get.
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